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Same Time Tomorrow? - Seth Rollins x Reader

Request by @heavenlytheshield - hope you enjoy it!

Summary:- You are in NXT and have been training extra hard. One night, you accidentally let ‘daddy’ slip while Seth is playfully tickling you. You get up and run away, going into the showers - but Seth follows you in there. 

Warnings:- Smut, Swearing, Daddy Kink

Word Count- 1,304

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jk. im here to squeal about shiho from 870. if a hacker “compliments” you on your pc build, then you’re doing it right.


I wear a button with the mark of the Outsider on my lapel and I get a LOT of comments on it. I’m often torn between answering ‘it’s a pagan thing’ or ‘it’s a video game thing’ and…

Well I’m a huge dork and in a fit of sleep deprivation thought it would be funny to make a chick-tract parody to show/give to people who asked…and then this happened.

Mental Scars // Break time for the mun.

@lavender-sans made me realize today that I need a break too.

My mental health is not doing well do to the toxic environment I’m living in. I need a break from tumblr so I can focus on managing my own mental and physical health.

I didn’t want to say anything about this cause I didn’t want anyone to worry about me. But I feel like I need to share my story.

I’m a 21 year old genderfluid panromantic. I have a family of 6

Me, my 3 brothers and my mom and dad.

I’ve been diagnosed with on and off clinical depression,

 anxiety and Asperger autism, 

social anxiety, 

panic attacks,

 hypochondriasis -meaning I’m really paranoid about my health and if I feel even a slight pain in my body my brain assumes the worst like: oh it must be cancer, or oh it’s diabetes, or oh I must be dying!- 


and selective mutism .

These huge walls of mental issues make it hard for me to do everyday activities and I often find myself forgetting things and getting confused at the simplest problems.

Despite my many mental issues and my physical issues such as: hypoglycemia - low blood sugar-  my weak hips and my legs that like to pop out of their sockets, and IBS {{ Irritable Bowel Syndrome. }}

My parents don’t seem to understand I am mentally and physically unable to handle situations that should seem simple. I literally cannot handle anyone raising their voice at me or full blown yelling at me or I will have a complete meltdown. I will be unable to speak or form a coherent sentence and will get too emotionally compromised when trying to speak that I will just stop speaking. 

This has caused many issues with my parents and I and when I don’t speak or answer them right away because of my inability to they will take my computer and phone and anything they can think of which only makes things worse because now I’ve lost everything I enjoy so it just makes me slide deeper into my depression. They already took my door leaving me with no privacy and mom’s called me lazy, selfish and unappreciative.

She even told me a few days ago: I don’t care what you have or what you think you have, other people have it worse than you.

And that was a huge mental slap in the face. I fucking know other people have it worse than me. But her saying that makes me feel so horribly guilty that I have issues. 

Suffering isn’t a competition.Her saying this basically tells me:  my pain is insignificant because others feel it too so I should just get over it.

Not only am I suffering but now I know that others are suffering just as much as me. That sucks. That really, really sucks. Now I’m sad for me and sad for other people.

My parents still continue to say and do all the wrong things with me. They have threatened to kick me out more times than I can count. They’ve threatened to put me outside in a tent and have me sleep there outside when they know that there are bears and coyotes close in our area. 

They’ve been guilt tripping me and using fear to make me do what they want. It’s not my fault that I forget or that I am too emotionally and physically drained that I have no motivation to get up and do things. They still treat me like I’m nothing but dirt under their shoes.

My dad will sometimes take his belt to my ass and whip me if I am crying. Which only makes it worse. You’d think they would have gotten the hint that something was really wrong with me when I ran away a few years ago.

Just yesterday my brother found my camera that had been missing for 4 years. I wanted it back. But the prick wouldn’t give it back so I told him that the camera was mine and I wanted it back. 

So I took it back - I was already frustrated because he’s been trying to take my computer and my tv from me by asking my mom and dad and me if he could have them. Even though we’ve told him no multiple times.- and then he goes in and bitches and moans to my mom and my mom comes out and gets in my face and tells me how selfish I am. 

And that I don’t need my camera because I haven’t used it. I kept telling her I just didn’t know where it was and that I wanted it back because it was mine. Then she laughed and threatened to take away everything in my room from me because she said since she paid for it that the stuff was hers. But I disagree because when you give someone something then they are the new owner of said item given. 

I asked her right out: Would you let me have my brother’s DS if I asked him for it. 

- she avoided the answer like the hypocrite she is just to torment me. Of course she wouldn’t let me have my brother’s DS if I asked for it but oh yeah sure she’ll let my brother take my camera. She always favored my brothers over me anyways.-

It doesn’t matter if I didn’t pay for it or not, you gave it to me. it’s like giving someone a stuffed animal for free at a garage sale. That stuffed toy is now theirs because you relinquished your ownership of the stuffed animal to someone else to keep. It’s like giving away free kittens, that kitten now belongs to the person who came by and gives it a home.

