someone tell me this is real

sometimes i rly hate liking girls..

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If it's not weird, can you show us your handwriting? Thank you♥


I “””have””” two handwritings. 

My real handwriting is the second one. I use it when I’m not in class, or when I don’t have to write something important. As u can see, it’s a left slanted handwriting for some reason. Like I never saw someone with a left slanted handwriting its weird but it’s my real handwriting.

But I noticed that when I take exams, teachers tend to not like this handwriting. I don’t know why but they just don’t like it. So when I take an exam I always use an usual italic handwrtiting because it looks serious and clean??

I know that handwriting reflects personality but I don’t know anything about this eheh tell me the meaning lmao

So basically i have this tag post somewhere which i’m not able to find out anymore, and which i want to do. I don’t remember who’s tagging me, i can say a couple of names but i’m not sure so i shall say nothing. The tag says to tell about the character you post most.
For what i remember…
Well, i don’t know if it is the real purpose of this tag game, and if someone remember to have tagged me, here it is… but this is the way i remember so forgive me if perhaps i misunderstood the game and this post will be just a pile of meaningless lines. Feel free to ignore this personal shit, it’s a thing i strongly wanted to do.
But we were talking about characters.
Mine are blatantly obvious. Thranduil and Loki. No one else. Or at least, not so relevant.

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Thranduil brought me literally back to life, and my fantasy back after a long, dark period of my life, since my father’s death and my mother’s illness. He brought me to Middle Earth again. He made me remember how it was. He made me remember what was my world, who i was, who i’ll always be.
Thranduil is my muse, my inspiration, my King. He’s the only character of which i’d love to see an entire movie about. Thranduil it’s been important for me and my life in a such unexpected way and i will always be grateful to Peter Jackson for his work on the character, and to Lee for gave him life.

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Loki is my inner child. No, i’m not mischievous or tricky and far from me to get over the planet, lol. Loki is how i feel inside. I’m an outsider, the quiet one. Loki resonates inside my soul in a way that i can’t be able to speak of.
My older brother is a strong personality, extrovert, winner,… all my relatives love to speak with him, especially those from my father’s family side, because is “the male”, the heir with the family name. I feel like i always had to prove something to validate me. But i know that i’ll never be enough. I’m feel so little sometimes.
I am anxious, whit a lot of fears, the odd one. So this is why Loki hits me in a very personal way,…and why i am so protective towards him.

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Age: 18
Biggest fear: the lack of control i have over literally everything
Current time: 12:15 am
Drink you last had: water
Everyday starts with: should be a blunt but i get up and pee hella hard
Favorite song currently: ScHoolboy Q - Situations
Ghosts, are they real?: yes, they’re irritating.
Hometown: i dont have one
In love with: Love
Jealous: i dont do jealousy anymore
Killed someone: yall the feds??
Last time you cried: February 20th.

Middle name: Maiah

Number of siblings: 5
Person you last called/texted: my mommy
Question you’re always asked: “aha so do you like dicks and sandwiches haha?”
Reasons to smile: im a pretty bitch & photosynthesis is a thing
Song last song: Alicia Keys - Slow Down
Time you woke up: officially? 10am.
Underwear: they pink w/ lil black heart
Vacation destination: somewhere near the Galápagos islands
X rays you’ve had: my ankle and my lungs
Your favorite food: carne asada fries
Zodiac sign: Aries♈ I tag @mysticaljellybean @naturesafro @krispykremeheaux @tamboochie @lividlovers @themasterpupil @trufflebootybuttercream @a-n-a-l-o-g @somethingspecial @afrojoza @dollamenuaire @quentinchaucerauthor @theimaginarythoughts @throes-of-redemption @darkchild1224 @dmc-dmc @charliehotchkiss @thagreatvino @thabootyscholar @jmonetx @4kaykaylove @fuckyourstyl @yvnq-lee annnnd @kill-samurai

real life hack for autistic peeps who have trouble with eye contact. if you stare at someones nose they literally cant tell the difference. i had an employer tell me that they could tell i was confident because i made such strong eye contact and i probably looked at their actual eyes twice the whole time. allistics are wild.

I wish meeting girls in real life was as easy as it is for heterosexuals. I want to go into a coffee shop and write my number on a napkin without it being weird. I want to bump into someone on the street by accident and it be love at first sight. This internet culture gives me the green light when it comes to sexuality. Profiles tell me which females are gay. I wish I had the courage to effortlessly flirt. I wish I could go into a normal public space and pick up a girl. I have to travel a distance to a gay bar just to find someone similar to me while my friends get to go almost anywhere. I’m sick of staring at a phone when I just want to connect with another human being in the flesh.

