someone tell me who this is

*Wayhaught on a picnic date, sitting on a park bench*

*First Move (Wayhaught 2x06 background music) starts playing*

Waverly: “Aw Nicole you set up a speaker? That’s so romantic!”

Nicole: “What?! I thought that was you!”


Nicole: *Looks around* “Ah I see. Act natural and keep talking to me.”

Waverly: “Baby what? What do you mean-”

Nicole: *Suddenly chucks apple she was eating at a tree*

Waverly: “What the hell-”

Wynonna: *Yelps and falls out of tree; speaker crashes down too*


Joys of working for family business where everyone knows everyone

I work in a family owned business that sells high end antiques, we have more than one location, so chances are, the owner of the business is NOT HERE. He’s off doing other stuff (like all of us would if we owned a business, you hire competent people who will run it for you)

Never a week goes by that someone comes in looking for him. Then i get a story about how good of friends they are, and hey, the owner always gives them fantastic deals.

I have to say sorry, I can’t give you any deals. No I can’t tell you where he is. No I can’t give you his cell phone number, but you can write a message down on this piece of paper and I will make sure he gets it.

Just telling me ‘tell him BOB said hi’ he will know who I am,’ because  I bring this up and the owner of course, has NO IDEA who I am talking about.

People have been known to call my owner and annoy him when they think I’m not dusting enough, when I’m talking to customers and not answering the phone (sorry, customers who are here shopping take preference) or when I’m eating a sandwich at the counter because I’m on my own and can’t leave during break. Owner hates the constant calls and so do I, but what can you do?

One day middle aged guy who we will call BOB’s outside loitering at the coffee shop next door - as he will do - and notices I am having trouble opening the front door (when it gets hot it sticks and usually what will get it open is a good precise kick on the middle of the door. 

BOB walks up and shouts at me through the glass door ’ WTF you doin, come around the front and open it, Moron!

Right as he turns I flip him off. He’s no pal of mine, he never buys anything, and I’m a valued employee of 10 yrs. Owner has my back. and I’m frankly, too old for this shit.

BOB doesn’t see it, but a woman sitting outside the coffee shop does and it amuses her to no end.

Then I walk to back of shop to get a can of WD40.

So then owner calls, 'hey, I heard you have some trouble with the door. BOB is offering to help you open it.

I’m pretty livid at this point, cos I know the f****r called him early Sat morning, woke him up, and is trying to pretend he’s being helpful.

I said, 'hey, BOB just screamed and swore at me, he’s not helping!

So owner says, oh wow, I’m sorry, this guys a jerk, I talked to him a few times and now I can’t get him to stop bothering me, I wish I’d never given him my number. I know the door is a problem, I’ll get someone out on monday to replace it.’

Owner being nice just pisses me off more. So I go out the back door, come all the way around building to the front, BOB sees me and starts walking toward me, all puffed out chest, like he wasn’t just shouting at me a minute ago.

“Hey, I’m just gonna  -

"I just snapped 'Nope, Got It. Goodbye’

So he’s just huffing and puffing all shocked 'well I never’ and meanwhile, a woman sitting nearby in the coffee shop is laughing her ass off.

At least I got the door unstuck before anyone else who knows the owner calls to let him know 'that girl’ didn’t open on time!

I feel like people don’t feel validated in feeling sad and it’s completely okay. All of you say “I’m really happy for everyone but” and it shows that you don’t hate the people who met them. You might be jealous but you don’t wish anything negative of them and that’s what makes you different from being sad you weren’t invited and being hatefully jealous. It’s okay to be sad! It’s okay to say “I wish it was me” because we all feel that way. The only thing I ask of you is after you feel that way try to think of something positive. I started feeling down too but then I remembered if Taylor knew me she would have invited me, she just doesn’t know me yet. Please don’t take it personal. Please don’t tell yourself Taylor doesn’t love you or she hates you. She just doesn’t know you yet. So please do not feel invalidated for being sad and do not let someone else invalidate your feelings, but I do ask you remember this isn’t personal. There are a lot of us and I promise you you are not the only one who feels this way. But being invited does not define you or your self worth. Remember that.

Trust nobody | Pt. 1

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader, feat. all of BTS 
Genre: Smut/ Angst
Words: 5,4k
Summary: The first thing someone should know about you is that you’re an escort. Yes, you have fucked for money. One day your boss made you an offer you couldn’t say no to. One year - seven boys. One rule: never fall in love.

