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But I mean, god fucking bless Laura Bailey for being a woman who clearly loves the hell out of both romance and D&D and doesn’t see any reason why she can’t combine them, because she and her friends are telling themselves a story and she deserves just as much of her own favorite type of story in the mix as anyone else does. Because it’s a lovely, public confirmation that someone like me can belong in the D&D world just as much as anyone else, that D&D/RPGs are exactly whatever you want them to be, and that there’s no one right way to play this game or tell these stories. I am so often left to feel a little bit on the outside of SFF geek culture, because my primary literary loyalty is to the romance genre, and even those people in SFF who defend romance usually do so because it makes money, not because they see any value in the genre itself. And gaming is SUCH a toxic subculture in SFF for women who don’t pull the “I’m not like other girls” bullshit, so it’s really amazing to have this now-popular D&D show that’s letting romance be one of the major ongoing storylines, where it’s just one part of what’s happening with the female character in question - but yet, something she’s allowed to be excited and enthusiastic about without anyone in-game or on-screen shaming her for it. 

I just have a lot of feelings about feeling welcome in SFF circles as a romance fan, and how much I love Laura for being utterly unapologetic for what she wants in this storyline. I adore her for it.

I was telling my mom a story that included someone asking me if I was a Slytherin. She interrupted me saying, “You should have replied, ‘No, but I want to be!’” Then she laughed.

….. Mother, I’ve taken seven tests, a thorough personality examination, and have dutifully studied house qualities. I know my house. Have you seen my blog?

Tumblr Artist Emotional Rollercoaster

Someone likes an art post: 

Someone reblogs an art post: 
“Heyyy friend! 😍”

Follower likes an art post: 
“Aw thanks, ‘@ so-and-so’!😘”

Follower reblogs an art post: 
“What would I do without you?😊”

Follower reblogs an art post with awesome tags or comments: 
“This is what I do this for!!!😭”

Mutual likes an art post: 
“Thanks, fam! 😁”

Mutual reblogs an art post: 
“You da shit 😎”

Mutual ignores an art post and reblogs someone else’s art and leaves great tags/comments: 
“…. 👀”

I KNOW fully this is NOT the mindset I should have, because that’s not what art is about. I KNOW that. Please don’t lecture me.
It’s just… I can be so petty. LOL 😂

Submission: Hi! Okay so I don’t know if this means anything at all. But I thought I would send it in. But it’s totally fine if you want to tell me it doesn’t even matter. Okay so I saw an anon on my dash tell someone that the shirts that Louis wore in the Eleanor pictures was a different than the one he wore when they posted meeting him in the snake shirt. Which is when they said they saw Eleanor. In the snake shirt. And the anon said that they wondered if the stalkers got old Eleanor and Louis pics and were just saying they met him.

Which already shrug, who knows. But I was curious because I can honestly see stalkers lying about it. So I went to go look at the pictures and his shirt is gray. Which is different than the snake on the white shirt. And I will say (no one hate me) I noticed that Eleanor was in overalls and I haven’t seen her wear overalls in a while. Like I have only seen her in stuff she posts on her social media and her blog. Which yes of course she could wear it in private, but just interesting since that’s like all she wore in the past but I haven’t seen her in it recently.

Another thing I noticed was when they tweeted about meeting Eleanor, they said they met them before she followed him in Instagram. She followed in like in January, right? I know I just saw tonight people sending around that eleanor would have been in la around February 4th. Well if they met them before Eleanor followed him, that would have been in early January, but they also said that these pictures are from when they met him (in the snake shirt).

TEXT SECOND SUBMISSION: This is the picture that shows the tweet from the stalker. Sorry that it has to be from instagram, she had deleted the tweet. But you see the two different shirts in the pics and you see her say they met them before she followed him on Instagram.

i’m too Tired to care about the specific details but I’ll post this for posterity!


