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AN: Hiii beautiful peeps! how are you? So, this is something I’ve been thinking about for a while but, as I’m not as half as talented as the people here plus being English my second language, I’ve always been pretty scared to write this. However in the last few days it became almost painful thinking about this story and not putting it on (digital) paper. So here it is the first part. Leave a feedback, if you want. Of any kind.

Before leaving you with the story, I’d like to thank the people I talk to here on tumblr and other social media: YOU ROCK GUYS! (and sorry if sometimes I bother you too much or get overexcited) (you know who you are)

WARNINGS: few curses (sorry), mention of period (I don’t think it’s too harmful but someone could be grossed out)


here you are ‘Mangoes’ *plays trumpet*

You suddenly realized you were bouncing your legs and the ‘click-click’ of the heels could be heard in the whole airport.

You didn’t know why you were anxious.

Well, you knew.

But you hadn’t yet realized you were THAT anxious.

You rubbed your hands on your face.

You weren’t ready to face whatever was waiting for you behind that gate.

You hadn’t seen him in a week and, although you were over the moon when he told you he was going to bring Luz as his date to the Oscars, for both emotional and logistic reasons, you were regretting your choice: you needed to be with him.

To support him.

“Or to have his support?” You told yourself with a low voice.

The news caught you off-guard: you never said it out loud, but you were sure he was going to win.

To make everything worse? Paul, Benji and Justin were the nicest guys ever and you really enjoyed their work, but the love of your life was… The love of your life.

You weren’t worried about all that Egot, pegot, pigeon, how-you-wanna-call-it stuff. You were worried about all the preassure he received, you were worried about the future interviews, you were worried about the side effects of this loss on the creative process of the man you loved.

Deep in your mind you knew you were over-reacting but let’s face it: he had quite a ego and things like this could trigger in his mind trails of not-so-optimistic thoughts. You simply didn’t want him to build a fortress around his persona.

You’ve talked to him on phone in the past few days and even faced-time him: he seemed sad and upset, but it was something barely percepible. He said: ‘I have never thought I had a chance of winning. I was just thrilled to be there and to introduce Auli'i.’ On the other side of the emotions spectrum, Luis was furious and more than once he was stopped from publishing not so nice comments on twitter. Luz called you the evening after the ceremony and said she caught her mother sniffling on the balcony of the hotel room.

You knew what was happening: they were sad because they imagined he was sad, he was keeping all the emotions trapped in his chest to not worry them. He was usual to act like that until he reached the breaking point, which consisted in writing a heart-wrenching song or a fight between the two of you over ‘why the arabic coffee blend wasn’t as good as the brazilian’ or similar silly things.

But this time it felt different.

It was different.

This time you’ll have to be the 'glue’ to keep him together, a thing that he did for you during the hormones or job-related freaking out moments.

But were you ready?

You didn’t know. You didn’t know how to get ready. You didn’t know anything except that his flight has just landed, as the board suggested.

You checked the time on your phone just to be blocked be the sight of your lockscreen. It was one of your favorite photos: he was napping on the bed, surrounded by 'his girls’: the twins only few months old at his sides and your dog at his feet. You came back from the kitchen with two bottles of warm milk just to find that heart-melting view. You snapped the pic quickly before waking them up.

'Lin, wake up.’ You tried to call him.

He had developed this strange habit during your honeymoon (which happened almost a year ago): as he was hot, he slept wrapped around your body with his head on your chest. You couldn’t complain as it was January, in Iceland. 
But NY in September was surely hotter.

'Lin, sweetheart, you have to wake up.’ You repeated raising your voice a little.

'Don’t call me sweetheart.’ He mumbled in your skin.

'Ah ah, you are awake.’ You said poking at his head.

'Why did I marry such a smart woman that makes me appear so stupid?-he placed a kiss on your skin before turning his face towards you with a loving gaze- Oh, now I remember.’ He smiled.

'Don’t even try to compliment my beauty in order to stay in bed.’

'But it’s Sunday. And I’m on a very soft and warm spot I’d like not to leave.’ He smirked winking in your direction.

'Are you implying I’ve gained weight?!’ You tried to fake rage.

'Just in the right spots.’ He said.

'WHAT?!’ Now you were a little offended. You pushed him away and tried to leave the bed.

'Ehii. Don’t be mad at me! You are the one that explained me why women gain weight during period.-he stopped you on the side of the bed- And as I was saying, only- he kissed a spot on your shoulder-in- another kiss- the-kiss- right- kiss- places.’

'That doesn’t change my feelings.’ You replied sitting on the bed, checking the phone while he put his chin on your shoulder. 'Moreover I’m not on my period.’

'Yes, you are.’ He said.

'No, I’m not. Trust me, it’s difficult to not notice if you are bleeding.’ You snapped back.

You felt him streaching to reach his phone on the conforter.

'Yes, your period should have started 5 days ago.’ He said checking something on the screen.

'Please, tell me you don’t have a period app.’ You said trying to hide your laugh.

'If your wife turns into a angry and hungry, fire- spitting.. - you turned to watch him with revengeful eyes and he noticed- but super smart and beautiful dragon, you’d have done the same.’ He smiled.

'Well, your app is wrong… Not in the calculation (you mentally checked if 28 days has passed). But I’m not on my period right now. Although it’s very strange: I’m a Swiss clock!’ You said a little worried.

'Y/N, you have done crazy shifts at work this past week!’

'Yes, you could be right. It has to be the stress.’ You said putting your socks on.

'Absolutely! And you know which is the best remedy?’ He dragged you back on a lying position.

'Lin-Manuel Miranda, don’t even try. You have planned this brunch with our parents- you said getting up and heading towards the bathroom- So, you and that cute little ass of yours have to leave the bed. Or we’ll be late.’

'Hey! My butt is cute but it ain’t “little”!’ He replied lying on the side and pointing towards it.

You laughed and before entering the bathroom, you stood in front of the mirror.

'Did I really put on so much?’ You said with a defeated look.

'Man, I shouldn’t have never said it! - he facepalmed himself- or at least I should have put it in a better way. What I meant, you know, … It’s… Like… God, that’s embarassing…’

You turned to face him. 'Lin, I married you. And trust me, your 'emarassing-things-i’ve-done’ list is well know to me. Spit it.’

'Let’s say that your “side A” has … How can i … “Improved”.. Yes, that’s the word!’ He was stummering and blushing. He was simply the cutest.

'Whut?’ You giggled.

'In the last ten days, some outfits you wore were like.. Seriously mind blowing..’ He continued moving his hands as to show an explosion.

And you could recall few times he complimented you more than usual before leaving the house in the morning.

'But I haven’t forgiven you yet.- you said picking your clothes and heading towards the bathroom. Ah, I’ll need this room for a quite long time. Maybe it’s better if you use the other one.’ You said winking and closing the door.

'Damn, I knew this going going to happen.’ You heard him shouting.

What you both didn’t know was that you were having the same thoughts.

'What if she’s preg-..’

'What if I’m pregnan- No, Y/N, don’t even think about it. It’s just stress. Don’t think about it.’ You mumble to yourself while shampooing.

You were in your undies, washed, moisturized staring at your dress: a wonderful, pencil-skirt, teal and blue dress. It was one of your favorite as it was knee-lenght but it fitted you perfectly in all your right places.

It was the moment of truth: it was your reference to see if anything changed in your body.

You wore it and started pulling the zip up: 'side b’ area went smooth, no visible changes in you belly area either.

You breathed with relief.

'Ah! I was right!’ You said with pride.

You couldn’t be more wrong.

The 'improvement’ Lin pointed out was real and you had to remove your bra to close the zip all the way up.

'Damn it, he was right.’ You said putting your hands on your hips and noticing how your 'side A’ as he called it was quite prominent from the v-shaped cut.

You checked the time on your phone: 'LIN, WE’RE ALMOST LATE!’ You screamed rushing outside the bathroom.

'I’m ready in the kitchen waiting for you. Do you want some coffee?’ He shouted.

'Lin, we’re going to a brunch. Breakfast and lunch. Which means plenty of coffee.’ You answered back while putting on shoes, a blazer and taking your earrings.

'But I need my coffee.’ He insisted.

'You’ll have a ulcer soon if you keep ingesting all this caffeine.’ You get to the kitchen while putting on the jewels.

You found him staring back at you with his mouth open and his mug mid-air.

'What?’ You said putting your head down and shaking your hair to give them volume.

He was still silent.

'Lin? - you looked back at him- should I go change?’ You pointed at your dress.

'WAIT. NO. This is exactly what I meant earlier.. You’re just so.. I’m trying to figured out how you you possible ended up marring me..’ He said at the speed of light.