The air felt heavy, filled with loneliness on a cold december morning. Sometimes you dont even remember who you were before you came here. Who you were before you took on this job, this life, this world – but this was you now. Your heels clicked on the sidewalk as you rushed through the winter morning in Seoul. You were on your way to get a coffee before you headed off to your meeting. A meeting – was that even the right word to describe it? You laughed to yourself, letting your warm breath hit the cold air forming a cloud of vapour.

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here’s a list of songs to play for ur sad soul ok ok ok

  • take me somewhere nice // mogwai
  • is there somebody who can watch you // the1975
  • someone to stay // vancouver sleep clinic
  • atlantis // seafret
  • ocean eyes // billie eilish
  • family // noah gundersen
  • i can’t tell // digvalley
  • youth // daughter
  • thoughts // michael schulte

Fun fact: I got my closest friend in uni (who never ever commits to a series) to watch Brooklyn 99 and her impressions of the show is that she loves jake and Amy and is very interested in where they’re going and the last ep she saw was Unsolvable and she texted me and was like ‘HE ADMITTED HE HAS FEELINGS TO SOMEONE ELSE! WHY WON’T HE JUST TELL HER!’ and she’s so frustrated and I’m like..,,,child……..they’re gonna come so far u are gonna Truly Live…

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Honestly don't know how I'm gonna cope if Taylor does an Aussie ss cause I know I won't go. I just want her to know who I am so bad but I've never been noticed on here and no one that taylor follows, follows me so there's no way she'd find my blog. Like people meet her multiple times and I just feel so hopeless I want to hug her so bad. I try so hard to be optimistic but she's my best friend and she doesn't know me at all

Guys if you watched my livestream eariler today you know these asks literally tear my heart a part. The thought of someone thinking they’re not worthy to meet taylor or think they’ll never meet Taylor literally BREAKS me and I’m actually crying right now. I was like that too, and I know coming from someone who has met Taylor before it’s easier said than done but one day you will be able to tell her how much she means to you. 

It may not be today, or tomorrow but one day you will. 

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What Hanzo dating an s/o who has a daughter they deeply love, but they confide in him that the child isn't truly theirs, but that they had found a baby abandoned one day and couldn't just leave the child there or give it so some loveless shelter. How would Hanzo feel about dating someone with a kid??

Did these in HC form, but if you wanted something different, please tell me! Hope you like it anon :)

- It would be of no concern to him honestly? At least, not the fact that you have the child but perhaps more so the way he acts around it. Hanzo is quite awkward with children not his own and would think he wouldn’t be suitable as a step-father due to his past and stoic personality. However, your daughter would grow to admire the archer over time and find him pretty cool to be around. He’d find it endearing once she’d start asking him obvious rhetorical questions about his archery and heritage, answering her with the same seriousness as he would an adult, so she could learn properly from him. Bonus points if the child would hug him after the three of you had dinner for a date between you and him, the man wouldn’t be able to move at all, his eyes the size of China plates as he stares down at the little arms enveloping him. Apparently he had done a good job then? As the child seemed to be fond of him and he would give your daughter a few awkward pets on her head, even though on the inside, he would be surging with joy accompanied by a big feeling of accomplishment.

- If the child would be sleeping, the both of you would bond further with each other, talking about the happiness you experience with each other. You would sense the archer had doubts about himself, but through your constant reassurances, Hanzo would gain more confidence at becoming a father figure for your child, promising you he would be good for her and treat her as his own daughter and be a pillar of wisdom she can build on in the future. Expecting nothing less than inspirational words from the marksman, you couldn’t help but chuckle out of joy and give him a soft kiss on his cheekbone, flustering the man once again as you had always done while you were together. You were very thankful for Hanzo and his peaceful nature, as not every person was as open to dating someone who already had a child of their own, thinking it is too much of a bother and responsibility. Even though your daughter is not biologically yours, she sure felt that way and the archer admired you greatly for your selfless act of taking her in when you found her and adopting her without hesitation. You truly had a heart worth more than any treasure he had ever laid his eyes upon and that was what initially attracted him to you in the first place. Hanzo has always been a naturally responsible person as well as family oriented, so deep down, he was even glad you had a bigger family of your own already, he had more to care for that way and it would never cross his mind to abandon someone just because they cared for a small child. People who left their partners for that reason, were plain filth in his eyes and he voiced it often to you whenever you two spoke of the topic. A man’s first duty is to his family, as is the archer’s philosophy and you had to blush whenever he told you such. Truly, an honorable man indeed.

