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Dialogue prompt: "Hushed exclamation of wonder!" "What?" "I said, hushed exclamation of wonder."

HAHAHA oh my god hold on, I got this.


“She tried to drink from the fountain in the quad,” Keisha says as soon as she enters the room. Her hair is sticking wildly out of her braids and there’s a certain desperation in her eyes that’s become rather common the past few days. “Again.”

The three other students gathered in the empty classroom, huddled over coffee cups and half-filled notebooks, groan.

“I’ll add it to the board,” Abir says. There are deep bags under his eyes and he’s got the most coffee cups piled up in front of his chair. He hauls himself out of his seat and to the front of the room. He uncaps the dry erase marker and writes Drinking from fountain to the bottom, right under BROCCOLI AND WHIPPED CREAM ARE NOT HUMAN FOODS.

It’s a long, long list.

“Maybe,” Catherine says carefully, “we should tell her. I think she’d be more aware if she knew we knew. You know?”

“Fuck off,” Gio says. “I’ve been awake for way too long to make sense of that shit.” He puts his hand back down on the table, seemingly uncaring of the coffee puddle his hair falls into.

“She’s worked so hard though,” Keisha says, dropping down into an empty chair. “She’s getting better, really. She doesn’t do the stalker-stare as much anymore!”

“Yes she does,” Gio says, not lifting his head. “She just does it when you’re not looking. Still creepy.”

“I think Catherine is right,” Abir says, dragging himself back to his chair. “She thinks she’s blending in because we haven’t said anything. The suits almost saw her scuttle up that big pine tree yesterday. That doesn’t exactly scream human.”

“Exactly,” Catherine says, slapping the table. “If she knows we know then we can give her more obvious pointers! And stop her from giving herself away to the Men in Black.”

“We don’t know they’re the Men in Black,” Keisha says. “Maybe they really are auditing the university.”

The four friends stare at each other, Gio deigning to lift his head, for a long moment. Then they all burst out laughing.

“Oh my god,” Abir says, wiping tears from under his eyes. “I asked them about their geiger counters. They told me they were calculators.”

Catherine slaps the table again. “Ha ha, holy shit. That beats when they followed me and Georgiana into the ceramics room for some records.”

“I think my favorite part might be their fake ass badges,” Gio says. “I googled an IRS badge and they don’t look anything alike.”

“They’re so bad at their cover,” Keisha says, “it’s sad.”

“They might actually be worse at pretending than Georgiana is,” Gio says, “and she’s, you know.” He raises his eyebrows. “Not from around here.”

That sets them all off again. And if the laughter, at one point, becomes somewhat closer to crying than laughing, no one mentions it.

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707 Wants To Be...
  • 707: I want to be a dinosaur!
  • MC: Why, because they are cool?
  • 707: No.... Because they are dead
strangers in the bright lights

@randomthingsthatilike123 prompting a superlane meet up at Clark’s and Lois’ engagement party

Lucy gets the call a day before the party.

(She almost thinks it was on purpose. Just so Lois can say she asked only for Lucy to turn her down.

She’s not sure who was more shocked when she agreed to come.)

It’s a small place, Lucy almost stepping past it if not for the music echoing out of it. Round tables with candles and a band in the corner, it all screams Clark Kent.

She’s got codes and statutes to memorize for her exam. Spending her night here is pressing on her schedule and Lois probably didn’t even want her here and-

She still came.

(She still came.

There was a hint of, oh, it did almost feel like Lois wanted her to come. A part of her wanted to say no, to take that hope and crush it under the heel of her boot just like Lois did every time she promised to visit and Lucy was left waiting by the door until her father called and get a move on Luce.

A smaller part, the part that won out, said this was her sister getting married and growing further and further away. 

It feels a little like holding on. Or maybe a little like closure.)

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I’m sorry.

I honestly didn’t know I was negatively affecting people that much. I know I’m a bit too abrasive and harsh for some people and I’m slowly starting to realize it can actually hurt them. It is all unintentional though. I genuinely feel bad, and I apologize.

Ziegs, I wish you and everyone I’ve accidentally hurt the best.

And please know that I would never, absolutely for any reason try and stop someone from pursuing any kind of career. I’m not sure how I even feasibly would and I don’t know how you came to that conclusion, but know that that is not the kind of person I am.

I am also NOT the type of person to push someone to suicidal thoughts. I am not. Where this lie (and I don’t mean to invalidate what Ziegs felt, I don’t. I simply mean this as the lie that I am intentionally someone who would do this) came from, I’ve no clue but I wish to stop it here and now.

