someone teach me how to shade

soo.. me and @hakimirektman were talking about some car stuff and this happened. skye owned a nissan skyline i guess. want to see the car only? click keep reading below

yes that is not a typo (the plate) also this is my first time drawing cars woohoo

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The Teachers AU

so this is an Au developed by the Nutmobile chat and I would love if they’d add onto this post

-Dolokhov is a math teacher who’s super depressing and funny and people either love him or hate him as a teacher and he’s also super fuckin passive aggressive in his lessons like “so if Pie- Peter, if PETER took up 4/13 of the break room fridge with his technically illegal alcohol…”

-Helene is the PE teacher and she’s savage AF and RIPPED and every student who’s attracted to women has had a crush on her at some point

-Marya is the librarian who’s “secretly” dating Helene (even though everyone knows that they’re together) and she runs a D&D campaign and loves nerdy stuff and will SCREAM at you if you rip a book

-Natasha teaches Art and she’s the Chill Teacher who lets kids listen to music and has really very few rules but people respect her. there’s tons of speculations about her love life tho like: “ooh Ms. Rostova looked at Mr. Bolkonsky in the break room today!” “Which Rostova?” “The art teacher!” “ooh, Ms. R accidentally touched Pierre’s hand today, they’re totally in love!” “I saw that Ms. Rostova got a text from Andrei! They’re getting “coffee” after school ;)“
and at the end of the year someone asks her "all right, Natasha, I’m probably never going to see you again- are you dating Andrei, or Pierre?” and she just raises her hand which has 2 rings on it and says “yeah”
and then she goes "and who said you could call me Natasha”

-Mary is the English teacher and every year without fail she introduces herself as “my name is Mary, but call me Ishmael” and if someone laughs at the joke That’s Her New Fav Student and plus she has a unit every year where she teaches the kids about Sappho and Emily Dickinson and Jane Austen and Leo Tolstoy and Lord Byron and how literature is super gay yall and she pushes for it to become an elective
She also has a Strange Obsession with Arabian Nights and Edgar Allen Poe’s short stories and can quote some of them from memory (wink wonk I wonder which ones)
she also has 50 shades of grey in her classroom and whenever someone notices she blushes like a tomateo

-Sonya teaches music and she and Mary are married and always going into each other’s classrooms during their free periods to flirt with each other and also there are rumors that Sonya has a treble clef tattooed on her ankle and she does but she only shows it to the members of Honors Band
Mary loves Moby Dick more than a reasonable person should and Sonya teases her about this
And one time for April Fools Mary just hides in the music closet and whenever Sonya gets the band to finally stop talking and start playing she SCREAMS and everyone keeps stopping and looking around and going “WHO THE FUCK IS THAT”

-Balaga is the bus driver but also sometimes subs for classes. Everyone loves him and he’s occasionally high in class.

-Anatole teaches Home Ec and Health and Theater and random humanities and everyone makes fun of his fashion sense and wonders about him and Natasha and he has an Anonymous Question Box in health but he has to stop using it because every single one of the questions is either “do you have a foot fetish” (he will, of course, SCREAM at the class because that is NOT APPROPRIATE FOR SCHOOL), “are u crushing on Ms. Rostova (the straight one)”, or “what is a vulva”

-Pierre is the sad history teacher and he has all these weird conspiracy theories and he tries his best not to let them bleed into his teaching but he fails especially when they learn about Napoleon

-one time pierre was talking about Napoleon and writing on the blackboard and he just fuckin crushed the chalk in his hand

-Pierre throws stuff at stuff all the time like desks and chairs when someone can’t open their locker he’ll go “Helene get the plank”

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When you straighten Pennys hair

  • He pretends to be mad at you but you’re just so cute asdfghjkl
  • He wont stop touching his hair ffs
  • it’s so FLUFFY
  • This is my first time digitally drawing Pennyboy
  •  I know this a bit different from how others draw him so I’m very sorry if it looks terrible.
  •  I draw him more pastel like colors because I have a hard time only using a few shades of grey and/or brown.
  •  Feel free to send requests anonymously, i’ll try to make time out of my day to get to them. 
  • yes ik my watermark looks terrible, *sigh*

ice husbands teaching their daughter how to skate
featuring momma!yuuri worrying she’ll fall and hurt herself when tbh she’s a natural at this

someone take pity on my soul and write me a fic pls

anonymous asked:

