someone teach me to coloring please


Based on a post that I can’t seem to find by @incorectspnquotes.

(The book Sam is reading has the peculiar name of “Stuff”, only in Aramaic.)

nova does blogrates

yo in honor of 2.5k i’m going to be doing blogrates! (i just hope i dont feel too guilty agh) 

 - must be following the lamest person ever
- must reblog this post 
- tell me about someone you love!! something good that happened to you recently!! 


 url: don’t get it | nice | that’s so good what | how ?? did you even get that ?? 

icon: dunno who/what it is | pretty | that’s,,, beautiful | punch me in the face that’s gorgeous

theme: default | pretty | aesthetic | teach me please omg 

 mobile theme: too bright | good | beautiful | what colors did u use hmu 

posts: not my type | v nice | i ??? love ??? | gotta reblog them all wow

am i following?: no ’m sorryy :(( | aa just did ! | yes, of course | if i’m ever not following you assume i’m dead


if you don’t want these on ur dash, blacklist nova does blogrates

soul-of-glass  asked:

Every time I see your URL in my feed I imagine Acnalogia in tightish bright rainbow colored boxers with kittens on them. Why? I'll never know.

I have no idea either

and don’t you dare ask me why I drew this

anonymous asked:

I can't tell you how excited I am to see a blog for black girls that likes VIXX. I swear the mens is lowkey unknown. I just got into them and could barely find anything. So don't mind me, I'm just excited to see someone else of color loving VIXX like myself 😁😁😁

I love Vixx. I have the overwhelming urge to dominate Leo and make him scream from pleasure just cause I know he never raises his voice so it must be something pressing if he does. 

I want to teach Ravi some manners, make him say please mistress and thank you. Crawl to me with a choker on, a chain dragging behind him begging me to let him touch himself.

Or was that not what we were doing?

Yay I finished my Chendy picture!!!

I haven’t used my copics in ages but I think it looks ok (expect for the fact that I continue to draw over the lines - can someone teach me what I have to do that this doesn’t happen?)

If you wonder why I used these colors for their dresses, it’s because Chelia’s magic is black so Wendy got a black dress and in the old animation Wendy’s wind was often drawing in a light/whiteish green and so Chelia got a dress in this color.



I found some pics of beautiful dresses and I thought I should try draw Levi in a male version of them but I just couldn’t!!! I spent several hours on this one but it looks awful.

I know he looks thick but personally I don’t like Levi being so skinny since he has well formed muscles… but I couldn’t make him look muscular. Also, I found that I really don’t know how to color clothes…

Anyway I’m uploading it because I spent too much time doing this and I don’t want to just delete it uwu (And I kinda like the hair…)