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The Joker x Reader - “The Twins”

The Joker was the one that started calling you “The Twins”; first as a joke, just to tease you and Frost, but then it became the nickname that defined your relationship in Gotham’s underworld and not only. You are inseparable and heavens help the person trying to hurt either one of you because it won’t end up well.

“I wonder what happened here,” J grins, slowly walking around and kicking the bloody corpses on the floor with the tip of his shoe. “Good thing we didn’t come to the meeting, huh Frost?” he addresses the henchman walking by his side.

“Yes, sir. I’m glad you didn’t trust the location, something definitely went down.” Jonny stops in his tracks, noticing a faint movement from one of the bodies right in front of him. “Boss, I think someone is still alive,” he makes The Joker aware, hovering over to take a better look.

You open your eyes, barely being able to focus on the face floating on top of you. It hurts all over.

“Move it, Frost! We’re not on a rescue mission here,” J orders, passing by and continuing to head towards the exit.

Jonny wants to step away but you gather all your strength and grab his leg, wheezing:

“Don’t…don’t leave me…here.”

“What the hell, Frost?! I said let’s go!!!!” J turns around and gets annoyed seeing Jonny in the same spot.

“Don’t…leave…me…here…p-please…” you whisper and lose consciousness, your hand going limp in the pool of blood next to you.

“Oh my God, seriously?!” The Joker cracks his neck, rolling his eyes when he notices his henchman ignoring the instruction. “Everyone, I SAID OUT! Clear the place in 5!” he barks at all the other goons and walks out of the warehouse because he has better things to do than dealing with whatever the hell happened inside that building.

He goes to the front of one of the vans they came with, impatient to drive away and getting ready to create some chaos around Gotham tonight.

“Are you deaf?! Put her down!” J yells at Frost when he notices you in his arms while he struggles to get in the back of the car.

“I know who she is, sir; I thought she looked familiar.”

“I don’t care, drop her or I’ll blow your brains out!”

“It’s Y/N, Mister J, the one we use for our code red,” Frost continues at his own risk, hoping to make his boss change his mind, already pulling your body inside.

“The sniper?!” he suddenly asks, intrigued by the situation. He never saw you before in person, he just hires your services when he needs someone killed and it’s too risky to do it himself. Frost briefly met you a few times before because he is the main one dealing with his boss’s business.

“Yes, sir, her. If she doesn’t die, we can use her again, you know she never misses,” Jonny bluffs, not really knowing why he feels the urge to save you.

“I couldn’t care less if she lives or die, we can find someone else. But since…” and J starts talking louder, irritated,” …you apparently have her in the van, we’ll take her with us. You’re pissing me off!!!!” he growls, adjusting his body in the seat, trying not to explode; if Frost wasn’t so useful he would be dead by now for insubordination.

Jonny doesn’t answer since he is already walking on very, very thin ice…again.


“Relax, woman, I’m not here to kill you,” J smirks, watching you stumble to the far side of the bedroom in your tank top and shorts, looking for something to defend yourself with. You were completely out for the last 2 days, you just woke up and saw The Clown Prince of Crime himself staring you down and panicked. “Are you looking for this?” he balances your gun on his finger, letting it drop on your pillow. “Here, you can have it back. It’s not loaded, of course,” he admits.

“W-where am I , Mister J?” you pant, recognizing your famous employer and holding your side, feeling the fresh wound bleeding through the bandages. You have 4 more gun wounds in your body but you are well patched up.

“So you’re Y/N, hm?” he puckers his lips, not answering your question. “Hey, Frosty, your girlfriend’s awake!!!” he opens the door, calling out for him. Then he turns towards you again, gazing at the blood leaking through your fingers from that nasty lesion you try to cover. “You’d better hurry up before she passes out!” J chuckles, observing you strain to keep your balance.

Your vision is getting cloudy but you still spot the man that saved you, aware of whom he is:

“…Jonny Frost,” you kind of smile, collapsing on your knees.

“Go help her, knight in shining armor,” The Joker maliciously commands,” …before she bleeds all over my Goddamn carpet!”


Something definitely clicked right with the two of you. You never really spoke before or spent more than a few minutes together, but that changed once Frost decided to save you that day and take care of you until you got better. The King of Gotham kept you in his service when he found out you have more skills than he thought; he certainly needs experienced people around him. As the months went by, you proved your worth on numerous occasions and now you are one of the two personal bodyguards Mister J has. Yes, you and Frost are assigned the important task of keeping an eye on him all the time, even two when you can spare them.

The Joker was the one that started calling you “The Twins”; first as a joke, just to tease you two, but then it became the nickname that defined your relationship in Gotham’s underworld and not only. You are inseparable and heavens help the person trying to hurt either one of you because it won’t end up well.

From time to time your boss likes to be sassy and complain (actually, he is always sassy and complains):

“If you two are half loyal to me as you are two each other, I think I’ve hit the jackpot here, yes?” he sucks on his silver teeth, waiting for a reply but you are quiet. Great, he is in one of his moods again.

J looks at you and taps his cane on the marble table, continuing:

“Is it true love?” he taunts, licking his lips.

“Huh?” you ask, confused.

“IS. IT. TRUE.LOVE?”  he repeats, not letting go. Mister J can be sooo obnoxious, doesn’t have a reputation for nothing.

“Might as well be,” you reply without blinking in a feisty tone since you are a bit annoyed, hoping he won’t distinguish it with the laud background music in the club. You are lucky he didn’t.

“Did the idiot even kiss you yet?” and that evil sparkle in his blue eyes makes you answer in a heartbeat:

“It’s not like that, sir!”

“Is he blind to your, um… charms?”  He sure likes to push it, knowing there is nothing you can do about it.

Would you stop it? you think, not in the mood for his interrogation.

“Like I said, it’s not like that, sir.”

“Did he ever try to kiss you?”

Really?! Just drop it!

“No, because I am sure he doesn’t want a black eye!” you mumble, still calm since you have no option.

“Oh, your Twin is here,” The Joker puts his feet up on the table, amused to death when Jonny steps inside the VIP room. “Y/N here tells me you never tried to kiss her, Jonny boy. True or false?”

One look at your face and Frost knows: Fuck, he’s in one of his moods again!

“True; I don’t want a black eye, sir.” The swift, cheeky response makes your boss laugh with that insane, cracked, raspy voice that doesn’t make you cringe anymore, but it used to.

“I’ll be damn, you even read each other’s minds! It is true love,” he gasps, entertained to antagonize you. “How old are you, Doll?”

Why does he want to know this now?!

“37 sir.”

“Frosty too! You are indeed twins; it was meant to be,” he winks at both of you, snickering.

“Jonny’s 39, sir!” you cut his enthusiasm, pissed and fighting to conceal it.

“My, my, my, pardon me. Since I am not the one you guys share your secrets with, I only know bits and pieces,” J ironically scoffs, not happy at your correction. “Guess what, I have an assignment for you,” he switches gears and it’s so like him to do so.


The mission was a fiasco because the explosives went off sooner than expected and Frost got injured, prompting you to abandon the plan and return to the hideout, facing a very dissatisfied Joker.

Your boss is livid and charges towards you, wanting to probably hit you, but Jonny steps in front of you. Even if he’s covered in cuts and bruises, he won’t stay idle at his boss’s lashing.

“Step aside!” he hisses through his clenched jaw, unnerved his henchman dares to stay in his way.

“It wasn’t her fault,” Frost insists and you pull on his jacket, signaling him to cut it out.

“Who’s fault was it then, hm?  I wanted those guns and now I don’t have them. Who’s responsible? I sent The Twins to deal with it!” he fumes, pointing at you.

“It was a mistake, Mister J, it won’t happen again,” you walk from behind your friend, speaking up. “We’ll be more careful.”

“You better be or I’ll finish you both myself!” he threatens, storming out of the office, slamming the door so hard one of the glass ornaments on the wall falls down, shattering to pieces.

“Jerk!” you mumble, placing Frost’s hand around your neck so he can lean on you. “Let’s take you to your room, I need to take care of your injuries.”


You are afraid your boss will retaliate and you decide to sleep in Jonny’s bedroom at the hideout, guarding him all night after he passed out, exhausted from the crappy day and pain medications.