You were blushing as a 16 years old high schooler. 'I’m fluttered- you said kissing his cheek and putting his mug down, but I don’t think it would make a good excuse with the parents. Chop chop. Let’s go.’ You headed towards the door swining your hips more than usual.

'Is this some sort of punishment for what I said earlier?’

'Dang it. You really are a MacArthur genius.’ You winked teasing him.

The brunch went well until you all decided to have some fruit.

'I’ll take the mango salad.’ You said reading the menù.

'Mango? Y/N, you hate mango!’ Your mother said looking at you.

'I remember the time me and Luis’s sister were pregnant at the same time and we ate mangoes all the times. In fact, there’s a legend according to which if you’re pregnant with a Miranda, you’ll even dream mangoes.’ Luz said and all started laughing.

You and Lin, instead, widened your eyes and looked at each other remembering your unshared thoughts of few hours before.

You could almost see the huge, red-written sign spelling 'SHIT’ on each other faces.

Soon the other four people noticed your silence.

'Lin-Manuel, is everything alright?’ Asked Luis while the others were all smilig at you.

You were on the point of throwing up.

'Yes, papa. I think that Y/N wants mango just because I made her try the mango flavoured tea you brought us from London. Honey, maybe it’s better if you stick with strawberries. You know, fresh mango is a stronger flavour. You have plenty of time to exercise before starting eating it non stop for 9 months.’ He took your hand and gave it a little squeeze.

You got what he was doing as you haven’t drink any tea recently.

'You’re right.’ You almost whispered before excusing yourself and going to the restroom.

You could still hear Lin engaging a conversation with the two women about fruits and pastries to move their attention from what has just happened.

You went to the bathroom and put your wrists under the cold water in attempt to calm you down.

You didn’t want to think about this right now. You want to do it at home. With Lin.

Then you went to the bathroom and you found out your period came.

But you weren’t as relieved as you thought. Yes, you were sad. A little bubbly Lin wasn’t a bad thing at all. But apparently destiny had different plans for you.

Before going out you sent a text  Lin: 'False allarm. Red wave just arrived.’

You went back to the table and you found him still talking about the secrets for a flaky pie.

'Lin, your phone buzzed. You should check it.’ You said sitting down.

'Don’t worry, I’ll see it later.’ He answered.

'It could be something important’ you squeezed his thigh staring him in the eyes.

He got the message and took the phone. You could feel his smile fading. He took your hand and place a kiss on it.

The brunch continued and the six of you went for a stroll then each couple went a difference direction.

As you were walking home you passed in front of the supermarket and, as he could read your mind, he said: 'You still want that mango, am I right?' 

You nodded and added 'We also run out of painkillers and I’ll need them these days.’

'I’ll go to the pharmacy and you the store. Meet me in 10 at the ice cream isle.’ He said kissing you.

So you did. When you met next to the refrigerators, he was happier than when you left him minutes before.

'Since when pharmacy makes you happy?’ You asked while picking your favorite type of ice cream.

'Since they started selling… LOLLIPOPS!’ He jumped showing two candies and giving you one.

'You’re such a kid.’ You laughed.

He coughed showing the wedding band.

'Let’s go pay this fruit and ice creams.’

As you went home, you undressed to get ready to chill on the couch as each Sunday.

He was still in the bedroom when you called him 'Lin, do you want to watch a movie?’ You fell on the couch.

'Not yet.’ He shouted.

'Yet? Do we have to do something?’ You asked.

'Did your flood continued since this morning?’ He asked poking his head from the door.

'I’m sorry, what?’ You asked at the unusual question.

'Did your bleeding continued since this morning?’ He asked again with his hands wrapped around his torso.

'This is gross. But not so much.- you answered skeptically- Do you mind telling me why you’re asking me this? I’m ok with sharing, less details maybe.’

'Could you check again?’


'Please Y/N. I promise I’ll explain if you do.’

'You’re acting weird but ok.’ You headed to the bathroom with him waiting outside.

It actually seemed like your period stopped so you went out and told him.'For your information, my period is not active right now. Now, my explanation.’

'Sit down and I’ll do it.-he showed you a spot on the bed- This is something I remembered from when Luz was pregnant and I went with her to the gyno- he saw the shocked and disgusted expression on your face- I STOPPED IN THE WAITING ROOM. Today, words keep failing me. However, there’s this thing called 'implantation bleed’ that resembles period but it’s the egg.. Implanting… It was more scientific in my mind.’ He chuckled.

'Lin, I don’t think..’ You said looking down.

'The mangoes, Y/N.’ He said with his eyes sparkling.

'I love your mother, you know this. But as a woman in a world were science exsist, I can’t trust “mangoes stories”.’ You said placing a hand on his cheek.

'Let’s just try. I’ve bought the test.’

That’s why he was so happy. You didn’t know what to do: this morning you realized you wanted to have babies as soon as possible. At the same time you didn’t want to be delusional.
You were going to say no but you saw his expecting and hopeful eyes. You couldn’t let him down. Maybe he could have been right.

'Ok- he jumped up hugged you- but I’ll pee and then leave them in the bathroom. We’ll watch a movie and later we’ll check. Got it?’ You said.

'Yes, ma'am.’ He went to his wardrobe and took 3 boxes.

'Lin, three?’

'Just to be sure.’ He smiled.

'You’re a pain in the ass, Manuel.’

'I love you too.’

You both smiled at the inside joke.

You went to the bathroom, did what you have to do and then the both of you went to the living room with popcorns, your chopped fruit and the infamous tea.

Lin wrapped his arms around your legs, that were resting on his own, while your head was on his chest.

After ten minutes your heartbeat was almost normal, you started enjoying the story and started laughing at the improbable adventures of the characters.

15 minutes from the end, Lin stand up to go to the bathroom as he drank almost a litre of tea and you were so caught in the story, you didn’t even realize was going to happen.

You just heard him shouting.

You jumped from the couch and went to the bathroom expecting to see blood/ body parts missing from him.

'LIN! What the hell happened?’ You shouted as an answer.

You found your full grown husband on the floor with his hands on his face saying something you couldn’t understand.

You knelt next to him: 'Lin, what happened?’ You tried to remove the hands just to find his face red and covered in tears.

'Mangoes. Y/N. MANGOES.’ He said smiling even more.

You connected the dots and standed up to have a confirmation: the three test had 2 lines on it.

'MANGOES!’ You screamed crying before reaching the same spot Lin was.

After almost an hour of laugh, tears, kisses and 'mangoes’ you stood up.

You decided to not tell the news to anyone until the ultrasounds.

A month later you organized a little dinner at your house for your parents.

They found not one, but two little mangoes in their plates.

You could feel your heart in your throat. Your tongue was dry. Those memories put you even more on the edge of tears so you decided to stand up and walk a little bit just to see a huge billboard about Maldives.

“Oh, man.” You whispered with a defeated voice while the memories started to flood in your mind.



Spelling Fights

Originally posted by elennemigo

Word Count: 1,816

Authors: Deka & Ale

Warning: None, just fluffiness

Pairing: Benedict Cumberbatch x Wife!Reader

Summary: The little fight between an American and a British couple

Credits to this video for the awesome interview:

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anonymous asked:

Omg! I was the anon who asked about evoking emotions but my phone must have ate up part of what I typed because I was asking about LOUIS! Ugh! I agree with all that you said about songwriting for harry. I was wondering what you thought of louis' *

*influences and style. Like it’s rock ballady. And his voice is my favorite even if it isn’t always the most consistent b/c he can put so much emotion into it. Even in JHO, there’s a lot going on. I’m no vocal expert but I love the energy and emotion behind it. I think he was a bit pitchy live but once he settled in, he was great. Do you? Was this in a higher key than 1D songs so better suited for him? I’d love to know your thoughts about any aspect of Louis’ singing/writing tbh. Thanks!


Confession: the very first 1D song I ever liked was Night Changes. The second song I ever liked was Fool’s Gold. I couldn’t even believe this was the same band that sang “Rock Me” or “Summer Love” (another confession: I thought Rock Me was the dumbest, most obnoxious song, but I’ve been converted! I think it’s a hilarious song and I love it).

What was the overlap between Night Changes and Fool’s Gold? There were NOT THAT MANY LOUIS SOLOS. I was not a Louis fan. I thought he could not sing in tune in concerts and was the weak link in 1D, and before I knew anything else about him, I thought it was just embarrassing that someone who toured so much couldn’t sing in tune.

I gradually changed my mind when I heard more and more 1D songs, especially after Project No Control. I saw and heard how well Louis could sing when he was at his best.

The voice is really extraordinary. He has a unique voice that just happens to contrast beautifully with the other voices in the band. Remember when a fan told him, “You make One Direction sound so good!” There’s a lot of objectivity to back that up.

