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Stitched - Part 1

Eisuke Ichinomiya. Kana despised that man. He took the last shred of happiness Kana had, all for himself. Never did Kana want to see him unless it was completely unavoidable. This was just that moment. Standing at the entrance to the Tres Spades, Kana knew this was a last resort option, but perhaps it was better than remaining at that place.

Hoisting the duffle bag up, Kana braved the decision and stepped into the hotel. It was early in the evening, but even so the lobby was still buzzing a fair bit. Ignoring the greetings of staff, and the few questioning glances, Kana made a beeline for the elevators.

Mashing the penthouse button, Kana groaned when the button didn’t light up. Muttering a few choice curses before exiting the elevator, Kana headed for the reception desk.

“I’m sorry the penthouse rooms are all completely booked.” The receptionist said, Kana had to hold back a scoff, knowing that was a lie, “I can offer you a suite on the 50th floor.”

“I don’t want a room I just need to get into the penthouse!” Kana demanded, smacking the top of the counter.

The outburst took the receptionist back a bit, and she seemed a little frightened.

“What seems to be the issue here?” Kana sighed happily at the familiar voice. Mr Kenzaki would surely help out. Upon turning to face the manager, Kenzaki immediately took it upon himself to guide Kana to the penthouse personally.

“I was under the impression you were given a key to the penthouse.” Kenzaki observed as they rode the elevator up.

“I refused to accept it.” Kana mumbled, almost ashamed to be running to the Tres Spades.

“Three times?”

“Whatever. I won’t be here long anyway.”

Upon reaching floor 51, Kenzaki stepped out but Kana didn’t, “I assume you came here for a reason?”

Sighing, Kana stepped out and followed Kenzaki to the penthouse lounge.

“Excuse me, Mr Ichinomiya?” Kenzaki announced before Kana even had a chance to enter.

“What is it Kenzaki? I don’t recall calling for you.” Eisuke called back. Kana sighed. He didn’t seem irritable. Good.

“I have a visitor with me.”

“Nor do I recall having a meeting.” Eisuke pointed out.

“He never said it was for you.” A voice Kana recognised as Ota’s called out.

Stepping aside, Kenzaki then let Kana enter.

“Kana?” The men in the lounge all exclaimed unanimously.

“I don’t believe Miss Kana is here to see either of you.” Kenzaki bowed before leaving. Clutching her bag awkwardly in front of her, Kana stared at her feet. Her last visit to the Tres Spades hadn’t exactly been spectacular.

“Hi.” She said shyly.

Before anyone could say anything more, shouting from upstairs interrupted them.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN SHE’S GONE?” Silence followed before a woman stumbled quickly down the stairs from the penthouse suite, “Eisuke!” She exclaimed, tears already rolling down her face, “Kana she-” almost in sync with each other, the men all pointed behind her, where Kana now stood.

Without a second thought, dropping her bag, Kana also broke down into tears as she ran to the woman, who caught her in a tight embrace, “Kana.” The woman breathed out in relieve as she held the girl.

“Mum.” Kana cried into her chest.

okay, in this scene, everybody jumps back, flinches, or whips their head around to look.

except for Lena.

she stands there, completely still and unaffected. she doesn’t even flinch.

she keeps her feet planted, because she’s been through much worse.

she says to herself that she has stopped an alien genocide, shot a man to save someone’s life, been in prison and then broken out by her ass of a mother, been through a traumatic childhood that nobody should ever experience, has come close to death multiple times, set a trap to get rid of highly dangerous criminals only by using her smarts, sacrificed someone’s life to save another, been morally challenged her whole life being a Luthor, had her close friend die right in front of her, been emotionally abused by family, has most of National City despise her for her family name, been thrown off a fucking building, and has to wake up and be faced by the world again and again everyday. 

she says to herself that she’s Lena Luthor, and that she’s numb to fear.

tl;dr Lena is a badass who deserves the world and more.


That’s definitely not the first thing that should have come to mind, Kuroo

(tho it looks like no one really minds

aside from bokuto that is)


So much Fire in the Church, the choir had a heatstroke
Youngin’ got the streets sewed, let my haters deep-throat
.40 in my peacoat, slide on em’ like a ski slope
Change em’ like a remote, place em’ in that deep hole
Right now I’m in beastmode, it’s like I got a cheat code
I see another side of the door, just like a peephole

I keep my guard up cause G-o-d ain’t the author
I wear my pain like it’s armor, my battles just made me smarter
A murderer like my father, two straps on me like a farmer
Clip to your head like a barber, I bus yo’ ass like a charter
Come back around like I’m karma, then witnesses gettin’ slaughtered
Take off like dearly departure, flow hard, that bitch need a carpet
I got a lil’ bitch from Sparta, slid in her walls like a charger
Plus I can have a Minaj with two sisters like I was Roger

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