I have Borderline Personality Disorder and Depression. I know what it is like to be at the brink and I find myself there far too much. And to think there are people that actually believe I am some type of monster to push someone there as well – I just can’t find myself wanting to go on knowing that such a blatant lie exists. Please, whatever you think of me – be it “rude” or “bitch”, that’s fine. But, I am begging you to believe, I am NOT someone who would ever put someone to even begin thinking of taking their life.

Had I ever known or ever been told that’s what I was apparently doing, I would have immediately stopped.

I’m sorry that I was so detrimental to you, I am. But I was never made aware of my actions. Not once was I ever told about how you felt. Not once. You spoke to Cry once and then left. You gave him an ultimatum and expected him to be a miracle worker. There’s no excuse for that. In no way, through text or through speech, did you try to get to me to tell me what I was doing.
I can understand your reasoning, I can. But it isn’t fair to him or to me how you went about this.

I am being yelled at, harassed, insulted, and threatened for doing something I was never told I was doing.

Ziegs, I wish you had actually come to me about how you felt about me or about how I was affecting you, because it is hard to word things right now without seeming insincere or defensive. But if that is how it had to be, then I suppose it’s how it has to be. By going public with private affairs, you chose the hard way for everybody, and I wish things were different. It isn’t fair to any of us now.

I am sorry. I hope you realize that I’m not whatever horrible thing you think I am; I’m a person.

I am a person who is trying.

The city (Part 4)

Dean X Reader 

Warnings: Swearing 

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8


Alyssa looks up at me as I sit back down. “That took a while.” She says it like she knows I did not go to the bathroom.

“Yeah, there was a long line.” Taking a sip, of my drink I look away trying to ignore the look she is giving me. She knows I’m lying. I wait in anticipation for her to call me on it.

“This Drake White guy is pretty good! I might actually listen to him after this.” Surprise takes me once again, that she did not press the subject. She starts swaying side to side to exaggerate her point. I laugh and take another swig.

“Yeah he isn’t half bad.” I could hear my words start to slur already, luckily Alyssa did not catch it. Man they weren’t kidding with they said don’t take this medication with alcohol. There isn’t even that much vodka in these.

The concert is amazing. It is everything I wanted it to be and more. I will even go, as far as to say this is the best moment of my life. I kept drinking, but slowed down to two an hour.  I also ate an entire funnel cake, an order of fries and a slice of pepperoni pizza I was so drunk. The best part though by far, I did not see Dean or that group at all.

The lights go up, and everyone starts to leave. Alyssa and I join the rest of the heard, stumbling to the stairs.

Grabbing the railing, I take it one step at a time. I hear Alyssa talking to me, but all of my mental concentration goes to not falling and making a fool of myself. Finally on the platform, I look over to Alyssa who clearly had just as hard of a time with these devil stairs.

“Holy shit that was difficult.” I say giggling. She just agrees and laughs with me.

All of a sudden there is a commotion behind us. Turning around I see some girl was not as lucky in her climb. The people at the top of the stairs keep going, and disperse, giving me a glimpse at the girl who fell.

Much to my evil delight, it was blonde number one. I stand there, longer then was probably socially acceptable as I watch Dean and Blonde number two tries and helps her to her feet. I can see her face turn a very bright red. I am laughing probably a little too loud, as the girl looks up at me giving me a death glare. I am to far gone to do the right thing, which would be to stop laughing and walk away, but I am too busy clutching my knees in laughter.

I feel someone grab my elbow and drag me down the tunnel. Finally settling from my howling laughter to just a giggle, I realize it was Alyssa who pulled me out of there. She too was laughing, but I get the distinct feeling it was at me, not Blondie.

We start our trek back to the hotel room. I know Sam and Dean plan to go out to the bars, so we are going to hang out in my room till they get back. Knowing Sam and Dean that won’t be done till they close the bars down.

We round the last corner to the hotel, and see a McDonalds. We both look at each other and at the same time say “McDonalds? McDonalds.” We start laughing like a bunch of drunken teenagers and happily walk in. It was almost midnight, so they only have three people working and a line out the door. We have been in line for ten minutes when a group of, ironically, eight drunk teenage girls walk in.

Anger starts to over come me, as I am forced to hear these annoying drunk children. Luckily since I was about to snap and tell them to shut the fuck up, it was my turn to order. Still very drunk, I order enough for ten. “Hi, can I get: a ten piece nugget, a double cheese burger, a McChicken, a large fry, and a large soda.” I feel slightly guilty at the large order, seeing these workers already struggle.

“Sure, what kind of sauce do you want?” I had to think about it like a riddle, I was so wasted.

“Ranch and sweat and sour?” I say it with an upward inflection, but he just types it in and gives me my total. Swiping my debit card, well fake debit card, I take my number and wait.

Another five minutes of waiting and Alyssa and I are out in the open air, bags of food in our hands and glad to be away from those girls.