Louis’s tessatura (the comfort range for his singing voice) is higher than the other boys’. Just Hold On is in the key of B major. There are almost no other 1D songs in that key, because it’s too high for the others. Fans were astounded by his octave leap in Love You Goodbye, but the high note is actually well within Louis’s comfort range. He could do this note in his sleep.

Love You Goodbye
Louis solo at 2:00

The other thing about Louis’s voice is how close to a pure tone it is. A pure tone is a pure frequency that doesn’t exist in nature (like the sound from a tuner). I talked before about how a gravelly voice like Harry’s has a lower harmonic-to-noise ratio. Louis’s voice is the opposite. It has a lot less noise.

In technical terms, Louis could be considered a leggero tenor (– his voice is the vocal equivalent of Peter Pan: light, flexible, rings like a bell, defies gravity. There’s no weight or tension to it.

Now, the way that Louis expresses emotion is really cool. He does a little vocal fry in the back of his throat, where his consonants tend to settle. It sounds like he’s just swallowed a laugh or choked back a cry–sometimes he talks like this in interviews, as well. I’ve written about how Louis shortens his vowels when singing, so that the consonants bunch together. At the same time, the consonants he pronounces are sharp and clear (a Yorkshire trait? I’m not English so I don’t know); he enunciates so much better than Zayn, for instance. Listen to the short solo here, and how expressive it is– all done in the back of the throat.

Walking in the Wind
Louis solo verse 1:28

The pure tones and the leggero, light, flying quality of Louis’s voice (@tositandadmire calls it Louis’s “lightning voice”) contrasts so beautifully with a raspy, heavier, more belty voice like Harry’s. I mean, it’s soundgasm when you put their voices together. It’s no secret that Louis sings a lot of second verses on 1D songs– because of the contrast and because of his unique qualities.

Truly Madly Deeply
Harry and Louis’s chorus start at 0:40

I agree Louis was not in tune singing Just Hold On live, but honestly, I wasn’t listening for technique at that point. I could barely hear anything over the sound of my ugly sobbing. It was amazing to see his courage, to have him swallow his grief and sing the whole thing, and to start strong and end strong. Sometimes I think when people sing live, especially if there’s loud background accompaniment, it’s hard to hear one’s own voice in the in-ears. Often I hear the entire band singing a bit flat live or in concert. I can’t condemn them because it’s so hard to hear accurately.

Last, I think Louis’s voice can sound very intimate–like he’s not singing as much as whispering to you, or telling a secret. The beginning of Just Hold On sounds like that. When he sings, “Wish that you could build a time machine,” it’s a confession for something so desperately wished for, but unrealistic. The disappointment, the sadness, the wistful quality comes through in the harsh gasp of a whisper.

Thank you for the great ask.


25 Days of Klaroline + Royalty

This drabble is dedicated to my awesome ‘princess’ Nik @princess-of-the-worlds Your kindness, talent and generosity knows no bounds and we are all lucky to have you in our Klaroline family.

A Royal Affair

A prince, an actress and the Cannes Film Festival.

Intercontinental Carlton - Cannes, France

“And why is it so important that I meet him?” Caroline drawled, looking at her publicist questioningly.

They were currently eating breakfast in her hotel suite and going through her press schedule for the coming days of the festival. Her latest movie was making its debut and to say its premiere was important was an understatement. Film critics could be savage at the best of times and given she’d strayed from her usual romantic comedy genre to take on an action role was only making her more nervous.

“What part of Prince and second in line to the British throne did you not understand?” She shot back, rolling her eyes for added effect.


“He’s hot.”


“Oh for the love of god woman, he’s royalty for heaven’s sake.”

“Just because he has a fancy title and wears a crown that doesn’t mean I have to meet him, Kat. We are at Cannes, he could meet at least another hundred actresses who’d love to stroke his royal ego.”

“He doesn’t want to meet any other actresses, he wants to meet you, Caroline,” she huffed. “Why are you being such a diva about this? I swear you’re doing this just to frustrate me, Forbes. ”

“You can talk about being frustrating,” she groaned. Caroline and Katherine had known each other since they were five years old and they’d been bickering with each other ever since. Surprisingly though their relationship worked well because Katherine wasn’t one to hold back when she thought Caroline was being difficult, like now.

“Stop changing the subject,” she growled. “Your new movie needs all the publicity it can get and meeting with the Prince of England will certainly help with that.”

“He just seems so arrogant, not to mention a complete womaniser,” she said, taking a sip of her orange juice and placing it back on the table. “Apparently he sleeps with a new woman each week.”

“As a celebrity and someone who has incorrect stories written about her all the time, I’m surprised you of all people are quoting the tabloids,” she drawled. “He is known to be very charming and did I mention hot?”

“Are you talking about me again, Kitty Kat?” Enzo asked, sauntering into the dining room.

“Who gave him a key?” She asked turning to Caroline accusingly.

“Well, he is my manager, Katherine.”

“More like a stray dog nobody wants,” she muttered, just as he swiped a croissant from her plate and took a big bite. “Hey! Get your own food, mister.”

“Now that’s not a very nice way to speak to such a charming and hot fellow,” he mumbled, his mouth still full of buttery, breaded goodness. “Come on admit it, you’ve always had a thing for me.”

“Not if we were the last two people on this planet, you buffoon,” she barked.

“Stop it children,” Caroline chided noticing Katherine’s death stare she was shooting in his direction. “Am I going to have to separate you two again like that time in Madrid, New York oh and who could forget at the Dorchester in London?”

“He started it,” Katherine accused.

“How very mature of you,” he joked, sticking out his tongue.

“Before he rudely interrupted we were talking about your meeting with Prince Niklaus tomorrow.”

“Oh and what has our Care Bear done to warrant an audience with British royalty?” Enzo asked. “Hang on don’t tell me, I think I know. Prince Niklaus has always had a thing for gorgeous blondes.”

“See, what did I tell you?”

“It’s okay Caroline, I promise I’m not trying to pimp you out,” she scoffed, giving Enzo another dirty look. “All I ask is an hour, there’s a cocktail function on his family’s yacht so you won’t be the only one there.”

“I love a good cocktail party on a yacht,” Enzo sighed.

“Who said you were invited?”

“Me,” Caroline insisted. “If you’re making me go, I sure as hell want a chaperone in case the Prince decides to get a little handsy.” Caroline busied herself at the table purposely ignoring the triumphant look Enzo was sending Katherine’s way.

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[TRANS] Ryu Jun Yeol for Harper’s Bazaar China (May 2016 issue) - Part 2

Click here to read Part 1 of this interview

Source: Harper’s Bazaar China
Translated by Eyes On RYU |
Please do not translate to other languages without permission.
Don’t forget to credit Eyes On RYU when sharing!

Even if I have to try again 1000 times, I must stand up and shine.

Year 2016, Ryu Jun Yeol had to promote 3 movies at once, <Sori: Voice from the Heart> ,<No Tomorrow> and <Glory Day>. Everyone who sees him recently will congratulate him, and through <Reply 1988>, he has already become the new generation’s trendy man. “It is strange, but despite the difficulties I went through, I have never thought of giving up. I always think that I must achieve success so I work very hard.”

Because of his outstanding acting skills in <Socialphobia>, <Reply 1988> invited the not too famous Ryu Jun Yeol for auditions. This was his first time acting in a television drama so he doesn’t know what his role would be. After 3 interviews, he acted all the roles in the drama and stood out in the 100+ number of people who went for auditions. After he knew what his role was, he was shocked at that moment. “During my third round of auditions, Shin Wonho PD made me read all the young character’s dialogues and decided that I will act as Jung Hwan. I was very excited and may have said a hundred ‘thank you’s to him.”

His role in the drama was someone with a sense of humor, simple, and secretly sacrificing himself for others, and Junyeol acted it out naturally. People were captivated by this man who is not very good-looking. In many scenes, Junyeol used his exquisite and relaxing acting skills, acting like it was a love scene that happens in life regularly. “Although I was using my acting skills, in that scene, I will still blend into it and put my feelings in it. Acting is all about expressing feelings in order to captivate the audience.” He was embarrassed to admit that every time he read the script, he cried, as this was a story with human nature and is a warm topic.

Recently, Ryu Jun Yeol said when he got an award,”<Reply 1988> was able to attract so much love because in our lives, during the ‘80s, there were such warm things such as justice and till now it is still preserved. Please always remember this and use a warmer heart to look at the beautiful things, think of the good things and live the future with warmth.”

Even if he had not met <Reply 1988>, Ryu Jun Yeol’s life would not cower. He believes strongly in accumulation. “I have thought of going to 1000 auditions should be alright, who knows, maybe the chance comes when I’m preparing or waiting. If I really cannot make it, I will act seriously, continue to go for auditions, till the 1000th time.”