In early morning J sneaks inside because he needs the map that Frost keeps on his desk (he never cares for privacy) and realizes you are curled up in bed by your best friend with a gun in your right hand and a knife in the other, finally asleep also. That irks him.

Do they really think they could protect themselves if I really wanted to kill them?! He tils his head to the side, rolling the paper he came for. He hears the gun click behind him and he doesn’t turn around for a few seconds.
“I wouldn’t do that, Y/N,” he sighs and faces you, watching you lower the gun with a wild expression on your face. “You are fortunate I need my Twins, but you are NOT irreplaceable, got it?” he sniffles, surprising you by leaving without further action.

“What was that?” Frost mumbles, barely opening one eye.

“Nothing, go back to sleep, I got you.” He does as told, knowing you mean it; he wouldn’t really trust anybody else with his safety.


A few more months pass by and after numerous missions you finally have time to relax for the night. You plan to use the indoor pool like you always do when there is nobody left at the hideout. You like to go swim naked and enjoy the solitude for a few hours. You wouldn’t know, but a few times you thought you were the only one left there, The Joker was actually present, hidden by darkness, watching you float in the water, humming songs to yourself. He wasn’t necessarily spying on you, but since only the dim lights from the pool were on and you didn’t see him, he decided not to say anything. It wasn’t a bad view anyway.

You walk the long hallway without your clothes on, playing with your long hair, anticipating the nice time you will have. Your Twin was sent to deal with a few new possible business partners and probably will be gone for the rest of the night. You are deep in thought and almost at the edge of the pool when you finally snatch a towel and stop, disappointed:

“Oh,” escapes your lips when you see J inside the pool, resting his chin on the crossed arms he placed on the tiles reel, analyzing you. “Um, I didn’t know you’re here, sir.”

“So what if I am? This is my hideout. What, are you gonna be shy now and bail?” he mocks you, ready to have some fun on your expense since you seat there naked and vulnerable. Yeah, no, he doesn’t really know you.

“I’m never shy!” you drop the towel closer to the edge, getting in the water and swimming right in front of him.

“That’s good, I would hate for you to miss on the fun because of me,” he still tries to make you uncomfortable without succeeding.

“No worries, I’m not,” you get even closer to prove you don’t care you’re there both…naked, apparently. And you really don’t care.

“Say Doll,” and he takes your arms, wrapping them around his neck and keeping them there, really wanting to ridicule you but you have no weird reaction: you don’t try to flee or avert your eyes. “How come you don’t talk to me too much? I’m your boss.”

“You never ask me anything, Mister J,” you tell the truth, not intimidated by his enquiry.

“What’s your favorite color?” The Joker randomly asks, truly desiring to fluster you. Yeah, he wishes. Maybe if he would have taken the time to talk to you more like Frost does, he would know you better.

“Red,” you fastly reply, curious to see where this is leading.

“No, it’s green,” he scoffs.

“Red!” you narrow your eyes.

“It’s green!” he points out with one finger towards his hair.

“Red!” you insist, pointing at your bright red hair.

“You’re annoying, Y/N. I like you better when you don’t say anything.”

You smile but The Joker continues:

“So, who is your favorite person among all these fine people working in our little enterprise here, hm?”

“Frost!” you declare without hesitation and he bites his lip.

“No, it’s me, I’m the boss and everyone’s favorite.”

“It’s Frost, sir,” you reply, persistent in your stubbornness. Why does he think he can make you agree with everything he says?!




“It’s Frost,” you start to laugh when he pushes you away.

“Get out of my pool!” he grumbles, watching you swim away and obeying his request.

You get out and take your towel, stepping away.

“Who’s your favorite, Y/N?” he tries one more time, not wanting to admit things didn’t go according to his little scheme.

“FROST!” you answer over your shoulder.

“You’re fired!” he splashes the water around, starting to float .

“No, I’m not, you need your Twins, Mister J!”

“FIRED!”  and you let him have the last word because you don’t want to push it too much.


After half a year or so, your best friend almost got killed because of Mister J. Your boss sent him on a wild goose chase inside Arkham Asylum- he strongly believed they have some new secret rooms built in the basement and he needed to know for sure. Jonny and the other boys didn’t find anything but it was rough as hell to get out of there alive. You weren’t allowed to go on this mission because J “wanted to protect you”, whatever that means in his mind, and it deeply disturbed you when you almost lost your Twin.

** You tiptoe on the dark corridor, undressed because you want to go for a swim, when you change your mind and run back to your room, grabbing your knife and creeping in J’s quarters. It’s only you and him at the hideout. You left Frost at his apartment after the ordeal last night; he definitely needs to rest properly following sweep-the - place-for-nothing Arkham stupid task.

The Joker is a light sleeper so he senses your movement, distinguishing your shape in the blackness as soon as he opens his eyes. He hears you whimper.

“What’s wrong, Y/N? Did something happen?” he lifts his head from the pillow and you don’t reply, you just step on the bed, dropping on top of him, panting. He gets the wrong idea when he realizes you’re naked. “Where were you last night, hm? You never showed up! Nobody makes me wait, Princess, not even one of The Twins,” he purrs, sliding his hands down your waist.

“I waited for Jonny,” you whisper and he doesn’t have time to react when the sharp blade pierces the pillow, barely grazing his cheek without cutting it. He didn’t notice it. “If he gets murdered because of you, better make sure I’m dead too because I will kill you!!!”

“Are you kidding me?!” he slaps your side, grunting under your weight when you unexpectedly pin his hands above his head, upset and not giving a damn about the consequences. “Don’t make me mad, Doll,” he menaces, not knowing if he wants to grant your dying wish yet. “Let go, NOW!”

He senses the tears falling on his chest and you release him, ready for his reaction, whatever it may be; you just couldn’t help it.

But he doesn’t do anything; he seats under your body in complete silence and so do you. The Joker finally pulls the knife out of his pillow and takes it to your throat, nipping your skin and you don’t defend yourself at all, even if you are capable to do so.

“Don’t ever do shit like this again, do you hear me?” he grinds his silver teeth, really feeling pissed. You could have easily ended him and he didn’t see it coming, that’s what’s aggravating him the most. “DO. YOU. HEAR. ME?” he emphasizes the words, cutting your flesh a bit more.

“Yes, I hear you,” you move your head backwards, distancing a notch from the blade.

“I told you before: I need my Twins, but you are not irreplaceable, woman!” He tosses the knife on the floor and you get up, gulping, wanting to go when he stops you. “I didn’t say you can leave!”

“I don’t want to be here anymore,” you admit, holding your throat, feeling warm blood on your fingers.

“I don’t care, you’re the one that came in the first place!” J snaps at you, yanking your fingers away from your cut. “Let me see,” he leans over and turns on the lamp, inspecting the wound he inflicted on you. “You’ll live, no worries, doesn’t look that bad.” He wipes the blood, then cleans his hands on the sheet. “And stop crying, your Twin is fine! Sometimes I wonder if you’re his girl or mine. After tonight’s events, I really don’t know which is which,” he grouchily moves you off him, and you slide on your knees, reaching for a tissue that you use to wrap your neck with for a few seconds before changing it with a clean one.  

“I said you can’t leave!” J keeps you on the bed when you try to get up again. “You have to make it up to me; I didn’t kill you so you owe me!”

“I didn’t kill you either so we’re even,” you defy him, covering your breasts with your long hair, taking another tissue out of the box. He moves your hair away, switching his position to a more comfortable one closer to you.

“Don’t tell me you’re suddenly shy!” he points out, gesturing you to come by him.

“I’m never shy,” you reply, already in a bad mood and startled after all that happened in the last couple of days.

“Keep it that way,” he snarls when you cuddle next to him, looking at each other with a mixture of hate, relief and who knows what else. “Here, I’ll hold it,” he offers to keep the tissue in place and his fingers go around your neck:

“I could break it right now!”

“Jonny will avenge me,” you calmly answer, confident he really would.

“You damn Twins, I created a monster,” he pecs on your lips, tightening his grip but not strong enough to make you choke.

It’s true love,” you repeat what he always teases you and Frost with, closing your eyes.

“Probably, I’m starting to get jealous,” he whispers, shrieking the words.

“Don’t be, Mister J, The Clown Prince of Crime can’t afford that,” you place your head on his chest with his fingers still clenched on the tissue around your neck.

