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Picture 1: Keith’s bed in Season 1 Episode 2.

Picture 2: Keith’s bed in Season 2 Episode 4.

You see the discrepancy?

Now, a person might (mostly likely accurately) say that this is a simple mistake by the animators and they flipped the image or forgot how they drew his room before or something. Or - OR! sometime between S1E2 and S2E4 Keith switched rooms. S2E4 also established that Keith and Lance’s rooms are right next to each other.

Now, I’m not saying that Keith changed rooms to be next to Lance…

…But maybe Keith changed rooms to be next to Lance. ;)

Langst Prompts

Thought I should do a few of these since I keep staying up at night thinking about them. (ㅇㅅㅇ❀)

-Lance is sick. He doesn’t want to admit he’s coming down with anything. Lance and Keith get into another argument. Lance, in his sick state of mind, pushes a little too far. Keith challenges him to a match and before anyone can intervene, Lance is harshly thrown to the floor for the training deck. Keith is in the middle of claiming his victory when he notices Lance is /still/ on the floor. Queue panic.

-Lance gets corned by the galra. When he tries to signal for help, the galra shoot at the side of his helmet, effectively damaging Lance’s coms and inflicting injury. Through the pain, Lance still tries to get a signal through and hears his team, “Lanc- where are y- St-p fooli- around!” “W- need your he-p!” “He pro-ably -id some-ing stu-id agai-” Lance lays on the ground, watching as the galra descend upon him, and listening to the breaks in static as his team fights on. Without him.

-(modern college au) Its finals week. Lance has been pushing himself nonstop. He finally breaks down after returning home from a full day of exams. Keith and Hunk are Lance’s roommates and they now have to take care of a delirious Lance who thinks he failed and just wants his momma’s hugs.

-Lance gets a concussion on a mission. Thinking its his own fault for getting distracted, he doesn’t tell the team. Lance reasons with himself, /“its fine, its just a small headache anyway.”/ For the most part, everything goes fine. Lance wasn’t the only one to get hurt so he brushes off the pain in his head. /“Just a little longer. If I cant handle this then I shouldn’t be in this war.”/ Its not until the team is leaving that Lance’s condition escalates dramatically, resulting in shouts of concern from the team as Lance fights to stay awake inside Blue’s cockpit. The last thing he hears before passing out, “stay with me, buddy. Lance? Lance!”

-We all know Lance is homesick. But what happens when Pidge figures out how to make an accurate calendar of earth? Lance realizes just how much he’s missed. And even then, its only the tip of the iceberg. Lance’s little sister? Her birthday passed a week ago. His parents? Their anniversary was about a month ago. He missed his little brother’s first day of school. The team doesn’t notice Lance leaving the room. They dont see the tears falling from his wide eyes. They dont hear his door shut or his muffled sobs as he slides to the floor. Because Lance didn’t know it would hurt this bad. To realize you’ve been in space for almost a year. To realize that, next week, your family would be facing the first year anniversary of your disappearance.

-The team really needs a break. Although Allura would love to protest, even she has to know her limits. They stop on a planet that is known to be peaceful. There, they find the equivalent of a beach resort. Lance is ecstatic! He gets to see an ocean again, one that so closely resembles the one at home! Needless to say, he drags everyone into a beach party, one that everyone loves! As everyone is about ready to head back inside, Lance is still floating in the water. He watches as the team packs up their things and starts to swim his way back to shore. And then he notices. He’s not getting any closer to the shore. Lance begins to panic, calling out to the others. They dont hear him. He’s dragged farther and farther out, screaming for help, and disappears under the surface. /“why didnt they help me?”/ The team doesn’t notice until its too late. Or is it?

seventeen in a rom-com

s.coups: the older brother who’s super protective of his little sister, who’s the female lead

jeonghan: s.coups’ hot friend who makes the female lead question if the male lead is even the one for her

joshua: the sweet barista who serves the two leads coffee when they go on their first date

jun: the male lead who’s kind of arrogant at the start but eventually shows his soft side (forgive me i’m in a junhui mood today)

hoshi: the female lead’s best friend; super excited over her new potential relationship;  is the type to scream “YOU LIKE JUN??” in front of the whole cafeteria; isn’t really that sorry tbh

wonwoo:  the dude who accidentally ends up in an awkward situation with the female lead for jun to get the wrong idea (for that manufactured plot every rom-com needs)

woozi: the female lead’s other best friend; acts indifferent; “this isn’t brain science or rocket surgery just tell him you like him”; secretly really happy for her