He shared that before filming <Reply 1988>, the director saw his yearning gaze and he wrote two words ‘Rough Gem’ on his palm without saying anything. It means 'the stone that hasn’t been polished.’ Ryu Jun Yeol then had mixed feelings. “The picture is on my instagram, but most people does not know where it came from. Actually, it was the director who wrote it on my palm. Those two words bear the director’s expectations about me, and to me, it also meant that I should work harder.”

I would like to live calmly.

After <Reply 1988>, his invitations (for dramas and movies) increased, at the start of 2016, Ryu Jun Yeol took part in reality show <Youth Over Flowers> where the shooting took place at South Africa. From there, he let others realize his all-rounded aura: full marks for perfect English, full marks for being considerate, full marks for shooting (photographs and videos) skills! It feels like you would want nothing but Junyeol in your life!

Early spring this year, Ryu Jun Yeol was cast in Director Im’s new movie <The King>, being one of the most important movies in his life, he told the curious us, “I’m acting as the hometown friend of Jo In Sung sunbae, resembling a criminal syndicate. Can’t imagine how I would be acting as a gangster right? Wait for the movie and watch it!”

Working with Korea’s treasures  Jo In Sung and Jung Woo Sung, Ryu Jun Yeol gained a lot. “In the past, I saw them on the screen but now that I’ve met them, I have a lot of thoughts and feelings, the feeling of working with them is great as they let me know what knowledge and attitude an actor should have.”

Actually, after chatting with Ryu Jun Yeol for an hour, although it is through a translator, we can still feel this natural, humorous, persistent and always improving spirit in this man. His charisma is slowly spreading,similar to Jung Hwan. However, he is not similar to Junghwan, if he meets someone like Deoksun in real life, he would never hold back. His determination in love shows the obvious difference between him and Junghwan.

Reaching 30 years old, he stepped into the golden time for actors, welcoming the best phase, Ryu Jun Yeol possesses a more gentle persona. “Appearing handsome is not the most important thing. The most important thing is whether you have the charisma to attract people, to me, it is being friendly, allowing people to put down their guards down, treating everyone naturally.”

[Interview] Geek August Issue - Kim Dongwan

You’ve recently become an exemplary case of a single man. 
I’m in big trouble. I’m definitely not one. Who can’t pretend to lead a diligent life and pretend to be kind-hearted in front of the camera. What you see and what is the truth is different. It’s thanks to the nice smile I’ve inherited from my parents. In fact, I actually find Rose Inn’s Yook Joongwan, who appears together with me, quite cool. He really loves drinking but even while drinking, when it reaches 12 midnight, he will leave while saying, “I’m meeting my girlfriend tomorrow”. I checked and he really leaves. Haha.

Be it frying food with a fry pan or cleaning up your living room, you look like you’re quite used to it?
I’m not especially good at cooking. What you said about being used to it is true. I’m not crazy over cleaning up and my cooking isn’t like a chef’s. It’s just because I need to eat, so I cook, I clean up if it gets dirty. I’m not good at it but the fact that people find it amazing, I think there must be many people who don’t even do that. Everyone knows how to do them.

Most men who knows a bit about housework have had an early education about it from their moms.
In my case, my mom comes home late because she had to work, so I tend to do a bit of it if I feel things were getting really bad.

Have you ever studied about housekeeping or cooking?
I usually search on portal sites and follow them. 

Your constant moving and endlessly doing something left an impression. I thought you were like that only on the show but not long ago, a photo of you and a fan in a gym at Kyeongju, where you were filming a movie, was uploaded on the Net.
I dislike it when my body feels unwell. When I wake up in the morning, I will definitely have to leave my house within 1-2 hours. It was even more serious when I was young, to the extent that I can’t even sleep. I used to think everyone was like me. But everyone is fine just staying still. When I asked what my members are doing, they’d say they’ve been in the hotel room for 12 hours.

Although you’re full of energy, it’s also seems to be because you’re very curious.
I enjoy looking for information. I tend to Google if I become curious about someone. Who that person is married to, what kind of incidents he has been in, what has been seen on Youtube recently, I would look for that.

Seems like the channels through which you search is quite varied.
There’s really a lot you can find. It’s really fun. I recently watched the movie “Birdman” and have been searching up on Michael Keaton. A blogger uploaded a parallel theory on Michael Keaton and the lead in the film Riggan Thomson, it was really interesting. Aren’t the bloggers in our country geniuses? Was what I thought. It wasn’t something done after being paid but how can they put in so much effort?

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subject of wife, or whatever — modern lams au

Uhh, this idea has been floating around in my head for months now. It’s not exactly Hamilton/Laurens, but that’s not important. Note that the writing format is a bit awkward due to the nature of the story, I did the best that I could.

AU of a certain 1779 letter in which Jack Laurens & Alex Hamilton are texting in class, and Alex wants Jack to find him a date to get his mind off of their hot teacher. Rated PG-13 for heavy swearing & sexual references.


Jack Laurens wished, above all else, that his best friend would listen to him when he asked not to be texted in class. Of course, knowing Alex, no amount of instruction would ever make a difference. The slight buzz of Jack’s cell phone told him as such.

A casual tilt of his bag under the desk gave Jack a visual of the screen. Its lock screen—a group selfie between himself his best friends, Alex and Gil—was replaced with a dull grey sheet and a single notification from iMessage.

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Celebrity Crush(Shawn Mendes Imagine)

A/N In which Shawn’s Celebrity Crush is the reader and there is an interview

Pairing: Shawn x Y/N


“Today we have Shawn Mendes here for an interview” The interview lady exclaimed as I sat down. “I’m stoked to be here” I said into the microphone. “Later today we have a surprise for you but for now we’ll just ask ask some questions.” “Sounds good” “So, how excited are you to have finally released Treat You Better?” She asked picking up some note cards “I’m really glad it’s out there and there’s so much positive feedback” “And on a totally different note, recently you tweeted “there’s this girl”” I bury my head in my hands knowing what she was talking about. “Are you dating anyone?” “Uggh… no, I wish” “Ahh, I understand, but a couple girls tweeted back ‘there’s this boy’, any of them talking about you?” She asked suggestively, I swear my face must be the shade of a tomato at this point, “Probably not to be honest” “Well if I recall, last time I interviewed you, you told me your celebrity crush was Y/N Y/L/N,” I blushed, “Well I mean I know I’m not the only one, she’s so pretty, nice, she’s smart, she’s got a beautiful voice and she’s even a better actress, she’s just perfect in general, I mean she deals with all the hate so flawlessly, although theres not that much, she’s just so likable, I went to an award show once and she was there I couldn’t build up the courage to talk to her, she’s just so genuine, I just, she’s so great.” I find myself rambling, “Awee” I heard from the radio “Did you hear that?” I asked the lady sat across from me “What? No” she smirked “Anyways, did you know Y/N Y/L/N was one of the girls who tweeted back at you?” She asked me. I felt a smile creep across my face “Really?” I ask happily “Seriously” She showed me the post on Y/N’s profile. I feel my smile leave my face. I see the lady motion to someone behind me.  “I bet it’s not about me” I declared sadly “I bet it is” I heard a voice from the radio again “Ok I know you had to hear that” I said matter of factly to the radio interview lady. “Hey Shawn” The lovely voice called “Hi? Who is this?” I asked confused, “It’s me, Y/N” I jumped out of my chair “Are you serious, did you hear what I said?” I’m blushing but hopefully my smile masks it “All of it” She says giggling ,”And I feel the same” She finished “Will you marry me” Did I really say that out loud, I heard her giggle again, I’ll never get tired of that sound. “Maybe after a few dates first” “Sounds fair, are you here right now?” I ask not sure if this is a dream or not. “Studio 3″ She states “I’ll see you soon” I finish standing up. “Thanks for having me, but I have to go greet the lovely lady in Studio 3, sorry if there were more questions but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.” I call halfway out the door, searching for a studio number, I’m in studio 1, so 3 should be right over here. I pause outside her door, I’m really gonna meet the girl I’ve had a crush on since forever,  the girl who’s kept me unavailabley available for as long as I can remember, I don’t know if I’ll be able to speak words, but actually seeing her in real life will be enough for me. I turn the corner and see her sitting there, so flawlessly beautiful as she laughs at something the interviewer said. And she turns around to me, I feel my heart stop beating. This actual angel` is in my presence and I can’t move or do anything but take her in. I see her waving a hand in front of my face, “Hello, Shawn?” She asks “Hmm” I snap out of my trance and she giggles her wonderful giggle. “I asked if you’re alright, you’re kinda just standing there” She states worriedly “Ohmmfne” I heard myself ramble something as I stare into her beautiful Y/E/C eyes. “English please” she giggles again. I clear my throat and begin again “I’m fine” I assure her “Good” she says genuinely “Do you wanna umm… maybe… I dunno…. getsomethingtoeatlater?” I ramble to her “What?” She asks with a smile “Do you want to get something to eat with me later, maybe after your interview?” I ask really wanting to kiss her. “I’d love to” Her smile grows wider if even possible and I bite my lip, my eyes flicking from her eyes to her lips “Can I kiss you?” I breathe out and she nods getting on her tippy toes to reach me, and I lean down. The height difference is absolutely adorable in my opinion. I grab hold of her waist as our lips meet, her hands wrap around my neck and I try to pull her closer to me as I’ve waited forever for this moment. I feel a tap on my shoulder and I hesitantly pull away from Y/N, my lips swollen and I turn around to whoever interrupted this beautiful moment and I see the lady who was interviewing me before. “I hate to ruin this lovely moment that we created, but there are more questions I need to ask you,” My arm is still around Y/N’s tiny waist and I look down at her, place a kiss on her forehead and walk away knowing that this is the start of  a great relationship.

