someone teach me to coloring please

Yay I finished my Chendy picture!!!

I haven’t used my copics in ages but I think it looks ok (expect for the fact that I continue to draw over the lines - can someone teach me what I have to do that this doesn’t happen?)

If you wonder why I used these colors for their dresses, it’s because Chelia’s magic is black so Wendy got a black dress and in the old animation Wendy’s wind was often drawing in a light/whiteish green and so Chelia got a dress in this color.


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Akane froze the moment someone touched her. The little girl fell silent and her puffy eyes widened. “Please don’t,” She whimpered, too afraid even to move away. “Please don’t hurt me- I’m sorry I can’t fight you- but, but, please don’t-”

Hotaru blinked in confusion, was this girl that scared? She felt her heart melt at the child’s words and gently ran her hand through the younger girl’s hair. “Shh…It’s alright, I ain’t gonna hurt ya….I’m a nice girl, promise.” She cracked a reassuring smile, sure she didn’t know how to exactly deal with children, but she figured the first step is to gain their trust. Though, she herself never gained anyone’s trust when she was young, nor did she have any to this day.