  • Marvel: Here's a video about Infinity War!
  • Marvel: And here's the Avengers Theme Song.
House Rules
  • No spirit may act to harm or unsettle myself, my family members, my pets, or my guests.
  • No spirit may play pranks or tricks on anyone in my home, including myself.
  • No spirits may feed off of me ever/without my permission/unless it is an emergency.
  • All spirits must remain open to me regarding their needs, wants, and desires. I will do my best to facilitate these things.
  • You may not exploit loopholes in my rules.
  • If you discover any loopholes in my rules, bring them to my attention so they may be corrected.
  • No spirit is allowed to interfere with my magic workings, unless it is to protect myself or another member of my household, including my spirit household.
  • A spirit must tell me if they interfere with my magic for the good of my household.
  • No spirits of a sexual nature may have any sexual contact with any member of my household, including me, unless it is specifically requested.
  • No spirit may pretend to be something/someone they are not. Remain true to your real identity.
  • No spirit may start conflict with another spirit that lives here.
  • No spirit may interfere with my communications with other spirits. You may not interrupt or alter the messages sent between me and another spirit.
  • No spirit may interfere with my personal relationships, including my relationships with other spirits.
  • All spirits should help me judge the character of new spirits entering in to the household.
  • All spirits are allowed to disarm malicious magics sent my way.
  • All spirits are encouraged to inform me of malicious magics sent my way.
  • No spirit may manipulate myself or the members of my household in order to get something that they (the spirit) wants.
  • No spirits may enter in to [specific room of the house].
  • No spirits may speak to me or bother me when I am talking to [specific person]/doing [specific activity].
  • Any spirit may give me advice or their opinions as they see fit.
  • Any spirit may request additional gifts/offerings but I will give them at my discretion.
  • All spirits may expect food to be given every week on Wednesdays.
  • No spirits may invite other unknown spirits in to my home.
  • I will never act in any way to harm or hurt one of the spirits living in my home.
  • I will always give spirits a chance to leave of their own free will before I consider banishment.
  • I will never ignore the pressing needs of a spirit.
  • I will always make time for each individual spirit in my home at least twice a week.
  • I will never prevent a spirit from carrying out their individual lives and taking care of their own concerns.
  • I recognize a spirit’s needs in their personal life are above my needs for their companionship.
  • I will never force a spirit to do something they are uninterested in doing.
  • I will always allow any spirit in my home to leave of their own free will, whenever they desire.
  • I will respect my spirit’s preferences and wishes.

This is a list of house rules I have *so far* for the spirit keeper handbook project I am working on. These rules are meant to inspire so you can think of your own house rules! More will come on how to set up house rules and what to do if a spirit doesn’t want to follow your rules.


The following text contains shitty English grammar and may contain spoilers for the forth season of Sherlock. So SPOILER ALERT everyone who has not watched it yet.
Some of these were put in our three sick heads by other people and some of these are our guesses that were build after two days of NON-STOP RAGING CAPSLOCKING.

This post is just to collect everything together, because our heads is so SO messed up right now.

Ok, let’s start with..

1. That video of Moriarty in the end of “Behind the scene” on PBS or wherever. By the way it was noticed after downloading 15 hours later. Come on people, we can do so much better!
It cannot be the creator’s last kiss to the audience, it would be stupidest shit EVER.

2. What’s next? We were promised the television history, the groundbreaking expierence. However, no matter how much I liked it, even I can’t deny there are too many plot holes and questions occurred. And also there are 20 min cut out of every episode (they were promising 100 min/ep) 

3. This wierd show Apple Yard Tree in prime time on BBC ONE, which, by the way, changed it’s synopsis from tomorrow - added details. And this what they also added a couple of hours ago:
Amanda Coe
Louise Doughty
Emily Watson
Ben Chaplin
Mark Bonnar
Susan Lynch
Steven Elder

4. The piece of news with wierdly unprofessional for news language: “THE CONSPIRACY THEORIES ARE HAVING A FIELD DAY” - YOU CAN’T JUST SAY IT ON NATIONAL TELEVISION!!!!!

5. Ok. Also this news piece about leak suspiciously mirrors that unathorized third party… thing (here)

6. Oh yes, about that story: you’ve noticed, it’s called “The Lost Special”. I mean come on.


8. THIS: 

9. AND APPARENTLY YAHOO KNOWS MORE THEN WE DO (look at the Episodes section)

10. This season there always was something leaked some time before the episode premiere. Of course Russia had the worst one. Because who would not trust it - oh that bad bad Russians! I really would not be surprised if it’s Mofftiss who seeded the episode on Piratebay or whatever. 

11. The tricky number 3 (watch the second episode)

OK. It MAY be a great number of coincidence, but come on! Is there any when we are talking about Mofftiss?

