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Some Things in Beauty and the Beast (2017)

  • opening scene with the prince in some extra™ makeup
  • belle teaching little girls how to read
  • belle rejecting gaston SO MANY TIMES
  • le fou winking at gaston
  • the amazing cgi work on the beast
  • when belle shoved her father out of the cell and saved him
  • it showed what happened to Belle’s mother in a way that added to belle, her father, and belle’s relationship with beast
  • le fou’s cross-dressing BOYFRIEND
  • umm i think lumiere dabbed at one point in be our guest????
  • beast giving belle the library just so he can show her he has better taste in books
  • that goddamn waltz and when beast lifts belle up and twirls her and the lights are all pretty!!!!
  • wasting in my lonely tower
  • waiting by an open door
  • i’ll fool myself she’ll walk right in
  • and be with me for evermore
  • le fou being redeemed and not being an idiot in any way
  • two interracial kisses in a disney movie?? um yes pls and thanks
  • that growl!!! omfg!!!
  • in conclusion: I want to watch this movie everyday for the rest of my life
It teaches me that swollen eyes and hospital visits per your partner exist, but I do not have to exist beside them.  That it comes from the mouths and the nonverbal cues of any age, race, religion, any gender. It teaches you how sometimes you carry trauma through quiet.  Through plummeting self-esteem and not calling your friends back and shrinking at the intonation of someone’s voice.  Through crying too many days and nights, until you stop pretending and realize you’re not actually fine.  From an ulcer like a bound butterfly, to chest pains at work that fold your knees in like a prayer to something you never even believed in, just to make it stop, just to get back to a person that you thought lived underneath this all, the person ‘before.’  It teaches me the necessity to set boundaries, that healthy compromise is never the same thing as gaslighting someone/(being gaslit) into your own/(their) opinion.  Most importantly, it teaches me about myself.  How I am not to blame for through it I remained soft and honest, how I am not to blame simply because I reflected my own empathy onto them, how I am not to blame for being deliberately broken down and manipulated, all the while only trying to love them.  After eleven months, it teaches me that I leave or I die.  That I am the most resilient person I know.  That I still choose to be kind.  Every day, no matter how futile it seems, not matter how difficult.  Lastly, it taught me how to let go.  It taught me never again to hold onto someone who nine times out of ten wouldn’t even reach for me. That I will find a different person, someone better and therefore more beautiful, who looks at and touches me so gently, who will melt into a kiss and mean it, who will hold my shaking body some nights as I continue to grow into myself after everything I’ve been through, someone that I will believe truly and fully loves me, because for the very first time I will be able to differentiate it.
—  What Emotional Abuse Teaches You About Love,
valentina thompson  (ig: x, yt: x)

arrabella  asked:

I need advice. My work is getting increasingly abusive. The store manager talks shit on me when she thinks i can't hear. My manager told me i seemed like a failure in my current role. They text me nonstop on my days off to come in. They promoted someone into our department and she constantly asks for my help (teaching her things she should already know!!!! As a manager!!) but then she turns around and lies about customer interactions. They change my schedule without telling me. How do i get out?

Keep applying to other stores and stand up to them by not taking on shifts on your days off. Since they don’t appreciate your hard work they don’t need you on your days off. Hopefully it’ll get into their skull they DO need you and you’re not a doormat anymore. Even if it does you keep applying to other places until you find somewhere less toxic. -Abby


POKÉMON-BATTLE: Carmilla vs. Danny!

Based on Carmilla Pokemon AU by winded-wolf (art used with permission!)

In Love With A Ghost Chapter 1 : He Was Known To Be Non-Stop

Summary: Alexander Hamilton was known to be a hurricane. A relentless force of man.Yet somewhere along the line that hurricane died down and Hamilton started to change. It was the little things at first, like how he’d tense up when Thomas approached him a little too fast. How his hands began to shake as he poured his morning coffee. Then, Thomas had noticed the first time Alexander flinched when Washington had raised his hand to pat his shoulder.It’s funny, how fast people change. How fast things can change. How fast people can change other people.

Author’s Note: I am terrified of posting this on here but I made this Tumblr for this fanfic so might as well…

Pairings: Alexander Hamilton/Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton/Charles Lee, Maria Reynolds/Elizabeth “Eliza” Schuyler, James Reynolds/Maria Reynolds, John Laurens/Gilbert du Motier Marquis de Lafayette/Hercules Mulligan

Warnings: Abuse; Abusive relationships

Ao3 Link: Here

Alexander always assumed that nobody really noticed. It was a relatively slow process anyway, he couldn’t blame anyone. He remembered back to when he used to talk nonstop. He was loud and abrasive, but yet passionate, determined. Alexander found that he missed those days. But, he had calmed down, got… quieter, like a raging storm, that had rained for weeks-on-end, finally coming to a close. Alexander wasn’t stupid, he did, in fact, notice the changes within himself. He watched himself become more reserved and distant. Then in long run, when all was said and done, found himself only speaking when necessary.