Taking the elevator up to the fifth floor, I have a weird feeling come over me. The best way I can describe it is dread. Turning down our hall my stomach drops. I see two blond heads walking down that hallway. Suddenly I feel as sober as if I never drank a drop.

Punching Alyssa in the arm, I put my fingers to my lips, signaling to her to be quit. She nods in agreement, and we make it down the hallway running, but not making any sound. As the girls slow down, so we do too. We are now close enough to hear their conversation.

This hotel is perfectly fitted for this situation. The doors are set back enough that the wall can hide a person. Alyssa and I duck behind the wall a couple doors away.

“Ugh I can’t believe I fell Sarah.” So blonde two is named Sarah. Good to know.

“I know Ashley, but hey at least He came to your rescue. That was hot, the way her carried you up those stairs after.” Sarah said

“Oh yeah I know.” Ashley giggles. “Okay how do I look? Fuckable?” My stomach heaves as she talks. I might throw up.

“Oh definitely!” Ashley goes to say something but Sarah cuts her off. “I know, when you say the code word, I will take Sam and get out so you and Dean can have some alone time.” They both laugh.

Alyssa grabs my arm. I did not even realize I took my knife out.

They knock on the door, which is quickly followed by Sam’s voice. “Ladies, welcome!” Alyssa isn’t strong enough to hold me back as I step into the hallway. Looking in the room I see its dark, other than the light from the T.V.

Sam and I make eye contact just as Ashley is stepping over the threshold. “Where is Dean?” she says in a singsong voice. Sam briefly glances at her when he answers.

“Oh he is just laying down on the bed closest to the windows.” My bed. Sam keeps his eyes on mine while he slowly shuts the door. Hearing the lock click into place, I go to the door, ready to kick the fucker down.

Suddenly I am being tackled. Alyssa firmly clamps her hand over my mouth. “Relax (Y/N). Killing them wont do any good.” I am seething, but I know she is right. There is nothing I can do now.

She stands, giving me her hand. “Lets go, you can stay in my room.” Still incredibly mad, I just nod my agreement.

Gathering our bags of food we dropped, and discarding the spilt drinks; I start walking further down the hall.

Alyssa jogs up to me and tugs on my shoulder to get me to stop. “What!” I practically shout at her, my anger getting the best of me.

She gives me a sheepish look “my room is this way.” She points over her should to where we just came from. Nodding, I bow a little and put my arm out; gesturing for her to lead the way.  

She stops next to my spilt drink. Giving me another sheepish look, she pulls out her key card and unlocks the door next to Sam and Dean’s. She ducks her head from the death glare I am giving her.

Her room is identical to other. Now I know where other door in my room went, it’s a split room door. Alyssa walks over to her bed, and starts getting her food out of the bag. I follow, slightly awkward, since it wasn’t my room.

Alyssa gestures to the other bed, you can use that bed.” She says with a mouth full of food.  

“Thank you.” I smile but it feels more like an obligation. Sitting down I kick off my shoes, and grab my bag of food. Alyssa turns on the T.V.

“Ooooo want to watch house hunters?!” She puts the remote down; clearly I don’t have an option here.

“Yeah, sure.” Eating a chicken nugget, I hear Ashley giggle. My appetite is gone. Placing the half eaten nugget back inside the box, I stand. “Hey do you mind if I shower?” Alyssa seems slightly taken aback from my abruptness.

“Yeah, of course! Hang on let me grab you cloths.” Alyssa walks over to her suitcase and grabs a pair of sweat pants and tee shirt. “Here you go!” I open my mouth to say thank you, but she beats me to it. “Don’t worry about it, seriously enough of the thank yous.” I laugh and nod for what feels like the millionth time that night.

This bathroom is just as nice as the other one. Turning on water to as hot as it gets, I turn on the fan to help mask my crying. Stepping under the water I put my hands on the cool wall. My heart starts beating hard as I think about today’s events. I find myself having to kneel on the ground, curled up in a ball. The feelings of despair and hopelessness over take me as the scalding water beats down on my back.

I don’t know how long I have been here. It feels like hours. My fingers and toes are wrinkled and my spirit is broken. How am I supposed to get into a car with them tomorrow morning? Maybe I can be gone before that. But my bag is in their room.

Deciding I was going to wake up early tomorrow morning and hit the road by myself, I get out and get dressed; a new determination in my heart.

Thor: The Dark World (liveblog) [x]

I’ve talked (and will talk) more about how shitty this kind of behavior is from Loki, the way he says these incredibly cruel things that may be explained by his grief but are not justified by it.  These are really horrible things to say to someone who has just suffered the loss of their mother, that Loki implies that Thor’s relationship with her didn’t matter as much as his relationship with Odin, that he blames Thor for “letting” her die, that he accuses Thor of coming to gloat at him, to mock him after their mother died.

