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Someone else on tumblr pointed out that PASSENGERS might have been a more meaningful movie if it was about just THE ONE person dealing with being alone on the ship for the rest of their life.  And if, to cope, they go through and make it a point to learn everything they can about all of the other people on the ship.

And I just keep thinking about this idea.

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Juno - your soulmate protector

This is what you expect from your soulmate, whether romantic or platonic.
(Remember that soulmate  is not necessarily a romantic partner. Juno MOST of the time is about your romantic partnerships but it can refer to your other platonic relationships with people like friends or family members)

Juno in Aries / 1st House - your partner is someone who is confident and strong. This is someone with a sensitive side in them, who likes to tease and is very honest about their feelings. Affectionate, helpful and protective. Someone who will fight for you and will be your partner in crime. Someone who can be clingy. Someone with a little bit gullible, innocent aura about them. Someone with reputation (whether good or bad). Heroic, badass types.  

Juno in Taurus / 2nd House  - your partner is someone who is sensual and protective. Someone who is affectionate and generous. Someone good looking (according to your own beauty standards) with warm aura about them. Someone who can provide and is loyal and stable. Partner is generous but they are not lavish. Someone who is jealous,  likes physical affection but also can keep a conversation going. Someone strong and stable. 

Juno in Gemini / 3rd House - your partner is someone who can understand you. Someone who is caring and can help you to open up and express yourself better. Partner who “gets you” and understand that your moodiness is not something bad and annoying. Person who enjoys learning new things and sharing them with you. A mood maker. Someone who likes fun and is entertaining. Someone who is witty and smart and also possess high emotional intelligence. Your partner is loyal, can be clingy and is secretly sensitive.

Juno in Cancer / 4th House  - your partner is someone who is a go-getter. Someone caring, very loyal and sensitive. Someone who will show especially with their action that they care about you. The partner is creative, lavish, sweet and understanding. Has motherly qualities. This is someone who wants to build a nest with you and settle. Someone who is jealous and sometimes overly dramatic. Someone really strong, both mentally and emotionally.

Juno in Leo / 5th House  - your partner is someone who is breathing and living embodiment of a Hollywood movie character. Someone who is proud and loves to show how much they love you. Someone who is consistent and in need for attention from you. Entertaining and talkative, wants spotlight but knows how and when to share it with you. Very romantic (sometimes even cheesy). Partner with a soft side. Playful. Someone who is young at heart but is also wise, brave and very protective of you. Someone who cares about how they appear to the world. Stylish, Hollywood god. 

Juno in Virgo / 6th House  - your partner is someone who just “knows”. This person knows how to act in the public. They know how to act with your friends and parents. They know what kind of person they need to be when the situation calls for this. The person is smart and insightful. Gracious and elegant. Someone who has a lot of hidden passion and is very creative. This person show their love mostly with those little gestures. The partner is loving but not in the overwhelming way.

Juno in Libra / 7th House  - someone who is strong and intuitive. Someone who is sociable and knows how to act in the company of people. Helpful and kind. Someone who is not judgmental and always is looking at two side of the situation. Confident, charming personality. Trustworthy person. Your partner is someone who value honesty, loyalty and stability. Someone who is stylish and beautiful (according to your own beauty standards).

Juno in Scorpio / 8th House  - your partner is someone who is intense. This person may appear mysterious and broody. Someone magnetic with a lot of passion who helps you to bring out passion from yourself too. Someone who has adventorous spirit, loves mysteries and is good at solving problems. Someone intelligent and diplomatic. Generous person with a big heart. Someone who value true intimacy. Some astrologers believe that having Scorpio Juno signifies having a past life karmic bond with your partner.

Juno in Sagittarius / 9th House  - your partner is someone with a strong spirit and need for diversity. Partner love travelling, studying and having people from all kind of backgrounds. They may have totally different background than you, they can be from another culture or country. Partner is someone honest, fiery and independent. Indiana Jones type. Someone who is not “smothering”. Someone who always will care about keeping things interesting, fresh and positive. 