That’s definitely not the first thing that should have come to mind, Kuroo

(tho it looks like no one really minds

aside from bokuto that is)

i went with sexy hawkeye as my costume. and so did at least half of the other avengers & shield agents. awkward

i told steve no photos so he drew a picture instead. asshole

kuwei yul-bo

  • let’s talk about how this KID….
  • who was captured and forced to be a prisoner in a foreign place. 
  • who had no idea what the hell he was doing, spent his days locked up trying to recreate a drug that he had never created in the first place. 
  • a drug that his father, who he probably didn’t even get a chance to grieve, made for him. 
  • do you think he ever felt guilty that the drug originated as a way to protect him and conceal his power?? bc i do. his father made a mistake and instead gave him a death sentence. kuwei knew no matter what he did it wouldn’t be a happy ending. 
    • if he succeeded making the drug he would be expendable, but also people were dying bc of it and many more would if he replicated it. the amount of stress this knowledge must have caused him omg. 
  • he stalled as long as he could and pretty much accepted that someone would eventually come to kill him. 
  • he didn’t even flinch when nina looked like she was going to do it. and that’s heartbreaking. imagine him sitting there with his journals just waiting for death bc he didn’t know what else to do.
  • he delivered one of the saddest lines in CK when he was asked what he was good at and he replied “i never had a chance to find out.” bc think about it…this teenager probably had no idea who he was yet and thought he’d never live to see the day he’d find out. not even when those murder nerds swooped in and saved him.
  • they probably seemed so…different from him?? sure they were around his age but each of them had a strong sense of identity and they had each other, and that was way more than he had. imagine him trying to piece bits of himself together based on who they were
  • and he still didn’t know if he could trust them, but once again he had no choice but to??? his fate was in someone else’s hands again. bc they were just kids too so why couldn’t be tough like kaz, smart like wylan, etc etc.
  • also think about how he could hardly understand them and they weren’t even always on the same page as each other, yet he had to depend on them wow???
  • plus his crush on jesper might have been him discovering his sexuality. we don’t know?? imagine the whirlwind it must’ve been for him to finally feel safe to figure himself out and develop attachment to things 
    • drawing, boys, pranks, whatever idk
  • he just wanted to be free and validated and get a ship to ravka. 
  • and he knew something could go wrong and he could be handed over to someone else and forced to make parem, so when he saw that window of opportunity to finally kiss the cute sharpshooter, he took it!!
    • it was his one shot!!! and that was i c o n i c
  • nina’s perspective captured him perfectly. “a boy not much younger than she was, caught up in a war he hadn’t chosen for himself. a survivor.” 
  • she and matthias determined kuwei was just a kid and one of them and y’all still leave him out………okay.

If you were a dragon, what would your treasure be made of? What would you be obsessively hoarding? For me it’d be art supplies and various dinosaur items. Tell me what your hoard would be in the comments or in the tags!

Alright I have been holding my tongue for nearly three years so I’m finally gonna say it - FUCK Michael Gordon Clifford for Close As Strangers. Fuck him for that beautiful, haunting melody. Fuck him for how soft-emo it is, as if he doesn’t KNOW that is my weakness. Fuck him for the way the piano mixes with guitars and creates such a fucking rich, layered wall of sound that overtakes your entire BEING when you listen to it. Fuck him for the fact that I basically start crying after hearing three notes of the opening guitar line. Fuck him for lyrical POETRY like are we wasting time talking on a broken line and every night i’m losing you in a thousand faces and living dreams in fluorescent lights while you and I are running out of time. FUCK HIM for the way his voice sounds on his verse!? That soft, resonant tone, sweet but tinged with darkness like melted marshmallows with a troubled past, the way he murders us all with beautiful vibrato in the very last line of the song, and then just runs off into the goddam night with that voice and NEVER FUCKING GIVES IT TO US AGAIN QUITE THE SAME ON ANY OTHER SONG?! Fuck him for the way Luke’s voice breaks on the chorus?! Fuck him for the smokey smoothness of Calum’s solo and fuck him for Ashton’s harmonies at the end???? Fuck him for giving us this ABSOLUTE MASTERPIECE and then never performing it live??!?!? Never even acknowledging its god-like existence?!?!? FUCK YOU MICHAEL CLIFFORD FOR THIS DAMN SONG. I mean I love you and I hope you’re happy and warm and well fed but. Also fuck you. 


I don’t want to judge what’s in your heart
But if you’re not ready for love,
How can you be ready for life?


#representation matters