- He frequently reminded you never to worry about such a thing as well as he would always be by your side, if you wished. The archer was a bit afraid of getting ahead of himself in the beginning though, you could see it in the way his sentence would slowly drift off into a quiet whisper, your love for him only growing stronger at his hesitation and you didn’t ponder to comfort him and tell him how grateful you were for his support and that you indeed wished to be with him for the rest of your life as well. You were glad that your daughter would now have two people looking out for her, a thought that put your mind more at ease as well as raising a child alone sometimes was quite a difficult task, but you did it with love of course. However, you also believed that a child having both its parents alongside them benefits them better for in the future and would give them a more stable mindset as well. Never would your child have to know about the loneliness they were in previously, as you never would have allowed her to waste away in an orphanage or even worse, children did not belong in there. Unfortunately, babies did get abandoned sometimes, whether it is because the parent can no longer care for it or it was born through severe circumstances, it should not happen or be out there for too long, so you had no regrets when you took your daughter in that day. It came naturally really, just something any human being should do and you never had the chance of getting a child of your own before, a lack of a partner being the cause of that at the time, so you were very much looking forward to parenthood finally. A notice about someone missing their baby never came around either and you were allowed to become the child’s caretaker rather quickly after all of the paperwork was filled out.

- In general, Hanzo would be a really good step-father towards your daughter, although he might not notice it himself and would think he’d be doing a numerous things wrong because of his insecurities. It does however, build up his confidence over time once he starts to notice the child is enjoying herself around his presence and even starts to call him father, that would really make him feel more involved and incredibly proud. He’d thank the little girl for considering him her father, as it is an important role in Hanzo’s eyes and would start calling her his daughter as well whenever he was in conversation with the other agents. Everyone would be able to see the prideful glance in the archer’s eyes, his newfound love for both his new lover and now also his daughter, being evident in his shining hues. Both of you, made his life all the more sweeter.

  • Things I love and enjoy a lot: Digimon Adventure 02, Digimon English dub, Digimon: The Movie English dub, Digimon Adventure tri., literally everything about Meiko Mochizuki
  • Things I DO NOT love and enjoy: People who tell me not to like those things.
  • Things I ALSO DO NOT love and enjoy: People who claim they're superior for liking or not liking certain aspects of the Digimon franchise, anime, games, ships, etc.
  • Things I love and respect: People who have opinions on Digimon, but do not spread hate and do not attack people who enjoy Digimon differently.
  • Things that are perfect: Gomamon

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D'you know of a site where someone who's not into mtg can see which colour they are? Bc the way you describe green kinda sounds familiar to how I see myself (ie I'm a huge believer in destiny)

Funny you should ask.

I made this little document with a friend and playtested it with some others. Tell me what you all think. (And if someone could make it into an actual quiz that’d be swell)

Tell me your results when you’re done if you do it!

it makes me so happy that a fan was able to come out to taylor tonight and like to be able to have that confidence and have someone like taylor believe in you and be okay with who you really are like no judgement … like can you imagine the confidence it’ll bring to be one step closer to telling your parents like this is a beautiful concept guys

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Me, age 12, with no idea what being gay is: "I'm never getting married or dating! It sounds pointless and love will just get in the way of things." Me now, a massive gay: "I can't stop thinking about getting married one day, imagine how lovely it would be to have and be a wife and get to come home to someone who loves me and tell her how much I love her and kiss and cuddle and live together"

!!! This!!! I hit the snooze three times this morning so I could cuddle with my gf a little longer

Me: The funniest response so far was somebody saying that they’d forgotten how odd Doofensmirtz technicality/legally being considered an ocelot would sound to someone who didn’t already know about it.

Dad: It sounds odd to me, and I already knew about it. He had names for his ocelot parents too right?

Me: Mutti and Vatti Ocelot, I think that’s German for Mother and Father.

Dad: Wait, how old was he when he was with them?

Me: Hard to tell Heinz might’ve been small for his age, maybe about like three or four?

Dad: And he went back to his birth parents after an indeterminate time right?

Me: You say ‘birth parents’ but Heinz says that his parents, “didn’t even show up for his birth” so I can’t help but wonder… still, why do you ask?

Dad: It’s just that I think it says something that, even though they didn’t have him for long, he still calls the ocelots affectionate parental terms even after being separated for years. What’s he call his human parents?

Me: Mother and Father I think… wow, you’re right though that is sad.

Dad: What’s really sweet is that Doofensmirtz doesn’t care how odd it sounds to outsiders that he still considers himself an ocelot after having been ‘raised’ by them for however brief a time they had him.

