someone stopped at dunkin donuts on their way to work

i was re-reading jon bois’ eulogy for radioshack and now i just can’t stop thinking about awful retail jobs and corporations and their bizarre decisions. i used to work at dunkin donuts for close to 4 years. at one point, they kept suggesting - which is a nice way of saying “do it now” - that we have someone on the staff stand out in the drive way during long lines saying “hello” to customers and handing samples, which is the kind of suggestion that can only come from someone with no customer service experience at all, especially at a drive thru, and not knowing how quickly to the customers screaming profanities at said person and to get inside and move the damn line along, get them their fucking coffee, etc. a complete and total disconnect between me walking shitty tiled floors and people passing around nigh meaningless spreadsheets while making corporate plans that would mostly end up as totally arbitrary once on the ground