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changed in an instant

an: I don’t know why, but I can’t seem to stop crying at the idea of captain hook holding his newborn daughter. thanks to @swans-and-pirates for encouraging me! <3

Everything happens so fast.

One minute, he’s sound asleep, woken by Emma’s insistent grip on his forearm, and the next, he’s standing in the hospital room at three in the morning, watching as the doctor gives the squealing red infant to her mother.

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Bad Blood.

“I don’t even think I have to tell you how awful you’d look in one of those bright BVB jerseys compared to a nice, subtle blue Schalke one,” Julian spewed confidently before he took a bite from his fork.

Erik snorted as if Julian’s suggestion was the most ridiculous thing he had ever heard. “I’m sure she knows that blue isn’t her color.”

The two had been like this ever since we hopped on our Skype call with each other, going back and forth on which jersey I would be wearing this weekend when Dortmund and Schalke met for their match. It wasn’t like I hadn’t been in this predicament before. I had been friends with Erik and Julian for quite some time now and it seemed fate was always on my side as I found myself busy with other plans whenever the two sides met so I wouldn’t have to be dragged to a match.

This weekend though I was free and I couldn’t find a quick enough excuse to get out of the obligations to attend. Plus, Julian had somehow synced my calendar to his phone so he knew firsthand that I was free. He made sure to remind me of that when he asked me for the second time whether I would be attending.

“I think since it’s going to be in Dortmund it’s only fair that she wear my jersey. There’s already going to be thousands of BVB jerseys in the stadium. Why not stand out?” Julian tried to reason.

Erik wasn’t hearing it. “That’s all the more reason to wear mine. It’s a home match.”

“Can’t I just wear something neutral?”

“No,” they answered in unison.

I groaned. It really sucked being stuck between these two stubborn individuals.

I found it funny their bickering on which club I would support this weekend. In reality, I didn’t really care who won. I knew someone wouldn’t be happy with the result either way and I would have to deal with it.

They had even spent the last week posting pictures of me on their social media. Erik posted a picture of me and him from a match a few weeks ago where I wore one of his BVB jackets. The caption read:

‘What a great best friend. Always supporting me.’

Julian had taken the less subtle route. He posted a picture of me from a few months ago where I was holding two thumbs up. I wasn’t wearing any football apparel but instead in regular clothes.

‘Leave an emoji below if you think my best friend should wear my jersey this weekend instead of a BVB kit.’

Needless to say, he got a lot of votes of approval and the inevitable questions of whether I was really a girlfriend instead of a best friend. I had grown used to those sorts of comments as well between my friendships with the two adored Germans.

“I’m just ready for this match to be over with so I won’t have to deal with you two.” I playfully rolled my eyes. Internally I was excited that I would at least get a bit of time with them after the match to just hang out. I got plenty of chances to hang out with Erik since I was living in Dortmund as well but my time with Julian was more limited. I had to choose which weekends I would make the short drive to him.

“Yeah yeah. Sure you are. I’m going to head to bed though. Love youuu,” he sang out to me in a playful tone before blowing me a dramatic kiss which I pretended to catch. “You two don’t dream about me too much tonight,” he remarked to both me and Erik.

“I dream about you every night, Draxler,” Erik said with a chuckle.

“Ah, the bromance is so strong.”

I walked into the stadium and I knew immediately I was probably getting a lot of confused glances. I had chosen to wear a BVB jacket with a Schalke 04 shirt underneath. It was easy to see the two colors contrasting but I didn’t care. I was going to find a way to support both of my best friends and this was the only solution considering no place sold jerseys of both clubs sewn together. That would have been a bit weird anyway.

I made my way to my seat which had a perfect view of the pitch. I pulled out my phone to take a picture to post on Instagram, adding in a caption that showed I was supporting both sides before I put my phone back into my pocket.

I watched the game intently, jumping up from the seat whenever someone got dangerously close to the goal. It seemed that happened a lot throughout the match but neither side could draw blood.

