someone tell me why the quality is so bad

Carrot dont … .

* abandons homework to make a bigass saiyuki post*


For someone who isn’t into Saiyuki, tell me more about this context why it’s bad/questioning… unless this is just irony. I can’t really tell.

oh boi oh boi,how to make this short?

lets make a chronological order, so you will see how its anime quality has changed during years.

This is manga quality of Saiyuki manga based of first books:

like okay Minekura had just started the series, its always wacky in the beginning, but it became better honestly.

(this is from one of the last books from same saiyuki books series as above)

This anime quality based on the first books:

(pls, gojyos hair is suppose to be blood red, not pink, they even say so in both manga AND anime)

This is manga quality of saiyuki reload:

This is anime quality of saiyuki reload(+gunlock, they had another anime named that based on reload manga)

… . what.

This is manga quality of an arc called burial

This is anime quality of the arc Burial

not bad, not bad~

This is manga quality of saiyuki gaiden(origin series)

This is anime quality of saiyuki gaiden

now we are gettin at something, those animeworker are doing their job right, more fair to the beauty of the manga

Here comes now manga quality of Saiyuki Reload blast

Here comes anime quality of Reload blast

Holy moly we are finally gettin for real serious here!!, its hella improving art.

oh I see they have made some more promotion art(saw it from @seiten-taisei​ s post, lets have a quick look at it :

seems kinda nice ^


(Sanzo( the blond dude), thats not your agressive face, …like if its something, its alright to come talk to me, dont suffer alone)

But yea as a short answer i was mostly ironic, cause I felt sorry for Sanzo ooc face.

Heres proof its actually going to be real good shiet:

- Carrot out

you don’t “choose” your fp. you don’t just look at someone and make that decision. an “fp” type relationship comes from when a person gives a certain level of emotional support and response that sort of validates the insecurities that the bpd sufferer is facing.

as someone with bpd i’d like people who are faking to stop throwing around the fp term like it’s some sort of “cute” label because it’s definitely not.

it’s weird because having an fp sucks. it sucks because what if they hate me? what did i say to make them ignore me? they are ignoring me, right? do they like *insert quality* about me? or was that a lie?

it means no one can tell you that your fp has done something wrong to someone else because they’re a GOD and if they’ve done something bad no one can give them the benefit of the doubt because FUCK THEM and I DONT NEED THEM AND NEVER WILL.

and with the passing of a (short) amount of time, we have returned to the safety (hopefully) of their arms.

It means explaining to your other friends why this person is more *important* to you than they are and why you respond so QUICKLY to them but sometimes take too long to respond to them.

basically, it means: death

i could make a really long caption about this so let’s keep it short - 

one of the best days of my life!