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Fruit Loops

(Thomas Jefferson x Reader)

Word Count: 5840

Request: “Could you do 63 and 67 with either tjeffs or aham because the sass is real 👌🏻” “To add to the tjeffs or aham one: 42” - @doilyloily 67- "Stop sitting on your ass and start being an ass.“ “What kind of motto is that?”, 42- “I’d punch you but your friend told me not to.”

Summary: You and Thomas are roommates. You have a set of rules so no one gets punched in the face for being a… jerk (for lack of a more vulgar word). But… things don’t really work out as planned.

Warnings: Implied smut, strong language, drinking, cheating (Not from TJ or the reader, someone else, chill out guys)

Tagging: @bad-hatter @lookaroundlookaroundhowlucky  @whatdimissmotherfuckers (omg guys can you believe that two of my favorite writers BOTH wanted to be tagged in this????)


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1. If one roommate is unable to grasp the concept of “paper thin walls”, they are deprived of ‘Froot Loop’ privileges for three days.

“Oh my god, Thomas!” You said angrily, pacing the tiny kitchen of your shared apartment.“You were so loud last night and you know it!”

“But Y/N…” He whined.

“No Thomas, the Froot Loops are mine. Three days. We agreed.” You stopped to cross your arms over your chest and send a piercing glare at him. Your facial expressions were all you had against Thomas, he was taller, bigger, and overall more intimidating.

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Guzma Therapy Session 1

“Let’s talk about your father.”

“No,” Guzma said defensively.

“Then your mother?”


“Ok, maybe we can start with your childhood?”

“Not a fucking chance.”

The therapist leaned back in his chair, he was clearly getting frustrated. “How can you expect therapy to work when you won’t talk about anything. What were you expecting to happen?”

The boss leaned forward with a serious face and asked, “don’t I just tell you I’m stressed and angry then you say some crazy shit that fucks with my head then I’m fixed?”

The doctor stared at him with a blank expression, trying to figure out if the man actually believed what he said. To his surprise the thug seemed to truly think that’s how this worked.

“If you’re angry then there is a reason for it, we just need to track down that reason,” he stated.

Guzma grumbled, “the reason is obvious doc. People are fucking morons and they piss me off.”
The doctor wrote down something on his notepad in response. This annoyed Guzma, who could only assume he and his colleagues would laugh at whatever he scribbled down later.

The therapist explained matter-of-factly, “there is a process to therapy, Guzma. When you speak about things that are hard to say you feel relieved, then once we begin to notice patterns that may explain your temperament we can begin to fix them at the source.There is negativity inside of you and my office is a safe place to let it out.”

The boss’s eyes zoned out as he began to grasp the concept. “So… your your office is like a toilet?” Guzma said as the therapist stared in confusion, “yeah it’s like poop…” He then began to elaborate, “if ya dont poop then you ain’t healthy. But you can’t just shit anywhere. So your office is like a bathroom where I can shit out all this negativity.”

The doctor looked genuinely offended that he equated his career choice to a mere bathroom. Guzma could tell the doctor was offended and gave a small smile, seemingly quite proud of that. He knew this was supposed to be a proper therapy session but he always entertained himself by getting under the skin of anyone he perceived as authority. His smirk caught the doctor’s eye and only served to annoy him further.

The therapist exhaled before quizzing him again, “there has to be something from your childhood that’s easy for you to talk about. Something fun?”

