someone teach me how to not miss them


Well yeah, Wendy would be the least suspected one of the bunch, that’s for sure

I swear I’m never wasting so much time on stupid comics again. Out of all the asks I could’ve used, I chose this one. Someone shoot me please .+:。(ノ・ω・’ )ノ゙


how do you expect anyone to suspect her

So… I have a situation going on…. my elementary school mates decided to organise a meeting — all cool till then. The thing is someone suggested to do it at a Bowling alley and turns out I don’t even know how to bowl, is that even a word? So far my options are to either impress them with my dance moves (which on instagram I’ve already proved to be hilarious), declare myself ill or insane, and my last option is to find someone to teach me, any volunteers or at least opinions?