someone tell me how to art

reasons why the su accounts on instagram need to die:

- throws a pissy fit when they get their accounts taken down
- harass artists who just simply DON’T WANT THEIR ART REUPLOADED
- continues to reupload their art because “xD i can do what i want”

It’s literally not the artists fault for getting your accounts deleted/locked because you reupload people’s art without their permission to gain a following.

I literally had two people come to me saying how sorry they are, but then on instagram say how much they hate the artists for destroying their “hard” work. I don’t see how its hard work if you didn’t draw any the art on your accounts.

Instead of posting warnings like this, maybe tell people its bad to upload someone else’s art? it’s really that simple. 

You know what sucks?

Trying to talk to your art idol of over 10 years, and getting ignored every time.

They added me to their watch list a few weeks ago, and I was over the moon. I was seriously freaking out and I couldn’t get over it for a few days. I felt like I had to send them a private message, a heartfelt message telling them how grateful I was for them watching me, because it gave me some confidence, and made think that if someone I’ve admired for this long thinks I’m good enough to add to their watch list, my art can’t be as terrible as I’m convinced it is.

I talked about the struggles of getting noticed in a community that’s only interested in extreme fetishes and porn, and how discouraging it is to see art that has little effort put into it get loads of favs and comments just because of the kink content, whereas my art that I put so much time and effort into, every single piece, gets little to no attention. It’s extremely disheartening, discouraging, and makes me want to quit, but that this idol of mine gave me some encouragement to keep trying.

They’ve read it, but I’ve yet to get a reply, and I doubt I ever will. I don’t expect them to write a long response, just acknowledging what I wrote and saying even a little would be nice enough.

I’ve also tried talking to them on Twitter, not a lot, I don’t want to come across as overbearing. I’ve tried replying to their tweets, directly messaging them and asking them general innocent questions, but I get ignored every single time.

Why? Am I annoying? Am I not worthy of their attention? They have time to tweet about the cupcakes they’re making, but none for giving someone who genuinely wants to talk to them a response.

I don’t reach out to people often, it’s very rare that I try to come out of my shell and push past my anxiety of talking to people I don’t know personally. It’s why I only have two friends, it’s why I have so few people to talk to, it’s why I’m so lonely. Yet here I am, trying, and getting brushed aside.

It honestly hurts.

The New Day’s got your back Seth! Hopefully their power of positivity will help him have a speedy recovery! If not, they better wheel Seth to Wrestlemania so he can beat up Triple H with a crutch.

After they make a quick stop at Trip’s house though.

‘How much do you know about Shakespeare,’ I once asked a friend who has committed much of her life to studying the Bard. She replied, 'Not as much as he knows about me.’ Remember this the next time someone tells you literature is useless.
—  Don’t Turn Away From the Art of Life, by Arnold Weinstein (New York Times, Feb. 2016)

I wish you were kinder.
I wish you were softer.
More caring, and accepting.
I wish you could understand.
I wish you would try to understand:

My body is my work of art, and
I shall carry, and sculpt it however
I want. Without your interference.
My heart is mine and only mine,
unless there comes a day I decide
to give it to someone. And it is me,
my heart, my being, that will decide
who that is.

I wish you could get that.
That you are not my purpose in life.
You clip my wings and tell me to fly;
tell me how far can I go if you cage me in?
How high can I soar when you tie me down?

I wish you were gentler.
I wish you could look past your prejudices.
I wish you could see me for a future,
a person, a person with a future,
beyond what you’d imagine.

I wish you’d stop imagining me.
You’d stop imagining what you
want me to be. I wish you’d stop
imagining you as me, and me as
what you wanted to be.

I am not you. You are not me.
I am. I am not much yet.
But if you let me go I swear I
could be something incredible.

I wish you’d let me.
I wish you would let me go.

—  “I wish you were better”

how to love your body when you hate it…

  • step away from the mirror. its inaccurate. your brain is tricky, judgemental and dysmorphic. you can’t scrutinise yourself to happy
  • what would you say to your best friend if they were hating on their body? apply that same level of caring to your own. you DO deserve it.
  • tell me, how do you FEEL? are you full of energy? are you able to do so much more than you were when you were hurting yourself? can you run, jump, smile, lift up your arms to hug someone? think of all of the wonderful things you can do. all of the wonderful things your vessel brings you. aren’t you so lucky?
  • start to look at your body as art. every curve, lump, bump, edge, soft crease and tuft of hair is a miracle. the arc of your arm as you stretch as you wake up, the morning light illuminating your face. it is beautiful and it is all there for you. celebrate yourself. take a long hot shower and thank the universe for giving you this home.
  • endless care. endless love. endless kindness. you need to show you all of it.

you can’t hate yourself into a person that you love.


I don’t want to judge what’s in your heart
But if you’re not ready for love,
How can you be ready for life?

Gnaww finally let’s start the “Ask-Billdip”!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Keep sending question, they will answer soon!

First two!

Dipper: **** i’m already sick of that game! ᇂﮌᇂ)
Bill: Come on Sugar Pine, there’s no problems in have various inches on your bum.
Dipper: BILL-

Bill: Umm lets see… His dreams are about me, me and me too! 
Dipper: no one will believe you
Bill: Does someone ever tell you about how fervid your imagination is?

sinister-violinist  asked:

will you teach me the art of the lined-eye, oh Great Master? (long story short, i tried to day and it failed. so bad. the eyeliner didn't even look like eyeliner- i looked like a raccoon)

oh, man. it’s way easier to show someone how to do eyeliner than to tell them, but… i can try. this is gonna be long, i’m gonna try to make it as thorough as i can. 

first of all, don’t be afraid to mess up. seriously, that perfect wing™ takes practice… no one’s just born knowing how to do it (except shiro). i’ve been doing it for years and i like to think i’m pretty good at it, but if you all saw the amount of q-tips and makeup wipes i go through to make it perfect… you’d lose your faith in me. lol

anyway, if you’re learning, i find pencils are the easier to use. you’re less likely to make the line bumpy, because it’s a softer line in the first place, but if you try to do a wing you’ll probably need a q-tip to sharpen the end. gel is a bit trickier because you need to use a brush, but it’s wayyyyy easier to make a wing or a bolder look. liquid pens are the easiest of the liquid variation but i hate them because they dry out so easily, while liquid dip liners are definitely the hardest to use, but overall (in my opinion) are the best ones to use if you want that really sharp perfect look. 

okay so actually doing it… everyone has their own way, but the tip we usually give clients is to put the pencil/brush sideways on your lash line (rather than straight on) so that it’s laying flat on your eyelashes. it makes it WAY easier, trust me. kinda like this: 

then, instead of drawing one, continuous line (NEVER do that in makeup– you’re just screwing yourself over) do small, thin strokes across the lashline. you can make it thicker if you want, i just find it’s easier to start with a thin line, then build it from there. and make sure it’s right on top of the lashes– no one wants that weird strip of eyelid between the liner and lashes.

if it makes it easier you can shut your eye, but try not to tug too hard on the skin when you hold it taught (the skin around your eye is really delicate, and you’re just harming it by doing that).

for the wing, take the flat of the brush/pencil and press it to the corner of your eye and up, as if continuing your waterline. like this:

then fill it in!

remember it’s okay to fuck it up. q-tips exist for a reason. (another tip is take a clean angled liner brush, dip it in a waterproof makeup remover, and remove/fix smudges like that!) 

i hope this helps!! this is generally how we teach it to clients, but everyone kinda has their own way of doing it, you just have to practice :D