Guzma paused. In a way he knew this was where the fun was going to stop. He riffled through his memories briefly to think of the easiest story he could possibly drum up. “So… once when I was a teenager, just after I left home I started getting really good at tagging. Ya know? Paintin’ art where you’re not s’posed to. Good shit.” The casual use of foul language and references to past crimes made the therapist edgy, but piqued his interest. Guzma continued, “and so one day I sprayed somethin’ awesome behind the pokemart. ‘People bug me’ with a small Wimpod painted below it. It’s fuckin’ cheesy but I was a kid and thought I was the most clever person in the world for thinkin’ it up. The next day when I came back some lady was takin’ pictures of her Scyther in front of my tag. I was HYPED! Finally someone in town who ain’t a basic ass bitch and could appreciate good art! I walked over to see what she thought but I wanted to play it cool and not admit that I was the frickin’ genius that came up with it. Or at least I thought I was a genus… Told her ‘yo that tag is pretty fucking cool eh?’ and she turns to me and she’s like ‘I love the irony of it’ and I didn’t know what the hell that meant. So I asked… And wished I didn’t. Next thing i know she’s trailing off on how it’s simplistic and the Wimpod looks like shit and the choice of colors is bad and blah blah blah. She kept saying it was some kinda statement about how thug life mentality is bein’ mocked by the childish nature of it and how the artist did this intentionally to show the shallow mindset of a street criminal. I was fucking pissed! But I couldn’t do shit so i just kept smiling and nodding like I agreed!”

The doctor nodded and looked at him, jotting down notes as he spoke. “Did it make you mad that she said it? Or because she was right?”

“I dunno… Fuckin’ both or neither. I was just mad that people can’t like the shit I like and always gotta think their shit is better. I just thought what I did was cool… Couldn’t get it outta my head for weeks.”

“So what did you do to move on?”

“I spray painted a Scyther on her house in glow paint that said ‘my mom’s a bitch’ “

The therapist just stared at him, silently and judgmentally.

Guzma grinned back at him. “I know. Fucking funny right???”

The doctor pretended to look at the clock. “It seems our first session is done…”

He cocked an eyebrow. “The hell it is!?”

“Well you wasted half the hour arguing with me about smoking in my office. If you want show up next week and waste another hour be my guest; I get paid either way. But if you continue to share more stories like you did just then we may be able to figure out what made you how you are now.”

The boss looked at his feet momentarily before meeting eyes with the therapist and asking, “honestly, how am I now..?”

“Honestly?” the doc asked. Guzma nodded. The doctor leaned forward with a serious expression and spoke coldly, “you’re a child. A spoiled fucking child who does whatever he wants no matter how it affects others. Your past has created a personality that is comparable to a tumor that needs removed for any treatment to occur.”

The boss stared back at him, clenching his fist tightly. “I’ve knocked people out for less shit talkin’ doc…” he warned.

He didn’t break eye contact. “If you hit me is it because of what I said? Or because I’m right?”

Guzma paused for a moment, gritted his teeth then looked away. “…Fuckin’ hell… Next week same time?”

The therapist sat back up straight. “Fine, but I have homework for you. I want you to go back to that woman’s house. If she’s still there I want you to tell her you did both paintings. And I want you to tell her why and how her words made you feel.”

“Yeah… I probably won’t do that.”

“I get paid either way.”   

( Beta-Read (or Edited) by @supersquiddle . amazing writer, amazing friend )

  • "You've seem to replace your brain with your heart"
  • "Everyone thinks that we're perfect"
  • "Smile for the picture"
  • "Go back to being plastic"
  • "Kids are still depressed when you dress them up"
  • "He doesn't think I'm that fucking dumb, does he?"
  • "You call that ass your own, we call that silicone"
  • "All the makeup in the world won't make you less insecure"
  • "It's all fun and games 'til somebody falls in love"
  • "You already bought a ticket and there's no turning back now"
  • "Mr. Houdini, you're a freakshow"
  • "You build me up like building blocks just so you can bring me down"
  • "Fuck your degree"
  • "You think you're smarter than me with all your bad poetry"
  • "Why do I always spill?"
  • "God, I wish I never spoke"
  • "I'm sick of all the games I have to play"
  • "I love when you call me fucking dumb for the stupid shit I do"
  • "It's not like I'm asking to be your wife!"
  • "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!"
  • "I'll cry until the candles burn down this place"
  • "I'll cry until my pity party's in flames"
  • "He chased me and he wouldn't stop!"
  • "Tag, you're it!"
  • "I'm fucking crazy"
  • "Do you like my cookies? They're made just for you"
  • "A little pit of sugar and lots of poison, too!"
  • "Honey, do you want me now?"
  • "Someone told me 'stay away from things that aren't yours' but was he yours if he wanted me so bad?"
  • "Pacify her! She's getting on my nerves"
  • "You don't love her, stop lying with those words!"
  • "Loving her seems tiring"
  • "Don't be dramatic, it's only some plastic"
  • "No one will love you if you're unattractive!"
  • "Is it true that pain is beauty?"
  • "Will a pretty face make it better?"
  • "Do you swear you'll stay forever?"
  • "Baby soft skin turns into leather"
  • "We paint white roses red, each shade from a different person's head"
  • "This dream is a killer!"
  • "I really hate being safe"
  • "The normals, they make me afraid"
  • "The crazies, they make me feel sane"
  • "I'm not! Baby, I'm mad!"
  • "So what if I'm crazy? The best people are!"
  • "Tell the psychiatrist something is wrong"
  • "You like me best when I'm off my rocker"
  • "All the best people are crazy"

