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Some days I think on how far I am willing to go to make a pun.

stooch-betch  asked:

If the 2ps were to have custom ringtones on their phone, what would they be???

You shouldn’t of let me handle this one.

But I am.

2p!America // Allen Jones: Show me your Genitals by Jon Lajoie.

2p!England // Oliver Kirkland: The Cupcake Song.

2p!France // Vincent Bonnefoy: Paris Jazz Sessions

2p!Russia // Viktor Braginsky: Chum Drum Bedrum

2p!China // Xiao Wang: Wang Rong Rollin - Chick Chick (王蓉 - 小雞小雞) MV

2p!Canada // Matheiu Williams: Blame Canada - South Park.

2p!Germany // Lutz Beilsmidt: BE DEUTSCH! [Achtung! Germans on the rise!] | NEO MAGAZIN ROYALE mit Jan Böhmermann - ZDFneo  

2p!Italy // Luciano Vargas: Italian Opera.

2p!Japan // Kuro Honda: きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ - PONPONPON , Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - PONPONPON

Someone take the laptop away from me. I’m actually laughing so hard at these.

~Mun // Charlie~

Are they seriously changing the choreo?

I heard on tumblr that some Leo fans were annoyed that he didn’t get enough screen time/choreo in Eternity and they were petitioning Jellyfish to give some of N’s choreo to Leo. And even more annoyingly, I heard that Jellyfish agreed.

Now, I hope that’s not correct, but if it is, that’s annoying. And I’m not annoyed at Leo or anything, but the fans who thought that their (already hugely popular) bias getting more choreo was important enough to inconvenience the band and Jellyfish and take away choreo from other members (and consequently, their fans).

I mean, I understand that Leo got a little less screen time in this mv than in the past. Even I noticed it. But I think it was mostly compared to Ken-they gave him a lot of screen time and a lot of lines.

And that’s too bad. I like Leo. I like his parts. He belts out notes like nobody’s business and is a kickass dancer. But I also loved that they gave Hyuk more parts and let Ken do some cool stuff. I thought that mv was handled pretty well if not perfectly, and I wouldn’t have enough issue with it to complain to Jellyfish.

I understand Leo fans being disappointed about that. But that’s the lot of any fan. I’m sure Hyuk fans have been disappointed in every video up to this one. Ravi fans have been disappointed that he’s always in the back in the dance formation even though he’s a fantastic dancer (or at least I have been). Hongbin fans might have been disappointed that he only gets random hit points in the song rather than actual lines. N fans are disappointed that they’ve never seen his abs or forehead (ok, that was a joke, but N generally gets a fair cut of screen time).

The point is, uneven distribution is inevitable, and as much as it sucks, it’s kinda annoying to me that hardcore Leo fans (who have always seemed a bit more intense that hardcore fans of the other members) feel the need to take up the issue with Jellyfish.

And the thing is, I understand complaining about it among yourselves. I complain to my sister all the time about my favs not getting enough screen time. But I don’t feel entitled enough to take it up with their company, which seems especially ridiculous considering it seems like Leo’s really stepping out of his shell on tv shows/radio shows/etc, so it’s not like Leo fans are being deprived of Leo.

So yeah, this bothers me. It bothers me because no one did that when Hyuk got nearly no lines, dance features, or solo shots in any of the mvs so far. It bother me because to give Leo more choreo, they’re taking it away from someone else. It bothers me because Leo has gotten a lot of feature time in the past and doubtless will in the future.

It just seems unreasonable that fans of a certain person are going to make things harder for the entire band (because changing the choreo that they’ve practiced for a long fucking time) just so their bias can get more time seems petty and selfish, especially when you consider that Leo is not the most shortchanged member (that would be Hyuk).

And on a more specific note, I heard that the part that they’ll be changing is to put Leo in front on the chorus instead of N because they don’t see why N is in the front on the chorus when he’s not singing.

Why is N in the front? Because he’s the fucking lead dancer, that’s why. That’s like asking why Leo is singing in a part. Because he’s the main vocalist. It doesn’t even sound like a well thought out complaint, because at least to me, it seems like the person who got the most footage compared to Leo was Ken, who is our other main vocalist and therefore more comparable. But I personally have no issue with Leo’s cut in this mv, and unless it seems like Leo has an issue, it seems selfish to me for Leo’s fans to make his life and the life of his bandmates harder by changing the choreo for him.