dokyeom: sits in the background throughout the whole thing watching and eating popcorn with seungkwan

mingyu:  wonwoo’s bff; is probably the one who has to chase jun down and explain the situation to him

minghao: jun’s best friend; is probably closer to the female lead then he is; hints to her very conspicuously that jun likes her

seungkwan: fights with dokyeom over whether sweet popcorn is better than salty popcorn

vernon: the female lead’s childhood best friend who secretly likes her but is happy for her anyway bc he’s a great human bean

dino: jun’s younger brother (yes i knoW THEY COULDN’T REALISTICALLY BE RELATED BUT THIS IS CUTE) who constantly teases him about his crush on the female lead

|| svt in a horror movie ||

can you imagine if we ever got to see our ladies training together?? picture it.

- a steady green glow emanating from the walls to put kara at a level playing field with the others. 

-alex and sara sparring, both in sports bras and dripping with sweat because neither of them is willing to bow out.

-maggie cheering alex on and telling her to kick sara’s ass.

-sara showing alex some new moves because yeah alex is a total badass, but sara is still a literal assassin.

-and oh jesus. can you imagine the salmon ladder?? alex doing the salmon ladder?! and poor maggie. just drowning in a puddle of her own drool while she watches.

-and then lena walks in because she was helping winn with some science thing and wanted to say hey to kara before she left.

-so she walks in the training room only to be slapped in the face with kara’s shoulders and back muscles flexing while she jumps up the salmon ladder.

-lena literally can’t even form words until she hears maggie walk by and snicker, “breathe, luthor.”

-and kara must’ve heard her come in cuz she jumps down and runs over still panting from the exertion and doesn’t seem to notice the red in lena’s face.

-so she acts cool and says “hi” and “bye” and is almost out the door when she remembers kara can hear her heartbeat and that she wasn’t actually fooling anyone.

-kara blushing as she goes back to training because she knows how hot lena is for her.

-sara coming over like, “so you tap that yet, supergirl?” and kara bumbling like an idiot because how did she know that’s literally all she ever thinks about??

-okay and maggie and alex at the shooting range? competing against each other and alex is furious because, unlike pool, maggie is a total dead shot and keeps. beating. her.

-maggie coming up behind alex all like, “here let me help” and adjusts alex’s arms but when she moves her hands to her waist alex completely loses her focus and misses the target so they just makeout instead.

-sara attempting to show kara how to throw knives but kara would rather just watch her do it so she starts showing off.

-someone having to resuscitate me because i would die.

nurseydex/zimbits fic prompt

someone should write this because I can’t get over how hilarious this would be. i basically just wrote the whole thing in bullet-point format, but if anyone with actual storytelling abilities wants to tackle this, i’d love you forever

  • okay so bitty’s senior year, the only friends left on smh that he hangs out with regularly are chowder, nursey and dex
  • chowder is obviously his favorite because bitty took chowder under his wing and now they’re best buds, but chowder has caitlin, so it’s not like he’s there to hang 24/7
  • he and nursey are friends, but they don’t really hang out by themselves a whole lot
  • we know that dex likes helping bitty cook and bake from tweets, sketches, and extras (remember hausgiving?)
  • so during bitty’s senior year, dex spends a lot of time in the kitchen helping him bake and hanging out with him
  • maybe also to talk about his crush on how much he can’t stand nursey
  • anyways, bitty is out of the closet so the newest frogs are probably aware that he’s gay, and also aware of samwell’s reputation (1 in 4 or maybe more)
  • they come by the haus a lot and see dex helping bitty bake, and bitty constantly calling dex “honey” or “sweetheart” (because that’s just how bitty is as a person)
  • what do they make of this?
  • obviously dex and bitty are dating

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headcanon #8

evan actually has the worst sense of direction, location, and visual-spatial references out of anyone jared’s ever met. jared once tried to help heidi teach evan how to drive, and it was such an absolute mess.

@beltsquid there’s just like… so much potential for them if had teamed up in Italy???