The game is still on and as Gatiss said “It’s good to play games on people” 


Am I the only one who notices jikook’s special chemistry?? I mean CAN NO ONE ELSE FEEL THE SEXUAL TENSION BETWEEN THEM?! I’m going crazy because I don’t know if I’m being delusional or if there really is something SPECIAL there. Am I going crazy?? or they really match each other so perfectly that I make up things in my mind? ……….

Story time: I love this fandom so much but I still can’t believe this happened

I went into Starbucks today and used the name Danvers because I’m a fangirling nerd. When the barista called “Danvers,” another girl waiting for her drink replied “Sawyer.” So I looked around to see who it was because obviously she got the reference and must be super cool. But I couldn’t find her anywhere until I saw eyes following me as I went up to get my drink. Now, I’m super awkward and shy so I just smiled and looked away. Then I heard “Supergay” being called from the barista and she came up next to me to get her drink and smiled at me. I nearly about lost it because who meets a fangirl like this….like this is only fanfiction stuff, right? I tried to say hi to her and play it cool as if I wasn’t internally freaking out inside but in actuality was really awkward and couldn’t form real english words..oops. She just laughed and asked me if I had some time and wanted to hang out. So I nodded since I was speechless because again when does this happen in real life. Ive only ever read this kind of stuff in fanfics or dreamt of/imagined this (I know, I’m a total dork). We had a fantastic time talking about Supergirl, its fandoms and other shows. Turns out, we go to college near each other (small world, eh?) and have a fair amount of commonalities. Unfortunately, I had to run to a class cutting the fangirling time short but before I could leave, she grabbed a pen out of nowhere ( A+ for girl scout preparedness) and my hand as she wrote her number and told me to text her sometime so we can do this again. I’m legitimately about to faint but hold myself up against the table and do my best to verbalize ok because what else was I going to say. This never happens to me. I had a million questions and thoughts running through my head like what does this mean? Why did this happen? How did this happen? Is this for real? Am I being pranked right now? Did my friends put you up to this? Is this just friendly? Are you being serious? Can you tell I don’t know what I’m doing? When is it approrpiate for me to text you? What do I say next? I say see you around because why not quote Maggie Sawyer and left before I did something utterly embarrasing. I was almost late to class but made sure I added her number to my phone before I did anything else. Now, I’m sitting in my room staring at my phone with an empty text message screen unsure of what to say or when to say it. All I got is hi haha. I am not smooth enough/ too awkward to know how to do this but here goes nothing. 

If you read this, thanks for taking the time to hear about my awkwardness. But note that pleasant surprises are what make life great. However this moment turns out, I’m just glad it happened. I didn’t feel as alone or scared as I have in the last few days for once. She reminded me to always have hope. For that, I am truly thankful and she may never know this. I hope some day she will know the kindness and care she is spreading in the world. If she somehow ends up reading this, you are really one special person that the world could not live without.


This is strangely hard to post. I’ve been avoiding sharing this because when I watch it, I see all of the flaws, all of the things I wish I could change. BUT. I’m never done learning, my art will never be perfect, and all I can hope is that what I create connects to someone and translates real emotions. I’m excited to be starting my career with a project that pushed me, that tells an LGBT story, that helped me find my voice as a director. Thank you so much to everyone who has given to this project, shared it with others, and waited for its release! 

THIS is One Night: a lesbian/drama short film, written & directed by me - Lydia Smyth

For more info/credits, go to the vimeo page. 


Stranger: Hey Vic! What are you doing with that?

Victoire: Oh it’s Teddy’s sweater. 

Stranger: No, I mean a book. Veela don’t read. Why don’t you put that down and fulfill your actual purpose? I can help you, beautiful.

Scorpius: *Accidentally bumps into someone* I’m sorry. 

Stranger: Oi! Watch it Azkaban.

Scorpius: What?

Stranger: Just telling the truth. That’s where you and your family belong right? Azkaban? A family of death eaters if you ask me.

Stranger: Oi! Weasley! *Roxanne turns to them* No, not you. The real red head Weasley. I mean come on. 

Stranger: No, don’t sit there. She’s a lesbian. She might try and kiss you. 

Lily Luna: Excuse me?

Victoire: Veela, witch, and I can read all by myself to. 

((OOC: Thank you to the glorious @space-marauder and @highwaytothegrangerzone for the Roxanne and Scorpius gifs.))

in a perfect world...

“coming out” wouldn’t even be a thing. you’re a boy who wants to bring a boy to a family event? cool, guess you like that boy. you’re a girl who runs into her family friend while holding a girls hand in public? chill. like who even cares?? it’s not even a big deal, society made it a big deal! STRAIGHT people who say that gays flaunt their sexuality around too much, well maybe if they didn’t make it such a big deal that we needed to “come out” we wouldn’t feel the need to make it known! if society just accepted that you love someone as true and real love, we wouldn’t feel the need to tell people our sexuality. idk that’s just me tho lmao rant over.