someone take photoshop from me right now

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Toni, do you think that picture of Liam and Cheryl "kissing" is photoshopped? Because you've got pictures from that angle of them just looking at each other, and I'm pretty sure if there were legit kissing pictures, wouldn't they be all over the place by now? That's like the ultimate thing to make people believe that stunt right? Seems fishy to me....your thoughts? Hope you're well. Take care xx

Hiya anon,

I’m okay. Hope you are too.

This one?  +

What is there to photoshop?  Its a ‘kiss’ from the one direction members playbook.

In the first pic she looks like she’s been told she’s getting every single tooth in her mouth pulled out by someone slamming a door and a piece of string round each tooth.

So I think rather than it being photoshopped - I think its legit and its the best they could get either of them to do and I’m not even sure Liam’s eyes are shut.

And its so like that pic from last week with Danielle and Louis apparently ‘kissing’ but it didn’t actually look like they were kissing, you couldn’t tell.

Plus of course the Harry pics with Kendall on the boat.  They’re practised at this.

Not to mention the Liam and Sofa ‘kiss’ on the french boat in 2014 and ILYSM picked it apart in this video, I’ve saved it at the point it starts but honestly as always if you haven’t watched it before, watch it all.

All I’ll say is that given how they flaunt their love and how loved up they are alleged to be and given what we’ve seen already, if they were really THAT loved up, how is it so impossible for them to do a kiss in public?  A genuine proper little kiss in public?  Instead this is what we get on video +

They’re very practised at giving the illusion of one but without any passion or in this instance, any evidence that they actually did ‘lock lips’.

They’ve been desperate for a kiss from them all along,  and yet Cheryl either swerves it or they say Liam was rejected for a peck on the check while I maintain it was liam saying something to her but no of course ‘puppy dog Liam’ got ‘rejected’. +

Same for Zigi with this away from photoshoots and the PT video, and those weird little polaroid camera efforts and they even had to peg that awkward looking thing of her getting into the car and called that a smooch for some reason.  +

They do the minimum, all of them. Always have, always will. All of them. 

Anyway, here’s a real kiss.   


I’m not very good with photoshop so this challenge is open to anyone who wants to help me with a post.

In a nutshell, I made this:

but it’s kind of ruined by the beard and I really want it fixed so with all your imaginations combined (captain planet theme song playing in my head right about now) can someone photoshop me a solution. 

Reblog with your entries. Winner gets TO TAKE POLLUTION DOWN TO ZERO.

Just kidding. All entries will get a reblog and my lifetime praise. Please keep my URL on it and throw yours on too if you want.

I can’t really ask you to keep it PG given the context but can we keep it clean team? No nudity. Nothing offensive. And please keep the ship war to a minimum (apologies in advance outlaw-whatever shippers).


TL;DR - remove/replace beard from my pic for my praise and lifelong friendship 

so the member or crew just posted this pic on twitter

first i thought it was cute and all, but then…

i have no better things to do with my life right now, so i of course tried to photoshop this scene to be visible at least a little more than this

apparently it’s Evil Queen in one of the first scenes from 100th episode (look at the opening credits) and she’s probably getting her “gift” here. for me it looks a lot like Hook again (?). certainly it’s a person or maybe two. i tried to photoshop it even more and

now it looks like someone it dragged by an alien… well. i guess it means i can’t take anything else out of this, but maybe someone sees something more here?

any ideas? thoughts?