Wow, I can’t believe that Jesse McCree and Hanzo Shimada are on the LGBTQ+ spectrum. They personally came out of the game and told me themselves, and asked me to pass the information along to everyone else. You heard it here, first, folks!

All joking aside, don’t let people tell you “straight is the default” or that McHanzo is somehow trash. I mean, my name is Trash, I think I should therefore be the judge of all things trash, which McHanzo is certainly not. I know there was someone in the tags being super homophobic earlier and we had quite a few people let us know about it, so my suggestion would be to block them and make sure their anger/hatred falls on deaf years. There’s no place for that in the community and hopefully that’ll be the last piece of hate we see for a while.

Also, we should fill the tag with really positive things! Headcanons, AU ideas, comforting messages to our fellow shippers. It’ll be a nice way to make the tag welcoming again and to help everyone feel better after seeing the hate.

New Fuckboys, Part 3

Holy shit, the saga continues. That’s not good, guys, that’s not good. I only have two days after this one. Who knows what’ll happen before then?

When I look back at the stuff I’ve written, I laugh a little now. But when it WAS happening, I didn’t find it funny. By the way, I tagged those posts under “Fuckboy Stories” so you can read them all.

Anyways, this actually happened yesterday, but I didn’t have time to talk about it. So let’s do that now.

Alright, we’re walking in from the track (yay gym), and one of those fuckboys slowly comes up behind me and strokes my back, right over my bra strap. Several things happened within the next few seconds.

I spun around so fast it made my head spin, and I told him to never touch me again. He started saying it was someone else, but I saw him do it, so I slapped him in the arm really hard. He screamed like a little girl and was like “what the fuck?!” and I stormed off into the locker room.

The kicker is I can slap WAY harder than that, yet he still screamed. So I think I made my point.

Bro, school’s over next Tuesday. Control yourself.

The Human Condition

A continuation of Cobalt.

In which a Typhon discovers that most of the little things that make a human feel human are actually pretty unpleasant and still doesn’t get around to fixing the alarm clock.

Warning: There are so many spoilers here. So many.

I never questioned who I was until someone told me who I wasn’t.

I think I could have been Morgan. I think I could have worn his skin and used his voice and never realized I was doing either.

Now I doubt. Now I question. Am I him? Am I just a brainwashed Typhon? Maybe I’m something in between.

I’m hugging the broken alarm clock, knees to my chest and thoughts spilling out across the floor. Memories are laid out like tools. Though I don’t know what I’m trying to fix. I don’t notice Igwe. I don’t know he’s here until I hear Leitner and Talos one burns around me. I hold the clock tighter. He doesn’t say anything, just sits next to me. His thoughts are unraveling lines of sheet music, loneliness in A Minor. He misses her. He hates his hands, how clumsily they fumble at the Trois Gymnopedies when he thinks of her. He hates that pain makes him a worse musician instead of a better one. My mind fills the silence with broken piano notes and the broken sound of Mikhaila’s voice. I hear the plastic case of the clock fracture in my grip.