Juno in Capricorn / 10th House  -  your partner is someone independent, bold and classy. Someone who value practicality and is patient. Your partner is persistent, logical but have very emotional and soft side inside of them. Your partner is someone who may be a little bit awkward with showing their feelings. They need to be told it is okay to do that. This is someone who has a lot of passion. Trust and intimacy are very important with this person.

Juno in Aquarius / 11th House  - your partner is someone with a hidden emotional side. This is someone who prefers to act in the logical manner. Someone hard-working, precise but very passionate and loving on the inside. Someone who has unique opinion and ideas. Similar to Sagittarius this is someone who can have a completely different background than you and can befriend anyone. Strong, independent mind with lot of acquaintance but a few real friends.

Juno in Pisces / 12th House  - your partner is a unique person. This is someone with a contrast personality. Romantic but logical. Passionate but can be detached. Thoughtful but impulsive. This is someone who always try to see the best in people and help others. Someone sassy, smart and kind. This is someone who can take you to another world but can destroy what they created in the blink of an eye if you do them wrong. Artistic, strong soul. Some astrologers believe that this placement similar to Scorpio also indicates past life karmic bond. 

Juno in the retrograde - when Juno is in the retrograde this person’s desire to have a soulmate may be hidden (they may not believe they exist at all). They may be not showing their interest in having someone, at least not outwardly, they may despise the idea of marriage. They may need a time to realise that they want from their partner and what kind of partner they want. 

  • David: Granny, can you pick up Neal from daycare? Hook and I have some important business to take care of that could take who knows how long, and Ashley has a strict 6 pm pick-up at her daycare.
  • Granny: Can't Emma do it?
  • David: She took Henry canoeing.
  • Granny: What about the nuns? Don't they usually watch the babies?
  • David: The nuns just let a baby get kidnapped to a hell dimension.
  • Granny: I feel like he's spent more time with Belle than with me. Can she get him?
  • David: It was her baby that got kidnapped. Seems insensitive to ask her to babysit.
  • Granny: Fine. I'll do it.

Wait why was Ezra kidnapped though???? And why did Twincer work with Mona when she’s the one who killed Charlotte? And why wasn’t Twincer more vengeful towards Mary because she’s the one who gave her away for money??? And how did Twincer build an entire military grade dungeon under a house that Toby built??? And how did Mona not know who AD was if AD came to visit her in the asylum and she said “I never thought it would be you”??? And how did we go 7 years with no one being able to solve any mysteries but Jenna solved it by smelling someones perfume?? And why is the last scene with the Liars Hannah talking about duck on a plane??? And how did Spencer pick a lock on a door that was secured by technology and a number code? And why was Charlottes hair brown in the flashbacks??? And what was the point of Archer Dunhill? And was that ever really Melissa who came back??? And was there ever a point to the character Bethany Young???? And why was Ali’s English Lit class studying Ezra’s book like it’s a piece of classic American writing??? And where do these people find masks that are completely lifelike??  AND WHERE IS JASON FOR FUCKS SAKE??? And what ever happened to Ezra’s son??? And didn’t Aria have a brother once??? And why was Mrs. Fields talking like she was dying??? And why would I ever want to watch a new show with the exact same storyline but worse actors??? And why-

Rapunzel and the Lost Lagoon

On Sale: 9-5-2017

Rapunzel is not your typical princess. For one thing, she has returned to her kingdom after eighteen years spent trapped in a tower and she’s still getting to know her parents. For another, she has to get used to royal customs, like the proper ways to sit and curtsy, when she’d really rather climb a tree and paint. Plus, she hates wearing shoes.

Cassandra is not your typical lady-in-waiting. As the daughter of the captain of the guard, she has grown up fascinated by security and weaponry. It has been her life’s goal to become a soldier in the guard, and princess-sitting doesn’t really fit into her plan—especially when that princess’s aggravating boyfriend is always hanging around.