I had expected some form of mass chaos, one side ending up breaking through and just slotting away goal after goal but it didn’t turn out that way as the match ended in a scoreless draw instead. I was sure Erik and Julian would blame me wearing both clubs on my back for that result.

I found my way towards the players’ area where I knew they would be able to see me. I wasn’t sure how long it would take them but it didn’t seem like much time as I soon heard my name being called through the hall and Julian running towards me.

He enveloped me in his arms as soon as I was within reach, lifting me off of my feet. “Oof!” I uttered as the breath left my body with the way Julian squeezed me tightly. He placed an array of kisses to all areas of my face except my lips, though he had ‘accidentally’ kissed those plenty of times as well. He always blamed it on the heat of the moment.

“Ah, I missed you.”

“I can tell,” I giggled.

“Could you not squeeze my best friend like that?” I heard someone say from a distance and I knew immediately it was Erik. Julian finally let me go to greet his other partner in crime though his hug was a little less intense.

“Hey I’m her favorite. I think you tend to forget that fact,” Ju responded. All I could do was shake my head at the pair. I still wondered how I had become a member of this threesome.

“What a game, huh? A scoreless draw is always fun right.” I gave them both a bright smile which they returned with stale glares. I guess it wasn’t as fun for them.

“It was your fault for wearing both of our colors.”

“Definitely. If you would have just worn Borussia like I told you, we would have won.”

I knew I would be right.

“Oh grow up you two. Don’t be so superstitious.”

“Don’t be such a traitor,” Julian joked.

Erik draped his arm over both of our shoulders, leaving him in the middle as he brought us together. “Ah, I love you two fuckers.”

How do you find the one, when everyone is looking for love?

So far this year, I’ve second-handedly (via Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram) witnessed about 8 matrimonies and over 10 engagements and it’s only the first week of June. Don’t get me wrong, I love love… I love getting the news of someone saying “yes” or listening to a friend tell me how they’re saving up to buy their lady the perfect ring. I love the excitement, I love the joy, I love the happiness, love is beautiful, you can never take that away from it but, how do you really find the one?
Do you just know? Did you feel it later? Were you friends? College sweethearts?

I bet you’re expecting some new phenomenon but, it’s actual simple…

#1. We have to remember that everyone is actually not looking for love. Some people are broken, some are healing, some are still trying to figure shit out, and some just want sex or a simple friendship. Everyone isn’t ready for love and you can’t place your wants on others. You also have to remember that just because you deem yourself ready, does not actually mean that you are. Relationships and marriage are hard work and the both of you must be willing to negotiate and compromise. You also have to be able to fight fair and communicate in a way that may be different from your usual form. Love ain’t about just making love and waking up. Love is paying the bills, feeding the babies, blending families, switching roles. Love is sacrificing but not losing yourself.

#2. You have to become their friend. Get to know them. Analyze them. See them at their worst and at their best. Ever too often, we only get to know someone well enough, so that we can be intimate and then, we find out they’re an inconsistent, smacking, stubborn fool. Not that inconsistent, smacking fools can’t be loved but, maybe I don’t want them problems. Maybe, you don’t deserve them problems.

#3. You have to focus on yourself. By focusing on yourself, you’re getting where you need to be and you’re able to work on you. And not even in preparation for a spouse, but it’s easier to be with someone when you’re healed and whole. Your spouse shouldn’t complete you but rather complement you. Two broken people cannot fix or save each other.

#4. Disconnect your energy and stabilize yourself. I have definitely had my share of casual sex but, once you’ve carried a child for 9 months, I think you learn the true significance of exchanging energies with someone. I’m not saying that you can’t have sex on the first date or in your relationship but, what I am saying is that casual sex interferes with that mushy pink thing inside your skull and your judgement. Personally, I would suggest waiting to engage in intercourse to allow yourself to soberly get to know this person without the constant “but the sex is so good” narrative.