“Stop being sassy, Y/N, or Frost will have to try and revenge your death in the morning!”

“Yes, sir…” you agree, smiling to yourself, not being afraid of his threats. Your Twin will always have your back.

It really must be true love.

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Shownu: You weren´t really good at expresing your feelings and Shownu knew that, so when you both layed down in bed to sleep, he was really surprise that you would start talking about how you felt, but at the same time he felt really grateful that you trusted him.

¨Just, remember that you can tell me everything, i´m here for you¨

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Wonho: you have been having a really hard time with your family by the fact that they didn´t accept your dreams, and you have been keeping everything inside till, Wonho noticed you looked sad and asked you how you felt, You would end up telling him everything that has been going on, He would look at you while you talk, he was upset by the fact that you were having such a hard time and he didn’t noticed before.

¨when you feel like you might explode, Don´t wait till that happens and come talk to me, I love you¨

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Minhyuk: Minhyuk would noticed immediately when you weren´t feeling well, you were a college student so it was too much stress inside someone, and that made you be in a bad mood most of the time, so when you where laying in bed with a thick book, studying, Minhyuk came and layed down next to you and took the book out of you hands, he wanted to know what was causing you being in a bad mood all the time.

¨You know, as your boyfriend, I´m here to take care of you, so from now on, I’m going to help you stuying¨

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Kihyun: Work, work, work and more work, you couldn´t stop working and that drained your energy and Kihyun didn´t like to see you always so tired and without getting enough hours to sleep, so he waited for you to get home really late at night when you layed in bed he wa the one to tell you, that you needed a break, you knew he was right because working all the time wasn´t healthy for you.

¨Lets relax, for now on, i will take care of you¨

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Hyungwon: Most of the time you were the one taking care of him, as an idol he would over work himself and you always tried to make sure, he would eat and sleep enough. But as you were taking care of him, you didn´t take care of yourself and by working and being sick, you ended up collapsing and that worried Hyungwon a lot, he felt guilty for not taking care of you, so he layed you in bed.

¨From now on, I’m taking care of you¨

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Joheoon: He noticed the fact that you were acting strage, by not being as happy as you usually were, he thought it was because you were tired with school, but when one night you  were both getting ready to sleep, was there that you told him, you were having problems at school with all the exams and that you even failed one of the important ones, he felt sad becuase you were stressing so much.

¨Don´t worry about it, i will help you study so you pass it next time¨

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I.M: as someone who was mature for his age I.M noticed things faster, so when one night he heard you yelling over the phone, he knew something 

wasn´t right, he didn´t want to ask you right away but wait till you were more calm about it.¨

¨y/n, You know that if you are having problems, you can tell me right?¨

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Reita and Aoi vs shit talkers and snake ass hoes (Rajigaze Jan 13)

Reita: Ring-name, “My feet are so cold I can’t sleep.”

Aoi: I see.

Reita: Welp, looks like you have poor circulation.

Aoi: Yep.

Reita: So this is Anger Mail. “I get really annoyed at people who have bad mouths.”

Aoi: Okay.

Reita: “When people try to talk down to me like they’re better than me, I get mad.” 

Aoi: Yes.

Reita: “At several places where I’ve worked before, I would get mad at things like that and end up getting into arguments with my boss or coworkers, we’d fight, and I’d quit.”

Aoi: Hmmm…

Reita: “I can deal with it for a while, but when it starts to build up I eventually explode. Reita-san, Aoi-san, do you guys ever get pissed out – pissed off omg” (laughs) “At the way someone talks to you?”

(*the idiom in japanese for get pissed off is like ur stomach stands up pls i have no idea what this means but he accidentally said arm instead of stomach)

Aoi: Uhhhhh so what about you?

Reita: (gigglin) What about me? How I feel about people who talk shit?

Aoi: Yeah, I’m pretty bad…at least when I’m working.

Reita: But usually you’re fine? 

Aoi: Well–

Reita: Even if you get asked if you’re sure you didn’t pick up the wrong size twice you’re fine? You wouldn’t be pissed?

(*he is still dragging out this one time when Aoi told a story about a store employee who did that to him with some underwear and it pissed him off bless his heart)

Aoi: Well I mean I wouldn’t get mad.

Reita: (laughs) Okay okay. But if this person ends up getting mad and fighting with their boss, doesn’t that mean they talk shit too? 

Aoi: Hmm…yeah but….I think if you really don’t like them eventually you gotta give em shit.

Reita: Hmm yeah I guess…you’re right…but they say [people] talk like they’re above them….but I mean your boss is technically above you, right? 

Aoi: Well like they say things like, “I want you to work harder for what you’re getting paid,” you know?

Reita: Yeah yeah yeah

Aoi: So I can see how it would sound like they’re talking shit. 

Reita: Ahh yeah yeah

Aoi: Right?

Reita: Yeah…..but like, it says they fought with their boss and coworkers from several places….like the fact that this has happened at many places…it kinda makes me think the problem is actually with this person, you know? 

Aoi: Well, yeah…

Reita: I’m not tryna talk shit but (laughs) 

Aoi: Well I think it would be both people’s fault if they are arguing. 

Reita: Yeah I guess you’re right…you don’t just start arguing from doing nothing. 

Aoi: Yes just like our conversation before. 

Reita: Oh yeah (laughs)

(*In the previous mail Aoi was trying to figure out why his computer was crashing even though he claimed he ‘wasn’t doing anything’ and everyone told him ‘your computer doesn’t crash from doing nothing, you obviously did something’)

Aoi: Yes, there is always a reason.

Reita: Yes.

Aoi: So before you get mad, please take a look at yourself, and reconsider.

Reita: Right. 

Aoi: And if you’re still upset, then you can say something.

Reita: Ah yes. 

Aoi: Yes.

Reita: You’ve become so mature.

Aoi: Yes.

Reita: (laughs) But we don’t really meet people like that [who think they’re above others] in our work, do we? 

Aoi: Yeah I don’t think we do!

Reita: Right? I mean we might in the future but…is there anyone you had a really bad first impression of? 

Aoi: …………no, there isn’t…hmm idk……..there are people who suddenly changed one day though, you know? That’s just the industry we’re in, I guess.

Reita: Yeah, I can see that. 

Aoi: People will do anything to make it…..I’m like, “Wait what? Aren’t we friends???” 

Reita: (laughing) I know, it’s scary, huh!

Aoi: It’s scary! I was like, damn I never wanna become like that. 

Reita: Ahhhh, you know how people say the more famous you get, the more friends you have? But idk, I feel like that’s not true sometimes. 

Aoi: Yeah for sure. 

Reita: When people are super nice to me right off the bat, I’m like…okay something’s up with this person. 

Aoi: Yes yes yes yes.

Reita: Right….well anyway guys, the way you talk really affects how things will go for you, so please be careful.

Class Crush

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Genre: Fluff really fluffy fluff, college au, drabble

Word Count: 1,054

Summary: “How can you come in the wrong class EVERYDAY ? Stop waving at me please people are starting to think we’re dating but I don’t even know your name…” (prompt)

A/N: I was supposed to be doing homework as I wrote this……and also I’m gonna be late for class as I post this because tumblr is the worst and deleted it akhfdkajsdfjkaldf luckily I had it saved somewhere else so you guys can still enjoy it I’m just so bitter now…..

There he was again.

The familiar brown haired boy with the boxy smile was once again in the doorway of the lecture scanning the room for something.

Or, rather someone.

He doesn’t even have this class but ever since the beginning of the semester a few weeks ago he’s been coming here and sitting in on the lecture. How do you know that he doesn’t belong here? Well on the first day after the teacher had walked in and introduced himself the boy that had happened to be sitting beside you at the time, leaned over and asked you what class this was. When you told him his eyes went wide and his eyebrows flew to his hairline. You just knew he was in the wrong class and he did too.

But he didn’t leave.

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❝ That’s why I stayed. ❞

Plot: Jackson has feelings for you and finds out you’re Dracula’s daughter, so he finally confesses his feelings. 

Pairing: JacksonxReader

Words count: 1,9k+

Genre: Vampire!Au / College!Au 

For @ mariekirishima16 and anon (I put two similar request together because the topic was the same), I hope you like it! - M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

He looked out the window, curious by the strange absence of his best friend. Friend for whom he had driven out feelings months before but who couldn’t confess anything. He felt as trapped in a limbo without a way out, remaining at his side and admiring her without being able to do anything.  