Okay, all right, all shitty behavior that I don’t condone in any sort of way.  But I’m going to set that aside for a minute and talk about where it comes from for a bit.  I was writing a post about how Thor sees through Loki’s illusions in that top scene, how it was such a perfect example of the way they so often relate to each other and it got me thinking about why this is a recurring thing with Loki.

I know that, if I went back through the first Thor film and The Avengers, I would find more examples of what Loki’s doing here—that this is Loki’s way of dealing with his grief, that he’s looking for a target he can vent all his feelings onto, something that won’t just break apart under his rage.  It’s most clear in these two scenes, because he’s dealing with such a sharp, tangible grief, so I’m focusing on these two.

While there are many, many other things going on with Loki’s relationship with Thor (and the cruel, horrible things he says because Loki’s behavior is awful), I think part of it is also that Thor is Loki’s older brother.  Thor is the one that Loki can hurl everything of himself at, again and again, throw every bit of rage and grief against Thor to make him unleash a storm back on Loki and so Loki can stand in the middle of it and finally just LET GO of all those feelings he’s bottled up for ages, at a target that is capable of withstanding that fury.

I think that part of what’s going on here (aside from all those things about how Loki measures himself against Thor, how he’s felt overshadowed by Thor) is that Loki wants a target that will not break under his rage, but instead that he can lash out at until Thor finally unleashes his own temper, so that Loki can just hurl EVEN MORE into this argument between them, so that he can pour some of this venom and poison out of his system (because there’s so much venom and poison in him) and make Thor hurt like Loki hurts, make Thor hurt Loki in return so that he can make sense of this pain, make Thor hurt Loki because Loki deserves to be hurt, because he hates himself and it would make so much more sense if Thor hated him as well, wants to stab at their bond to self-fulfill his prediction that everyone will come to hate him, and maybe way, way, way deep beneath everything else, Loki does what so many people do when lashing out in their grief, when they have self-esteem issues:

Underneath all of that (somewhere they may not even realize it themselves), they want to be told to CUT THAT SHIT OUT, that they are loved and this is bullshit and won’t be tolerated.  They pour the worst of themselves out because they want to show LOOK HOW AWFUL I AM NO ONE WILL LOVE ME I DON’T NEED ANYONE TO LOVE ME but also because they want someone to see the worst of them and say STOP THAT I LOVE YOU ANYWAY.

It’s far more complicated that than, because Loki lacks conviction, but not stubbornness, and he wouldn’t accept it anyway.  And he’s made it sort of impossible to go there anymore, because he’s crossed too many lines and has shown no consistent remorse by this point.  But every time I step back and look at where I think some of this is coming from, I can’t help but see it as hopeful, that Loki still wants to be connected with Thor, that the reason he lashes out is because he wants Thor’s attention and wants that relationship.

It’s not turned to healthy avenues here and canon probably won’t give me what I want, BUT I THINK IT’S AT LEAST SOMETHING TO WORK WITH AND YOU CAN’T TAKE THAT AWAY FROM MEEEEE.





“I think we’re just going to be secretly in love with each other and leave it at that.”

“Sometimes, you need to sacrifice the things you love for greater things.”

“Do you think I’m in love with the thought of hurting him?”

“I’ll soon forget how it feels to look at you straight in the eyes. And you will forget it too.”


“I dated so many fucking girls to forget you Klare. At saan ako dinala? Sa’yo pa rin. Fuck! I’m sorry for the curses, baby.”

“Damn, what I’d give to make you jealous because some girl is hitting on me.”

“I’m so damned too. I can’t be in love with you.”

“I lost myself. But I found it in you.”

“Dammit, baby! I can even kill for you. But your baby is melting me.”

“KLARE, I CAN’T STAY IN THIS FUCKING COUNTRY WITH YOU NOT MINE! This will be either we’ll run away … or I will run away alone and forget you!” 


“Madalas patayan ang away, madalas din parang mamatay kayo pag wala ang isa.”




“I love him enough to let him go.”

“Kahit na alam mong nasasaktan ka na sa lahat ng nangyayari ay mas pipiliin mo paring making kesa sa mabulag na lang?

“If you want SOMEONE, kailangan kaya mong mag-COMMIT!”


“Baby, I’m gonna Protect you. Stop walking in that direction. I need you close to me, so I can protect you.”

“I’m so damned too. I can’t be in love with you.”

“Love is War. I am your Soldier.”

“Hey Elijah Riley V. Montefalco! Will you stop being possessive over Klare?”




“It hurts to look at him when he’s far away from me.”