These aren’t all the tips but, a wise woman once told me, never let them know all your secrets. Until next time…

It’s hard to believe. It takes eternity to wrap my head around the fact that someone would want me again, even after he has seen all my broken pieces. It’s hard to believe that I can fall for someone again after swearing to myself I wouldn’t. It seems too good to be true that someone would truly take the time to try to put my pieces back together. Everything seems too good to be true and I’m scared when I start believing it I’ll just be ripped back into reality. But if I don’t start believing he truly wants to be with me, it just might be the thing that pushes him away from me.
—  A.B // voiceless.words on Instagram

anonymous asked:

STELLA!! I want to take fire igs of myself but my mum nor my friends know my angles😩 I always ending up hating the way I look in photos but I look good in selfies how do I get those fire igs

i thought long & hard about this message. my immediate response was to tell you fuck all that, you dont need to be focused on your instagram or angles or how you look. it’s superficial and unnecessary, all of it. 

but then i caught myself feeling hypocritical, because i myself do focus on that somewhat..

how do i do what i do without promoting it? i’m involved an in industry that capitalizes off my appearance. i want to be able to use my platform and take advantage of social media & its opportunities while still promoting a positive message. a message that says hey, fuck your expectations of beauty, of how girls and boys should act & dress, of how we become successful, etc. but how can i do that when i still post pics of myself and dress a certain way and wear makeup and bleach my hair? 

i’m constantly going through this internal battle lol it fucks me up. i second guess everything i do, because i know someone will always take something away from it, whether its positive or negative. like yeah, fuck the haters, that’s not what im concerned about. im concerned about the young impressionable youth (such as yourself) that looks at what im doing and thinks hey, how can i do that. when it’s something meaningless like instagram angles. i want people to be inspired by me & come away with a feeling of fuck yeah, i can do whatever i want, im everything i need…

but i cant control how people view me & my message? so i guess i have to do my best? i hope you understand where im coming from lol. ive been thinking about all this for a while. i still dont know where i stand on it.

but i guess my advice to you would be what my first instinct was, haha. fuck instagram, fuck angles, fuck feeling bad about your appearance.  you’re young and beautiful and have a whole lot more to offer this world than how good you can make yourself appear online. much love to you & anyone else reading. do whatever you want, fuck what anybody else thinks. i swear, this is the only way to truly live. xo.

about reposting

It’s going to be rude and bitter. Sorry in advance.

Ok so it’s the 3547368431436th time that someone reposted my shitty things HERE. I don’t even know/care about other websites cause I don’t really use facebook, instagram, twitter, whatever. BUT TUMBLR.

- Tumblr is my only “fangirling harbour” stop taking THAT away from me
- if you repost my things I’m gonna report it to the staff
- if you don’t take down the post i’m gonna report your entire blog
- does that mean that your blog will be deleted? I DON’T FUCKING CARE
- I don’t care that you were feeling lazy for crediting
- I don’t care that it was a bad day and you didn’t feel like searching for the proper credits because you still had enough energy to repost and that says it all
- I don’t care that you found it on facebook, or instagram
- I don’t care that you didn’t explicitly claim it as your own
- I don’t care that you give credit IF someone finds out that it’s a repost
- many people don’t even have the DECENCY to NOT PUT THE MAIN TAGS UNDER PHAN THINGS
- seriously I have found so many repost tagged with ap/dinof and even their FRICKINGNNN NAMES
- it takes nothing to look for a picture on google search and find the author
- you can’t find the author even after looking for them everywhere? DON’T REPOST.
- this is for everyone who reposts to get *glory*: you didn’t make the thing. WE DID IT. We, authors, artists. You didn’t. You may bask in apparent glory but that’s not you. You’re just a pathetic immature idiotic slob whose one and only talent is to waste other people’s time. Your notes are OUR notes. Your reblogs are OUR reblogs. Your likes are OUR likes. WE stayed up all night to finish a fanart. WE have our eyes almost falling from staring at the monitor. WE have graphite and pastels smeared all over our hands. OUR hands hurt from that uncomfortable position. WE have our backs strained from leaning too much on the table. Not you. You are just a thorn in our feet. GROW. THE FUCK. UP. 