Me: …Yeah I really want to see Milo and the others reactions to that little bit of information, I’ve been speculating ever since the season finale.

Dad: Milo would probably take it in his stride, not too sure the others would believe him though. Does he have a photo of him with his ocelot family?

Me: Uh… we, the audience, have seen brief glimpses of them? I don’t remember if he’s got a picture or not.

Dad: Well if he doesn’t I don’t see either Cavendish, Dakota, or Orton believing him right away. Probably just think he’s eccentric or something.

Me: True. Only time will tell though.

Dad: You’ve become really fond of that saying from the show.

Me: Yes, yes I have.

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Can I have danganronpa v3 boys headcanons of being jealous over their crushes what leads them to confessing?

This was fun to write. Thanks for requesting it~

Shuichi Saihara:

  • Shuichi gets really bashful when he has a crush on someone and he’s the type of person who’ll most likely rely on them to make the first move
  • He’s content with his spending time with his crush at first but over time he starts thinking about them every second of the day
  • If he gets jealous, he mostly keeps it to himself because he feels self-conscious
  • “Who’s to say they even like me back in the first place?”
  • However when Shuichi is alone with his crush and they tell him heartfelt compliments or give him words of encouragement, his heart begins to swell because of how much he cares about them
  • He’ll end up confessing then and there; once he realizes he does, he’ll be really embarrassed but he’ll do his best to see his crush’s expressions
  • “Ah, sorry for saying that so suddenly. I’m… not sorry that I finally got to tell you all of this, though.”

Kokichi Ouma:

  • When Kokichi develops a crush for someone, it means that they truly had a special place in his heart and that he can trust them with his true self
  • So if he ever catches his crush talking to someone else and looking like they’re a bit too comfortable, he’ll feel really jealous and hold a bit of animosity towards the person they’re talking to
  • If this person also had a crush on them, he’ll get even more frustrated and he’ll do whatever he can to win his crush over
  • He spends more time with his crush and tease them; it’s pretty much his way of flirting
  • He continues this until he’s certain that he’s won them over; then he confesses in a roundabout way
  • “Hey, wanna hear something that’s not a lie? I like you and I want you to get to know the real me. It’s the truth!”


  • Keebo would like to believe that there’s something more to him other than zeros and ones
  • So when he develops a crush on someone, he’s going to be scared but also really excited about it; love is unpredictable, after all!
  • He’s also experienced jealousy before from watching his friends eat food and enjoy themselves; he would really like to do the same but he knows he can’t
  • So now when he get jealous over his crush, he feels obligated to do something about it because it’s a variable that he can actually alter!
  • He read up on romance and dating but he doesn’t really know where to begin; is he just supposed to hold his crush’s hand and tell them he likes them??
  • Eventually he’ll just settle for inviting them over to his place or vice versa and revealing his fondness for them
  • “I may be a robot but that doesn’t mean I can’t experience human emotion. See? I hold strong feelings for you at this very moment!”

Gonta Gokuhara:

  • This pure boy wouldn’t even know he had a crush on someone until he really thinks about it
  • He enjoys being in their company a lot, he feels like there’s butterflies in his stomach when they’re near, he can imagine them meeting his forest family and real family… “Oh! I really like this person!”
  • It doesn’t even hit him that he’s jealous, too! He sees his crush having a great time with someone else and he feels a little weird
  • He’ll innocently confront his crush about this because really he doesn’t know why he doesn’t like the person they’re talking to all that much
  • He’s going to have to depend on his crush to give him the answer to that
  • When his crush explains, he suddenly feels really embarrassed and ashamed for even feeling that way but he spills out everything that he’s feeling
  • “Gonta really cares about you! Gonta wants to spend time with you more than anyone else.”

Korekiyo Shinguuji:

  • Korekiyo is pretty intrigued with his attraction to his crush at first, he wants to see their reactions a lot
  • He’ll incite different emotions from them just their beauty–it looks as though he’s studying them but he actually just wants them to reveal all of their faces to him
  • When he first feels jealousy, though, he’ll get a bit more serious–and it’ll really give him time to decide if he really like his crush
  • This is when his flirting becomes prevalent; he wants to see if his crush reacts positively to his advances
  • If he’s certain that they like him back, he takes time on planning out a confession
  • he wants it to be as extra as he is
  • “Out of all the humans, you are the most beautiful one! Would you be alright with me calling you mine?”