They were given an appointment for the eight, but now forty minutes have passed and Jackson began to perceive the concern more and more intensely.  

Y/N had never been a laggard girl, indeed she had always made it clear how much she hated the delay so that her behavior seemed incredibly strange to the blond one.  

“Maybe she had a mishap,” Objected Yugyeom, looking at the friend who became increasingly agitated every second who passed out. He leaned his phone on the table and gently squeezed Jackson’s shoulder, trying to distract him in some way. “Jackson, she might have been detained in class, calm down.”  

“Huh” Jackson mumbled in a winding wire, catching his phone from his pocket; “She would have warned, Yugyeommie”  

The youngest sighed heavily and shaking his head decided to give up, returning to focus his attention on the game of the mobile.  

“It’s always weird Y/N, you shouldn’t be surprised by that so much” Yugyeom pointed out, without raising his gaze from the bright screen, making Jackson want to pull a punch at him in that instant. No one had to afford to call “weirdo” to the girl he liked, rather to his best friend.  

It was thus that he abandoned the youngest, who tried to recall him repeatedly without success, leaving the coffee shop where they were given appointment to study.  

-Y/N, did you forget about our date?  

-Why don’t you answer?-  

-You’re all right, aren’t you? -  

-Jackson’s coming to save you!-

After frantically typing those messages, which she didn’t read, he walked fast to the dormitory where she lived.  

It had to be something happened if she had disappeared that way and he could no longer think lucidly, too worried and anxious.  

It was not that kind of person, he hardly panicked even if he screamed for the smaller things seeming cowardly, but when the speech fell on Y/N, Jackson Wang completely lost consciousness of himself.  

After twenty minutes and a running that had taken his breath, he arrived in front of her room and was on the verge of knocking when two voices inside the room made him desist.  

One was that of Y/N and he could recognize it everywhere while the other was unknown, but it provoked a sudden and chilling shiver along his back.  

“I’m tired of this script, my daughter.”  

“I don’t, father. I’m not you and this is my place. ” Y/N yelled, completely unaware of Jackson’s presence on the other side of the door.  

“This will never be your place! You belong to our world, I would remember it to you” Thundered the father in a bitter tone, looking at her with boredom and annoyance. None of his children had ever disobeyed to his request, but she was the youngest and even the strongest to resist him, which is why he had always had particular regard for her.  

“Dad.. I’m fine here. I feel normal.. ”  

-Normal? What the hell…- Jackson thought, continuing to eavesdropping with his ear pressed against the hard wood of the door. -Something eludes me.-  

~ Y/N has always been weird, you shouldn’t be surprised more than that ~ Yugyeom’s words fluctuated in Jackson’s mind and even if he wanted to see her, he understood that that was not the right time.  

His head was on the verge of exploding and he had to find the solution to that doubt that had begun to make its way into his mind.  

~ ~

“Jackson? Did the alien kidnap you? Open this door! ” Jaebum screamed by continuing to punch his fists against the door. Y/N and Mark at his side watched the scene in silence, while the young girl tried not to show the relief she felt. She could perceive the regular heartbeat of his heart and his slow breathing, all made her think and understand that at that moment her best friend was asleep.  

But they were days that he avoided the company of all and therefore Jaebum, tired of his continuous absences, had taken up the situation.  

“Jae, he might sleep..” Mark suggested, resting a hand on the friend’s wrist to block him;  

“Then? It’s a ghost in these days, I’m sick. Or tell us what happens or I throw down the doo–”  

“Only Y/N can enter.”  

Their gazes lay on the small window that was created between the door and its jamb. Jackson continued to hide, while Jaebum lifted his eyes to heaven and throw his hands into the air. She smiled at him as he walked away along with Mark, who had quickly whispered into her ear to take care of Jackson.  

Whatever it was, it was sure that to make worried the boy always without problems, it had to be very serious.  

She entered the darkness of his room, without problem seeing him because her eyes were used to darkening much darker.  

“Jackson what happens..? You’re making us worry. ”  

The blond didn’t answer her, but he just hugged her from behind. Y/N jumped to that sudden contact, relaxing almost immediately and resting both hands on his forearm that surrounded the upper part of her chest. She pushed her head backward, lied against his shoulder, noticing in spite of the little light the well-marked circles under his eyes.  

“Hey, nice blond.. You make me worry. ”  

“I’m fine, I only had a lot of thoughts in my head,” Jackson whispered avoiding to look at her while he increased the grip around her body.  

He had never noticed but her skin was really cold in contact with his own, as he had never noticed that she seemed to never be tired or that she ate incredibly little.  

“You want to talk about it..?” She asked, even more worried about him.  

“No.. Just stay like that a few minutes, please. ”  

Y/N didn’t answer but simply granted that little and innocent wish, bettering herself against his body. So warm and soft compared to hers. She hated all the lies told in those years, but she didn’t want to expose anyone to her world. More that less Jackson, because she knew how dangerous it could be at times.  

They remained in that position for those who appeared centuries instead of mere minutes when Jackson decided to make his move. He was incredibly tired of hiding his feelings, of escaping from them, of escaping from her. He didn’t even matter what she was or she didn’t feel the same, he had to do something.  

Holding his breath he laid his lips on the pale skin of her neck, knowing her features in memory for each time he had found himself to stare intensely at her, starting to leave a trail of kisses until he reached her ear where his breathing made Y/N tremble more. She remained motionless, taken aback by that sudden contact, but immediately feeling her body on fire. She didn’t feel something like that for centuries and somehow it frightened her but not to the point of dissolving that contact.  

“Jackson..” She stammered when he took to kiss her jawline, while his hands ended up both on her stomach and attracted her completely against his body; That she had always thought was perfect.  

“You don’t understand it, do you..?”  


“I feel something for you Y/N..” Jackson’s voice was a broken whisper against her skin; causing a shiver that traveled along her whole body and blocked into her lower abdomen making her tremble.  

But she couldn’t, she couldn’t love a mortal and especially endanger him. Because the only reason she had stayed at that university despite not needing it was for Jackson. Because he was different, he made her feel different.  

With an extreme effort, she managed to get rid of his grip and turned away from many steps so as to create almost a barrier between them.  

He looked at her hurt, thinking that that move was due to the fact that she didn’t have the same feelings. He lowered his gaze, staring at his feet and clenching his fists along his hips, trying in some way to expel the burning sensation of pain that was destroying his heart.  

“You can’t.” Y/N said breathlessly, looking him totally frightened.  

The blond raised his gaze, making his eyes locked with her own, and her expression filled him with other questions without answers.  

“What do you mean??”  

“You can’t have feelings for me.. I.. I am the wrong person, Jackson.. ” Y/N couldn’t look him in the eyes, so she moved her gaze on the desk despite the desire to throw herself into his arms; “You have to find someone better..”  

“Is it a written rule that loving a vampire is forbidden?”  

Although her heart didn’t beat for centuries, for Y/N seemed almost to hear it into her own chest. It was beating fast, frantic and on the verge of exploding.  

Slow but cautious she turned to him, which gave her one of the sweetest and most sincere smiles she had ever seen.  

“What.. What did you say..? ”  

“These days were useful to think.. And I was stupid to not realize it before. ”  

“You’re talking about it as if it were a normal thing!”  

“For me it is. For me, you’ll be always mine. My Y/N. ” He said by emphasizing that “mine” and he could swear if that if it were possible, the redness would immediately tint the girl’s cheeks in front of me him.  

“Y-yours? I would be yours even if I-I s-said who is my father..? ”  

“I also deduced that, Y/N. I don’t care.. Even If I hope he doesn’t’ use me as a dinner. ”  

The shocked expression of Y/N to his joke made him smile more, as he opened his arms to make her understand to hide among them.  

She was hesitant for a few moments, she didn’t want him to be in danger because of her nature, but she felt so tired of not being able to love him freely. And so in small steps, she went to hide among those arms, letting herself escape almost a sigh of relief when they surrounded her and he made her almost disappear between them.  

“I must deduce that you feel something for me..?”  