He knew it was better this way. Alex often wondered if people liked him more, with his mouth shut, probably. He certainly did. Alexander, often remembered He would tell him that he talked too much, to shut up and put his mouth to better use. Back then, Alex would have snapped at Him, said something snarky or taunted Him, not caring about the punishment. But now, Alexander understood completely, he was always so full of words back then, he was always so goddamn annoying, his mouth always running. Alexander understood and knew wholeheartedly everything He did was out of love for him.

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DOQ Week: April  10-16

A few things about this week:

  • The prompts are purposely broad, so get as creative as you want.  For example, for “teach me”, you could have Regina teaching Mal how to do her duties as mayor, Robin teaching Mal how to pick a lock, Mal teaching Roland how to cook, etc.  Or, you could do a Teacher AU.  Or any form of AU where something is being taught to someone.  As long as DOQ is involved, you can probably make it work.

  • As this is DOQ week, we have OQ fans and DQ fans writing.  No putting down either of those ships, or any of the DOQ characters.  I’d ask we also be respectful to all the ships in OUAT, so no one gets uncomfortable.

  • Some of these prompts may work with Robin, Regina, and Mal just being friends.  Or a pairing like Mal and Regina + interacting/befriending Robin.  However, again, please don’t disrespect DOQ, OQ, or DQ.  Play nicely. 

  • All forms of art are encouraged

  • Tag @DOQweek on tumblr or @Imagine_DOQ on tumblr.  use hashtags #DOQWeek

  • Be a pal and review and reblog, writers and artists work hard. :)

I think my main problem with Mindfullness and the whole thing there is just.. it’s just too damn positive.
Like, it’s all encouraging and “You can do better and be better!” and my brain just adds the mental :) and it feels.. it feels condescending. Like i feel like i’m back in in school suspension, the one before they used solitary confinement— they put me in a room with other “damaged” children to play with marbles and dolls to teach us how to be people. You got your things taken away till you apologized for picking up a toy out of a box without asking, even if another teacher told you to go get it in the first place, and then they made noises at you if you built a marble track that worked. 
It feels like i’m getting talked at by someone with power over me, telling me to smile and make myself less broken and fucked up so the rest of the whole and normal people can continue on without having to see the blemish on humanity that is myself.

And yeah, that’s not in the paperwork, but my g-d, as someone who was literally locked in little rooms with like a rotation of other kids growing up because the schools would rather hide us away than work with us, called prison filler because i was ‘wrong’ and ‘slow’, and then had everyone and their cousin’s dog that’s humping a lawn ornament call me a waste of blood and bones with the most hospitable face and voice ever, while insisting it was ok because i could be taught to be ok with it– like… the words themselves, the concept– not the problem. 
But they could have worded it differently. 
I read it and it reads like a faux positive post, it read like a “oh bless your heart you absolutely revolting creature, you’re trying to be people” post, it read like i was being talked down to. And very few things piss me off more than being talked down to. 

Not just talked down to, but like.. talked down to about shit i already know how to do and I am point blank being told if i don’t follow the workbook, i stop getting therapy. 
I don’t want therapy because i argue with people over little shit like, favorite soup. I’m not out here having panic attacks when someone eats eggdrop or tomato. I’m not demanding a duel every time i walk into a chinese place. I want to know how to avoid pissing off my 6′7″ father who could literally kill me, or my mother who is probably going to be my care taker for a long ass time, or how to be able to have a better relationship with my brother, and how to handle my brain being a trash heap held together with spite and ducttape. 

But like the way it’s written, it’s just….. it sounds like a condescending “if you haven’t already thought about this, you’re an idiot but i GUESS we can help you” and i just. Along with the feeling of being forced to give up personal power it just….. nn

I don’t fucking like it. I know how to breathe, can we move on
Three Steps To Get Up To Speed On Any Subject Quickly – Psychology of Stuff
You have just a few days to learn everything there is to know about a subject you know nothing about. Now what?
By Nir Eyal

I’ve been doing this one with the calculus in my machine learning class, just going through each part of the equation or code and writing out in words what it does, and it really helps: 

Write out everything you know about the subject as if you were teaching it to someone else. Not your smart friend but rather a toddler. This may sound silly, but this part is incredibly important and has worked wonders for me learning new things.