[AU Series] L.H. Mr. Hemmings Part 3*

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3* | Part 4

Warning: **Light Smut**

A few days had passed you can’t deny the feelings you were having. You wanted more of him, his touches, his sensual kisses, the lingering feelings when you two become one, bliss. You had tried not to develop this feeling of ‘want’ but it’s impossible when you work too closely with him, Luke.

Light brushes of hands, him and his cold demeanour but when you two are alone he would ask about your day and whatnots, sweet gestures from him, dinner, coffee together and other more. What is he actually trying to say?

One afternoon, the floor was pretty much empty as most are having lunch since you were a P.A. your boss’ lunch-time is your lunch-time. So here you are at your desk typing away some piles of files, one problem you couldn’t focus because of Luke and his unknown gestures in the past few days after your talk.

You stood up and trudge away to Luke’s office without knocking and locked it down. He was on the phone talking and he looked at you confused. You made your way around his office table and grabbed the sides of his swivel chair to make it steady and lean down a bit, putting one of your legs in between his. You crashed your lips to his and took him by surprise.

‘Mr. Hemmings are you still there?’ You heard from the line but still continued but made your way to his nape, your hands on his firm shoulder making its way to his tie and loosening it. “I am quite occupied, call later,” he was trying to suppress the moan and just hung up.

“What was that?” He raised a brow at you, you gulped, you couldn’t find a word to say. You didn’t know what came over you. “Speak,” he commanded making you startled. You pulled away from his swivel chair and looked down at your shoes. ‘What were you thinking? Thinking that he felt the same towards you?’ You mentally slapped yourself. “I… I don’t know… what…” You didn’t know why your tears started rolling down. “I don’t understand you… I don’t know…” This was rejection and what you did was utterly unprofessional. Now you’re just waiting for his words to come out. Ready to blow you out of your job.


Luke didn’t mean to startle you and when you started to cry, he felt a pang through his heart, jabbing it repeatedly. “I… am sorry, I just thought–” He cut you through by placing his lips onto yours “Shush, baby, I wasn’t angry” Luke cooed and you bit your lips. He cupped your cheeks and look you in the eyes. His forehead against yours and showered you with little kisses until it leads to heavy make out session. He lifted you and you wrapped your legs around his torso. He pushed you to his now already messy mahogany table, files were scattered and he stared at you hungrily.

“You don’t know how hard had these past few days been,” he whispered in your ears and you blushed, “You on my office table, me fücking you senseless,” his words sent you chills to your spine. “Fück me then” Even you were surprised to what you had just said. He looked you in the eyes and lust was prominently shown through his illuminating eyes. You had never felt so strongly about someone like this before. Not to mention to someone you hadn’t known for that long.

His cold lip-ring contracted with your neck as he made his way down, he unbuttoned your blouse and kissed every part of you sensually, making you moan, your hand gripped to his quiffed hair making it a bit messy. The blouse hanging to your arms as he unclasped your tube bra making it fall to your lap. Your legs were spread apart and your tight skirt pulled up as he was in between your legs. He sucked your nipple making you clench your hand through his hair and also making you moan quite loudly, luckily his office was soundproof. You were already out breath with him only doing your top parts. You were already feeling soaked under and damn you’re needing more.

He was undoing your skirt when someone knocked, “Sir, your mother is arriving in 5 minutes,” it was Danny if you were not wrong, another assistant. Like your backup. You started to scramble, wearing your bra, fixing your blouse and skirt. “She isn’t on my schedule,” he hissed and starts to ruffle his hair angrily. You brushed your hair quickly and made sure you were presentable enough. You glanced at him and trudge your way near him and fixed his suit. You fixed the knot of his tie and fixed his creased collar. “Thanks, sugar,” he sent you a smile and you blushed. “We’ll continue later” He smirked and you couldn’t be redder than what you are now.

You looked around and the files were still scattered. You bent down and gathered his files and piled it neatly. You were stacking them papers neatly whilst he sat down comfortably in his chair watching you with a smirk. “What?” You mouthed him and just chuckled heartily. He stood up and approached you and placed a soft kiss on your cheek. “I’ll go now,” you said with a cheery blushed smile. You unlocked the door and suddenly he pulled you into a deep making out session. You were a moaning mess, kisses like this from him makes you moan ever so loudly. “Mr Hemm…” You tried to gasp for breath but he wasn’t letting you. Once you pulled away, you were in dire need of oxygen and he had this triumphant smile plastered on his face.

You wiped your lips and on queue, there was a knock on the door. You opened it and looked at him biting your lips. “My dear son,” she exclaimed and hugged his son, Luke kissed her mother’s cheek. “I didn’t know you were coming,” he pulled away and lead her to his office couch, “Oh… if you knew you will make loads of appointments to miss our meetings, so now I will come unannounced,” she laughed and leant his back on the couch.


You left them alone to catch up upon until Luke sent you back in. You knocked thrice before opening his door and popped your head off inside. “Yes, Sir?” You spoke “Bring us some English Tea,” he ordered and you nodded retreating back and head to the pantry.

You heated the water and readied a teapot and saucers and cups and spoons. You put the tea into the pot and let it soaked for about 5 minutes. You got the milk in the fridge and pour it into a nice kettle pot as well. You got the jar of sugar and fix them into the tray.

You held the tray carefully heading to Luke’s office, you were used to this kind of work, you had a part-time job at a diner and held more than one tray at a time so this was easy. You knocked thrice again and pushed the door making your way inside. “English tea,” you announced as you place the tray down. You set a saucer, cup and a spoon in front of Luke and his mother. Luke watches you intently as you place them utensils down the coffee table. You poured the steaming tea into the cup, halfway, “Milk, ma'am? Sir?” Luke shook his head and poured more tea into his cup, “I’d like milk on mine,” she smiled. “Of course, ma'am,” you poured milk to her tea. “Sugar?” “1,” Luke spoke and you scooped a tablespoon of sugar and stirred it. “Ma'am?” You asked and she shook her head. “What’s your name?” She asked as she sipped her tea, “Y/N Y/L/N, ma'am,” you warmly smiled at her, “Well, I am Liz Hemmings, Luke’s mother, by the way, your tea is lovely,” she introduced and complimented. “Nice to meet you, ma'am, and thank you, I shall take my leave, ma'am, Sir.”

Maybe half an hour had past, you had received a call, “Hello, Mr Hemmings’ P.A., speaking may I help you?” You answered professionally and waited for a response “It’s Calum.” “Mr Hood, what can I help you with?” You offered, “I’d like to speak to Luke,” “Bare a second with me Mr Hood.” You pressed the speed dial to Luke’s office and waited for him to speak. “Yes?” He sternly answered the phone “Mr Hood is on the line, should I tell him you’re with someone at the moment?” You told him, patiently waiting for his reply. “Connect him.” You pressed another button to connect Mr Hood on the line and put the phone down.

The door of Luke’s opened and Mrs Hemmings was on her way out. You stood up and escorted her. “Have a good day, Ma'am,” you greeted and pressed the lift’s button. “I really liked your tea,” she yet again complimented and you nodded and blushed. “It’s really nice to meet you, Y/N,” she smiled warmly, “Likewise, ma'am.”

When Mrs Hemmings left, you were greeted with a furious looking Luke trudging out his office and slamming his door. ‘What happened to him?’ You asked yourself and followed behind him. “Did I tell you to follow me?” He halted his steps and turned to you. You were in agape, not able to reply. “I… I am sorry, no Sir,” that was your only reply and look down to your feet. ‘Stupid. Thinking he’ll be different towards you. He probably screwed not only you. Get over with it,’ you scolded yourself for thinking you were different. You were just another, another one of those women he ‘takes’ out and screw then when he’s done, he’s done.