“Idiot.. And anyway, yes, that’s why I stayed Jackson. ”  

He smiled, hiding his face in her hair and inhaling the scent of cinnamon shampoo that emanated. It wasn’t bad, that feeling. Despite the fear of possible problems due to her being a vampire, Jackson had never felt so happy in his life. He held into his arms the girl for whom he was madly in love and didn’t care for anything else. Only he and her, the rest was nothing.

Domesticating the Devil

No one said dating the devil would be easy…

(These are just going to be a series of drabbles based on every day life with Lucifer as your boyfriend.)

Lucifer x Reader

Words: 608

Warnings: Nothing really…

Summary: There’s no such thing as a quiet, normal evening with Lucifer.

1 – Raspberry Jam

It had been a relatively normal and uneventful evening as you and your boyfriend, Lucifer, sat on the couch watching some cheesy horror movie that was on the television. You hadn’t had much time together lately and you had insisted on having a night where you did nothing but sit together on the couch, order some pizza and watch terrible movies. Lucifer didn’t understand the point of watching movies you found terrible, but agreed and put everything else aside to give you a full evening of his attentions. He neglected watching the movie, favoring to watch you instead, but you enjoyed the way he studied you and let it slide.

The evening had gone so smoothly that when the doorbell rang, announcing the arrival of the pizza, you gave Lucifer the cash and asked him to get it while you went to fetch the plates. From the kitchen you could hear him greet the pizza guy, the two of them talking and you smiled to yourself. The pizza guy would probably wet his pants if he knew to whom he was speaking. A sudden sickly squish noise from the hall made you freeze, plate and napkins in hand. The eerie silence followed the noise made you put everything down to investigate with an overwhelming sense of dread.

Turning the corner your eyes went wide and shock blanketed your features.

“Lucifer, in the name of your father, please tell me that this is somehow raspberry jam splattered in my hallway…” you say slowly, eyes taking in the explosive mess.

What looked like a Rorschach test gone wrong painted the walls and floor of your hallway, with even some residual spray landing on the ceiling. The mess decorated nearly 10 feet around Lucifer, who stood looking utterly impassive, if only a little irritated.

“He was a rude, pathetic excuse of a cockroach…” he said calmly. Through his tone you could hear a little of the defensiveness that seeped into his voice when he did something you didn’t approve of, almost like a vulnerability.

“That’s pretty much what pizza guys are. They are abrupt and rude, they just want their tip so they can leave to make the rest of their deliveries” you whine, pinching the bridge of your nose with your fingers. If you weren’t a hunter the scene before you might have been enough to make you faint.

“I didn’t like his tone… and he made a vulgar comment about you” Lucifer pressed.

“You can’t just… explode people because you don’t like the way they talk!” you say with no small amount of exasperation.

“You don’t want me to defend your honor?” he puzzled, tilting his head slightly.

“Not like this I don’t! Who is going to clean this up? How are we going to explain this?! You exploded someone!” you rage. While occasionally you wished ill of delivery boys, you never wanted anything like this.

Lucifer snapped his fingers and the mess was gone, no trace of the incident was left behind save for the pizza mans car sitting on the street. You racked for brain for a few moments, trying to figure out the best way to handle the situation. Finally you gave up and pointed a finger at the car on the street for Lucifer to dispose of. He smiled and raised his hand, ready to snap his fingers.

“Wait!” you call out suddenly.

Lucifer turned to look at you expectantly as if you had changed your mind.

“Can you see if there’s anymore pizza in the car first?”

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Winchester Brothers x Chubby! Reader / Not A Problem

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Prompt: The Reader sets two girls straight in an awesome fuckin’ way

Warnings: Probably triggers idk

Genre: Fuckin Awesomeness

Words: 781

A/N: We need more body positivity! Be proud of your body and rock it out!! ;)

Being ‘Thick’ Or ‘Chubby’ had so many pros and cons. The pros were that you didn’t need a blanket in winter and always being warm. Cons? Having people make fun of your weight. You didn’t mind at all. You were perfectly content with your body and didn’t really care for anyone’s opinion on how you looked. You loved how you look and that’s all that mattered. You were currently wearing Dean’s flannel. Sure it was tight on you, But he said he loved you wearing his clothes so.. Why not? Sam had given you his flannel also, Saying that you needed more than one; But it was obvious he was jealous of his older brother. You were leaning against the impala, Playing with your phone for a while until Sam and Dean came back from the grocery store.

“Why is she wearing such a tight shirt? Does she not know that it fits her?”

You look up, The woman’s friend shushing her. They both looked like they were waiting on the bus.

“She heard you! Be more quiet Alex!”

“It’s true. Look. I can see the buttons of her shorts struggling to stay on”

You knew that was a lie, Since these pants were your size and you always checked that it didn’t have any rips.

“Right? I swear. Can’t people buy stuff their own size? She looks like a whale”

They were giggling and you were starting to get pissed off. Whales were cute. You were cute. Who were they to talk about how you’re supposed to dress? You straightened up, Starting to walk toward them.

They immediately shut up, Looking away from you.

“Excuse me?” You were trying to not explode in front of them. “I heard you two talking about my weight. Just so you know, I’m actually proud of how I look. I love how I look and that’s all that matters. At least I’m not like those girls who try and get their body the shape of supermodels” You eyed them up and down “And not starving myself to get love and recognition. I really think you two should stop before you actually hurt someone. Or someone hurts you”

You smiled, Starting to walk away.

“At least I have a boyfriend.”

You turned around, Stomping toward her.


“Yeah. And she has two” Sam’s voice booms, Startling the three of you.

“Huh!?” Both of the girls mouths are agape, Unable to close them while looking at your two best friends

“There is no way you’re going out with.. Her” Her friends voice is soft, Almost scared.

“Don’t believe it?”

You feel Dean’s hand go around your chin, Pulling you to the side. He plants a quick kiss to your lips, Sam doing the same.

“Now?” The brothers have amused looks on their faces, And you blush but smile at the two girls.

“Why don’t we leave now darlings? We seem to be running late” You play along, The two girls giving you jealous looks.

The boys nod, Wrapping their hands around your waist. While walking away from the girls, Dean slaps your ass; And you smack him on the arm.

All getting into the impala, You explode in laughter. Dean starts to pull away, But you tell him to stop in front of the girls.

“Such a nice boyfriend you have. Making you wait on the bus stop instead of picking you up. Get a better boyfriend sweetheart. Also..” You smile, “Be body positive”

Dean drives away quickly, And you all once explode in laughter.

“We are total bosses!!!” You laugh, fist bumping them.

“Hell yeah! That was fucking awesome!”

“You totally owned them (Name)”

“That’s what I do baby” You chuckle, Sitting back on the seat.

“Just in case, Don’t listen to them (Name). You’re beautiful just the way you are”

“Don’t worry about what other people think”

“Heh Thanks guys. I know. Just don’t want them to say that to the wrong person. They might hurt them. Or they could get hurt back. I love my body and everyone should too.”

They smile, Dean looking through the mirror to meet his eyes,

“Sorry about the kiss too. Wanted to make it believable”

“It’s alright guys. You could do it again if you guys wanted to” You wink at them, And they laugh.

“Yeah okay. We’ll do it next time”

You kiss both their cheeks, Smiling.

“Thanks for having my back guys. I’m lucky to have you guys. Not a lot of people like me have people on their back. Thanks babes” 

You kiss their cheek once more; Ruffling Sam’s hair and slicking Dean’s hair back, Watching as it got all puffy.

“No probs (Name)”

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I’m Not Crazy. (Bucky Barnes/The Winter Solider Imagine)

I’m starting school really, really soon and I’m so nervous! I’m moving to a new school this year (and in my district, there’s certain grades that have their own campuses) and I’m soooo petrified! 

I hope you enjoy!

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Bucky, in the eyes of the other Avengers, was already mentally unstable. Even though Wanda had cleared his memories of Hydra or at least, what they put in his head, they still were very weary that he would attack at any given moment. 

A couple months ago, Tony and Bruce were trying again to make another Artificial Intelligence. They saw Vision as a huge success, even though their first try was a complete bust. Although Bruce wanted to use F.R.I.D.A.Y like they did with Jarvis, Tony went against his wishes and used a different model but never told Bruce about the switch. 