But the tips on how to fucking google shit and actually learn from it are also invaluable. Tumblr users may be surprised to know that you can actually look things up on google, and find information that can contradict the assumptions your own brain has leapt to on its own!

Flowey/Chara Intro Parallels

Anyone else get the feeling that there are some interesting parallels between Flowey’s introduction and Chara’s introduction? 

* Howdy!

Thank you.
Your power awakened me from death.
My “human soul.”
My “determination.”
They were not mine, but YOURS.

The introduction begins with the kids borrowing the vocal quirk of one of the Dreemurr parents and telling Frisk their ‘name,’ explaining some small part of their nature to Frisk.

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The believer never gets tired of goodness.
Someone asked Imam Shafi’, "How do you have impeccable character?” He replied, “I always listen to my detractors and take to heart what they said and then work to remove their criticisms. I took everyone I ever met as a teacher. Either he was better than me and I learned things to improve myself or he was worse than me and I learned things to avoid.” (Paraphrased)
So everyone can teach you something.“
From "A Path to God
—  Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

Artist Deb Stoner creates still lifes teeming with magnified flora and fauna. This beautiful photo features the colorful “porcupine tomato” (Solanum pyracanthos) with its fierce orange spikes.

“Photographing in this way has slowed me down, and caused me to think about the seasons, how things are impacted by the length of the day, the hours of sunlight, the size of the shadows from the trees. These experiences are exciting to me because they’re not things I’m learning from a book or the Internet or from someone else’s teaching: They’re simple observations that occur because I’m interacting with nature on the level of beauty and curiosity." 

—Deb discussing her work on #GettyInspired

The signs as things I've heard in my grade 12 drama class
  • Aries: "KRAKATUK!!!!!"
  • Taurus: "Someone acknowledge my golf club!"
  • Gemini: *gets called to the office* "You know why? It's cuz some psycho chick tried to fight me"
  • Cancer: "Teach this nigga how to dance"
  • Leo: (to Virgo) "Stop I'm going to get a splinter!"
  • Virgo: (to Leo) "Well maybe you should be wearing SHOES!"
  • Libra: "And for some reason I have JOHN CEEEEENA written down here, so yeah."
  • Scorpio: "Salad is always better than work."
  • Sagittarius: (whole class in unison) "WHAT ARE THOOOOOOSE?!"
  • Capricorn: "Ms. D ate my Goldfish! Our TEACHER ate my Goldfish!"
  • Aquarius: *five straight minutes of angry grunting*
  • Pisces: "Harry Potter is relevant at any time of day!"

Dear A, 

Maybe it wasn’t meant to work out. Maybe it was poor timing. Maybe we both needed to grow up. But you were my first love, and I’ll always love you. Maybe one day we can meet again and things will fall into place. But for now, thank you for teaching me how strong I could be after losing someone that meant so much to me. 

You’ll be in my heart, 

Why I like marvel

It would be nice if you read it

Hi guys this will be my last post……… for today don’t worry hahaha and is explaining why i like marvel, is not just because of superheroes (that I love), I know that a lot of people don’t see the value of comics or superheroes movies or things like that but I will try to you understand or be agree with me in this: is not just silly people following superheroes is so much more than that, marvel has teach us about science and change, they teach us that you can become something else no matter who you are, if you’re good or bad, smart or fool or whatever you can always change or just help someone else. I was thinking how said thanks to all the people who work in that because they really want that we learn something, and is there I noticing how this stories (and that’s why I love marvel) have a human side, the heroes are not perfect they have problems defects and fights with themselves but they still fight for something bigger: help other people. Other thing that I want to rescue in all marvel universe is the fact of science, they incites people to know more about science and how you can make awesome things with that, a few minutes ago someone said me that he or she find the inspiration to be an engineer because of a marvel character, and then I realize that is much more than just stories, that stories impulse us to want be more smart, helpfull, to be much more, they show to us the dilemmas of the world and the problems that we deal with, so if you hate comics of superheroes movies look beyond of all superhero thing; they are dealing with real stuffs for instance tony stark he “sell dead” but change and he see that can do something else, or captain america he was the typical loser but he has a good man and because of that he has a chance, or the x men and their fight for the acceptance and with them a lot of other examples I just want to show you how this stories can influence us to become great scientists, good people and people who cares about justice and the fact gets better when you realize that a lot of kids read this stuffs and dream with save the world and become their own superheroes. 

Sorry if I have grammar mistakes I talk spanish originally and my english is not 100% perfect so you know

Thank you for read xx


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