After he left coincidentally workloads came out of nowhere. Someone sent you all new schedules for Luke’s meetings and interviews, urgent calls for appointments and stockpiles of things you need to review. You didn’t even realise that it was getting late, you were still in a call with a person who’s really persistent to get an interview as soon as possible but Luke was booked until next week. This person was blowing up your mind, you had been trying to tell him the same thing for the past 15 minutes. Your personal phone rang and you declined it whoever it was.

“I am really sorry sir, but you have to understand that Mr Hemmings is fully booked of interviews and meetings for this week,” you repeated again, you stood up and paced back and forth holding the wireless phone placing it in between your ears and shoulder as you write some notes about other things whilst talking. “Sir, I have another call to take please call back later, I will talk to Mr Hemmings,” you irritably gave the vibe off away. “Y/N” Danny called and turn your attention to him and waved off a brown envelope placing it on your desk. You nodded and mouthed a small ‘thank you’ to him. “Aren’t you going home yet?” He asked and you shook your head gesturing you’re probably going to do overtime today, fixing a few things here and there ready for tomorrow. “See you tomorrow then” He bid farewell and you nodded. You looked at the clock ‘9:26’. “Please get in touch with me tomorrow, thank you, Sir, have a good night,” finally the person decided to end the call already and you were more than relief from anything.

You held the envelope and placed it in the private compartment of your desk. You have loads to do and that folder can wait. You continued typing schedules whilst checking stockpiles. The phone rang, “This is Y/N, Mr Hemmings’ P.A., how could I help?” You answered ‘Oh, Y/N you’re still there? Is Luke there still?’ It was Mrs Hemmings. “Oh, hello Ma'am, Mr Hemmings had left ages ago, it looked urgent, I didn’t get to ask where he was heading to,” you answered. ‘Oh I see, by the way, it’s late, you should head home too,’ she said in concern. “I am just finishing quite a few files, Ma'am, thank you for the concern,” you smiled to yourself. ‘Alright, have a nice evening,’ she bade goodbye.

You continued typing when the lights started to turn off. Everybody has probably started to leave. You called the ground floor that you’ll be staying since the security was 24/7 you had no problem of staying late. The whole place was dimmed except your lit up computer and the sound of you typing. You were too engrossed to notice that someone was heading towards you. “You haven’t left?” You were a bit startled by Luke’s voice, you can just barely see him as the lights were still off. “Oh god, don’t do that,” you uttered to him. “Work hours ended quite awhile ago,” he stated as a matter of fact. “Yes, I know…”

You were not paying attention to him. You don’t want to. You were still upset by his earlier actions. “You should go home,” you heard but continued typing away his files disregarding him. “I am talking to you,” he raised his voice, clearly annoyed at being disregarded he pulled out the plug of the Mac making it shut down. Grumpily, you look up to him, “Now your attention is mine,” he raised his brow. “What is it?” God forbid that he was your boss and you’re yelling at him with a higher tone than usual. “You should head home, it’s late,” he rolled his eyes as if repeating himself is a chore. “I am nearly done, why don’t you head home yourself?” You groaned and ruffled your hair.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with you but I don’t tolerate any of your attitudes right now,” his tone venomous and icy than earlier, for some reason it made you snap. “Why don’t you straighten up yourself first? I don’t understand you? First, you’re nice then after awhile you shout at me for no apparent reason!” You heaved a sigh and continued. “If I had done something wrong tell me properly and don’t yell at me,” it sounded bizarre and you knew that being shouted at, at work is a normal part of it but for no reason or justification he doesn’t need to yell at you. He should just tell it more like a normal person, but then again he isn’t normal, he is this big hot shot guy who doesn’t give a damn about others but himself.

“So it was because of earlier that you’re a grumpy cat, right now?” He chuckled and now you’re taken aback by his sudden change of demeanour. “You’re doing it again? You change far too quickly and I can’t grasp on it,” You sighed, you don’t know whether to be relieved or not. “Yes, it’s because of that, I got upset, I am sorry I am quite an emotional wreck person,” you sarcastically remarked to him. “I am sorry, sugar.” He leant on his left hands on your desk and caressed your side of cheek on the other hand. His touches still give you this feeling of shock and wanting. Wanting more of him and you can’t understand it either. “It’s okay, apology accepted.” You sighed and stood up, now ready to leave.

“Oh right, by the way, there’s this guy called Mr Bridges, who is requesting an immediate interview, and he’s being ever so persistent to have it as soon as possible and to be honest, he’s taking so much time on the phone.” You were quite abrupt saying your line, that was because you were so annoyed with him getting on your nerves, it was impossible to forget easily. “Don’t worry, he’ll not bother your phone anymore, sugar,” He rest assured, you don’t know how he’ll do that but you guessed he has a lot of ways, one having him in his meeting room early in the morning, but working with him for a few days now, you realised to yourself he hates changes on his schedule, so you doubt that Mr Bridges will be seating in front of him soon.

“I don’t know but I think we still need to finish our business from earlier?” He smirked at you making you stare blankly at him before registering what he said. “Uh…” You were quite embarrassed by that thought. How awkward is that? “Maybe next time? You said go home right?” You gave him a sloppy smile and he just laughed “Come, I’ll take you home” He offered and you furrowed your brow “It’s okay, I can go home myself” You insisted “No, you’re not and that’s final” That was his ultimatum and you just had to comply to whatever he say, because you’re a sucker for anything he tells you to do.

Although in the back of your mind, you were thinking of why had he lashed out on you earlier, he still hasn’t mentioned what is it that ticked him off earlier. That left you wondering as he takes you home in a quiet ride with you two sitting apart. On the other hand, you had forgotten about the envelope you had received earlier…

What really is your relationship with him? What are you two now? You said you’d never sleep with someone you’re not in a relationship with but your body tells you otherwise and you can’t control your feelings and actions. What is it with him?

You knew it’ll be a long night than what it’ll suppose to be.


You call this studying ! ! !

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Anon request: Hi I was wondering that since it is exam season in high schools if you could do one where your Tony’s daughter who has a lot of classes with Peter and goes for a study date where not much studying went on if you know what I mean

“Hey Peter wait up” I called after the brown haired boy walking in front of me. “What are you doing after school” I asked him once I caught up to him.

“Oh um nothing why do you ask” Peter sounded nervous as we walked together to class.

“Oh I was just wondering if you wanted to study for our chemistry exam that’s next week. We can study at your place if you’d like, that way my dad won’t bother you like he normally does. Again I’m sorry for what happened last week, he just gets so excited when he finishes prototype that he doesn’t care where he testes it out.” I was recalling the incident that happened last week when Peter came over. Peter almost lost his eyebrows because of an android my father created.

“You want to come over to queens to study with me” Peter sounded shock as he continued to look around the hall.

“Yeah I do, unless you don’t want to be seen with me” I replied feeling a little offended.

“No no no it’s not that, it’s just that I’m surprise you want to be seen with me” he was quick to reassure me.

“Why wouldn’t I want to be seen with you?”

“Because you’re a stark, you could be going to the fanciest school or dating the quarterback. Why would you want to be seen with me” my heart broke when he said that. Unlike me dad when he was younger I have always been a nice and humble person.

“Peter are you serious?” I never let my fathers wealth get to, in fact I have never accepted any money from my father. No matter how many times he’s offered to pay for something. He worked hard for that money and I didn’t want to mooch off of it like other kids my age would do. I have job (although it is in within my dads company) that I interviewed for and I expressed that I did not want any special treatment once I got it. I told them to treat me like any other worker and that meant doing the shittiest work if it came down to it. “I’m not my father, I don’t care about that stuff. I actually begged my dad to let me come to this school because I wanted to feel like a normal teenager. Not some stuck up snob at a wealthy private school. Your a great guy Peter and I like talking to you, so I’m going to ask again. Would you like to study at your place after school for our chemistry exam” I finally finished my mini speech.

“I would love to study with you after school” Peter replied as we stopped in front of our English class.

“Just in time mr. Parker and ms. Stark, please take your seats” our English teacher looked annoyed. After school I got my books from my locker and made my way towards Peter’s when someone got in my way.

“Hey y/n what you doing later tonight” is was flash thompson, the guy that bullies Peter.

“I’m going to go study at Peter’s place” I replied trying to walk around him.

“Why would you want to hang around that loser”

“He’s not a loser, he’s my friend” I defended Peter.

