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Does anybody else find it extremely sexy to see Kakashi not wearing his gloves? Like I am a huge gloves fan, especially fingerless. But this man has about 95% of his body covered at all times. So to see him without gloves on is the sexual equivalent to men seeing woman’s ankles in the 1800′s. 

Just a few hand appreciation pictures to follow…

ok i love R calling Enj “Apollo”

so what if Enjolras’ first name was literally Apollo and he thought it sounded too arrogant and stupid and hated he it, so Grantaire comes out of nowhere and, without knowing that, starts calling him Apollo because of the god and Enj was really mad and also thinking “yo wtf how does he know my name” and R keeps calling him Apollo and Ferre and Courf think the whole thing is so funny cause they know R has no idea Enj’s name is actually Apollo

Lance runs through the hallways of the castle, muttering frantically to himself, “No no no, this has to be a joke. Please let this be a dream.” He desperately tries to find some sort of sign that this is all just a terrible nightmare, that this isn’t real. This can’t be real. He crashes into someone and falls to the floor. 

“Whoa there, Lance. Are you okay?” He glances up at Shiro’s words in relief, hoping that Shiro can help reassure him that he’s not just imagining all of this. But as soon as he sees him, Lance sobs in despair and curls up into a ball, covering his ears. “This is not real, this can’t be real,” he says to himself. He dimly hears everyone else join them, asking Shiro what’s wrong, voices filled with concern. Lance chances another glance, hoping with all his heart that he was just mistaken. He’s not. He can feel a hysterical laugh bubbling up inside of him. A voice in his mind whispers, This is your reality now, Lance. Accept it. He looks up and he sees it.

Every single one of them is sporting a mullet. Lance wakes up screaming. 

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Sam Winchester: The brains, the brawn and the beauty

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