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Things I have been told about myself today thanks to My Other Tumblr:

-I’m heterosexual
-I hate black people
-I’m incapable of empathizing with anyone who isn’t white
-I deliberately silence the voices of POC
(it’s all diffuse criticism, context is something literally nobody seems to have read firsthand)

So if there’s anyone out there who wants me to have a good time online, and doesn’t mind being publicly seen as friends with someone the Purity Brigade has decided is evil, please tag @des-zimbits with your pet pictures (guidelines on triggers and content warnings here)

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Have you seen that people are like... blaming Mor? Like not like 'wow it's your fault your sexuality is like this' but I don't know, there are a lot of posts talking about how 'awful' Mor was to Azriel and undermining her own emotions and fears and reasoning, and it makes me so mad.

I’ve stayed out of the tag so I really haven’t seen anything. Like I didn’t know that a large chunk of the fandom hated Mor even before this until someone told me. It blows my mind since she’s one of my faves.

Blaming someone for their sexuality is super gross and any “he deserves her” shit needs to get 1,000 miles away from me. She’s not a prize that anyone deserves… I have seen a few things about her keeping it secret in this world for 500 years doesn’t quite make sense. Like no one is closeted and sexuality seems very fluid and free in this world, with multiple High Lords being gay or bi, so why is this made into such a big deal with Mor? I’ve seen more anger about the overall shitty representation and belittling of the friendships than anything else.

And to be clear, someone not feeling safe to come out in our world is valid and understandable. Someone not feeling safe to come out in a world where it appears all sexualities are accepted, where the characters feel safe and loved and respected in their friendships and relationships…..makes less sense..

AlrightLet’sDoIt- Hey I’m Paula (16yo, from Argentina), not someone who usually participates in these things, but I have been in this fandom passively for almost 4 years (except for the random post here and there and my daily screaming in the tags of everyone’s fanart/fiction), and I decided I wanted to do something for it for once because I love the manga so much. I only made it to half the month, but it was very fun!

how did I get into tsubasa: Winter 2014, my cousin’s gf had successfully gotten me into card captor sakura. When I told her I had finished CCS she said “you know there’s an anime of the same creators that also has Syaoran and Sakura” and showed me the opening. Is2g three accords into BLAZE and I was sold. I finished the anime in less than a week, and as you know the anime doesn’t really end so I immediately searched for the manga. I read the whole thing in 4 days I was completely entranced by it. 

My favorite thing about tsubasa: I’m in love with it’s characters, their deep and how they grow and help each other. It has gotten to the point where if you ask me who my fave is you’ll get a stressed ″all of them”. In general I’m a complete sucker for Found Families man. Also I love messy plots, things that I can read a hundred times and still find new stuff every time.

And on a meta sense, I’ve meet two wonderful friends and even more wonderful people in this fandom, reading TRC fanfiction all the time was one if the things that helped me learn english on my own, and this fandom is the reason I even have this tumblr. Overall, TRC is an important part of my life 

Other hobbies/fandoms: I like clamp’s works in general, although I have yet to read a bunch of them. Akatsuki no Yona also owns my ass only behind TRC in terms of obsession. Very into Fire Emblem Fates and Steven Universe at the moment. I really like translating, and languages, and writing sometimes.

Fun Facts: Keeping up with the TRC magic: The month might have gotten me back into writing, as I’ve written more this may than the last two years combined (also, in English! Which was something i really wanted to try!) 

the reasons i believe kaisoo is real is how they keep doing their thing (touching, being close w/ each other, etc) and rub it on our face. usually, if you are being paired/shipped with someone you don’t like, you’ll be uncomfortable, even a male (ex-)idol from older generation time had said that he didnt like the idea being shipped with other member when his group was still active (he even “ugh”-ing when he mentioned this. and honestly it was more like crack-ship tbh, the fans just shipped them both out of nowhere i think, not hardcore), but not kaisoo, they seem just fine and chill with each other. no awkward “me no likey you, no homo bro” feelings ever linger on them, not a bit.