But when Rapunzel and Cassandra stumble upon a secret lagoon said to hold the key to the kingdom’s greatest power, it will be up to them to solve the mystery… before someone more sinister does.

Follow this tale of adventure and intrigue, love and destiny, and, most important, friendship.

Taurus Risings

Those with Taurus on the Ascendant experience the world through their possessions and properties. They identify themselves with the concept of being autonomous, self-sufficient and self-reliant, but here this feeling of security and independence manifests itself through the fixed earth energy that we call Taurus. That means to say Taurus Risings find their individuality through anything they can call theirs; that’s how they set themselves apart from the rest.

It should be safe to say that life for a Taurus Rising is a quest for finding security in the world, even if the meaning behind this quest, what’s made it necessary, is mostly subconscious. Their self-image and identity is always linked to what they own, so they may appear very much attached to their possessions: children, lovers, cars, houses, jobs, values and life experiences. Possessing all these kind of things and working their way to acquire them is what they feel makes them secure as individuals.

Taurus Risings need to feel safe before approaching anything new in their lives. They are slow, thoughtful and cautious when starting anything new or making any changes. Because of that, those with Taurus on the Ascendant are felt as very patient and steady people. And that also means they hardly abandon or give up something they’ve already started.

Being blessed and ruled by Venus, these people are often perceived as beautiful or harmonious with strong physical traits. Their body seems solid and tough, but feels rather soft and velvety. Because of Taurus’ association to the five senses, those with Taurus on the Ascendant rely on their ability to sense and perceive physical stimuli in order to make a decision. There is something peaceful and calm about their complexion. The walk of a Taurus Rising is slow, persistent and sure; it has its own special rythm.

We can analyze Venus’ position and conditions in the Taurus Rising’s natal chart to best one’s values and self-image.

Venus/1st house: a strong-willed champion, filled with burning desires, feels their legs restrained to the ground by fixed earth energy. There’s a need to develop patience and wait for the right moment to truly manifest their force of will.

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anonymous asked:

Have you got any fic recs of sluthing Bughead? Them investigating murders?

Oh, just one or two ;) Heed the tags though; some of them are absolutely NSFW and definitely not suitable for minors. Mother knows best. 


Born Losers by @sylwrites

Rating: N/R


Summary: For years, Jughead’s life has been about Jellybean. Now that she’s off to college, he can start picking up where he’d left off.Two things might complicate this a bit: being named best man in his childhood friend’s wedding, and the bride’s maid of honour.

*sleuthing, but not murder

Bughead by @wordgirl80

Rating: Mature

Chapters: 28/?

Summary:  This started out as one-shots to go in between the episodes of season 1, but evolved into my own version of season 2. Who shot Fred? What really is at the root of Riverdale’s seedy underbelly? How many times can Jughead and Betty have sex in one day? When will Hot Dog come live with Juggie? Can the soap that shooketh the fandom shake again? In the second half of this fic, our favorite detective duo is back to solve a town mystery, protect their loved ones from someone trying to eliminate them all, and to have sex as many places as possible. All important things.

Chiaroscuro by  @formergirlwonder

Rating: Teen and Up

Chapters: 14/14

Summary: Our story is about a city, and the people who live in that city. It’s about the dark corners, the hiding places nobody knows where the hand of the law doesn’t quite reach. It’s about broken-down old buildings, about concealed switchblades. It’s about what is commonly known as chiaroscuro: the intense, blinding contrast between light and dark. In this city, though, there’s a little more oscuro than there is chiaro.

The name of our city is Riverdale.

Film Noir AU where Betty hires Jughead to find Polly. Featuring snarky narrator Jughead, both Dark and Light Betty, and more.

Riverdale’s Shadow: A Bughead Mystery by @nighthawk02

Rating: Teen and Up

Chapters: 7/?

