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This is a serious X-Men thing

Like, so serious.

I don’t know why I never thought of this before.

Sooooo, Sabertooh/Victor Creed is feral, yeah?

His main animal counterpart is a cat, yeah?

He freakin’ said “meow” in X-Men Evolution.

So tell me.

When he is affectionate, or when he is super tired and preparing to sleep…

…Does Sabertooth KNEAD?




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Lestat texting Louis.
  • Lestat: So what r u doing? ;)
  • Louis: Reading.
  • Lestat: And what would u do if I wuz there? ;)
  • Louis: Probably keep reading.
  • Lestat: Haha and then wat? ;)
  • Esme: Yes, it's been...I think a decade since we last visited the Volturi as a coven.
  • Emmett, coming down the stairs: Nine years and 76 days.
  • Carlisle: How do you know that?
  • Emmett: Rosie pulled me out the fountain and didn't speak to me for three months because I was trying to bite the water, remember?
  • Esme: *sighs*
  • Edward, seeing Carlisle's face: He keeps a dated journal.
  • Bella: So like, you remember because you, in public, acted like a dog in a fountain?
  • Emmett: Yeah, plus Rose was waaayyy overdressed that day.
  • Rosalie: I feel attacked.

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What is your writing process? (Did you answer this already?)

- “I’m going to write a thing!” I lied as I lied, lyingly.
- I think about the thing for several days/weeks/months/years. Perhaps I write about it on scraps of paper that I later lose.
- No initial outlines. We write ourselves into corners like men.
- I discuss the thing with my best friend.
- At some point, I may sit down and write the thing.
- I try to write a thousand words a day if I’m on a deadline.
- If I’m not on a deadline, all hell breaks loose.
- All hell breaks loose anyway.
- Nothing comes out the way I planned. Probably because I didn’t outline it.
- If it’s fan fiction and I’m emotional enough I’ll write the whole story in one day (see: Paris is For Lovers).
- At some point, I write an outline because I’m stuck.
- I deviate from the outline.
- Something miraculous happens. We call this divine intervention, or God taking pity on me because He gave me this manic desire to write words and look at how hard I’m trying.
- Someone forces me to leave the house while I’m writing. I lose my inspiration for days.
- A thing is finished.
- If it’s fan fiction, I proofread it once and slap it on the internet.
- If it’s original fiction, I squirrel it away, claiming I will take a break and then write another draft. It is never seen again.

A big bumblebee flew through my open window, told me bumbleby would be canon, and left. Thank you, bumblebee. Thank you. 

I mean maybe it didn’t say exactly that because I don’t speak bumblebee fluently, but I’m sure that’s what it wanted to tell me. 

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  • Shiro: Where is Keith?
  • Coran: He went out.
  • Shiro: He's grounded.
  • Coran: Are they not supposed to go out when they're grounded?