I’m sorry I’m so bitter. And sorry to all my followers who are nice people and don’t deserve this rant to pop up on their dash. I also want to thank everyone who messages me about reposts: thanks for coming directly to me instead of causing an uproar. You are all so kind. Thanks for your support.


What about me?

“Davi!” You yelled and Davi came running over to you with Neymar behind him.

“Are you ready?” You asked, Davi nodded his head and Neymar lifted his son up in his arms.

“Why can’t I go?” Neymar asked

“Because you’re a guy, this is a girl’s day out” you smiled as you took Davi in your arms

“But what about Davi! Why can’t he go an not me?” He asked crossing his arms

“Because Davi is a little boy, plus I miss hanging out with him alone. You can entertain yourself with your friends and fifa” you said as you opened the door, Neymar grabbed your arm and you looked at him.

“But I want to be with you” he pouted, you giggled and kissed his lips.

“I’m ready!” Rafa said as she ran downstairs, it was her who wanted this day with you and Davi and you loved the idea.

“Oh there’s the devil. Taking my girlfriend away from me on a girls day but my own son can go snd not me?! It’s not fair! Did you even think about my feelings? Huh what about me?” Neymar said all Rafa could was laugh at her jealous brother.

“Yea yea, see ya later” she said and walked out of the house, right behind her you walked with Davi.

“I hope you dont have fun!” Neymar yelled after you, you shook your head as you laughed of him.

You arrived to the mall, you were on a shopping trip. You helped Davi out of the car and held his hand, Rafa locked the car and you all walked into the mall. It was huge really huge, so many stores, restaurants, cafés and so much more. You had no idea where to start.

“OH MY GOD LOOK!” Rafa screamed as she pointed towards one of your favorite stores. You took Davi up in my arms and you ran towards it. You entered the store and were amazed how big it was in this mall, there were all brand new clothes. Rafa grabbed a lot of things and walked towards the changing room, while you were looking at things and made sure Davi wasn’t bored.

“Davi what about if you find something I can try” you said, he giggled and walked around and then he handed you a yellow dress, you smiled and looked at it.

“It’s beautiful! Obrigado” you said as you messed his blonde curls. Rafa showed you and Davi what she had tried, she looked good in everything, and she wanted to buy it all.

“What a beautiful dress” Rafa said as she noticed the dress in your hands

“I know right! Davi picked it for me” you smiled

“Try it on, we’ll be waiting” she said and sat down on the couch that was there with Davi on her lap.

You put it on and walked out to them, Rafa and Davi were both smiling a lot.

“You have to buy it! It’s so Gorgeous and on you … You make the dress 100% better than it already is” Rafa said

“What do you think Davi?” You asked

“I like it! Buy it!” He said, you nodded your head and changed back to your clothes. You and Rafa bought what you wanted, and then you went into a kids store to find clothes to Davi.

“This one!” Davi said as he showed Rafa a shirt with the brazilian flag on.

“Reminds me of Neymar” Rafa laughed and she searched after Davi’s size.

“Where’s Y/N?” Davi asked and in that moment you jumped in front of him, he got a shock but laughed, you ran away from him and he ran after you. Rafa was laughing at you two, she picked her phone up and recorded you and Davi running, she posted it on instagram and then she paid for the shirt Davi wanted. After that you went to an ice cream shop, you asked someone to take a picture of you three so you could post it. While you were enjoying your ice cream, Neymar was sitting in the living room annoyed! Pictures of you, Davi and Rafa were everywhere, it wasn’t only the pics or videos you posted but also other People who took pictures of you and Paparazzies. He really wanted to be a part of that fun, he wanted to be there to make you laugh the laugh you were laughing on one of the videos. He was jealous on his son and sister that they could spend a day with you without him.