Summary:  With Jason’s murder solved, Betty and Jughead soon find themselves caught up in another mystery after a former and renowned Blue and Gold journalist: Emma Monroe turns up dead and a dangerous presence sweeps over the small town of Riverdale.

Teenage Talk by darlingdearestdead

Rating: Mature

Chapters: 10/?

Summary: At Riverdale High’s ten-year reunion, Betty and Jughead are thrust together when a former classmate turns up dead.Future Fic. Au – Betty and Jughead never dated.

There’s evil in your heart (it wants out to play) by @juggydunes

Rating: Mature

Chapters: 7/10

Summary: “I look down at my hands, they’re coated in blood. I instantly know it’s not mine, it never is.” When a new type of evil hits Riverdale, Betty finds herself right in the middle. With the help of two FBI agents, will they be able to solve it in time?

*Technically a policing/detective fic but it captures the emotional roller-coaster of crime solving so well that it had to go on this list. 

Unusual Wantings by  @cooperandjonesinc

Rating: Explicit

Chapters: 13/13

Summary: As Betty and Jughead fend off the darkness hand in hand they get thrown into more mysteries needing to be unraveled. Can they keep Riverdale and themselves in tact?(You know those stories where plot slow burns into smut? This is the exact opposite of that.)

*sleuthing, not murder

Culverton, Mofftiss, and the solution for The Lost Special

Hey tin foil hatters! So I’ve been watching TLD for like the 100th time, and I’ve always asked myself why are we seeing those clips of Culverton inserted in the scenes where Sherlock and ‘’Faith’’. I get that they are mirroring actions that happens in the actual scenes and are showing us how much Culverton is influencial, important, goes to talk shows, etc. But what bugs me about those scenes is that he’s breaking the fourth wall each time, and since TLD is pretty much the ‘’normal episode’’ here, I really think that it has the solution to the meaning of this series and the fact that there is going to be a 4th episode. Sorry, this meta is pretty long, and sorry again for my writing skills, since English is not my first language.  

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Hello, do you have any canon compliant fic recommendations? The more canon compliant, the better. If you have something so canon compliant it blurs the line between canon and fanfic in your mind, even better. Thanks in advance!

The Missing and Extended Moments by  litladyloveshp (17/?)

WIP/ Rating: Teen up 

Summary:  Starting before the beginning of the series. Looking over crucial moments in the friendship between Archie and Jughead (in the first couple chapters) and the romantic relationship between Betty and Jughead.

In the Still of the Night by  BlueLonghand (39/?)
WIP / Rating: Teen up

Summary: One unexpected afternoon, Betty and Jughead shared “a moment.” Now, she’s having nightmares, and turns to him for comfort. But as their relationship grows closer, their friendships with Archie are threatened.

Something Unspoken by  bewareoftrips (8/?)

WIP / Rating: Teen up 

Summary: "Don’t you think there is always something unspoken between two people?“A series of Bughead one-shots that take place over the course of season 1.

Bughead by  @wordgirl80 (24/?)

WIP / Rating: Mature

Summary:  This started out as one-shots to go in between the episodes of season 1, but evolved into my own version of season 2. Who shot Fred? What really is at the root of Riverdale’s seedy underbelly? How many times can Jughead and Betty have sex in one day? When will Hot Dog come live with Juggie? Can the soap that shooketh the fandom shake again? In the second half of this fic, our favorite detective duo is back to solve a town mystery, protect their loved ones from someone trying to eliminate them all, and to have sex as many places as possible. All important things.

Mystery Solved!

A while ago I saw someone had asked on here what the nature of Rafe’s business was. A lot of people had theories, some of them were good and if I remember correctly it was a unanimous decision that it was most likely in antiques of some capacity but I felt it was probably something else from how Sully talks about it in that scene at the auction.

Well, I believe I have figured it out from looking in Nate’s journal while doing fanfic recon. We’ve all seen this, right?

The title on the piece about Rafe is “Big Box Scion”. Now for those of you who do not know, the word “scion” can mean either a young shoot or twig of a plant or the descendant of a notable wealthy family.

