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Since it’s Valentine’s Day today, I figured it was important to create a photoset of canon Ichimatsu responding to romantic gestures.

(Left is from circa Valentine’s Day 2016, from an official art image set titled “Being Confessed to”, the right is an Osomatsu Party card from Valentine’s Day 2017, depicting Ichimatsu receiving a gift from an admirer.)

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Have you have ever watched the youtube video of Japanese Niles (Zero) skinship lines? Towards the end so ;-; and Fire Emblem Heroes inspired me into thinking 'What would happen if Male Kamui was summoned and Niles wakes up to see Kamui is not there or anywhere'.

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Being stuck in the closet has never made me anything but vicious and unforgiving.

There is something special about the first girl you love
and it’s not just the concept of your heart
giving in for the first time
but it’s the feeling that comes with doing
what you never thought was possible.

Nobody ever told me it was okay
to love someone like her
but nobody had to 
not when the warmth of her skin
against mine was enough to start fires
light up the whole world and turn its dark skies
into something maybe half as beautiful as her eyes.

It was so real
being in love with a girl was so real
no religion, morals, traditions
could hold me back from that
and none should
because loving her was so obvious
ignoring my heart would be like
turning against nature
that would have been the abomination
to deny myself an attraction so genuine
that would have been so damn wrong.

The first girl you love
is going to be someone incredible
no matter what else comes after
because the first girl you love is a step torward
being able to say 
you are real
you are valid
you are human
and that you are worthy of love too.
—  For women who love other women but don’t know how to go about it yet

                                                                           i wish someone told me
                                                                            that it was okay to not
                                                                            be STRONG all the time.

TWEEK: It doesn’t count!
CLYDE: C’mon, you gotta tell us.
TWEEK: *sighs* O-Okay, so you know Calvin?
CRAIG: … That guy with that weird cap?
TWEEK: Yes, him.
TWEEK: Okay, so remember when we went to that field trip to the Pioneer Village? And we had to hold hands?
CLYDE: And then we were held hostage? Token, we were partners, right? And you held hands with Kenny.
CRAIG: Jesus Christ, why do you all remember this?
TOKEN: Because we almost died.
CRAIG: We always almost die.
TWEEK: Anyway, Calvin and I held hands. 

TWEEK: And then when we were held hostage, I thought we were gonna die, man! A-And I thought I was gonna die without ever having my first kiss and so did he!
CRAIG: So you kissed each other?
TWEEK: Yeah.
CRAIG: … That’s actually a good explanation.
CLYDE: But why does Jimmy know?
JIMMY: I saw it. I p-pr-promised not to tell anyone, though.

Get to know me better ~

i was tagged by @donghyuckstudies love ya 💜

1: are you named after someone : nope ,, okay but fun fact my father told me he wanted to name me lollipop once like ??? ( this is where i get my crazy genes from )
2. when is the last time you cried : last week in school because of school/stress and i was emotionally unstable so :“”) ( also lowkey two days ago because of mark on hsr )
3. do you like your handwriting : no ,, it’s so messy
4. what is your favorite lunch to eat : ngl but cup/instant noodles
5. do you have kids : jisung counts right ?? okay but i have many ‘grandchildren’ in school because i like taking care of people; they legit call me ‘ahma’ ( grandma in chinese ) instead of my name
6. if you were another person, would you be friends with you : hmm maybe ? i feel like it’d be nice to have me as a friend when they need someone to talk to because im a listener
7. do you use sarcasm : sometimes but only with the people im close to
8. do you still have your tonsils : im dumb so i had to search what that was and yes !!
9. would you bungee jump : for the sake of mark & nct yes but no ,, im afraid of heights
10. what is your favorite kind of cereal : plain/oatmeal with raisins
11: do you untie your shoes when you take them off : nope
12: do you think you’re a strong person : physically i am but emotionally not at all
13: what is your favorite ice cream flavour : green tea matcha/pistachio/oreo i cant choose hehe
14: what is the first thing you notice about people : smile
15: red or pink : pink
16: what is the least favorite physical thing you like about yourself : my legs/thighs they’re so big wiksksjs
17: what color pants and shoes are you wearing now : light grey pants and im home now so im barefeet !
18: what was the last thing you ate : honeydew slices !
19: what are you listening to right now : hobgoblin - clc
20: if you were a crayon, what color would you be: yellow
21: favorite smell : not exactly sure but i love the smell of fresh washed-dry clothes
22: who was the last person you spoke to on the phone : my classmate
23: favorite sport to watch : gymnastics !!
24: hair color : dark brown
25: eye color : dark brown
26: do you wear contacts : nope
27: favorite food to eat : anything banana related hehe
28: scary movies or comedy : scary
29: last movie you watched : cry the beloved country because i have a literature exam on monday woo haha
30: what color of shirt are you wearing?: black
31: summer or winter : hmm i’ve never experienced any before but i’d say summer ?
32: hugs or kisses : im a sucker for both why ahh , but hugs
33: what book are you currently reading : none because i dont read books but like before i just read cry the beloved country + julius caesar because i love literature
34: who do you miss right now : jaemin
35: what is on your mouse pad : idh one
36: what is the last tv program you watched?: i hardly ever watch tv so ..
37: what is the best sound : mark’s voice
38: rolling stones or the beatles : kill me but i dont listen to any omg
39: what is the furthest you have travelled?: australia !
40: do you have a special talent : being able to stretch and be so flexible to the point my friends think i have no bones at all so :“) ( fight me winwin ,, kidding no )
41: where were you born : Singapore ~
42: people you expect to participate in this : @zxtlx @freakydeakytaeyonq @marksvocals @oodorisummer @zelo-is-my-life-ruiner @grandpa-ty @scraemin @bybangmin ,, if y'all dont want to do it , it’s okay 💜