it’s obvious that they know about all these kaisoo ordeals going on internet; they’re often seeing playing w/ their gadgets (smartphones/ tablets) especially in airport, they had seen some kaisoo banners in concerts (like in mexico) and fanmeets (in china). 

but they often doing this “gay things” when fanservice isnt required, like all the members just chilin and answering the damn questions but they are busy flirting, eyefucking and releasing sexual tension. and when they’re on stage they do things like glancing then biting lips (soo), turning head like an owl to see his other half on the other side of stage (jongin), make sure the other is close (ksoo koala-ing jongin and jongin following soo like a puppy), or those ‘lemme appreciate how pretty your lips are’ moments . those shit aint fanservice because it’s so goddamn subtle to be one, u need at least to be a casual shipper to notice those shit. doing fake kiss or hugging them out of nowhere, that’s fanservice. 

and dont tell me SM trying to sell kaisoo gheiness for money, cuz i aint buying it, first: commonly the company would “sell” their idols w/ “ideal boyfriend/girlfriend material” image. why? it sells more, many horny teenagers prefer oppa is my boyfriend > oppa is another oppa’s boyfriend, second SM doesnt even promote kaisoo in the first place, SM original ship is baeksoo (or the rumor said) and SM pushes taekai more to public, if SM does ship kaisoo, then why the fuck kaisoo wasn’t paired in ‘playboy’ dance? SM is a big company and i guarantee you they know about spazzing and glorifying kaisoo ritual on internet, it should be a gold mine to be exploited (hell kaisoo shippers are so thirsty even the whole pacific ocean couldnt sate them, lots of cash surely would be thrown just for buying kaisoo merch, i guarantee you, even kaisoo shippers had managed to buy a star so they could name it kaisoo good fucking god how rich this fandom is), but SM doesnt do it (they just sometimes pair these two, but it’s so rare, rare as raichu card), as if something would happen if they did, something that would got out of hands.

also ksoo had (or still has?) gay rumors and ofc he blatantly denied them so hard, it makes him become even more suspicious. like, just chill dude, the radio host just asked what kind of men that considered good (i think thats the question, i dont really remember) and he answered “i don’t know i’m not into men” like whatthefuck, even suho answered the question “a man that do this and that is considered a good man”. no need to go panic mode immediately.   so why ksoo doesnt stay the fuck out from jongin cuz them being together screams gay so hard. those rumors should’ve alerted him, buutttt noooo, they keep being joined at the hip. (and he continues to koala-ing at jonginnie)

also, again, there’s this video/gifset about chanyeol said jongin didnt like ksoo, bc ksoo didnt want to look at him when they talked. ksoo claimed his astigmatism caused this. mother-fucking-puh-lease. until this day ksoo still has astigmatism and u know what he does? he stares the fuck out of people/object (mostly MC and monitor screen), but why not with jongin then? if his astigmatism caused him not to look at people then why only jongin? why other members dont complain about this? honestly? plus isnt astigmatism causes your vision to be blurred? fucking blurred. he was supposed to not being able to see jongin clearly bc astig-fucking-matism causing his vision to be blurred. why he chose not to look at jongin instead? hmm? there’s this video saying he had a crush on a friend (mind you, he didnt mention it was a girl, the host did) when he was on his 3rd year of highschool. exo debuted 2012, ksoo joined SM 2010 (he was on his 2nd year of highschool, according to wikipedia, i know wikipedia full of fuckery sometimes but i think this is correct), so it means when he was on 3rd year, it was already 2011 and exo is already formed by that time, meaning the members already being introduced to each other. i bet they were busy preparing their debut and shit, meaning they met a LOT. sure lots of ppl said “woa who’s the lucky girl?” and many would rebut me and my petty delulu argument by saying “ksoo mentioned the “friend” he crushed on was from different class, the crush was from the same school !” or “theres this photo of him with the girl”, mm-hmm, but let me remind you the host mentioned the class thingy first (she asked “is the friend from the same class?” ksoo said “no, from different class”–he could imply something else, maybe class as it means school–different school that certain someone went to) and for the photo, well the photos of him with certain someone (alone, just both of them) appear to be more intimate than he with the girl (and other students). just connect the dots, darling.