Now my friends from the USA tell me that Big Box is a term used for a large retailer, so some big store like Debenhams, Walmart, Tesco, Sainsbury’s etc…..basically huge stores.

So the article title could be a crafty clue that he owns some huge ass shop chain.

First tumblr post, please be nice….t_t

Can we just talk about Riverdale for a sec. Like it’s one thing that everything in that first season happened within a few months. Like what???? I barely figure out my best friends been dating someone after two months went by, let alone solve a murder mystery, go through like 4 girlfriends, and deal with my dad being in jail. And that’s like the tip of the iceberg on what goes on in that show. Not only this, but they r all somehow only sophmores?????? At the beginning of my sophomore year I was still kinda that awkward not a freshman anymore kid. Not some super hot jock and no one wore heels???? They should at least be juniors. If BELIEVE betty was a sophomore if not for how she acts. They r all way to mature. Also, does no other grade exist in the school? What grade was Polly in? Like she got knocked up by a sophomore?! Was literally the only social hierarchy in the sophomore class. Man, I’m pretty sure all the seniors were like duck this shit I’m going to avoid anything with the sophomores as much as possible because obvi they r all fucking crazy. I know I’m hating, but I actually do really love the show. And I love Cole sprouse specifically the most, sorry other cast members. But like cmon, is no one else talking about this shit.

This was stuck in my head for a while. . .

This gif of Michael reminded me of someone…

At first I didn’t know who until I saw this…


Michael is Senior Senior Junior from Kim Possible

*Credit goes to the creator of the gifs*

anonymous asked:

pretty sure this is part of a multi-chap, but bughead is going to a dance together and shopping for betty's dress and they fuck in the dressing room

Yes yes yes. I can help. The scene you’re talking about is in Chapter 12. Happy reading! ❤ Jandy

Bughead by @wordgirl80 (26/?)
WIP/ Rating: M
Summary: This started out as one-shots to go in between the episodes of season 1, but evolved into my own version of season 2. Who shot Fred? What really is at the root of Riverdale’s seedy underbelly? How many times can Jughead and Betty have sex in one day? When will Hot Dog come live with Juggie? Can the soap that shooketh the fandom shake again? In the second half of this fic, our favorite detective duo is back to solve a town mystery, protect their loved ones from someone trying to eliminate them all, and to have sex as many places as possible. All important things.

Fire Walk With Me and the Value of Laura Palmer as a Person

Fire Walk With Me is not remembered fondly by the general public, or even by many diehard Twin Peaks fans. It was booed at its Cannes. It was nigh-universally panned by critics. And it flopped so hard at the box office that it killed David Lynch’s plans for further Twin Peaks films that would have resolved the show’s horrifying cliffhanger ending. And I sort of understand why, especially in the context of its 1992 release. It has almost none of the show’s trademark humor, it doesn’t answer any of the lingering questions, and it has Lynch crossing new thresholds of surrealism and dream logic, with moments that feel even more obtuse than Eraserhead. And that’s to say nothing of the fresh wounds audiences were still feeling after season two’s shockingly sharp decline in quality. But, like any Lynch project, Fire Walk With Me is destroyed by looking for what you want instead of letting yourself find what’s really there. It’s an achingly beautiful film and an absolutely essential piece of Twin Peaks–not necessarily as a puzzle, but as an artistic statement. An entire book could be written about all the symbolism and mysteries contained in its 135 minutes, but the thing that gives it value is the simple act of making Laura Palmer a person.

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Chapter 89 SnK

Well, I think this chapter has had more questions than answers, but we all notice how Isayama intentionally made this chapter offer us 3 new possibilities yet did not give enough relevance as usual.

The analysis will begin with the letter of Ymir

Well, I suppose most of the fans were disappointed with this and even Isayama managed to fool us completely with false indications of the “Ymir Goddess” (this I mention a lot in that wrong theory that Zeke devoured to Ymir).