However, it was never found out as the attempt seemingly failed and exploded the lab. They were never able to clean up after themselves as the explosion seemed to do that work for them. Steve instructed the science bros to stop working on AIs since it seems to always lead in destruction. What they didn’t know was that the attempt was actually a success and who better to find this out than the one guy who wasn’t completely up to date with technology. 

Bucky said his goodbyes to Steve as he parted to head to his own quarters. It’s been a week since the explosion of the lab in the floor above his room, but he could still smell the smoke. Vision and Wanda walked in his direction, Vision walking straight through him. Bucky shuddered as the android passed through before heading into his bedroom for a well-deserved rest. 

To many, the Winter Solider was fearless. But he acted reasonably by screaming when a woman stood there looking through the window. Steve and Tony rushed in, Sam walking out of his room, and Nat from hers. “What is it?” Steve inquired, shield in hand and looked through the room. 

“Someone was in here.” Bucky explained, feeling paranoia setting in. What if Hydra was coming back for him? Tony gave him a weird look.

“You’re a deadly assassin and you’re scared of a little intruder?” Tony questioned. “And I’m pretty sure that scream was as high as Nat’s.” Nat rolled her eyes and patted Bucky’s back as comforting as she could. 

“It was a woman. She was just looking through the window. It was-” Tony asked F.R.I.D.A.Y. to scan the room and she responded that the only heat signature was from Captain Rogers who stood inside it. 

“Nothing.” Sam groaned. “You woke me up because you’re a pansy? Seriously, Barnes?” 

Bucky sighed in frustration as everyone began to exit. Steve told him that if he needed anything else throughout the night that he would be just down the hall. “I swear I saw someone in here.” He muttered as the super soldier walked out. “If someone’s in here, sneeze.” 

“I do not think I can sneeze.” A soft voice spoke out. Bucky violently turned to face the source. It was a woman, in a dress that most likely belonged to Wanda. “I truly apologize that I made you look like a fool to the others. I was told to not wander around the facility during the day but I do not take orders.” 

“Who are you?” He questioned. “How did you disappear?” 

“I do not know.” Bucky cocked his head to the side. “I do not know how I was able to disappear, I never got a chance to discover my abilities. However I do know my name. It is (Y/N).” 


“James Buchanan Barnes. I am well aware on who you are.” She smiled, warmly. “Out of the other Avengers, you are my favorite.” 

“Well, I just live and train her-” Bucky couldn’t find his worlds. He stumbled to make out a sentence. She was so luring to him and he couldn’t help but feel gravitated towards her. Whoever she was. “Who told you to-to stay hidden?”

“Wanda and Vision.” She said. “When the explosion in the floor above occurred, they found me a few floors underground. Vision sensed me, I assume is how they found me. They’ve kept me hidden for they think the others will not understand.” 

“They shouldn’t keep a doll like you locked up.” Bucky muttered. “So you’re what Tony and Bruce were making up there, huh.” She laughed and it reminded Bucky of bells. He smiled at her and she returned it. “So does that mean you’re an android too? Or?”

She shrugged. “I do not think I am completely like Vision. I feel more human than he, but I do, however, feel… inhuman… If that makes sense.” 

Bucky jokingly replied with, “You lost me at Vision.” She cracked a grin. “I’m sorry if I’m too forward but if you feel human would this be okay?” He questioned, leaning in towards her. She didn’t flinch away nor pull back. 

And just before their lips touched, the door swung open and there stood a groggy Sam Wilson with a pillow in his hand and an angry expression on his face. “If you will stop talking to yourse- What the holy hell is that!” He screamed and it seemed like the whole tower had ran into Bucky’s room.

Vision’s eyes widened as well as Wanda’s. “(Y/N), come.” Wanda whispered, reaching out a hand and urging the more-human android to take it. 

“Wait, (Y/N)… As in my AI?” Tony questioned, rushing towards the girl. “I thought she exploded-” 

“I believe the explosion sent me underground and Vision found me.” (Y/N) quietly, explained glancing between Wanda’s hand, Bucky, and Tony. 

“So you’re who Barnes saw earlier? And who he was talking to?” Sam questioned. She nodded. 

“I told you I saw someone. And I don’t talk to myself. I’m Not Crazy.” Bucky replied and smiled at (Y/N), whom Wanda whisked away but before being pulled out the door, she turned back to give him a sweet smile. 

Bucky might have been unenthusiastic to make an effort to understand the 21st Century’s technology, but (Y/N) was certainly something he was excited to learn more about. 

That's What You Were Doing In Germany - Austin Carlile & BMTH

Austin break up request where y/n live in HB with him, you’re super excited that he gets back from tour but completely forgets about your plans because he’s busy sorting out an engagement ring, he comes home late and y/n thinks he’s cheating and leaves him, she’s broken hearted and goes back to her friends BMTH in the uk-austin gets on the first plane he can and crashes a party BMTH threw to take her mind off things and proposes infront of everyone and fluff fluff fluff pleasee

I liked this one a lot so here you go c: it took forever I’m so sorry! Written by Emma.

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Too Late (Mingyu)

type: mostly angst
pairing: mingyu x you
synopsis: you and mingyu have started to grow apart, you thought it was because of his busy schedule but he’s cheating on you :((
words: 1626
a/n: hope you guys like this! tell me what you think :)))))


Another call, rejected. Another text, ignored. Another way of communicating, completely disregarded. You had no idea why days were suddenly like this, you had no idea why in every attempt you made in talking to him, whether it be through Skype or through text, it never worked. And you missed it, you really did, the late night conversations that went on until 2 in the morning, the wintry nights in each others’ arms, waking up with him by your side, him making a fool of himself just to see you smile at his silliness, you missed all of it. And selfishly you wished you had him all to yourself, back at home, back where you think he belongs. Selfishly, you wished he would spend some more time with you, his lover, instead of focusing his attention of the millions of screaming fans he faced everyday.

But you knew you shouldn’t be feeling like this, you shouldn’t be this self centred. It wasn’t his fault that his schedule was always so packed, and it wasn’t his fault he had little time to spend with you nowadays. Besides, Mingyu would never do anything he wouldn’t tell you about, he’d been loyal to you since the very beginning. The least you could do was be a bit more supportive of the amazing career your boyfriend has. Yet, although you knew this, you couldn’t keep down the sad feeling stuck at the pit of your stomach. That sad, sad feeling that your missing him more than your letting on.

Some days you miss him more than others. Some days you long for him so much that you find yourself staring at the wall, reminiscing about all the memories shared between the two of you. Some days all you want is to have him tell you it was okay, that you’ll see each other more often from now on, that he loved you. But your wishes were nothing but a dream that was never to come true. Instead of any of these things, you were alone. Feeling emptiness and sadness whenever Mingyu’s name came up on the tv or on the magazines.

The only thing keeping you going was the fact that you knew, one day, his schedule would be free from any concert, fansign and interview, no more of any of that.

Today happened to be one of those days where the pain was almost unbearable, it just turned out to be you and Mingyu’s 5 month anniversary. It hurt you to know that you won’t be spending it with him, just like your 4 months, but it broke you to pieces when no text, nor phone call came through from him, greeting you on the day that was so special to you. All day, you spent it pigging out on ice cream, watching sickeningly sweet romantic movies and drowning in your tears. This was supposed to be a happy day, the day you and Mingyu started to date. But instead, it turned into the most depressing day of the year.

“I can’t believe I’m spending today like this.”

At your own words, something triggered inside of you that caused you to drop your ice cream,
get changed, and run out the door. Why WERE you spending today like this? If today was so special, you should be trying to find Mingyu and tell him how important this day is!

And you were going to do just that.


Mingyu needed a distraction. He needed one, now. He needed someone to numb the pain that his heart was feeling all the weeks you were gone. He needed someone to hold him, kiss him, just so he could pretend that it was you. Just so he could pretend that it was you pulling at his hair, kissing his lips, sleeping next to him in bed. He didn’t care who it was, all he really knew was Mingyu needed a distraction, and he needed one, now.

Here he was again, spending time in his dorm when he should be spending it with you. All of a sudden, the door opened and in walked the same girl he had invited into his dorm for the past few weeks. Lately, he’s needed distractions more than usual and lately she’s been walking into those doors more often. The girl set her bag down, shutting the door and removing her scarf.


He needed a distraction.


He needed one now.

