someone take this otp away from me


I could lose my family, my career…everything!

Someone: “Don’t you think Noctluna needed more development and Luna more screen time?”

Me: “Of course I do. SE failed to make many gamers feel attached to the couple and especially Luna’s character was handled poorly. She deserves so much better than what she got. I’m still disappointed tbh”

Someone: “Yay! So does this mean you don’t ship Noctluna anymore?”

Me: “NO! I still ship it! Just because I admit its flaws and don’t deny that it could have been done better doesn’t mean I stopped shipping it! It’s my precious Otp and you can try to take it forcefully away from my cold dead hands! Good luck! You will need it!”

#1 imagine

I fixed my white dress and looked into the mirror, I looked amazing. Thanks to a make up artist. My boyfriend of almost two years asked me to go to the descendants premier with him and I happily agreed. Almost a month ago, we told his fans. They took it pretty good, only a few haters. I can stand them. 

The door on my left side suddenly opened and my beautiful boyfriend stood in the doorway. 

”You look so beautiful” He smiled and walked closer to me. 

”You doesn’t look bad yourself” I smirked to him and he leaned in. I slowly caressed his freckle filled cheek and kissed his lips. I still can’t find why he chose me over the other beautiful actresses and dancer that he always works with. I don’t have the biggest boobs or the flattest stomach, and you can’t call me curvy either. I’m a little bit special, I have a nostril piercing, a tongue piercing and a tattoo on my left arm. Somehow he finds me really beautiful. 

“C'mon Cameron and y/n” A security guy suddenly said. We followed him and jumped into a black van. Ten minutes later, the van stopped and the door opened. We was greeted with the other ones in the crew. 

y/n you look stunning” One of the girl said, I think her name was Dove. 

you look even more beautiful” I smiled to her and then I took a look at everybody and they looked flawless, soon my eyes locked with some other. Sarah’s, she was glaring at Cameron’s arm around me. I shoot her a death glare and looked at Cameron. Cameron was in a deep conversation with Boo Boo. Then I looked back at Sarah and she was still glaring at me. Sarah and I have never worked togheter, I stopped liking her after Victor posted the selfie with Cameron, himself and Sarah. It looked almost as she was hitting on Cameron. One day on set, I was put into a room alone with Sarah and we almost pulled each others hair out. Two guys from the crew took us away from eachother and no one told Cameron. 

I was pulled back from my thinking when Cameron’s lips collided with my cheek and I blushed slightly. 

Aaaw” Some of the girls squealed. “You two is my otp’‘ 

I blushed even more thanks to their comments. 

Ey, y/n where’s your nose ring?“ Someone of the guys said. 

Cameron’s stylist told me to take it out and put in something more fancy“ I answered him with a half smile.

The nose ring is so much cooler and you look like a punk with it“ He smirked and Cameron’s grip on my hip hardened.

No this one is more girly“  Sarah’s perky voice filled the voice and everybodys faces went pale except from mine, Cameron’s and Sarah’s. 

’'It’s probably our time now let’s go” Boo Boo said and started walking first. Cameron and I was last out and first we came to the part where they take pictures and people was shouting Cameron’s name and some other was screaming my name to. 

'CAN WE GET A KISS BEFORE YOU TWO GO ON“ A paparazzi said and I blushed. 

Cameron suddenly leaned in and I mimicked him. Our lips soon touching and the kiss lasted only a couple of seconds but I liked it. We continued walking to the interviewing part and I kissed his cheek before being pushed inside the theater. The security guard showed me my place with a nameplate that it stood ’y/n y/l/n’ Beside me was Maya, Victor and Libby’s names and on my other side was Cameron’s name. I let out a breath I didn’t knew I held. Soon Maya, Victor and Libby walked in with a couple of the other parents and siblings. 

Y/N“ Maya screamed and embraced me in a hug. 

Well hello there“ I smiled at her as we sat down on our places. Five minutes later Cameron and the other ones in the crew came in and I smiled at him. He was greeted by his family then he sat down beside me. 

Hello my beautiful princess“ He kissed me slightly and then the light went out and then someone stood in front of the big screen. I think it was the producer. 

Hello guys, I’m welcoming you to the premier of The Descendants, and now I present the movie“ The producer said and the movie started while he walked back to his place. 

-after the movie- 

Cameron you was amazing in that movie“ I said to him as we was sitting in on his couch at his home. 

Thank you“ He said and I kissed him. 

Person A is part of a gang and is a ruthless killer by night buy by day, they’re a charismatic IT guy and a faithful partner to Person B.One night, while A is out on a spree with a few members from their gang, they notice someone witnessed part of their spree and starts running.They chase after the witness but A soon recognizes the person, it’s B.A let’s B get away, telling the guys that they’ll take care of it.

The next morning, B wakes up at home, a note taped to their wrist, and scribbled on it was:

“I’m guilty, I’m sorry i lied I’m not who u think I am, I’m gone don’t look for me