So yes by all means and intent this room, these clothes, my pc, and my shit is my shit. Just cause I didn’t pay for them doesn’t mean I don’t have ownership. When you give someone something to keep and to use as their own and how they please then whatever you gave them is now theirs. 

Money shouldn’t = ownership all the time. 

Sure if you pay for something and have it for your use then yes this item you paid for is yours but as soon as you give it away it’s like a donation.

 If you give an item to someone for their usage then that item is now THEIRS. Just like when you donate canned food, those canned foods now belong to the children that receive the cans. You wouldn’t go back and take the canned food away from the children now would you? So don’t do it to your own children. If you give them something as a gift then it is theirs. Plain and simple.

You don’t have to have money to own a cave in the wilderness do you? No that cave is yours and no one can claim it. You don’t have to have money to make your own clothes and have them be yours do you? No those clothes are yours. If you give someone something as a gift then YES they are the new owner of that something.

So it’s bullshit my parents take away my stuff. My mom was in my face yelling: Give me the computer it’s MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE! I PAID FOR IT!

NO FUCK YOU MOM my pc is mine, dad gave it to me just like you and dad gave me my dog. I am their owner, you have no right to take them away from me or take away my pc or phone. I don’t care if you paid for them you gave them to me as a gift. You can’t just take them away. I’m not your property and you don’t own me. 

You wouldn’t take back a gift you gave to your friend or parents would you? So no don’t take my shit. You know very well that once you give something up the person you gave it to is the owner. If you wouldn’t take back a gift you bought someone for Christmas from your friends or parents then don’t fucking do it to your child.

I’m so sick of all the mental abuse. I need time away to focus on myself and get myself the help I need because my mom and dad sure as hell won’t help me. I need to get my mental and physical health checked and I need to earn enough money to get away from my parents. 

Hell even my two younger brothers are horrible to me. They once pinned me down and started beating on me. Now don’t say that’s bullshit, my younger brothers are now taller than me and physically stronger. They call me names like: bitch, stupid fuck, asshole, and many other names. They tell me to shut up and they don’t appreciate my help.

My parents say I don’t give a damn about anyone but myself, seems like they’ve forgotten all the shit I’ve done for them for years. Like doing everyone’s laundry, cleaning up the upstairs multiple times, staying up with them when one of them is ill. 

Hell when my dad had the swine flu I was up with him for three fucking nights ILL WITH THE SWINE FLU MYSELF, doing everything he asked. Talking to him, I always tell my parents I love them when they leave and tell them to be careful while driving.

I watched 2 children for almost a year and a half -changing their rank ass diapers- with no fucking pay because a family friend was going through a hard time and getting divorced. Yet they still say shit like I’m selfish, lazy, ungrateful, unappreciative and shit. 

NO fuck that. I bust my ass as best as I can, all while fighting my mental and physical issues. I’m exhausted, I’m tired and I’m done with your guilt trips, I’m done with the mental abuse, I’m done with having my ass beaten. I’m done with you taking away my shit.

I’m sorry everyone but I will be taking a break I need to help me help myself since my parents sure as hell don’t give a damn about my mental or physical health.

I need to get money which means I need to focus on getting myself a job so I can finally move out and leave this toxic environment where everything is my fault and I’m such a selfish and horrible person. And they still have the nerve to tell me that they love me. 

Yeah right if you loved me you would be doing whatever you could to help me with my mental and physical issues instead of using any little mistake I make as an excuse to take things that bring joy to my life away.

I’m so done with this family rn. As soon as I move out I’m cutting ties with my mom and my two youngest brothers. The only ones I can remotely stand is one of my brothers who is only a few years younger than me and my dad. Sure my dad has a temper but he’s a lot better than my mom and I’m more close to my dad. But as soon as I move out it’s bye bye mom and bye bye my two younger brothers.

I’m sorry guys but I need to focus on getting out of this toxic environment. I cannot spend all my time on tumblr anymore. I need to start looking out for my mental and physical health and I can’t do that when I’m on tumblr 24/7 

I hope you all understand. I’m going to take a break from tumblr, if you do want to contact me pm me for my skype. Otherwise the only things I will do on tumblr is some rps but I won’t be answering any questions on my blogs or doing any events or stuff like that.

 I won’t be holding any contests -the design my Sans contest is on hold for now, you can still design Sanses and send them in to my submission box but know they will be sitting there for a long while before I resume the contest- I am putting the raffle prizes on hold -sorry guys- and most of my rps I started with anyone will be on hold while I get my life together.

I hope you all understand. 

Thank you for your time.