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Like im kicking my personality disorders’ asses right now. Constantly. They aren’t valid! It’s a personality disorder. Why do I gotta validate what it makes me do. Im finding the person I really am under all these layers of hurt that I have and that person is cool. That person isnt built off a personality disorder. Im kickin its ass. Why aren’t you?

No more excuses…. Amanda, Karen, and all are pro-recovery DBT practitioners… They’re here to help, not hurt. Yall gotta start realizing they’ve been thru it too. “Neurotypical Karen” is just an image yall created to vilify someone who has been going thru hell and finally wants to choose positivity. No more of that shit.

From: the-slender-doll: Dear YandereDev+ Fans: Let me be real with y'all.

Im going off anon for this because for fucks sake, this isnt ok. None of this bull poor @chimoruki and her mates have to deal with IS NOT OK.

So let me break this down for y'all.


Even after all this time, you still make yourself as a victim in light of a situation that your own fanbase is harassing someone over their personal information and associates.

Let me get this straight into your thick skull:

  • This situation is about your fans harassing someone to the point of having a mental breakdown as well as suicide baiting them over the fact of their personal preferences and the main adjective of this blog.
  • Now, granted, you and many crit blogs have bad blood, but,the point is this is your following trying to run someone off the internet and you’re acting like this is a personal attack on you. 

    All @pisceshori wanted was you to step in, be the bigger man and say “Hey, as much as I disagree with these people, harassing them no matter how much you disagree with them is not ok nor I condone such actions.”

You might not like your fanbase as a whole and the critics of your work and actions but be the bigger man and step in when a situation where someone’s mental health is on the line and say “This isnt ok”.  

Telling Pisces that “If your girlfriend didnt want to get fleas, she shouldnt have laid down with dogs” is rude, insensitive and down right cruel. It shows how much you dont care that your fanbase acts in such a way and you encourage it rather doing something about it.

Perhaps people might look at you at a more positive light if you acted in a mature way and give a firm adult response to a situation like this like making a post stating that despite you disagree with the criticisms you get, harassing the critics isnt ok.

Stop twisting this to make yourself more in a positive light.


To the @anons sending in harassment to these poor folks:

Congrats, you ran someone off of a blog with slurs about their preferences, insults about their significant other and all that.

You may not agree to what they say or post from other people but harassing someone to the point of having a breakdown and then suicide baiting them (i.e telling them to kill themselves) is down right wrong. Its also cowardly to do it via Anon.

I would be devastated if the victim of such hate actually went through with doing something so drastic and griefstrickening to escape the hate and to be honest, Pisces would be the most affected along with the victims family and friends. 

That would be on your heads whomever you anons are. Suicide is serious and its nothing to throw around to put someone down. 

Words hurt. Threats and harassment hurt as well. Its never the answer and solves nothing. Its not ok.

Stop acting so childish thinking your defending “Yandere Dev’s honor” when someone disagrees with your views and his.

Chimori did not deserve this. No one victimized by this doesnt deserve it. 


Lastly to @mods-against-yanderedev and @chimoruki.

You have my support. I might not agree with you or your fellow blogs in some aspects and agree with you on others, but no one deserves to be bullied to the point that you’ve guys have gone through. 

Please stay safe and Pisces, please make sure Chi is ok for all of us worried about her. I personally hope she’s alright.

With love


I really didnt want to touch the subject

I really didnt want to contribute to this anti ks thing because im just trying to have a good time here but after seeing someone be told to kill themselves over a comic I feel like I should say something (im fragile pls dont yell at me) the reason people get uncomfortable with KS is because all the horror isnt hidden its right there in front of you, even in the title but of ypu watch/listen to Criminal Minds, Cops, the ID channel, Law and Order, rap and rock music, criminal documentaries, some animes and books, Game of Thrones, Family Guy, American Dad, play grand theft auto or other violent video games, even the bible has rape and murder

So if you enjoy those things that also have the same horrors and still demand respect because its just a show or game or book that doesnt effect your personality then you should give respect to people who simply enjoy a comic or you end up looking like a hyprocrite.

Hopefully that makes sense.

haha yeah its funny to screenshot someones about page when they are talking about identity but if someone has a psychotic disorder and says something like “this isnt a kin/id its literally me!” they are likely delusional and its not funny to make fun of people with delusions. like, that shouldnt need to be explained. be mindful of what youre ‘harmlessly’ making fun of on here i know that may be hard since you people are obsessed with kin shit while being kinnies yourself but still

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"(when they steal them for stupid edits or so)" wow you are so rude, people use media for editing and you think thats stupid??? how would you like it if someone said "when they steal characters for stupid arts or so" you dont own sonic and amy, sega isnt complaining, so why are you complaining? stop insulting people and learn some manners. just because you encoutered rude people in the past doesnt mean every person you encounter is going to be rude, so judgemental :/

I don’t care about what someonw like you has to tell me tbh 😂😂

And I complain because it’s just not fair.

There are so many great artists out there and people just steal their work and are that much of an asshole that they don’t care to credit them.
Artists deserve way more followers, comments and likes than anyone who makes edits and reposts art in general. I feel sorry for any artist who gets their work stolen.
It’s simply not fair that all those stupid sonic fan accounts have like 6k or even 9k followers and talented artists don’t even have like 1k or npt more than 2k(at least it’s like this in this shitty fandom).
And Sonic artists only don’t have as many followers as they deserve because those people who repost art don’t care about artists and don’t credit them despite the fact they knew who the artist is.

Besides, if people don’t know the artist, they just shouldn’t use their art. But 80% of people in this fandom don’t have a brain. Sad.
The worst ones are those who steal art and defend fricking art thieves, like it’s okay to steal lol.


It doesn’t matter if it’s just a stuffed animal, a banner or anything else. Do not throw anything on them. It’s understandable that you want them to find and play with your stuff but don’t aim at them. Throw them on stage when no one is around.
Chanyeol might have brushed it off today and acted all cute, but you don’t know what might happen in the future. Someone might get hurt so please stop aiming the idols/ throwing stuff on stage.

my favourite part of this time of year is hockey playoffs and baseball happening at the same time bc i’ll get notifications that “stroman exited game with ‘some tightness’ in right arm” but also i just watched a grown man slap another grown man in the face with a hockey stick and he’s just like ok time to keep playing

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*opens ur mouth and looks inside* what do you have a sore throat or something?