someone stop me please

  • Simon:*walks into room* "Hey."
  • Penny:*reading a book, doesn't look up* "Hey, Simon."
  • Simon:"I've got something to tell you."
  • Penny:*still doesn't look up* "What is it?"
  • Simon:"Umm..."
  • Penny:"Crowley, Snow, spit it out. I haven't got all day."
  • Simon:"I'minlovewithBaz."
  • Penny:*finally looks up, smirking* "What was that?"
  • Simon:*sigh* "I'm in love with Baz, okay?"
  • Penny:*looks back at book* "I knew it."
  • Simon:"What?"
  • Penny:"Agatha owes me and Ebb 50 bucks."
  • Simon:"What?!"

Me crawling into your room at 3 AM: But is the Ministry of Magic in charge of the whole wizarding world, or does each country have some sort of regulation because there is no way this place in the middle of Britain is doing the work of the whole world. What do you do if the wizards of a wealthy country want to help those less fortunate? If each wizarding school has their own set of rules and regulation do they all follow the “no magic outside of school” rule or do some countries allow it? Where is the section of the MoM that deal with international affairs? Does the Minister ever have to go to other areas of the world to help with wizarding conflicts? Are all sections of the world shitty towards Giants or Hybrid children like Hagrid and Centaurs? We know from Charlie Weasley that there are dragons in other parts of the world but how many are there and who is keeping them all in check, more importantly who is making sure no one notices the giant lizards flying around or are dragons just too rare that they are hardly seen (and if that’s the case how is it 4 were acquired for the Tournament along with smaller versions)? The world building is so small for this world beyond the books/movies’ locations and honestly there is no way the whole world is following the exact same set of wizarding rules after all these years.