Hosts reactions to when their small child says they want a younger sibling

This ask is adorable omg i had so much fun writing it! ^_^ I hope you like it, lil birdie <3 

Tamaki: Would be glowing with joy!
“_____! ______-chan! Look okok, now tell mommy what you said!”
“I found a bug?”
“No not that! The other thing!”
“I tied my shoe today by myself?”
“NO! Think family.”
“Ooh! Mommy, I wanna be a big brother!!”
Tamaki would hug his s/o tightly from behind, grinning at finally getting his son to say the magic words.
“So, what do ya say~? Our prince needs a partner in crime!” By seeing how happy the idea made the two men in your life, you couldn’t help but giggle and smile, hugging both of them as they cheered.

Kyoya: Would be a bit hesitant at first, but upon seeing how sincere his kid’s wish was, he wouldn’t be able to disagree.
“Are you sure you’re ready to share everything?” He’d coyly ask, smirking.
“Of course! I learned how to share at school, I’ll  be good at it!”
“And you’re okay with sharing mommy and daddy’s attention?”
“I-I can do that! I’ll share my attention too!”
Kyoya couldn’t help but smile at his child’s determination, pulling them onto his lap, enclosing them with his arms.
“Well okay, how about this? You come help me make a beautiful, yummy dinner for tonight that mommy will love, and then after we give her a foot massage, we’ll ask her, hmm?”
“Ugh! I have to touch feet?!” The kid looked at his hands in disgust. “Mommy better say yes!” Kyoya chuckled at the statement and piggy-backed his child to the kitchen.

Mori: It would start out as a normal day of training for Mori, before his kid came to watch out of curiosity, and asked Mori to teach them.
“Okay I’ll teach you some moves, but you have to promise me you’ll only use them to protect yourself or someone else okay?” 
His kid agreed and he watched them preform amusing kicks and swipes on the target dumby.
Mori guided himself and his kid to the shade, sitting them beside him for a much-needed water break.
“So daddy. Now that I know how to protect them, do you think I could have a baby brother or sister now? I’ll do my best I swear! Nothing will ever hurt them!”
Mori’s heart melted by his child’s innocence and sincerity, tucking them into his side with his arm around them.
“I think you’d be a great sibling. Let’s go ask mom.”

Honey: It was movie marathon night, as per usual in this household. Every blanket was moved to the master bedroom to create a nest for the 3 person family. As the movie ended, Honey got up to put the next one in, only to turn around to find his child had climbed onto your lap.
“Awehhh! ___-chan you can’t hog all the cuddles!”
“Then maybe you guys should make another one of me! So you can both cuddle me at the same time! And then I have someone to play with me when you guys are making dinner or something.”
To say the child’s words shocked them was an understatement, they looked at eachother with mouth’s agape, slowly turning into smiles.
“How about we make you a baby sister or brother?” Honey asked more towards you than his kid.
“That’s a great idea!! I can’t wait!” The child threw his arms in the air. 
After seeing you nod at him, Honey couldn’t help himself but be more giddy and cuddly than usual that night.

Hikaru: “GOTCHA!”
Hikaru jumped out from the end of hallway, effectively surprising his kid who was currently running away from the ‘tickle-monsters’. 
“No!!” they screamed, running back the way they came but stopped dead in their tracks as they saw you standing in the other doorway, which happened to be the only exit.
“Hey this is no fair!” The kid pouted and crossed his arms. Hikaru advanced, hands out and fingers wiggling. 
“Oho? And why’s that?”
“Well there’s two of you and only one of me! I need a brother or sister to help me out here!” 
Hikaru stopped in his tracks, straightening and staring at you, who had an unbelievable look on your face. Taking this as their chance, the child ran between your legs and out into the kitchen.
“Do you think-?” Hikaru tried to spit out before running up to you and hugging you. “I’d love another one! What do you think?” 

Kaoru: Kaoru left you to take your pre-bed bath and walked too your child’s room, ready to put them to bed.
“Daddy, I have an idea.”
“And what would that be?” He said as he sat on the side of the bed, stroking his child’s hair. 
“Well, I read this story today about these siblings that played all sorts of games together! And Uncle Hikaru always tells me stories about how you and him got into all kinds of trouble together, and I was wondering if you could tell me a story tonight of if I had a sibling too?”
Kaoru couldn’t help but beam at his child, heart swelling bigger in his chest by the second. He layed down beside his child before telling his story of them and their sibling, to which his kid giggled and layed in awe at the thought of it. 
Getting up slowly, he kissed his child on the forehead and padded back to his shared room with you, still smiling as he cuddled you the whole night and relayed the story in hopes you would get the hint and agree. of course you did pfft.