i’m sorry i know as you read this you prob think that this girl is so delulu even the lord and savior cant save her anymore, this thing was supposed to be short but god forbade me and told me to preach the truth (well, not really), 

jokes aside, this is just my kaisoo theory, bc what kaisoo shippers do when there’s no new post on kaisoo tag? they either do fanfic (write/read), fanarts or sputtering nonsense on their blog like kaisoo trash they are /sobs and wailing how do i get off from this ship? HOW?? should i just jump in the ocean of feels?/

btw sorry for grammar mistakes and etc hope my post does make sense, i’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and it bugged me to keep it inside the jar, so i decided to spill the drink here 

i’m sorry again /bow 90°/

and dont attack me /hides under blanket/

do you guys ever feel bad about talking about your interests or at least like what makes you happy with someone, and the conversation kind of just dies after you’ve gushed your heart out.

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I can't even put into words how much I adore you Fil. Thank you for being so kind and encouraging to everyone always- it has more of an impact that you could ever know, friend <3

SOMEONE TAKE ELSIE AWAY FROM MY ASKBOX, I CANNOT STAND THIS???? omg what are you even doing ;; i hope you know this is absolutely mutual, okay? it was the first thing i told you, when you first followed me, and it still stands just as strong if not more: YOU have no idea how happy you made me, by bringing Satin to life and in such a brilliant, flawless manner to boot! he and my Jon just clicked so wonderfully well, and i delight in every single little thing we do together — from the silly crack to the heart-wrenching angst (like the one we’re about to start plotting tbh). more than this, however, YOU as a person are so, so, so, so kind, sweet, friendly, supportive — everything that is good and pure in this world, and you make my life such a much better place ♥

Melanie Martinez For The 🌙 Moon Signs 🌙

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Aries Moon// Play date - I don’t give a fuck about you anyways, whoever said I gave a shit about you? You never share your toys or communicate, I guess I’m just a play date to you.

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Taurus Moon// Training Wheels- I love everything you do, when you call me fuckin’ dumb for the stupid shit I do. Wanna ride my bike with you, fully undressed no training wheels left for you. I’ll pull them off for you.

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Gemini Moon// Cake- I am not a piece of cake for you to just discard. While you walk away with the frosting on my heart. So I’m taking back what’s mine, you’ll miss the slice of heaven I gave to you last night.

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Cancer Moon// Pity Party- Maybe it’s a cruel joke on me whatever, whatever. Just means there’s way more cake for me forever, forever. It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to, cry if I want to, cry, cry. I’ll cry until the candles burn down this place, I’ll cry until my pity party’s in flames.

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Leo Moon// Mrs. Potato Head- Don’t be dramatic it’s only some plastic, no one will love you if you’re unattractive. Oh Mrs. Potato Head tell me, is it true that pain is beauty? Does a new face come with a warranty, will a pretty face make it better?

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Virgo Moon// Dollhouse - Places, Places, get in your places. Throw on your dress and put on your doll faces. Everyone thinks that we’re perfect, please don’t let them look through the curtains.

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Libra Moon// Pacify Her - That basic bitch leaves finally, now I can take her man. Someone told me stay away from things that aren’t yours, but was he yours if he wanted me so bad?

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Scorpio Moon// Tag, you’re it - Running through the parking lot he chased me and he wouldn’t stop. Tag, you’re it, tag, tag you’re it. Grabbed my hand, pushed me down, took the words right out my mouth. Saying tag, you’re it. Tag, tag, you’re it.

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Sagittarius Moon// Carousel - Round and round like a horse on a carousel, we go, will I catch up to love? I can never tell, I know, chasing after you is like a fairy tale, but I, feel like I’m glued on tight to this carousel.