>fussing over each other’s clothing and hair
>complimenting one another ad nauseam to the point where Sam considers telling them the truth just so he can stop listening to his brother brag about how great his wife looks in heels
>a scene where elena slips off her wedding ring so she can flirt and work the crowd better for info and nate gets mildly adorably jealous
>potential Elena and Nadine conversation???? I can’t even imagine how wild that would be
>doing that whole battle couple thing with them flirting while they’re in the middle of dodging bullets and spraying-and-praying
>them getting mcfuckin wasted afterwards with Sam and Sully in the hotel
>Sam and Sully have to leave said hotel room because they won’t stop smooching
>“get used to it this happens constantly”

Okay you know you have the ‘cold tiny who gets warmth from giant’ and while that’s all well and good (heck, makes some of the cutest fluff out there), what about overheated tinies? I want a tiny who sweats and feels fatigued, and I want the giant to try their best to help them, be it offer the guy some shade with their shadow, fan them off, relocate them to a cooler area, get the dude a bath, give them a sip from their waterbottle, anything really to help! Just, I need this.

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Do you think how many languages Lena can speak?

Interesting question, and it depends on a few factors. Like,

How xenophobic were the Luthors? Was it just aliens they hate or did they dislike other cultures first?

Did it start off as a fear of muslims or foreigners, and this seed of fear of the other grew exponentially as aliens were introduced? 

Or did the fear begin when Clark betrayed Lex? Or when aliens were introduced before that?

If they were xenophobic, the typical “We’re rich and prestigious so you must learn many languages from this special tutor we have for you” might not hold as true, unless for the purposes of business and dealing with other countries that way. But I can also picture them being on of those “we’re gonna keep all the jobs in America!” companies that makes it seem like they’re trying to give Americans jobs when it’s more that they don’t like the other countries.

So if there are any languages Lena was made to learn growing up, I’d say maybe a dead language?

Latin, perhaps. 

Useless but pretty, like 90% of what rich people have.

In rich people boarding school I’m sure they also taught languages. And Lena also would need to take a language in college. She could have taken the same language in each case or switched it up each time.

But if she would actually take to it and learn the language as opposed to just remembering what she needed to to pass and forgetting it?

I think that depends on how you see Lena. We haven’t been given that much to go off of for her interests, except that she’s a genius and a scientist.

The way I headcanon Lena, however, is as someone who is interested more in science than the humanities, cares more about ideas than the tendencies of people.

I think if she were to talk to an alien who speaks a strange language she’d ask “how does your throat form that sound?” before “what does that mean?”

How I see it, Lena’s never been a people person. She doesn’t know how they work because she wasn’t given the proper emotional eduction when she was growing up. So there was a learning curve for certain things like advanced communication with others, and after finally mastering english, there’s no pull to try to do it again with another language.

But she has a good memory and was a good student, so she probably stuck to the first language she was asked to learn and grew upon it to fluency. And since Latin doesn’t require actual human (or other) contact, she took to it reasonably well. Just her and some dusty books in the warmest corner of the Luthor mansion, like always.

So, in my opinion, two languages. English and Latin.

But when she meets Kara Zor-El, well… Lena finds herself clinging to every foreign word she utters.

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You're Zelink stuff literally gives me life! Could I request pregnant!Zelink headcanons for Oot and Botw please?

Yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes You certainly can.

(Also I am so glad you like the zelink stuff I post! You’ve made my day XD)

For oot zelink:
For Zelda, I tend to imagine her body doesn’t react too well to being pregnant. She’s used to being nimble and fast and sneaky and now that she can’t do much physically it makes her feel kinda down and sick. And while normally Link is the clingy one (physically. Always wanting to touch her in some way, cuddle her to death, etc) Zelda is ALL over him. If there’s any part of him that isn’t touching her in bed she will not have it. “No hero you are MINE and you WILL cuddle me now gimme your legs” and at any event she’s up to going to she’s wrapped around his arm and leaning against him. Link absolutely loves this.
And for Link, he’s normally protective of her to a healthy degree. I mean, he was literally reborn to protect her. But when she’s pregnant. Nothing- NOTHING Touches her unless she’s given them permission and they’re being extremely gentle and proper, or he will death glare them into backing away, and if that doesn’t work he will physically form a barrier between her and whoever it is that’s bothering her. Zelda wishes he wasn’t so on edge, but she understands he’s afraid of anything happening to her and the child they already hold so dear.
They also spend many nights cuddling by the fire and talking to their unborn baby and eating lots of crazy snacks. (Bonus: he sings to it a lot)