The door opened and the first thing Neymar heard was your laugh, he smiled and walked towards the front door.

“Please Y/N!” Rafa whispered

“Okay okay” you laughed, she asked if you couldn’t ignore Neymar and see how he Would react because she was in the mood to annoy him.

“You’re home!” Neymar smiled, Davi immediatly jumped in his arms.

“Was it fun?” He asked and Davi nodded his head.

“Neymar can you put this in our room” you said and pointed at your bags and then you left the hallway to the kitchen with Rafa.

“What the?” Neymar said confused cause he had expected something else to happen. After he threw the bags in your room, he went downstairs to the kitchen where he found you, Rafa and Davi drinking water.

“How was it? Did you have fun without me?” He asked, you just nodded your head, you didn’t look at him and Rafa was trying her best not to laugh when she saw his confused face. You walked out of the kitchen and into the living room, Neymar followed you.

“Why are you all so mean to me today! What have I done?” He said, you giggled as you sat down on the living room. You looked up at him

“Finally!” He said “First I can’t go out with you, then you ignore me, what’s the next?” He asked, you couldn’t help but laugh.

“You’re so cute Neymar” you said as you stood up

“I’m actually trying to be serious” he said annoyed

“But you’re cute when you’re serious” you said, you told him why you were ignoring him.

“You two have no heart! What about me and my feelings? Huh? Davi come here! I need to save you before they turn you into what they are” he joked

“Davi loves the way we are!” Rafa said

“My girlfriend, my son and my sister doesn’t like me” he said and pouted

“Look at you! You’re so adorable!” You giggled and kissed his lips soft, he smiled sweet.

“We love you” you smiled

“I know” he said and hugged you, you felt some hands on your legs, it was Davi hugging you. You loved that moment, hugging your two favorite guys.

thenikkibella: Yesterday I got to train with my brother in law @bryanldanielson He’s such a wrestling genius! He taught me a lot technically yesterday and even helped me with my new finisher. Can’t wait to get cleared and train even more with him. Can’t get aggressive yet with my training but goodness I’m yearning to get back in that ring! July can’t come quick enough! It’s going to be a tough road, but I love challenges! I don’t want easy. I want to overcome what no one thinks I can. You can’t take passion away from someone. If anything you just give them more fire to prove you wrong! 💋💪🏽 #stayfearless #fearlessnikki #summertime #strongerthanyesterday #nevergiveup

I’m gonna put on the mom pants and put this out there.

It is not okay to make anyone feel like this. Wiishu is beautiful and posts ootd photos very often. She has done this before she lived with Jack and no one should be making comments because of where she is standing or because someone took a picture for her.

It’s her home now too. Is she supposed to take pictures in a hallway in order to avoid people making comments and obsessing over things or even putting her down? No, she shouldn’t have to do that.

Wiishu is a person separate from Jack and just because she took a picture in a room doesn’t mean it should take away from her and her beauty. It’s unfair to her to focus on other things not about her on HER Instagram.

If you come across this @wiishu, I think your ootd was flawless and I would love some style tips for my trip to Vegas next week. Keep posting! I need the inspiration from someone with amazing fashion sense (aka you). You’re my fashion go to. I’m sorry that others have made you feel this way, but don’t let them sway you from posting.

Please you’re fashion sense and eyeliner game have changed me 😋

The KayLord's Prayer

Our Kaylord, who art in Hell
Hallowed be thy name
Thy tea to come
Thy will be done
On Tumblr, as it is on Instagram
Quench us this day our daily thirst
And forgive those who stunt
As we forgive those that stunt against us
And lead us not into civil war
But deliver us from drought
For thine is the fandom
And the Knicks game, and the ODLR show
Forever and ever