“Oh my gosh are you serious, why ! ! ! You’re a stark you shouldn’t be seen with losers like him”

“Can people stop talking about my last name ! ! !” I raised my voice causing a few people to stare. “My last name has nothing to do with who I should or shouldn’t be friends with ! ! ! If you don’t like that I’m friends with Peter you can fuck off” I yelled at flash before I walked around him and made my way towards Peter. “Are you ready Peter”

“Y-y-y-y-y-yes I am” he looked stunned as he got his stuff and we exited the school leaving everyone that was in the hallway speechless. “That was awesome y/n ! ! ! No one has ever put flash in his place before.” Peter spoke up once we were outside the school while I texted my dad that I was going to go to Peter’s to study.

“Well someone ought to, that guy is a joke and he had no right to call you a loser” I hooked my arm around Peter’s as we continued to walk. Although I noticed he tended up when I did that but I just shook it off and continued to walk towards Peter’s place.

“May I’m home ! ! !” Peter shouted once we entered his apartment.

“Oh good Peter I just made a snack- oh you brought a girl home” his aunt excited said making Peter stiffen up.

“Hi I’m y/n stark” I extended my arm.

“Oh gosh how did I not realize who you were, you’re stunning” Peter’s aunt began to shake my hand.

“Thank you ms. Parker” I smiled

“May” Peter sounded embarrassed. “We’re going to my room to study”

“Oh ok, would you like to take one with you?” She extended the tray with snacks to us.

“Sure” I got happily accepted one of the treats.

“Ok we’re going to go study now” Peter also got a snack before he guided me down the hallway towards his room. “I’m sorry about her” Peter apologize before closing his door when we were inside his room.

“Why ! I love her already” I smiled as I looked around his room. “Wow my dad wasn’t joking when he said you had one of these” I motioned to the old computer on his desk.

“Yeah it works and everything though. I fixed it”

“That’s so cool” I sat on his bed and pulled out our chemistry book. “So are you ready to get started”

“Oh yes, yes I am” he sat down and pulled his textbook out. Half an hour into studying I felt Peter’s eyes on me.

“Do I have something on my face?” I asked feeling a little self conscious.

“Noooo you’re face is perfect, I mean you don’t have anything on your face” I watched as Peter’s cheeks starting to turn red.

“You think my face is perfect” I gave him an exaggerated smile.

“No,I mean yes, I mean-” I pressed my lips against his just to shut him up. He tensed up like before but he gradually eased up and soon he was laying on top of me, completely forgetting about studying for the exam.

“I’ve been meaning to do this for quite awhile” I whispered into his ear before gently biting his earlobe.

“Mmm so have I, I just never thought you were attracted to me” Peter started to suck on my neck as his hand slowly made its way under my skirt.

“Of course I’m attracted to, you’re cute and smart. What else would I want in a guy” I moaned once Peter’s hands got higher making his hands shake for a second.


“Oh Peter just be quite and continue to do what you’re doing” I arched my back once his hand has cupping my pussy over my underwear. I moved his head so I was face to face with him before I captured his lips and started kissing him heatedly. I moaned into his mouth as he was teasing me over my underwear.

“Hey why’s the- really now, you call this studying” my fathers voice sounded annoyed as he entered Peter’s room.

“What’s going- oh no Peter really?” His aunt sounded embarrassed.

“It wasn’t him ms. Parker it was me. I kissed him and well-”

“You were close to doing it” my dad interrupted me. “Well I hate to break you’re "studying” but we have to go y/n, say goodbye to Peter" my dad and Peter’s aunt left.

“Well that was embarrassing” I started to laugh as Peter got off me.

“I know right” I watched Peter’s cheeks were turning red again as I got off the bed and fixed my skirt.

“Well I had fun studying with you Peter, maybe we can do it again some other time?” I asked as I put my book back in my backpack.

“Yeah seeing as we didn’t actually get a lot of studying done” Peter replied as I zipped up my backpack and faced him.

“I’ll call you so we can set up another study date” he nodded.

“Wait this was a date?” Peter looked confused.

“It was once we started kissing” I grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him into a brief kiss. “Again I’ll call you so we can set up another study date”

“Or an actual date” Peter blurted out

“Alright well in that case call ME when you want to go on a date”

“Next Friday that way we don’t have to worry about exams” he held onto me.

“Alright then we have a date” just as I was about to kiss Peter again my dads voice interrupt us.

“Y/n let’s go” my dad shouted making us pull away and we started to leave Peter’s bedroom.

“Thanks again ms. Parker for the snack, it was so good” I smiled at Peter’s aunt.

“Why thank you y/n that very kind of you to say”

“Alright kiddo let’s go, it was nice seeing you May” my dad openly checked out Peter’s aunt making me groan of embarrassment. “Bye Peter, keep your hands off my daughter” my dad glared at Peter.

“Bye Peter” I gave him a quick kiss on the lips before grabbing my dads hand and dragging him out of the apartment before he did anything to Peter.

“So you and spider boy” my dad started to make kissing noises as we walked down the hall and into the elevator.

“Yes me and Peter” I smiled as we made our way out of the apartment building and went to my dads car.

“You know if he ever makes you cry I’m going to kick his ass, I don’t care if he’s underage”

“Dad ! ! !” I exclaimed as I got in the car embarrassed.

“What I’m your father, I’m allowed to me protective of you.” He replied as we drove off.

People You May Know (Part 2)

Girl Meets World Fanfiction

Chapter 1 (X) Chapter 2 (X) Chapter 3 (X) Chapter 4 (X) Chapter 5 (X) Chapter 6 (X) Chapter 7 (X) Chapter 8 (X) Chapter 9 (X) Chapter 10 (X) Chapter 11 (X) Chapter 12 (X) Chapter 13 (X) Chapter 14 (X) Chapter 15 (X) Chapter 16 (X) Chapter 17 (X) Chapter 18 (X) Chapter (19) Chapter (20)

AU: She’s his tutor. He’s the star player of the lacrosse team and the most popular guy in school. They live in polar opposite worlds, but not in ones you might be used to with this kind of story. Riley Matthews has perfect parents who love one another unconditionally. She has a 4.5 GPA, is expecting to get accepted into an elite writing program for high school students at NYU this summer, and has friends who support her in every way possible. Lucas Friar lives in a world of secrets and lies. His parents are in the middle of a brutal divorce, his dad’s company is going bankrupt, he’s failing 11th Grade English, and his girlfriend is cheating on him with someone he cares about. When their worlds intersect, their lives are changed in ways they didn’t think were possible.

Note: In this chapter you get to know Lucas Friar a little better. Is he really the person Riley sees on the surface? Living large with his dozens of friends, soaring across the lacrosse field, and breezing his way through life? Or is he something else entirely? Plus I gave him a brother cause why not? Also, Maya is introduced in this chapter. In this AU she’s pretty much the opposite of who she is in GMW. But as she develops you will see elements of who we know and love her as. I just wanted to try something with her character. I think I’m going to like it. :) 

Chapter 2: Is This Really Who You Want To Be?


I hated lacrosse. The game, the uniforms, the coach, the players themselves. I hated every second of it. And I wish I could tell you that I wasn’t staying on the team just to keep the friends and life that I had at this school. But that would be a lie. And I hated that most of all.

“Friar! Get out on that field right now! I want to see sprints, let’s go!” Coach Morris yelled from behind me in the locker room.

“Yes, Coach!” I called back to him. Talk to me like a human being next time.

I placed my gym bag and my copy of the Great Gatsby carefully in my gym locker. Riley Matthews would have never let someone talk to her like that. In fact, she would never have stayed stuck in this life that she hated. She was exactly who she was and never apologized for it. I wished more than anything that I could be the same way. But I wasn’t. And that is why I needed her as my tutor. I needed to be surrounded by that kind of thinking. I needed to be surrounded by who she was.

When I got to the field, things were exactly the way they were yesterday. And the day before that. And the day before that. Jason was acting like an idiot and trying to start a water fight with a few of the other guys by squirting them with his water bottle. Grayson and Michael were flirting with the cheerleaders. Coach was drilling Zay about why I was taking so long in the locker room. And that girl with the curly blonde hair was trying, once again, to get Coach to let her interview players for the school newspaper. It was all so predictable. And I had no choice but to live it.

“Well, now that his Highness has graced us with his presence, we can get started with practice. Sprints! Go!” Coach blew his whistle and we all fell into formation.  

“Coach, if you could just allow me to ask the players a few-”

“Like I told you yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that, we don’t have time for your silly interviews Miss Haverty,” Coach told the girl with the curly blonde hair.

“It’s Hart, Maya Hart. This is for the school newspaper, sir. And we really need an interview with one or two players to make this week’s issue perfect,” she pleaded with him, desperation in her voice. I don’t know what it was. Maybe it was the pleading look she gave him; maybe it was the thrill of breaking this endless cycle of predictability, but before I even knew what was happening, I stopped running and took a step towards them.

