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“coming out” wouldn’t even be a thing. you’re a boy who wants to bring a boy to a family event? cool, guess you like that boy. you’re a girl who runs into her family friend while holding a girls hand in public? chill. like who even cares?? it’s not even a big deal, society made it a big deal! STRAIGHT people who say that gays flaunt their sexuality around too much, well maybe if they didn’t make it such a big deal that we needed to “come out” we wouldn’t feel the need to make it known! if society just accepted that you love someone as true and real love, we wouldn’t feel the need to tell people our sexuality. idk that’s just me tho lmao rant over.

  • listen @ hockey fans who just tell me to keep having hope, no i refuse, i won't. because as a bruins fan my team is literally made of only the biggest drama queens in the whole league. every game has to be a fucking recreation of the miracle on ice. so i have no faith in them. no hope. nothing. because whenever someone has faith in them every single member of that team just lies down on the ice and refuses to move so.

So I realize this is quite late but it has been an insane day. Here is my #MondayMotivation from the women who have inspired me in my life! 

(Instead of putting what these women have done in their lives, I am going to put the things that they taught me and the way that they inspire me!)

Katharine Hepburn - She taught me what love is. While her relationship with Spencer Tracy was one of much controversy, due to the fact that he was married… his wife and him had been living separate for several years, but she never cared what people thought of her. It was often said that she doted on him hand and foot and whenever her friends would ask why she did that, it wasn’t very “feminist” of her, she would simply answer because it made her most happy to see him happy. She taught me that I should never be ashamed of the way I love someone, even if there are many people who are telling you different!

Gillian Anderson - Obviously you all know everything there already is to know about Gillian, but a few things that she taught me is to love myself. I am not very good at it most of the time, and I definitely need to work on it but she helps me with reminding myself that I am worthy. She inspires me to follow my dreams no matter how big they are and to never give up on them. She inspires me to be kind even when that’s the last thing I want to do. That kindness and light will get me the farthest in anything I do! She also taught me to always be open to things and to be there for anyone who is in need. 

Lucille Ball - “The Technicolor Tessie” the star of I Love Lucy, this woman taught me to go on no matter what happens. As a young girl, Lucille had a pretty crazy family. Her grandfather made her register as a Communist and of course she her career really took of when the McCarthy hearings were going on. Well, as a registered Communist, she raised some red flags and was accused right before she had to go on for a live showing of I Love Lucy, while she was afraid of what was going to happen to her, she went on that live stage to film her show and performed for her audience, not knowing how they would react to her after being blacklisted. This performance received a standing ovation from her audience. She taught me to never give up even if something is scary as hell!

Sandra Day O’Connor - The first female Supreme Court Justice. A women who was not afraid to stand up for what she believed. She was a small town Arizona attorney who rose to be one of the highest judges in the US. She taught me to stand up for what I believe and don’t be afraid to speak out! She inspires me because I hope to be as brave and amazing as this woman is. She was looked down on because she was a woman and she proved all the men wrong. She brought us just one step closer to breaking that glass ceiling. 

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gastroenterologist doctor (who is also a family friend) was telling me i need someone to pick me up after the medical procedure on monday and he told me this story about how minister of health came in to get it done and didn’t have anyone to pick him up and he turns to the doc and is like who made this rule? and doc turns to him and goes your department

Hey this a little watercolor version of Sam I made. He was the first thing I drew when I got watercolor pencils. I am really worried that jack isn’t on Tumblr that much(or maybe he is and I didn’t am realize also I only have Tumblr so idk about the other medias) I want to tell you at @therealjacksepticeye why I made this. I am someone who is really insecure and thinks negatively of myself. But then I watched your videos. You made me feel important, wanted, that I could do something good with my life. Whenever I need a friend or just someone with me I put on one of your videos and listen to your voice. It always makes me feel happy and less lonely. Your videos make me laugh when I want to cry and stay away from the world. I can’t thank you enough. I hope you know that the whole community cares for you. Thank you. I hope that whatever problems you are going through become less troubling and more like a small obstacle that you can over come.

real life hack for autistic peeps who have trouble with eye contact. if you stare at someones nose they literally cant tell the difference. i had an employer tell me that they could tell i was confident because i made such strong eye contact and i probably looked at their actual eyes twice the whole time. allistics are wild.