“So you invited me to talk or-”

In a second his lips were on hers, his mind rapidly trying his best to dull the nagging feeling in him, telling him that what he was doing was wrong, even if he had somewhat right reasons.


Your bag dropped to the floor. On the walk to the dorms, you had prepared yourself to see various states and situations Mingyu would be in. But never once had this crossed your mind. Rap music was blaring from the speakers, the curtains were closed and standing in the middle of it all was Mingyu, the very same boy that you fell in love with oh so many months ago, and the very same boy that was standing there with his lips upon another’s. The loud thud of your bag drove the two apart, making you lock eyes with the boy in front of you.

The second he saw you, his eyes filled with fear as he quickly shoved the girl away and began to walk towards you. Slowly, you took in his appearance, his hair absolutely messed up and tousled, his face covered with red lipstick marks, his shirt unbuttoned. He got closer and closer until you yelled out stop, your eyes burning with tears and anger, you could practically smell her on him.

“Two months I’ve waited now,” you seethed, your fists clenched beside you. “Two whole months of sitting by myself doing nothing while your here cheating on me with some brat!” You yelled, as the first of many tears to come rolled down your cheeks. Mingyu tried to reach for you, only to have you push him even further away. “Yah, Y/N-”

“Don’t Y/N me! How long have you been with her Mingyu? Was she constantly on your mind like you were with me?” You said, your voice cracking along with the remainders of your heart left inside of you. Hearing the ruckus, Jeonghan and Wonwoo come running in, they needn’t ask, all they had to do was take a look at the state you were in, along with Mingyu and the girl to notice what had happened. “Y/N… Go outside for a bit, have Seungkwan and Dk make you something to calm you down.” In all honesty you wanted to keep venting, to keep yelling at Mingyu just so he knew how much pain his absence enforced on you and how horrible he should feel for cheating. But you knew the older boys were right, you needed to calm down before you exploded, so without saying another word you ran out of the room.

Seungkwan and Dk tried their best to cheer you up while all three of you munched on cookies and hot chocolate, but nothing they tried seemed to work. You felt empty inside, like someone purposely took out your insides and tore it into tiny pieces. The feeling was terrible. To make matters worse, you could here Jeonghan, Wonwoo and Mingyu arguing in the next room.

“What the hell, Mingyu?! How could you do this to them?!”
“I can explain, just let me talk to them!”

Talk to you? No thanks. You don’t want to hear another excuse from him again.

He broke you, used you as if you were nothing to him, when for you, he was your everything. You were beginning to wonder if the past few months together didn’t mean a thing for him. A few minutes later the boys - including Mingyu walked out of his dorm. Jeonghan looked calm, along with Wonwoo, but Mingyu’s eyes were bloodshot and had tear stained cheeks. Sensing the atmosphere Seungkwan and DK left with the other two, leaving you and Mingyu alone.

Before you got a chance to open your mouth and start shouting at him again, he bet you to it. “Before you yell and throw stuff at me, let me explain.” A scoff fell from your lips as you furiously wiped your eyes, “I’m pretty sure you lost your right to explain a thing to me when you started making out with someone else.” You spat. Mingyu looked pained but carried on anyway,

“Look, Y/N, the truth is, yes, I cheated on you. And yes, this wasn’t the first time. But no, I don’t love her, I don’t love her the way I love you. My heart doesn’t beat the same way it does for you. The only reason why I continuously call her over is to fill the empty void in me, the empty void in which you should have been. God, I missed you so much that I got up to the point where any sort of touch reminded me of you. I guess, the opportunity came and I took it, through the whole time you were the one running through my head. Not her, you. So please, Y/N… Please. Forgive me..”

Your eyes stayed hard and fixated on him, refusing to let any emotion come out,“You still shouldn’t have done that, Mingyu. Y-you could’ve called, or texted! You could’ve done anything besides cheat on me!”

When he realised that what he said made no impact on you, he turned frantic. “Y/N, don’t do this. I don’t want to lose you..”

You sighed, picking up your bag off of the ground.

“It’s too late. You already have.”


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Genre: Fluff justkillmenow

Word Count: 1.2k

A/N: Hi, everyone, merry —even if it’s awfully late— christmas, here it is, a Yoongi fluff ♥

He wasn’t good with words in this situation. For god’s sake, he was a rapper! He should do this smoothly, he shouldn’t be beating around the bush with this.

Yet, the small box has spent a month or so in his pocket, never finding the perfect moment, the right time to give it to you.

He felt like a coward.

He could feel the weight of the box against his thigh and still… still, nothing. He was just there, waiting.


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  1. The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss [x]
    I started reading The Name of the Wind in 2014, but I only finished it at the beginning of 2015. It wasn’t because I wasn’t enjoying it, it was the very opposite of it: I was loving it so much I didn’t want it to end. The writing style is so beautiful it makes you wanna keep reading it forever. I’m planning on reading the sequel, The Wise’s Man Fear, in 2016 and I know I’ll make everything for it to last forever.
  2. Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton [x]
    I always loved the Jurassic Park movies, and I knew it was a book, but I never care enough to read it - until the new movie was coming out, and I was totally pumped about it and we, Brazilians, got a totally stunning edition of the book. I bought it, I read it and I loved every second of it. I can’t wait to read its sequel as well.
  3. All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr [x]
    I got this for my birthday this year and @violinwaist told me to read it. It was one of the best books I’ve ever read. The story is heavy but told with such a delicacy you don’t even mind when it rips your heart out. 
  4. Dark Places by Gillian Flynn [x]
    That might be funny but everytime I felt like no reading at all, or when I was hating everything, Gillian Flynn and her books were the ones that made me feel better again - I read her three books, and her novella (The Grownup), this year. I could put any of them or all of them in this list. I saved Sharp Objects, the only one I haven’t read by November, to the very end because I knew it would make everything better. But Dark Places was the one that fell closest to my heart. I love the dark sometimes even supernatural feel it has, I love the end, I love Libby with all her flaws and I love Lyle so much. 
  5. Burial Rites by Hannah Kent [x]
    Gina told me to read this (do you guys remember her? The loviest person alive? Her blog was paygeturner) last year I think. Or at the very beginning of this year. I was procrastinating reading it because I feel like I would enjoy it so much more if I read it in a physical copy. Now, at the end of the year, I decided to give it a shot and Burial Rites was the last book I’ve read. The writing is so beautiful and poetic, the main character, Agnes, is so fantastic and interesting. And it’s a quick read - if you start now you’ll probably finish it before midnight! The Goodreads says it was inspired by a true story, but it was more than that. The author, Hannah Kent, did a full and deep research about Agnes, she uses true letters at the beginning of the chapters, most of the names are real, the places she mentions still exist. I don’t have words to describe how much I fell in love with this book.
  6. Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach [x]
    I love non-fiction books. I love books and essays about cadavers, serial killers, anatomy and everything in between. This book was a blast! Yes, Roach talks about cadaver and about lots of awful and disgusting things that happens to them, some experiments and such, but she does all that with humour and inserting fun facts here and there. I’ve learnt so much by reading this book and I couldn’t stop talking about it while I was reading it - my mother hated me for that, because I kept talking about how much someone can eat before the stomach explodes during dinner, and how some people tried making head implants (that was so horrifying).
  7. You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) by Felicia Day [x]
    I love Felicia Day, that was made me pick up her book to read, and I was so glad I did. It’s not that common to find memoir by someone like Felicia, someone who’s just like us nerds, who grew up on a computer, playing games and finding their best friends online. When I was growing up it the computer was starting to be something everybody could have, and when my parents bought us one I would spend hours playing on it. When the internet came, I would spend hours in forums and online games and taking to people - I still do that for the most part of my life. And it’s great to read someone you admire talking about it, and about the anxiety and depression. 
  8. Carry On by Rainbow Rowell [x]
    Everybody knows I love Rainbow Rowell, and most of you know I’m actually rereading Carry On right now. There’s something about her writing that it feels like going home after a long time, and Carry On having that Harry Potter feel to it makes it even more intense. The World of Mages felt like something I knew all my life, and it helped that we already knew and loved Simon and Baz. 
  9. The Diviners by Libba Bray [x]
    I started reading this book in 2013, I think, but I put it down after a few chapters - again because I felt I would enjoy it more if I was reading it on a physical copy. But this year I got tired of waiting the day I’d be able to buy one and started reading my e-book of it, and I just couldn’t stop reading it. The writing is addicting and everything is so intense, you’re always wanting to know what’s going to happen. (But it didn’t scare me, which made me sad.)
  10. The Bookshop Book by Jen Campbell [x]
    What’s better than a book that talks about books and bookshops and people that are passionate about books?? Nothing, I can tell you that. This book made me feel so emotional (I swear, I cried so much reading it and there’s nothing sad about it, but I just couldn’t stop). I loved reading about people’s experiences with books, and how they fell in love with it. At the end, I eve sent Jen Campbell an e-mail thanking her and she was the sweetest!
Innocent - Part 4/?

pairing: bucky x reader

summary: reader, bucky, steve and sam arrive at the airport to meet up with the rest of the team. reader and bucky share a nice moment before they suit up for the airport battle.

a/n: this is so short, but I didn’t want to include the whole airport scene in this one cause it would’ve been too long! this has some nice fluff with the reader x bucky though!

part 1 | part 2 | part 3

As Steve made his way up the large parking garage at the airport, you noticed a white van parked and waiting.

