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Hi! I really love your art, and especially how you always get the poses and proportions spot on. I think you once mentioned that you use references, and I was wondering, how do you best find good references? Because that's what I always struggle with, I have an image in my head and then I spend hours googling for a good reference picture to use and I usually find nothing

Hi there! Sorry it took me longer to answer than I expected.
As for finding references, you are spot on about spending literarly hours on googling - that’s it. Unfortunately. 

Like you, I have an exact image in my head but since I’m a perfectionist who sucks at anatomy I rely 99% on photoes. So when I can’t find a pic resembling the image I have in mind, I usually give up.

One thing is I sometimes manage to make sort of a collage of more pictures and get the pose I want.
A good method: if you really need a reference pic, ask someone to pose for you and take a picture of them or yourself.

Also, I hope you won’t mind if I take this as an opportunity to show my process of using references (in my case: tracing over pictures). For everyone who missed it - I truly am not a miraculous child.
Also, let me tell you that tracing over pictures is fine, it’s practice, and it actually does take some talent to be done right and look good and it saves loads of time when you need it. 


“When I woke up and saw the date today, I thought ‘August 15th, I know that’s someone’s birthday… why does that date feel important?’ … because ‘AMMMBBBEERR’ it’s the 15th birthday of our beautiful musical 'Hairspray!’ Sadly, in light of the recent events in our country, the message seems more relevant now than it did then. I’m so proud to have been a part of this important work of art. It’s 'timeless to me.’
And so are the beautiful human beings I call my hairspray family. Your friendship truly does stands the test of time. We don’t miss a beat and they can’t stop the beat. I love you”

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