Rantarou Amami:

  • He’s a bit on the slow side on realizing that he’s got a crush but when he does figure it out, he’s going for a confession pretty quickly after a date
  • He acts the same as he did before around them–albeit showing some hints of his affection here and there
  • No one can really tell whether or not Rantarou is jealous but oh boy he is
  • On the outside he acts nonchalant but he slips up and reveals glimpses of his jealousy from time to time
  • He’ll be more obvious when it comes to his flirting now–he wants his crush to be aware that he likes them
  • When it comes to confessing, Rantarou doesn’t put too much or too little thought into it
  • He’ll invite them out and spend some time with them first before he does a confession
  • “You want to hang out after this? I really want to get to know you better.”

Ryouma Hoshi:

  • Ryouma developing a crush on someone is rare enough already
  • But even so, he doesn’t make a move on them because he knows they deserve better
  • When he starts feeling jealousy, he’d tell himself that it’s better this way–his crush won’t get caught up with a guy like him anymore
  • It doesn’t hurt any less for him, though
  • He’ll just hole himself up and start avoiding his crush so that they’ll get tired of him; his crush has to be the one to take initiative when this happens
  • If they manage to corner him and ask his about his recent behaviors, he’ll tell them not to worry about it
  • Enough guilt-tripping will eventually lead him to confess, though
  • “Someone amazing like you shouldn’t be bothering with me… but if you really want to, I guess there’s no reason to refuse, right?”

Kaito Momota:

  • When this boy realizes he has a crush on someone, he’ll be even more energetic and happy than his usual self
  • His crush can expect some cheesy pickup lines and compliments from Kaito at least three times a day
  • Most people would brush it off as a joke, though, which just makes him want to do it more
  • This boy and jealousy? They do not, and should not, ever meet; absolutely not
  • He’ll be frustrated to the moon and back–he doesn’t want to overwhelm his crush by just striding over and revealing his feelings all of a sudden
  • So he takes his time planning how he’s going to approach this properly
  • He’ll most likely take his crush somewhere romantic–in the fields so they could stargaze is one of those–then he’ll pick the right opportunity to confess to them
  • “You know, I don’t really mind having someone from earth to think about when I’m in space. I’d prefer if that someone was you, though.”

I’ve been re-reading The Rivers of London books lately and I love the fact that everyone is wary of Peter, even if they try not to show it. Everyone makes inquiries about him, the Rivers try to Glamour him and play him and get varying degrees of angry/amused/intrigued by the fact he keeps breaking their grip on him because he’s constantly picking apart everything around him. “How clever of your master to choose you,” Mama Thames says.

I think it’s very telling that they think Nightingale is “solid” and “workmanlike” in the eyes of the powers. He’s someone who learned his trade and his craft at his master’s knee. Don’t get me wrong, he’s powerful. Thomas “tiger” Nightingale is incredibly skilled and unzipped a frigging building with a few gestures, but it’s a power created by practise and honed by experience. (I’m also curious about the fact Thomas is one of the few wizards who bothered to learn the manual skill of staff-making, breaching the north-south divide to do so…) It also feels like post-Ettersburg, he got into a rut and just… stayed there as his familiar world faded around him until magic started stirring again.

Peter, on the other hand, is “much more like the wizards we used to know”. I like to think it’s the inquiring mind, the kind of person who went “well, either I’m going mad or I met a ghost, so I’mma go ghost-hunting and confirm the results…”. Much is made of the fact that Isaac Newton was the one who quantified and codexed magic in this world. It’s also emphasised that he was a man who worked in both magic and science.

So Peter doing experiments and tests and developing new techniques based on what he’s learned is much more in keeping with the original wizards, compared to Nightingale’s stolid and by the book approach. Nightingale works by orders and in sequence and the practise-makes-perfect approach. Peter is very much of the school of “if I fire magic at it, will it go boom? If not, why not? And how do I make it go boom?”

And if there was ever any question of it, Peter is absolutely and definitely a Ravenclaw. Yes, there’s a lot of Gryffindor in there as well, but when it doubt, if you’re in a life or death situation and still go “yes, but why is it doing that?”, you’re definitely a Ravenclaw :D

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Thank you for the post you made on writing a character with a stutter . I happen to have a rather pronounced stutter , especially under stress and I have been having trouble accepting that part of myself .When i see people portraying people who stutter in their art as shallow unremarkable characters it actually hurts a lot . It is not a quirk that can be used simply to make an un-interesting cute . i really think you made that clear. And that is just so awesome !

You are so very welcome, my friend! I hope more writers will start portraying characters who stutter in respectful, realistic ways. You deserve that, and so much more <3