“I want him to need me the way I needed him.”

“I swear if you have Elijah Montefalco on your side, you’ll be content.”

“Hindi kami ni Vaughn. Hindi siya ‘yong boyfriend ko. At hindi ako nagpapa hard-to-get because the truth is, no one’s gonna get me. I belong to someone, Gavin. I understand na hindi mo pa ‘yon naririnig because I don’t tell people what’s going on with me.”

“That’s the thing about love. You love the other half selflessly but you may hurt other selfishly.”



“For the love that I can’t afford to lose, but still lost it anyway. For the girl who made my heart race but broke it into more pieces possible. For the family I loved, and for the boy I was before, I went away. This is for you.”

“Lucky, Klare she wanted me gone. And I made her wish come true. I want her gone now. But she couldn’t do the same. Hindi ko siya maalis sa sistema ko. I hate that cousin.”

“I’m in love with you. I don’t care if we break the rules, the laws, their hearts. This time I’m giving up all my cards. I’m laying my name risking my life on the line. I’m all on this. Baby, I’m all for you.”

“Your kisses are my heaven. It’s like some devil suddenly went up to see paradise everytime you kiss me.” 

I brought disgrace to that name a long time ago. I’m doing it again now. I don’t deserve your daughter. Mabait po siya, selfless, perpekto. I’m a sinner for loving her too much. She’s too good for me. She deserved good things.. and I’ll never be a good thing to her. But I’m trying my best to be one of the good things. I want to deserve her.”

“She’s not a MONTEFALCO. Watch and I’LL TURN HER INTO ONE.”


Cocky vs Geeky

A/N: I love this request! I think it’s wonderful, and I hope I did it justice! Please keep leaving requests!

Prompt: Reader and Pietro don’t like each other because Pietro is too cocky and the reader is too geeky.

You sat in your bedroom, quietly watching Supernatural on your laptop. It was one of your many guilty pleasures. Usually, the team would chuckle at your obsession with things like Netflix, video games, and books, but today, Pietro wasn’t having it.

You heard someone yell and paused your episode. You sighed, annoyed, you were almost to the end of the season and things were picking up. Carefully pushing things off of you, you climbed off the bed. Gently opening your door, you listened for the yelling culprit.

“I do not get it, Steve,” an accented voice yelled. You immediately identified it as the annoyingly handsome Pietro. “Why does she get to stay in her room all by herself? I’ve been training for hours and she gets to do nothing? That is not fair!”

You shut the door, a little louder than you meant, causing the arguing to stop. Growing angry, you kicked some discarded clothes across the floor.

Due to your dark career path and past, you had insomnia issues. Steve and Tony knew, but you suspected a few others knew. Your training sessions were either in the late hours of the night, or early hours of the morning. It was a touchy topic that you didn’t enjoy discussing, or being shared for you. You especially didn’t want the self-centered speedster to know your sensitivity.

You quickly changed into work-out clothes and slammed your door shut behind you, walking down to the gym. You were far too worked up to continue the relaxing Supernatural marathon.

“Y/N? Is that you?”

You turned to see Pietro giving you a confused look. You scoffed and turned back around and kept walking. “Leave me alone, asshat.”

You heard the gush of wind that usually signified Pietro speeding around the tower. You hoped that he sped away, offended, but he didn’t. He appeared in front of you. “What is your problem?”

You took a step back, clearly confused. “I’m sorry?”

“You should be! That was pretty rude.”

You narrowed your eyes, sick of his behavior and slapped him. He took a step back, clearly blindsided. His face was red and a handprint was left on his cheek. “You’re the one complaining about what I’m doing! What’s your problem? You should really learn more about someone before you open that big cocky mouth of yours.”

“Well, maybe you should train! All you do is sit in your room and watch cheesy cartoons and play video games!”

“Fuck you, Maximoff,” you yelled, punching him. “I do way more than that, and if you stopped worrying about yourself, maybe you’d realize that I’ve been busting my ass to keep in shape with you heroes, and I’m sorry if it takes me a little longer than most people.” You pushed past him and walked towards the gym. You stopped and turned. “Ya know, I understand that you and Wanda have had a terrible life so far, and I’m really sorry that you both had to go through that, but other people have hard times too. You have no idea what I’ve gone through and maybe if you stopped to talk to me like a regular person, you’d understand that I worked pretty damn hard to get where I am.” You shrugged and took a deep breath. “I’m glad that you and Wanda have each other…not many people have someone to talk to.” Pietro turned to you, a questioning and concerned look on his face. Your heart fluttered at his compassion, but you quickly crushed it. “Don’t feel sorry for me. You don’t even know me.”