Haruhi: She picked up her kid from the playdate that was scheduled with a friend from school and brought them back home, fixing up a light snack.
“Did you have fun today?” She asked, sitting beside them on the ground as they shared the cookies.
“Mhmm! And guess what?!”
“They had a baby sister! She was so cute! And we played dress up with her and tried to teach her some new words!”
“Wow that sounds really exciting!” Haruhi smiled as her partner walked in the room, taking a seat behind both of them, legs laying on the ground on either side of them.
“It was!” The child exclaimed before swallowing the rest of her cookie. “So mommy, daddy. Do you think it’s okay if we get a baby sister? Even if its a brother, its okay!” 
Haruhi reached to hold the hand that was placed on her shoulder, not able to stop the smile from spreading on her face.
“I think we can do that.”


Someone asked me how I do shading, so I put together a little tutorial. Huge shoutout to @vivziepop and her streams for teaching me to do things in art I was never capable of doing, ESPECIALLY shading!

Anyway, this is just something I do, and not exactly “the right way to do it”. All artists have their way of doing things and some learn form others. Plus I don’t believe in the “there’s only one way to do this art thing” rule. So before you yell, scream, bang your fists on the table and raise your pitchforks as this abomination of a tutorial I made, feel free to either give me your two cents on shading or keep on doing what you feel is best for your work. I’m not trying to give out inaccurate advice, I’m just stating what I do in my own art process.

Really the biggest thing I’ve learned when it comes to shading is figuring out where the light is coming from. Hair is probably the hardest for me to shade, but I’m getting much better at it.

Golden Smiles

3422 words

Based on the Imagine : “Imagine watching Eomer teach your son how to ride a horse for the first time” on Imaginexhobbit

The sun had only just risen, yet the hustle and bustle of the horse had already begun. King Eomer lay calm in his large bed, his eyes remained closed and his body was still expect for the rhythmic movements of his chest rising and falling in time with the expanding and condensing of his lungs as he breathed, and the lazy motions of his right hand as it strokes up and down the smooth and naked expanse of his wife’s back. The couple enjoyed the rest and relaxation they were reveling in. Most days, they unwillingly met consciousness and work much earlier than the sun took it’s shift in the sky, but it was one of the rare days the couple could enjoy some peace and quiet slumber. There were no meeting to attend as all had been pushed back till the following day . The land was at peace- and on the off chance hell was to be raised today, the queen all but threatened the Rohirrim not to bother them unless there was no other option. Eomer lie in the content silence of the warm chamber, letting the sunlight that filtered through the high windows warm his broad chest and shoulders as he relaxed. It was nice to not feel the weight of the world on his shoulders, and to feel the sun instead. Even if it was only for a day, he would enjoy his hobbit sized vacation from the stress and work. The couple would spend the rest of the morning relaxing and resting in bed- unless his wife awoke and decided that resting and relaxing was not the in bed activity she wanted to participate in- and that was as far as Eomer had planned. After lunch, he would plan the rest of his day, but until then he adjusted in the bed to find the perfect position to laze in. He pushed the sheet down to reveal the slightest bit more of his torso to the lustrous light and adjusted the fluffy pillows to cushion him perfectly.

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Dear Future Child

long post, got carried away, too lazy to proof-read it.

