someone take away shonda from me


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pls i can’t live with out my bby he’s so pure pls it took me 6 seasons to love him don’t take this away from me shonda pls

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Totally enjoyed your rants on the finale. The whole season feels like a waste of my time because the bad far outweighed the good (Vermont). Season 3 will go down for me as Mellie and Jake. I will not come back unless Jake is gone. Amazing they talk of the chemistry between Olitz but are determined to keep Mellie shackled to Fitz & Olivia shackled to Jake, her favorites. No more bait and switch for me. I'm done. Question: where's the payoff??

Hey, anon. Thank you for reading my rants, lol. It’s not everyday that someone appreciates my incessant spouting of obscenities in combination with the wit and humor that I put into them. Plus, I never get anon messages, so again, thank you. Now to answer:

Believe it or not, there is no payoff. Shonda Rhimes did everything in her power to destroy what could have been such a good series. It was evident, far before the finale, that she was determined to underwrite and un-write material for this season. Which is what makes this such a slap in the face. The buy in for season 1 was so easy. We immediately invested because it was exciting, well acted (for the most part) and well paced. The writing showcased Olivia Pope as a strong lead who seemed to have her shit straight, except for her love life. Through careless, yet completely calculated actions, it was undone. They converted Liv into a clueless damsel who could no longer fix anything. No one consented to this utter assassination of a once loved character.

Scandal Season 3 spiraled out of control and it went unchecked starting from the back 9 of season 2. Stories were poorly told, characters remained under, and in some cases completely undeveloped and it attempted to unwrite what was laid as the foundation from the series premiere. This show-runner transformed this into a cynical, mentally depraved, disastrous attempt at a high stakes political thriller. But who could call this a compelling television drama? In this season, more than I’d ever previously witnessed, Shonda was completely and unapologetically self indulgent in the writing. My guess as to why, to accomplish what she most enjoys: Mocking the very fanbase responsible for keeping her afloat as a primetime show-runner. And she did a hell of a job.

This punishment seems to come as the result of having a dissenting opinion. For investing in the characters she created, but then caged. We’re not to object to how Olivia Pope was written out of/underwritten this entire season. We’re not to push for the love story, that was established in season 1, when it’s the only honest display of love on Scandal. And trust me, she tried her damnedest to make that so. I will always credit Shonda for writing the love story of Olivia and Fitz. But more than anything in the last 27 episodes, she belabored herself with the task of erasing that love story. Except for one thing: NO ONE CAN MAKE US FORGET! As a result, she takes it upon herself to force it onto everyone in viewing distance of Scandal.

I bring this up to illustrate point that might be going unnoticed. Shonda Rhimes, to me, writes from the perspective of someone who has never truly been in love. Her flippancy could only be explained by never having made that connection in her own personal life. It’s how she’s able to write that Olivia loves Fitz, then have her sleep with Jake in a matter of days. It’s why running away seems possible, but standing and fighting for that love is completely implausible for a television drama. What else would cause her to remark that, “life is not a romance novel”? (Which it isn’t, but it’s also not a loveless prison that callouses your heart and kills your desire to live.) Again, this is just my assessment of what has been placed in front of me. My theory is just a theory.

For all we know, anon, this could have just been the final chance to piss in our cornflakes. Perhaps we’re not the fans she ever wanted. And if that’s the case, cool. I can say that I’ve got more critical analysis in drafts due this weekend. Because while the rants are fun, I could expound further upon Shonda’s lack of vision. We can be glad in this, though. There are dozens of brilliant fanfiction authors to take the perverted work of a sadist and transform it into brilliant creative writing. So at least there’s that. Thanks again, for reading. From your friendly neighborhood Goddess of Light

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