Your footsteps echoed down the hallway as you walked quickly towards the gym. You sniffled and rubbed at your cheeks, not wanting anyone to know Pietro Maximoff bothered you. You didn’t understand what his problem was. Underneath his cocky and selfish exterior, you knew he was a sweetheart and your stomach flipped at the idea of how great of a boyfriend he could be if he tried harder.

Pietro watched as you walked further down the hallway. He watched you hang your head and discreetly rub your face. “Shit,” he sighed, tugging his bleach blonde hair. He shook his head watching the most beautiful and confusing woman he knew walk towards the gym.

“Hey Sonic, whatcha doing?” Tony spoke, walking down the hall. “Did you move too fast and lose your mind?” He chuckled at his own joke and stopped to wait for a witty response from the Sokovian.

“What’s Y/N’s deal?” Pietro simply whispered in response. “What’s her story?”

Tony rubbed his forehead, unsure of what to say. “Look, Y/N’s pretty sensitive about how much people know about her. She had a pretty shitty home life before coming here. Her mom was a drug addict, her brother had to work all the time to pay the bills and their dad beat her. She didn’t really have anyone else to go to. When she showed up here, she claimed she was a genius and well trained for the military. I think Steve just felt bad. She wasn’t trained at all and she wasn’t very smart. We accepted her anyway, and she trained for hours and hours and studied for more.” Tony sighed and shrugged. You were like a younger sister to him and had grown close during the long talks you’d have after you both couldn’t sleep. “Once she graduated from college, like five years early, we started training her with Nat and she’s practically as good as Natasha at this point. Just, don’t tell her I told you all this. And don’t give her that hard of a time. She doesn’t like fighting with people. Even people who are selfish and cocky who only complain and treat her like she’s a burden.” Tony gave Pietro a pointed look and kept walking. “If she went to the gym after you fought, good luck.”

Pietro sighed and shook his head. Suddenly, everything you said made sense. He started walking towards the gym, processing everything he heard. His heart shattered at the idea of you being so helpless and broken. He admired your strength and wanted to know you better.

When he saw you going through the agility course with ease, his heart started racing. Your h/c hair was tied in a lose ponytail, which didn’t do much, loose strands clung to your sweaty forehead. You easily did flips and jumps, showing off how fit you really were. Your e/c eyes locked onto Pietro’s icy blue eyes, distracting you.

You landed on your feet and walked through the rest of the course, holding his eye contact. The course was easy, you mastered it months ago, but you enjoyed the simplicity of it. As you walked closer to him, you noticed the sadness in his eyes. You cocked your head as you approached him.

“What are you doing here?” You halfheartedly snapped. “Do you have anything else to complain about?”

Pietro weakly shook his head, staring at his feet. “I-I am so sorry, Y/N.” He grabbed your hands, causing you to widen your eyes. “I should have been nicer, I should be less conceited, I should be more careful of other people’s feelings. I didn’t realize that you had such a hard life when you were a child. I-I guess I just assumed that I had the worst past, but…it’s not a competition.” He weakly shrugged, eyes watering. He looked away from you, slowly letting go of your hand.

You gripped it, tightly, working up the courage you needed. “Piet,” you murmured. “You didn’t know, you don’t have to apologize. Don’t take pity on me. My past made me who I am, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t a part of my experiences.”

“I am such a dick,” he chuckled.

You giggled, nodding your head. “You kind of are.”

Pietro groaned, shutting his eyes. “Aren’t you supposed to say it is okay?”

You laughed, throwing your head back. Pietro opened his eyes, seeing your beauty. He smiled to himself, satisfied that he made you laugh like that. “I suppose, but I’m not going to.”

He shook his head. “You are something else, Y/N.”

You lightly punched his shoulder, extracting your hand from his. “But I forgive you. It’s understandable. I never train around people, we haven’t been on a mission, yet, I’m normally locked in my room watching Netflix or something. I don’t really do much for the team,” you spoke, lightheartedly. “I can see where I can be frustrating.”

Pietro cupped your cheek with one hand, and grabbed your hand with his other. “You do a lot for this team. Do not bring yourself down. I was a dick, I’m sorry. But, I’d like to make it up to you.”

You stared into his eyes, your lips twitching up into a smile. “Yeah? How?”

Pietro grinned. “I’ll watch whatever you want to watch, and if you would like, I would cuddle with you and bring you whatever treats you want.”

Your smile grew as he pressed a kiss to your forehead. A blush spread across your cheeks. “I’d like that.”

Pietro grabbed your hand, placing a gentle kiss on it, and led you to your room where you watched Supernatural and excitedly answered all of his questions. You rested your head on his chest, a strong sense of home filling your bones as his arms wrapped around your waist.

“Is this a date?” You whispered.

“If you wish,” Pietro shyly answered.