“Let me tell you what you are not. You are not the opinion of someone that doesn’t know you, Now let me tell you what you are. You are your own definition of beautiful and worthwhile. You are someone who is wiser because you’ve made mistakes; not damaged, wiser.” -Taylor Swift the 1989 world tour-

yeah, i’ll always love you guys too :)


“If there are any moments of great joy or great pain in your life, in which you have turned to any of my songs, I consider that to be the highest compliment, so thank you for including me. I think that life moves at a different pace for someone who is heartbroken, or someone who is lonely, or when you’re taking all of your insecurities that your head is cooking up and screaming into your ears. I think time moves slower. I think people need music a little bit more. Um, and I think that, in those moments, it’s important to remind yourself of a few things. And if there’s just a few things you remember from tonight, please remember these things. You are not the opinion of someone who doesn’t know you. You are not damaged goods or tarnished if you’ve made a few mistakes in your life. And you are not going nowhere just because you haven’t gotten where you want to go yet. Let me tell you a few things that you are. You are someone who is wiser, stronger, smarter, better because you made mistakes and learned from them. That’s what you are. And, more importantly, you are someone who is dealing with whatever you’re dealing with right now, but instead of letting those things define you, instead of wallowing in those things, you decided to get dressed up, go to Staples Center, and have the best time ever with me tonight. This is a song I wrote in London with a wonderful, incredible artist named Imogen Heap about… about that moment when you realise that walking through a bunch of rainstorms and continuing to keep on going doesn’t make you damaged. It actually makes you clean.”

kuwei yul-bo

  • let’s talk about how this KID….
  • who was captured and forced to be a prisoner in a foreign place. 
  • who had no idea what the hell he was doing, spent his days locked up trying to recreate a drug that he had never created in the first place. 
  • a drug that his father, who he probably didn’t even get a chance to grieve, made for him. 
  • do you think he ever felt guilty that the drug originated as a way to protect him and conceal his power?? bc i do. his father made a mistake and instead gave him a death sentence. kuwei knew no matter what he did it wouldn’t be a happy ending. 
    • if he succeeded making the drug he would be expendable, but also people were dying bc of it and many more would if he replicated it. the amount of stress this knowledge must have caused him omg. 
  • he stalled as long as he could and pretty much accepted that someone would eventually come to kill him. 
  • he didn’t even flinch when nina looked like she was going to do it. and that’s heartbreaking. imagine him sitting there with his journals just waiting for death bc he didn’t know what else to do.
  • he delivered one of the saddest lines in CK when he was asked what he was good at and he replied “i never had a chance to find out.” bc think about it…this teenager probably had no idea who he was yet and thought he’d never live to see the day he’d find out. not even when those murder nerds swooped in and saved him.
  • they probably seemed so…different from him?? sure they were around his age but each of them had a strong sense of identity and they had each other, and that was way more than he had. imagine him trying to piece bits of himself together based on who they were
  • and he still didn’t know if he could trust them, but once again he had no choice but to??? his fate was in someone else’s hands again. bc they were just kids too so why couldn’t be tough like kaz, smart like wylan, etc etc.
  • also think about how he could hardly understand them and they weren’t even always on the same page as each other, yet he had to depend on them wow???
  • plus his crush on jesper might have been him discovering his sexuality. we don’t know?? imagine the whirlwind it must’ve been for him to finally feel safe to figure himself out and develop attachment to things 
    • drawing, boys, pranks, whatever idk
  • he just wanted to be free and validated and get a ship to ravka. 
  • and he knew something could go wrong and he could be handed over to someone else and forced to make parem, so when he saw that window of opportunity to finally kiss the cute sharpshooter, he took it!!
    • it was his one shot!!! and that was i c o n i c
  • nina’s perspective captured him perfectly. “a boy not much younger than she was, caught up in a war he hadn’t chosen for himself. a survivor.” 
  • she and matthias determined kuwei was just a kid and one of them and y’all still leave him out………okay.


First and for most, I would like to apologize for not making this with more effort. It was just, sorta an idea I got in the morning and worked on it while being sleepy and begging myself to go back to sleep.

I got a little creative with the concept art and made this, it’s like you’re playing a video game!
(Though, I’m not good at animation or sprite work, I bet there is someone out there who’s far more talented and could make this even more better! →_→)

sophisticatedcookie submitted:

I had lost about fifty pounds prior to coming to college. Entering a relationship my freshman year, I unfortunately gained most of it back. The picture on the left is me at my sisters graduation in May of this year and the picture on the right is me trying on my New Year’s Eve dress yesterday. After being dumped by who I thought was going to be the love of my life and going through some really tough family and personal struggles, 2016 has proven to be the most difficult year of my life. But I am down 50 lbs and still going. Being vegan and dedicating myself to being active were the best decisions I have made and you can bet your sweet ass I am going to continue. If you take anything from this post please: 1) Don’t ever let someone tell you that you are not capable of doing great things and 2) Some of the most difficult situations that are thrown at you are simply obstacles that God knows you can overcome. You are perfect and amazing and I hope you know that. If you ever need words of positivity or someone to ask questions please know that I would be honored to help. Don’t ever give up.