“Is that…” Sam started, and Steve simply nodded. Parking the car next to them, you all began to pile out as a man and a women climbed out of the van.

You recognized them both instantly. You had seen their heroic efforts from the past on your small little TV back in Bucharest, but now here they were, Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch, right before your eyes. Steve went up to them, greeting them both.

You and Bucky stayed behind the car as they talked and pulled another man out from the van. You had no clue who he was, but at that point in time it didn’t matter. Your main focus at the moment was getting out of Berlin.

As you watched all the Avengers interact for a bit, you looked over at Bucky, to see him looking down at his hands. You frowned and nudged his side, making him look up at you. “Hey, what’s wrong?”

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[FAN ACCOUNT] 150728 SBS MTV The Show + INFINITE #Bad6thWin

This was a much better experience than the Lotte Lovely Young Concert I blogged about earlier (for obvious reasons). 

It wasn’t my first time at SBS MTV The Show, the first time I went was on the 14th but INFINITE wasn’t on then, I think it was SNSD’s first win for ‘Party’ and the crowd was much rowdier lol.

Today’s line-up included INFINITE, GOT7, 9Muses, GFriend, Stellar and SONAMOO just to name those that I actually knew, lol. 

Had a lot of interaction with Zhou Mi and VIXX’s Hongbin too, the MCs. Hehehehe. Zhou Mi was so cute though, I kept waving to him and at one point I was subconsciously doing a finger wiggle and he pointed straight at me and copied my finger wiggle too HAHAHAHAA >__< Hongbin was adorkable, waved to him so many times in-between stages and every time he thought we were waving at someone behind him, and he’d turn around and point to himself (”me??”) before waving back lol. 

Anyway, back to INFINITE. 

Can I just emphasize again how freaking A-M-A-Z-I-N-G they are live?? 

Every time they perform ‘Bad’ it gets more energetic and badass!! Sunggyu’s vocals were so steady, even my friend who wasn’t an Inspirit could testify to that. The boys vocals improved so much, especially Sungyeol and Sungjong!! Dongwoo’s rap was so charismatic, Myungsoo was sexy af, Hoya’s dance break …… *queue the sound of my ovaries exploding*. 

AND LET’S NOT EVEN TALK ABOUT WOOHYUN’S ADLIB. Every time he does it he adds a new scale to the octave he’s just that good. The atmosphere was so much better than at Lotte and I could go all out with my cheering + fanchants without fear of my life this time ^^ I think I could actually hear myself scream-cheering on the broadcast lol. 

Since INFINITE were the last to perform, the ending ment was right after, and the little interactions between them were GOLD. Dongwoo was being such an energizer bunny that Myungsoo kept having to fluff his hair back into place ^^

I love their reactions every time they win 1st place, they still remain so, so humble and appreciative of Inspirits (’: Sungjong gave the thank-you speech and Sungyeol was giving his mic to him too (lol), Sunggyu was kinda off to the side doing a little victory dance and WooSoo were hugging each other at the back. Hoya’s victory pose was hilarious though, he looked like he was constipated on the toilet at one point but it wasn’t in the official footage xD 

Anyway, during the encore stage, I was so proud of Myungsoo because he was encouraging the rookie groups (I think GFriend was behind him) and even bowing to some of them, it was so heartening to see :’) 

AND THEN JANG FREAKING DONGWOO. OMG. SOMEONE STOP THAT BOY FROM RUINING MY BIAS LIST. Once the cameras stopped rolling, he ran off the stage and around the studio (where does he get all that energy from???), past the standing area where the official fanclub was standing to where we (ticket winners) were seated, which was at the back of the studio, and pointed right at me (I know he was pointing at me because I was the only one standing /  waving and throwing hearts at that moment) AND WAVED BACK. #HELP. #FEELSEVERYWHERE.

Myungsoo just kinda watched the whole scene with amusement and secondhand embarrassment at Dongwoo’s antics lol. >____< Once Dongwoo got back on stage Myungsoo fluffed his hair back into place again and Dongwoo immediately started his usual random dancing and Myungsoo was all “but hyung  I just fluffed your hair back….. ㅠㅅㅠ” IT WAS ADORKABLE. 

Woohyun, Hoya and Sungjong saw my giant heart from the stage and threw hearts / waved back too ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I could cry right now. Omg. The stage ended and it took 10 minutes to get a (very reluctant) Hoya to leave LOL. Him and Dongwoo would keep coming back to wave at us, it was so funny!! At one point Sungyeol / Sunggyu (can’t remember which member exactly) had to pull Hoya by the wrist to get him to leave the stage HAHAHAHA. 

The staff filed us out of the studio and I went around the side of the SBS building since I spotted Sunggyu, Hoya and Woohyun by the glass elevators. Sunggyu was spacing out and he was wearing his f*ck off t-shirt again lol, which kinda made it funnier because I kept waving to him. He eventually snapped out of it and smiled back though, hehehe. 

Woohyun and Hoya were mucking around, and Hoya had Woohyun in a punishment pose with his knees on the floor and his arms raised like a kid being punished, but later Woohyun got his revenge (I think he was mouthing something like “너 형한테 감히 …. 이로와!!” / “How dare you do this to hyung, come here!!!”) and made Hoya do push-ups on the lobby floor. XD They kept waving to fans until the lifts arrived, aww :’)

I left the venue before I got to see the other members because it was getting too crowded for comfort, and I was hungry.

All I can say is …… WHY DOES INFINITE KEEP MESSING UP MY BIAS LIST ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Especially Dongwoo omg, I died today with the direct fan interaction I had with him ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 

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Could you do 11 and 16 with Kurt, pretty please?

11. … ignore that explosion. | 16. Are you… are you flirting with me? Prompt idea list here

“KURT!” You screamed into your earpiece. “Get me out of here now!”

“What happened to ‘remain undetected’?” His voice replied in you ear. A second later, a cloud of blue energy appeared behind you with a BAMF! Kurt was standing behind you and grabbed your hand.

“I was undetected!” You protested. As if on cue, a mob of voices shouted down the hall.

“The intruder went this way!” One of them yelled. Heavy footsteps bounded towards you, and something exploded in the distance. Kurt raised an eyebrow at you.

“Uh…” You chuckled sheepishly. “… ignore that explosion. I said I was, past tense, undetected.”

“(Y/n),” he scolded lightly. “You should be more careful. It’d be a shame if you died before you got your first kiss.”

Are you… flirting with me?” You thought you saw his blue cheeks turn a little pink. He opened his mouth to speak, but before he could respond the group of people appeared around the corner.

“There they are! Get them!” Someone shrieked.

“We should talk later,” you rushed. “Now would be a good time to teleport, Kurt!” Then you squeezed your eyes shut and the world dissipated around you.

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Would you mind sharing the meaning behind your mad to live tattoo?

Copying this from when someone asked me this before (it was awhile ago)

It’s from Jack Kerouac’s On the Road. 

“They danced down the streets like dingledodies, and I shambled after as I’ve been doing all my life after people who interest me, because the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones that never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everybody goes “Awww!”“

It’s a personal reminder to stay fiercely passionate and to always surround myself with those who thirst for life.