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Capricorn Moon// Sippy Cup- Blood still stains when the sheets are washed, sex don’t sleep when the lights are off. Kids are still depressed when you dress them up and syrup is still syrup in a sippy cup.

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Aquarius Moon// Alphabet Boy - I’m not a little kid now, watch me get big now, spell my name on the fridge now, with all your alphabet toys. You won the spelling bee now, but are you smarter than me now? You’re the prince of the playground, little alphabet boy.

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Pisces Moon// Soap- I think I got myself in trouble, so I fill the bath with bubbles. Then I’ll put the towels all away, should’ve never said the word “love”. Threw a toaster in the bath tub, I’m sick of all the games I have to play.

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i just wanted to share that i'm so happy rn because i caame out to my bf (who i thought was a cis guy) as trans and he told me that he's ALSO a trans guy, and now he keeps sending me cute books and things and being so sweet and i'm so happy!! you don't have to publish this i just wanted to tell someone

Dude that’s amazing!!! Also adorable that’s really cute I’m dying.

Hump Day Smut!

It’s back! You may have noticed that these posts are becoming less frequent. That’s because school has me busy. Since I’ve been busy and posting less, I’ve been getting tagged less in fics. If you want to see your smut here in the future, read beneath the break. Either way, don’t be surprised if Hump Day Smut continues to skip a week or two, that’s just the nature of the beast (”the beast” being my chosen career path). That being said, the more you guys tag me in your smut, the longer and better the posts will be when the do come! And you get at least a few more notes on your fics out of it :)

I’ve also cut down on gifs and put disclaimers under the cut so that the post is made up of just the fics (and now this rambling bullshit). Friendly reminder that even though I enjoy the time I spend putting these posts together (reading smut), it still makes me extra happy when you reblog this post with a comment, gif, commentary in the tags, or all 3. Let me know what you think! It gives me the happy!!!!

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Without further ado, here’s your smut!

Late Night Escapades by @supernotnatural2005 (Sneaky quiet sex with Dean while Sam sleeps in the next bed.)

I’ve Got You… All Night by @callmesweetheartifyoumeanit Battery Burner (I came three times. No really, I did. It’s a virgin reader fic but that’s not even the point. It’s Dean being perfect about it.)

Daily Chores by @bkwrm523 (This does not happen to me daily and I would not consider it a chore…)

Yes, Daddy by @ilostmyshoe-79 (Daddy kink with Sam. **PORN GIFS** don’t read at work, bruh.)

Raining on Sunday by @withoutaplease (Boyfriend Sam made a quick cameo in the smut scene again!)

Red by @kittenofdoomage (Holy demon!Dean. Wow.)

Bang Bang by @winchesterenthusiast (Dom!Dean meets dom!reader.)

All Work and No Play by @whispersandwhiskerburn (Jealous Dean is one of my favorites.)

Sharing Is Caring by @samanddeanssiren (Threesome with the Winchesters. Mmmhmm.)

Confessions at Dawn by @bkwrm523 (If only Cas was around to help me through my panic attacks. Amirite ladies?)

So this was a thing that happened when @mrswhozeewhatsis was set loose and my only question is where was poor Dean during this sex marathon? I can just see him sitting in the library with his arms crossed over his chest while blasting Bog Seger.

Lust, Libido, and Love by @bkwrm523 (Another sex marathon. How come poor Dean is the only one not getting a sex marathon? Poor Bean. I’ll give you a sex marathon.)

Hump Day Smut fine print and maybe a sexy gif or something under the break

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So, @kibuttcheeks decided to tag me in a thing. This was hard bc I literally only have SHINee pics on my phone rn omg. Let’s see, who should I tag now…. @kenny-mccordick , you should do.


I haven’t drawn in a really long time, so I’m happy that one of my favorite Final Girls was the first thing I drew.

Brooke Maddox from the mtv show Scream! Absolutely love her character. And since I’m so proud of this/someone recently told me to blog my art, I’m sharing it with you guys too. Enjoy 😊