“I’ll do it,” I told her. The minute I said it aloud, I knew I was going to regret this. Her eyes lit up and she threw her arms around me.

“THANK YOU!! Oh wow, I was just hoping to talk to a few second strings, but I didn’t expect the team captain to agree to this. Okay, let’s set up a time before practice-”

“Over my dead body! He’s already late enough as it is, you will not be the reason my star player is late to practice Miss Hart,” Coach intervened.

“Oh no, of course not sir. How about after practice then?” Maya asked me, her eyes bright and her tone insistent.

“Um… Yeah, after practice will work,” I agreed, reluctantly.

“Yay! Okay, I’ll tell Riley that I have you for the interview and-” Maya began, but I cut her off.


“Riley Matthews? She’s the editor of the school newspaper. She’ll be so happy I finally got one of you to do an interview, and the fact that it’s Lucas Friar will be the icing on the cake!” She was doing this weird flailing motion with her arms as she spoke. How was she so perky?

I know it was stupid, but I didn’t like the idea of Riley hearing me talk about lacrosse. I felt like I always needed to tell her the truth for some reason, and hearing me say how much I loved playing for this team and how my teammates were like brothers to me would be the biggest lie I could tell her. But I had already said yes. And I was afraid of seeing the disappointed look on Maya Hart’s face the minute I went back on my word. 

“Great. I’ll, uh, see you tomorrow then,” I told her, turning back around to finish my set of sprints.

“Awesome! I’ll meet you here at 6:00!” Maya called back to me as I ran to catch up with the rest of my teammates. I could practically feel the joy radiating off her from all the way across the field. 

The good news was that this interview delayed my going home for at least another 45 minutes. It also meant I had an excuse to talk to Riley about something other than tutoring. The bad news was that I had to come up with positive things to say about this sport I could care less about to make myself and the team look good. Oh. And it also gave my girlfriend more time to sneak around with my brother behind my back. So. I guess you could say it was a win/lose situation.

It started about three months ago. My brother, Holden, and I were playing this stupid zombie assassination video game in the living room of our family’s apartment. My best friend Zay was in the kitchen fixing himself a bowl of cereal. My girlfriend, Merritt, had just gotten done with dance practice and Marta, our housekeeper, had let her in. The whole scene was like a movie. I could see it happening in slow motion and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Her hair was down, and framed her face perfectly. She had a flushed look to her, like she had rushed over here as fast as she could. Holden looked up from ferociously slamming buttons on the controller and I could just see it in his eyes. He was falling in love with her. And I couldn’t really blame him. Merritt was beautiful in the way a sunset was beautiful. She never looked the same, but no matter how she looked, you never got tired of looking at her because she was so perfect. She was kind, she was smart, she was popular. She was everything she needed to be to be on top of the world and you couldn’t help but let yourself get sucked into her whirlwind of being because you wanted to be a part of it too. 

So, yes, I knew my girlfriend was cheating on me with my brother. But the twisted part of it all was that I didn’t even care. I was actually relieved. Because that was one less thing I had to lie to myself about. So why haven’t I said anything? Well, that’s the million dollar question isn’t it?

“Hey, there you are! What took you so long?” Merritt asked as I walked out of the building and towards the sidewalk after practice. She was leaning against the brick wall that lined the front entrance of our high school. This is what she did everyday. She would try so hard to act causal that she ended up looking even more suspicious. Her dance bag would be placed neatly in front of her, in the effort to make sure I knew where she had just come from. But I knew where she really was. And it wasn’t dance practice.

“Sorry, got caught up. Let’s go,” I muttered, walking past her and heading towards her apartment.

“Wait, I was thinking we could go to that bakery you loved so much. Topanga’s or whatever it’s called?” Merritt asked hopefully. There was one thing that always impressed me about Merritt that I felt kind of ashamed to admit out loud. She knew what your weaknesses were and used them to her advantage as often as she could.

“No, I, uh, have a lot of homework. Maybe some other time,” I tried to argue, but Merritt was not having any of it.

“Lucas, come on, we never spend any alone time together anymore. Let’s just get something to go,” Merritt insisted. I didn’t have the energy to argue anymore, so I nodded and let her drag me off to Topanga’s Bakery.

Topanga’s was one of those places you found when you weren’t looking for it. It was tucked away neatly behind an old metal railing and a thick line of bushes, but it was just as welcoming as it would have been if it were placed out in the open. I had found it by chance. And it had slowly become my favorite place in the world. It was my safe haven from the life I couldn’t stand and I appreciated it more than I could express in words.

“It’s cuter than I remember!” Merritt exclaimed. I fought the urge to roll my eyes. I opened the door for her and she shuffled inside, making a whole ordeal about pointing out the retro furniture with a modern touch and swooning over the “darling” light fixtures. “I see why you like this place, Lucas. What’s good here? Have you had their scones? What kinds of flavors do they have?”

“We have Blueberry, Strawberry Shortcake, Lemon, and Chocolate Drizzle. The lemon scones are mine and my daughter’s personal favorite, but I found that most customers your age prefer the chocolate drizzle,” the woman behind the counter chimed in. She had extremely long hair and a polished look to her that made me believe that she strived for nothing less than perfection her entire life.

“I think I’ll go for the Chocolate Drizzle then,” Merritt told her, smiling that million dollar smile of hers.

“Okay, coming right up. And what about you? Chocolate Drizzle for you too?” she asked, looking right at me. There was something familiar about her, other than the look of familiarity you get when you see someone everyday after school.

“No thanks, I’ll have the… lemon. And a black coffee,” I told her, feeling proud of myself for picking the least obvious choice.

The woman smiled and turned around to get our scones. Just then the door slammed behind us, the noise echoing off the walls in the otherwise quiet bakery.

“Mom! I’m freaking out! You’ll never believe what-.” Someone, a girl, was shouting from the bakery’s front entrance. Curious, I turned around and saw Riley Matthews staring at me with her mouth wide open.

“What are you doing here?” she asked, sounding confused. Like I was the wrong piece to the puzzle she was trying so hard to fit into this part of her life.

“I’m just… Getting a scone. What about you?” I glanced at Merritt. She was still smiling, but there was something hidden beneath the surface that wasn’t there before. I just couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was.

“Um…” Riley started to say, but the woman behind the counter interrupted her.

“Here are your scones. And a black coffee for the gentlemen,” she told us, handing us our orders. “Riley! Hi honey, I thought you were working late at the paper today?”

“We got out earlier than I thought we would,” Riley told her mother. She looked from me, to her mom, and then back to me. “Mom. This is Lucas, the boy I’m tutoring after school,” she explained. She tucked a piece of hair behind her ear and bit her lip. She was nervous.

“Oh! Lucas, it’s so nice to meet you!” Mrs. Matthews exclaimed, sticking out her hand for me to shake it. “I’ve seen you in here before haven’t I?”

“Yes, ma’am. I come in here after lacrosse practice sometimes. You have a wonderful place here. It’s the perfect place to be alone when you don’t really want to be alone… That doesn’t make any sense,” I blurted out awkwardly.  

“It makes perfect sense Lucas. That’s what we were trying to do with this place when we bought it, so I’m glad that you feel comfortable here,” Mrs. Matthews revealed.

“So you’re the owner?” Merritt chimed in from beside me. I had forgotten she was there. It had been nice to just be here with Riley and her mother without the chaos of my messed up life interrupting us.

“Yes, I am. So… You’re Lucas’ girlfriend?” Mrs. Matthews inquired.

“Yes! Two years, in fact,” Merritt told her, linking her arm with mine and looking up at me affectionately. “Well, you have a lovely bakery Mrs…?”

“Matthews,” Riley finished for her, not unkindly.

“Right. Well, we should get going. Let’s go sweetie,” Merritt cooed, trying her best to coax me away from Riley and her mother.

I didn’t want to leave, but I didn’t want to stay here with Merritt either. It felt wrong somehow. Like being here with her was proving to Riley that I was exactly who she thought I was. Probably worse.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Riley. Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to read those chapters when I get home,” I promised, smiling at her and hoping she would see that I wished that I could stay right where I was.  

Riley smiled slightly. “Good. There’s a quote on page 66. I want you to figure out what it is and then explain to me why I had you find it,” Riley instructed, a tone of amusement to her voice.

“Okay, challenge accepted. Bye, Riley,” I told her. “It was nice to finally meet you Mrs. Matthews.”

“You too Lucas,” Mrs. Matthews called back as she turned to walk into the storage room.  

I reluctantly turned to walk out of Topanga’s Bakery. It seemed like some form of fate or divine intervention that my favorite place to escape my life was owned by Riley Matthews’ family. Being with her during our tutoring sessions was how I escaped everything else. It occurred to me just then that I owed Riley Matthews way more than she realized. I owed her everything.