someone take sims away from me



So once again my creative juices went wild and now I have another dark skinned male sim…Someone take my game away from me.


Altar of the Weeping One

The legend of the Weeping One is popular among vampires, even though most of them don’t believe in it. There are many different versions of the story; its origins remain unknown. Some say the Weeping One was the first vampire to lift the curse by not feeding for a hundred years. Others believe she was a human woman whose children got turned but she cried for ten days and saved them through her tears.
Those who follow the Weeping One abstain from drinking blood which then often is substituted with all kinds of strange mixtures of human tears and summer rain. This abandonment of their vampiric ways usually turns them into the laughing stock of the supernatural community and the Altar of the Weeping One is a frequent target of vandalism.


As the Reaper had insinuated, there’s now a surplus of milk bottles, though from where Laurel fetched them Amelia can’t see. Nor do they care. It seems fresh enough, and the baby girl takes to her first one well, immediately latching on to the rubber teat. 

So little, so new… So hungry. How could anyone walk away from someone as fresh and alive as this? How could Mom-?

No. Don’t think of her. She’s not here. I am. Laurel is. Laurel, me, and…

Amelia: “Sophie.”

Laurel: “Mm?”

Amelia: “Her name. Now that I’m holding her… she looks like a Sophie to me. Does she look like one to you?”

Laurel: “…Yeah… Can I add a middle name, though? I thought of one during the… Dawn. Make her Sophie Dawn.”

Sophie Dawn Li… Forest. Sophie Dawn Forest. The name’s spoken silently, but the child seems to hear - she detaches from the bottle and looks up again at her Bibi, seemingly self-aware.

Amelia: “I love it. And look - Sophie loves it too. Don’t you, Sophie?”

Sophie’s next response is to yawn. Do I take that as a yes or a no?

Please send your positive vibes/prayers to this courageous teen choosing to end her life. She suffers from a disease that leaves her in constant pain. The only physical strength she has left is in her fingers.. She uses this strength to spend most of her time playing the Sims.

I know I don’t have much of a voice in the simblr community but I do see all the negativity that gets thrown around.

Let this girl be a reminder that The Sims is an escape for everybody who plays. Behind the username and Sim avatar is a person with emotions and a beating heart just like yours. You don’t know what people are going through… The Sims may be someone’s last true Utopia. Dont take that away from them.

Reading her story was so inspiring and then learning she escapes with The Sims just about brought me to tears. I had to share her story with everyone.

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