“Then it’s a date.”

The Troyler FAMILY.

Alright, I honestly love the Troyler Family. You are all the best. Literally, I am not even kidding when I say that. Whenever someone is getting hate, the Troyler Family comes in, and helps everyone out. We give each other support when we are depressed. Hell, you all talked me out of suicide. You all got Tyler to realize I wasn’t okay, and he messaged me.
We all support each other no matter what. No matter what happens, we always stick together. Like a family.
We know when we go too far. We know where the line ends. We know where to stop.
You are all so amazing. I want to meet everyone in the Troyler family. When I look at all of you guys, all I see is amazingness. You all changed me. I love you all so much.

And if you ever need help, go to ANYONE in the Troyler family.

To everyone in the world

Tonight I’ve been followed on my way home.
Just because I’m a girl, and I were alone, and it was dark (but not late, since it happened at 5pm). And a girl, alone, is weak.

I’m crying while typing because of the anxiety and the stress and the fear.

I was taking my dog for a walk. Note that he’s a 43 kg boxerdog (94 lbs). He only is 1 year old but in this year I felt more safe when walking with him than walking alone; in fact he once “attacked” a man who was trying to rob me. But he’s a dog, so he can only see if I’m screaming and shaking, and I couldn’t yell “hey attack that man” that seemed only to walk on our same street.

But this man crossed the street every time I did, and if I stopped he did too, and if I stopped for a long time he walked a bit and then after turning on himself he would stared at me. I felt brave so I firmly said “stop following me or I’m calling the cops” but he didn’t answer or moved so I panicked and called the police. The cop at the phone asked what the problem was, and I explained the situation. Do you know what he told me? “I can’t do anything, he didn’t harassed you, maybe he’s only walking through your same street”. I was so frustrated I started crying, no one else in the street apart from me, this man, and my dog who wasn’t understanding why we stopped. 

I wanted to go home.

But I am a girl and I am weak and I am alone and this man has decided to not let me go.

I called my fiancé, crying and panicking. He was too far to coming rescuing me, so he suggested to knock at someone and asking for help. So I did.

And at the first door I knocked on a woman asked what was going on, seeing me so upset. She then called her husband and they went with me down the street and waited until I closed my home’s door. 

Ok so everything is fine, isn’t it?


Is it possible? Fearing to take your dog for a walk down your street (also living in a “good” part of the city) just because you are a girl? 

I’m really scared.

I think I’ll buy one of those pepper spray.

I had to write all this down because I am really upset right now.

Feel like crying.


Maia stared at the person in front her as she took a long sip of her water. Just getting to Charlton’s one and only train station had been a trek for her, why would someone decide to build a station on a hill? The train was stopped behind her and people were already climbing aboard. She would have been one of those to eagerly get on the train but the walk had made her incredibly thirsty. Putting the bottle down, she took out some money from her purse. “How much?” She asked. Her eyes widened in shock at the price. “$3? You expect me to pay that much for a bottle of water? I thought things were supposed to be cheaper here. In the other stations its definitely not $3,” she argued. The brunette slowly stopped talking when she heard the sound of the train leaving the station and she quickly turned around. “No no.” Throwing down some cash on the counter, she left the bottle behind as she ran after the train. “Wait! My train! Someone stop that train!” She let of a small squeak when the train left the station and she stared after it. Great. It had been the last train leaving from Charlton and she had missed it. It was also the middle of the night and it was too far to go back to the university now. “Uh…your water miss,” replied the man and she shot him a look before hopelessly looking at the empty platform. With another sigh, she took out her phone and dialled a number. “I know its 3 am but can you pick me up…?” 

Reactions Exo to telling them you break up with them cause a guy from BTS acts better with you and he gets mad and jealous ..?!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Thxx

HAHAHA JEALOUS EXO! I am listening to War of Hormone now though. That song is awesome.

Xiumin: *tries to hold jealousy on the inside*

Luhan: But I am prettier than Jin.

You: At least he treats me better

We will see about that.

Kris: Remember this. BTS got nothing on me.

You: Rap Monster is much better leader than you.

Suho: You did not just say that.

Lay: But I thought I treated you well. Yet, I want you to be with whoever you want to be with.

Baekhyun: I am going to kill this guy you call V. (Are you really going to kill your own son?)

Chen: But my body is just as good as Jimins.

You: I left you because he treats me better. Not because of his body.

Whatever. You will come back to me one day.

Chanyeol: What do you mean I don’t try you well?

D.O.: Well time to kill someone (Woah too far there D.O.)

Tao: Please stop comparing me to him.

Kai: You really have to do this to me.