Something that we will point out in this letter was with the intention of apologizing to Historia for not having chosen love and paying her life debt with the warriors and of course to tell her that she loves her deeply but it was not a farewell

Even Historia noticed Ymir’s timidity. Well, now we just have to ask ourselves why Isayama only dedicated so few pages to a character that we all wanted and we had so much expectation ?.

Also the letter was very interpretative but I leave something very clear.

This that Ymir is a girl who loves life and although she will surely face death she will do it with dignity but despite her situation, keep in mind that She in the bottom of her heart has hope.

Another thing is that she never harbored hatred or resentment against the people of Mare or the warriors because the suffering had led her to the path of true freedom and that she could meet her soul mate.

That is the interpretation of “without regrets”

I say this because Isayama never made Ymir write in the letter “goodbye Historia” but I leave these last words that if we think it were so confusing if this letter had the objective to confirm his death

Then we will notice that sarcastic humor that is typical of Isayama but what he really means is that this is not the end

We will note that Historia could not read the letter of the person she loved alone, nor let her cry or vent her pain.

Another very important thing is that they never showed us the thoughts of Historia

They did not seem curious all those details

But if this is not enough, we will notice how the subject of the letter is forgotten as something of little importance.

You know something for what I consider good Isayama is to give a good conclusion to the secondary characters as some protagonists always in one way or another are unforgettable, but this is the only time I saw that so little importance is given to a supposed confirmation of death

Isayama made some statements that Ymir (The lesbian to be clear) was going to reveal a great secret that would help to understand and solve all the mysteries of Snk.

Well, if she was someone of the royal blood or a reincarnation of (Ymir Fritz) this could have worked even if she was dead and her letter did not reveal anything equal would have relevance for those two factors mentioned and her death would work.

But we discovered that she is a normal girl without lineage or anything special, besides having the power of the titan and that in the long awaited letter I did not reveal any secret. Therefore, his death would not make sense

My conclusion about this is that the important role that Isayama mentions she will have up his sleeve. She will do it while she is alive and it is clear that she is going to die sometime, but this last chapter the truth did not confirm anything is but now there is more possibilities that this alive

Although if I could be dead despite all this, but I really think that its chances are 50% that this alive

I hope you have liked them and can give suggestions if you wish

PDTA: titan quadrupedo did not eat Ymir


Staff Pick of the Week

My staff pick for this week is a southeast Asian manuscript with white markings on black handmade paper. It is an accordion book with content on both sides. I have always found this piece fascinating, which is part of the reason for my choice, but also problematic, which is my other reason for making this my staff pick. I’m hoping that someone in the Tumblrverse can help solve our little mystery. 

This book was donated to UWM Special Collections many years ago, but it’s never been cataloged, mainly because we have no idea what we have here. We don’t recognize the script or language; we don’t know where or when the manuscript was produced; and we know nothing about its content, purpose, and usage. None of our Indian friends and colleagues recognize it, but there’s a vague sense that it might be Burmese or Thai. A very vague sense.

So, I’m putting it out to y’all.  If you have any concrete idea about what we’re looking at, we’d surely appreciate hearing from you. Thanks!


College AU 3

okay so I ended up writing one of the prompts from @ever-hungry-aria ’s post which can be found here

it’s probably not my greatest work, I didn’t look over it once, but oh well

enjoy, fellow reylo trash


Rey wasn’t fond of parties. She never had been, and despite the efforts of her best friends, Finn and Poe, she probably never would. It’s not that she disliked people, or that she didn’t enjoy copious amounts of alcohol every once in a while, parties always just seemed a bit… overwhelming.

 Finn and Poe were always hounding her to get out more, make some other friends, get involved. Rey had always been kind of reserved and quiet. Definitely an introvert.

So it didn’t surprise her at all when she ended up sitting on the creaky swing behind Poe’s house, where a loud, fairly obnoxious party was raging on. She was surprised, however, that she had company.

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