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It’s streams like tonight’s that I really appreciate how much of a way too much flirt Matt is. Like, he is such a shameless flirt it’s hilarious watching him whip out suggestive statements and compliments and little touches and loving expressions.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Stephanie attempts at some level of work place professionalism the streams would be nothing but flirting.

its been so long but im still trying to figure out how you could go from “i love you” to “i don’t care about you anymore” in such a short amount of time

anytime i see a post with nursey being v romantic and dex being a memer i 100% agree but i am also picturing dex internally screaming the entire time like this boy is deeply in love but when nursey asks him out his brain just goes blue screen of death and he says something like, “yeah sure” and shrugs even though he wants to scream out a sick guitar solo right there

also dex definitely has issues communicating w people? like it isnt uncommon for people to misread his emotions or what he’s trying to say and its v frustrating/confusing bc he isnt really clear on where the misunderstandings are coming from?? 

he legitimately does not have words for his feelings for this boy and he definitely shows his affection very very differently from how nursey shows him but make no mistake anytime nursey does something sweet dex is burning with the rage of a thousand suns/living a constant litany of “be cool Will BE COOL”/lying face down on the floor in death’s sweet embrace 

more texts for you bitches [pt 2]

angsty af texts

[text]: I’m not talking about this with you anymore I am so mad
[text]: So you decide to treat me better AFTER you break up with me…yeah, no. Not gonna happen. Lay off.
[text]: FYI telling a person to calm down is about the LEAST productive thing one could do!
[text]: Do you seriously have that little respect for me?
[text]: You’re a piece of shit.
[text]: Take a hint – I want nothing to do with you.
[text]: I hate that bitch.
[text]: I don’t think this is how you treat someone you love
[text]: You have to take me back. Please.
[text]: I don’t like to leave loose ends and I realized I needed to live up to my own problems and insecurities.
[text]: It’s like you didn’t even realize what you said was immensely fucked up.
[text]: I also broke up with my [boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other] tonight
[text]: What does it say about my self-esteem if I continue this?
[text]: I just don’t really feel like being your secret.
[text]: I just feel like no matter what I say it’s not correct
[wrong number text]: I think I’m gonna break up with [your muse]…I’m done.
[wrong number text]: [Your muse] just pissed me off so much.

flirty af texts

[text] Well, let me fuck you while I make potatoes. It’s every girl’s dream.
[text]: I’m sorry I asked to make out with you last night
[text]: So you don’t remember asking if you could kiss me?
[text]: Is it gay if I had sex with a guy during a threesome?
[text]: You have to love more than my vagina to be boyfriend material
[text]: I get nervous saying so in person, but I thought you were pretty adorable
[text]: Good morning. It’s [your muse’s name], the cutie you met on Tinder.
[text]: If we’re both single by the time we’re 30, let’s elope.
[text]: You’re not single, are you?
[text]: I want to have sex in my car again before I put the car seat back in
[text]: Here’s an unsolicited pic of my tits, because you almost died last night.
[text]: Speaking of lightening speed, he ate me out while I was watching The Flash. If that’s not winning at life idk what is
[text]: Hey so I was thinking, would you like to grab a drink this weekend?
[text]: We just had sex in the shed while having a conversation about cheeseburgers…so that’s how my Thursday is going
[wrong number text]: Do you think [your muse] would say yes if I asked them out for drinks?
[wrong number text]: Holy crap [your muse] is fucking hot
[wrong number text]: To quote Rachel Green, [your muse] is so pretty, I could cry
[wrong number text]: I could never talk to [your muse] … [he/she/they] is so cute I’d be so embarrassed.

friendship af texts

[text]: You didn’t choose the taco life. The taco life chose you.
[text]: Your Snapchat story was solely footage of stray cats and whiskey shots
[text]: I’m eating pizza in the bathtub
[text]: I got high with a cute stranger. But [he/she/they] has a [boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other]. Sad.
[text]: Dude [he/she/they] must have been cute to get you to smoke with [him/her/them]!
[text]: If he’s into you and he’s got a girlfriend, what does that say about his character?
[text]: I’ve been out with this guy twice and no kiss!
[text]: I’ll eat brunch alone. No ones good enough when you’re not around
[text]: Anyone coming over I expect to be here by 8. There’s cake.
[text]: I’m masturdating. Going out alone! For fun.
[text]: Is it rude to send him a “Happy Birthday I Hope You Finally Get an STD” text?
[text]: Some guy tried to give me a high five out here and when I denied him he called me ugly
[text]: Please stop putting yourself down I hate when you talk badly about yourself
[text]: If you’re having problems, don’t worry about mine. You’re your own priority.
[text]: You should just dump [him/her/them] and move on.
[text]: I’ve had so many people in like the past week tell me they were closing on or saving for a house…I’m just like, have fun with that
[text]: You might have a house but I just spent hundreds of dollars on highlights so who’s really winning here
[text]: He was so cute, it was a shame it didn’t work out. I loved his face and his penis
[text]: You also look amazing in that pic I can’t stop looking at it lmao
[text]: As soon as I saw [he/she/they] asked me out for drinks, I was like aw fuck
[text]: Your mom is drunk at the bar

Saw this gif of Michael Fassbender and honestly, I’m nearly pissing myself imagining Seb coming to bail Jim out of prison as his “defence lawyer”

Jim would be so insulted. Why Seb? a pinstripe suit, A HOT PINK SHIRT AND LEMON TIE?? 

fashion.fucking.disaster. Someone call the police. It’s a crime against society.

“OFFICER! TAKE ME BACK TO MY CELL!!” “Jim! don’t be an idiot!”


STARLIGHTの皆さま、こんばんは。 VIXXメンバー達の新年の抱負。本日はKENの抱負を公開します! #VIXX #2017年 #KENの抱負

Good evening starlights. VIXX members’ New Year resolutions. Today we’re revealing Ken’s New Year resolution! #VIXX #Year2017 #KensResolution

[sign reads: “To make and release music for Japanese fans ♡”]

trans cr. sprouthyuk

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s be here now, cause everybody, all of us, me included, we all try to live later on, or before, or not, we just don’t live now a lot of the time and it’s really annoying. So why don’t all of us just appreciate the moment? What I mean is, let’s have five minutes where it’s us and you, and no phones.
—  Matt Healy | The 1975 @Amsterdam 01/04/2016

I remember when I was younger, I was obsessed with the idea of love. I would have dreams of kissing someone and it seemed like the most beautiful gesture in the world. When I finally kissed, I felt all kinds of things and it gave me butterflies. I could imagine doing it for hours.
Over the years a kiss lost its meaning in a way. A kiss started to feel less treasurous. It’s colored by feelings of hurt and disappointment.
However, I am hopeful that one day someone will take me back to the feeling I had when I kissed for the first time. 
I dedicate this tattoo to that period in my life. A period of utter loneliness and yearning for love.

do you ever want to write to someone you lost contact with? not because you miss them or you aren’t happy with your life but because damn… they know so much about you and it just doesn’t seem right.. they walk this planet with so many secrets and thoughts that were and are yours. like.. give them back to me…

To the next man to love me,

Don’t say it if you don’t mean it..

Don’t tell me pretty words to make me fall for you only to snatch them away, leaving me alone and broken..

I may appear tough on the outside, but I’m not as tough as I pretend to be..

I’m strong, but I’m tired. I need a safe place to lay my head, someone to take on my fight, someone to watch my back and allow me to let down my guard..

I need someone to understand my darkness, someone to see me for who I really am and love me despite it..

Please be gentle with my heart, it’s been broken and pieced back together..