01 – I will let you dye your hair crazy colors, as long as you clean up the sink and tub after you’re done. Also, I will buy your hair dye because no, I’m not letting you use cheap, old dye you bought at the dollar store. Ask me for crappy towels. Put vaseline on your ears and forehead, trust me. And if you stain the bathroom counter, perfume will remove the damage.
02 – You will work for at least 3 weeks in retail or in a restaurant. You will hate me for this but you will realize that people need to be treated with respect and there is no better way for that than experiencing rude-ass clients whilst working at minimum wage during the summer break.
03 – No matter your gender, I will teach you how to clean and cook. I will also teach you how to change a tire and how to check for oil and how to put snow chains on.
04 – I will listen to you when it comes to decorating your room but you’ll have to make sure that common areas are free of your crap. Also, I want to see the floor of your room. And if I ever find rotting food in your stuff, I swear I’ll make you empty the entire content of your room just to be sure.
05 – If you ever need a ride because you are drunk or one of your friend is, you can call me. I don’t care if it’s 5 am. I won’t lecture you and there won’t be consequences. Just call me, don’t drink and drive, don’t get into a car with someone who is drunk.
06 – I will teach you about consent. I will teach you about respecting other people’s boundaries but I will also teach you about being very clear with what you are confortable with.
07 – If I ever hear you body-shame or slut-shame someone, you will be in trouble. Same goes if I find out you are bullying someone.
08 – I won’t let anyone scare you into behaving. We will run on mutual respect and communication. I won’t let grandpa bully you. You will be allowed to be a sarcastic little shit if he’s ever rude to you like he was to me.
09 – I will buy you makeup if you want to wear makeup. Don’t buy crappy stuff to apply once at school, there’s a reason it’s cheap and you don’t want that on your face. Also, talk to me, I can teach you how to actually cover acne and no, caking on foundation does not work. Also, shade matching is important. And blend that neck line.
10 – Do not touch your eyebrows. Ask me and I’ll take you to a salon so you can get them waxed if you want. Don’t buy crappy rasors for your legs, it will end in scars. Hair don’t grow back thicker when you shave, that’s a myth but scars do stay. Again, talk to me.
11 – I will not judge you on your sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, sex life or lack thereof ( as long as you are being safe and responsible. Protection. Consent. Emotional stability for both ( or more ) people involved. Also if you are cheating on someone, I will let you know that I’m not okay with it. Polyamory and being a two-timing-liar are very different. )
12 – I will stand for you if a teacher is bullying you, being blatantly sexist, homophobic, racist, so on and so forth.
13 – I will stand with you if you are standing up for one of your friends for the same reasons.
14 – I won’t preach my political beliefs to you but I will answer your questions. I will teach you about racism and homophobia and hate in general.
15 – If there is someone in the family or in my group of friends that makes you feel inconfortable, just know that you can say it. You will always come first.
16 – As long as you’re doing the best you can in school and you’re being safe and responsible, I will treat you like an adult.
17 – If you feel like you need to see a therapist, I will let you do that, no questions asked.
18 – If you feel like you need a mental health day, it is an option.
19 – I won’t force you to eat things you don’t like but you’ll have to try everything at least once ( twice for things that can be cooked differently ).
20 – I won’t make you feel like your feelings aren’t valid. I won’t call your first love ‘shallow’. I will remember what it’s like to be 16. This is your whole world, of course that fight with your friend is important to you.
21 – I will let you play the music you like in the car and I won’t call it stupid or boring or shitty.
22 – I won’t tell you have bad tastes. I will listen to you talk about the things you like and I will give it a shot.
23 – You will learn multiple languages. You will speak French and English and at least study another language of your chosing.
24 – I would like for you to learn an instrument or take singing lesson. Or acting. Or any kind of performing art.
25 – If you are into any sorts of activities, I will take you to shows and competitions without complaining, even if that means waking up at 6 am on a sunday to go and watch you ride a pony for  two minutes.
26 – If you start smoking, just say it instead of trying to hide it. I will be more upset if I find a lighter in your pocket while doing laundry than if you just tell me. Know that I won’t like it and will ask you to consider stoping but I won’t ground you ( unless you’re younger than 15 when this happens ).
27 – If you need birth control of any type of contraceptive, you can talk to me.
28 – If you want to be vegeterian, vegan or anything like that, I will let you do that, as long as you are eating enough and getting all the nutrients you need. Also, I will shut up family members asking “but are you getting enough proteins?” if you decide to go vegan. If I’m vegan or vegetarian by then, I will not force you into the same lifestyle, only ask you to maybe consider it.
29 – I’m okay with you getting piercings as long as you take care of them and get them done in a place I approve of. You will have to wait until you are 18 for tattoos and gauges, though.
30 – I will listen to you if you tell me that everybody else in your class flunked the test. I will not make you feel like you’re on deathrow if you flunk a few tests, either.
31 – If you feel like you have religious needs, I won’t brush them off.
32 – I will love you, unconditionnaly and I will let you know that you are important and valued.

HAPPY KUROTSUKI DAY ♡ 1/11 → Matching couple outfits

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