Sehun: Can you please stop saying that he is much better than me because he called the golden maknae?

leahandclark  asked:

What are some of your favourite tags from your posts about Iain? (I'm in need of a good laugh.)



God, Fitz in his sweaters is so cute. But suit and tie? 😍😍😍


#god i want him so much#like i would do things to this white boy i’ve never done before#nice dick#too hot (hot damn)

#uuggghhhh#his legs look sooo long#why is he so attractive#why did he happen to me#it’s not even the sharpest suit#and i’m over here practically drooling onto my laptop#get him away from me

#[rolls around on the floor making whale noises]

#jemma stares loudly

Fitz in a suit with glasses is my aesthetic.

#dear showrunners#to whatever awful wicked dear individual is in charge of Fitz Deportment#the frickin NERVE#you come into MY HOUSE#with your#‘Oh let’s put him in a suit’#‘and have him be all pleased with himself’#‘the lil shit’#‘oh and he’s all hot n panty so he’ll need to unbutton that’#'whilst smirking’#'nah it’s still missing something’#'how about some gl– GREAT GODDESS OF NILFS THAT’S IT’#'ROLL IT’#'let’s put it in the preview’#'it’ll be so great’#EXCUSE YOU#I HAD WORK TO DO#like real stuff ok#do you have any idea how much scientific progress was held back by these clips#you think you’re so clever#you’re probably pretty pleased with yourself#you frick#WELL YOU SHOULD BE#WHO ARE YOU#PLS IDENTIFY YOURSELF SO THAT WE MAY CROWN YOU#PATRON SAINT OF COUGARS#GOD BLESS (via badscienceshenanigans)

#WHAT IS THIS IM NOT STABLE WTF#take everything off and leave the glasses on

#i’m not okay i will never be okay again#i have lost aLL CHILL#A L L C H I L L#there’s scruff and shiny blue eyes and fucking GLASSES AND A TIE#you are the rudest human being on earth#i hate you i can’t handle this#leo fitz#agents of shield#TOO HOT#HOT DAMN

#i keep watching this#hoping he’ll go further#HERE FITZ LEMME HELP YOU WITH THAT#*takes off every bit of clothing*#*leaves the glasses on*#whispers: hand porn

#how? what? why? when?! omfg#fuck me#i just …fuck#this is it#where i cross the line from i need to keep him safe to i want to do things to him#JFC#i can’t#leo fitz#agents of shield


#the lord is testing me#i’m a good person i don’t deserve this#THIS KEPT ME UP TIL 4AM LAST NIGHT DO YOU /UNDERSTAND/#current love of my life#i live in a trash can made of iain de caestecker’s grey shirts bye

#hahagshajahsja I’m deaded#leo fitz#excUSE ME FITZ YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE MY BBY

#so fucking fine#i cant get over this#leo fitz#hot damn#this is what fantasies are made of#its like the aos writers were in my wet dreams#what

#christ on a bike this shit is still not ok

#i swear if jemma sees him like that he wont be wearing a suit for long#this outfit killed me im going on the floor now#or in the trashcan#im joining idc in the trashcan ok

#i will probably get over it at some point#right?#RIGHT??#WTF WHO AM I KIDDING OF COURSE I WILL NEVER GET OVER IT#JUST LOOK AT HIM#HE HAS THE SCRUFF THE GLASSES THE SUIT AND THE TIE#HOW ON EARTH AM I SUPPOSE TO RESIST#i swear i’ve staring at this gifset for far too long#i can’t stop#SOMEONE STOP ME#jfc iain the things i would do to you right now#TOO HOT? HOT DAMN#leo fitz#fav character: do your worst#brave badass scottish lion cub#HE’S GONNA MAKE THE FINEST HUSBAND AMARIGHT JEMMA??#I’M DEAD BYE


#sprays jemma with water


#also @aos fandom thirst: chill


It’s funny how we met each other. We were both at a low point in our lives and in each other’s arms, we found solace. We were each other’s pillar of strength. We saw each other’s side that we hide from people. You saw me stripped off of any preconceived notion of strength. I was stark naked and vulnerable when you held me during the nights. And I was there to see how broken and beautiful you were.

We didn’t and will never have a fairy tale story. What we had was real. We thought we can work it out. But at the end of the day, you walked away with uncertainty of what you felt for me.

(When in truth, you found someone far better on the bed.)

I let you go without asking any explanation because that’s who I am. I never asked for anything, never demanded anything. And I guess that was my biggest regret with you. I never demanded for anything even when I deserved it.

(I never demanded for an explanation.)

I stopped caring. I stopped talking to you. You tried to get me back but I was too devastated. Too hurt to open my doors for you again. But somehow, by some twisted fate, you found the key.

(Too bad though, I changed the lock.)

—  unsent letter (II)mediwriter