For botw Zelink: (botw isn’t my forte, so bear with me)
For Zelda: I think she’s irritated at the fact she’s once again being treated like glass and something to protect simply because she’s royalty. But she also enjoys all the foods she gets served to her whenever she wants. She convinces Link to sneak her out often. Usually to various lakes and springs to swim in since being in water makes moving much more easy and fun.
For Link: he’s the only one who refuses to treat her like glass, and since he’s the king, they can’t refuse to let him take her wherever she pleases. He makes sure she’s taken care of and does whatever he can to make her comfortable and make sure she has fun. He develops a little bit of an obsession over how beautiful she is and amazing she is being pregnant and this ends up giving her lots of extra affection and REALLY can’t keep his hands off her. (Of course before she’s pregnant he’s all over her too, but now he’s just MMM “goddesses you’re amazing please let me love you and treat you like the goddess you are”)

Imagine the classic “Dazai and Chuuya fucked each other on a regular basis when Dazai was the mafia and Chuuya had actual feelings for Dazai but Dazai didn’t reciprocate them” trope but one day Chuuya finds out that Dazai’s been sleeping with someone else too and gets really upset and hurt over it and confronts Dazai like “what the fuck Dazai why are you cheating on me?”

And Dazai says that he’s not cheating on Chuuya and that they don’t have a relationship/that their relationship doesn’t mean anything

So to get back at Dazai, Chuuya sleeps with Tachihara. But Tachihara has had a crush on Chuuya for the longest time and he later asks Chuuya to sleep with him again and then the more time Chuuya spends with Tachihara he ends up falling for Tachihara instead and then tells Dazai that he isn’t going to sleep with Dazai anymore

And then Chuuya and Tachihara get together and Dazai is super bitter about it, at first he thinks it’s because he lost his power over Chuuya but he later realizes that he loved Chuuya and misses him but can’t have him anymore bc Chuuya realized that he deserved better and is now with Tachihara, who will actually treat him right

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Number 8

8. A “Spin the bottle” kiss

Dex had known this was going to be a disaster going into it. 

It was the last Kegster before midterms and everyone was drinking like it was the end of the world, trying to get as shitfaced as possible in preparation for the next two weeks of all-nighters. Jello shots were demolished, red solo cups littered the floor, and tub juice flowed freely through the Haus. Everyone was buzzed, and even though Dex didn’t normally like to drink too much at parties, he was steadily approaching “tipsy.” 

That was the first mistake. The second was letting Nursey rope him into a game of Spin the Bottle. 

He’d always sucked at games of chance, and now he was going to have to kiss Nursey, who would probably never let him live it down.

“I regret this party, I regret this friendship, and I regret this,” Dex scowled.

“Yeah, but you’re going to have to kiss me anyways. Suck it up, Poindexter.”

“You suck it up.” 

Nursey rolled his eyes, “Jesus Christ, why does everything have to be an ordeal with you?”

Dex could feel the nervous tension in his stomach build, souring the shots he’d let Holster talk him into taking. “Well, why did you force me into playing thi-” 

Nursey’s mouth was enough to get Dex from feeling like he was flustered-tipsy to feeling like he was devastatingly-drunk. He couldn’t even care that Nursey had interrupted him, as long as they stayed exactly where they were and Nursey was pressed warm and soft and insistent and-

Okay, He was pretty sure that was a wolf-whistle. 

He broke them apart. Nursey rolled with it good-naturedly, but his hand didn’t move from Dex’s back. 

“You kiss like a fucking exhibitionist,” Dex said, listing into Nursey’s side against his will. 

“Yeah?” Nursey said, spinning the bottle, then turning to face Dex. “Well you kiss like you liked it.” 

Dex snorted, leaning away from Nursey. “You wish.” 

“Chill, dude.” Nursey said as the bottle slowed to a stop in front of a brunette. He smiled like the cat that caught the canary when she started making her way across their group’s loose, lopsided circle towards him.

Dex got up to fill his drink. If he didn’t come back to the game, that had nothing to do with how much he didn’t want to see Nursey kissing other people.  

if (highly->life threatened)
{* couple:ofTimes;"to talk" 
.//Overly affectionate greeting.



.//Playfully witty sign-off. 

Fics I will never write: 2/?

The Assassin and the Senator

In a time when anyone will do anything to get further, Armitage Hux is highly sought after; a sharpshooter with expert training, steel composure, and little conscious for others, he is one of the most deadly mercenaries in the galaxy. Preferring to remain covert, Hux works outside of distinction, keeping himself limited to underground circles, but when an unknown customer puts up 75 million for a job, Hux cannot refuse, and moves up to the political world where an illustrious senator by the name of Kylo Amidala becomes his next target. However, the assignment proves much more dangerous than Hux ever imagines when after infiltrating the ranks of his guard, the Senator himself takes a decidedly arousing interest in his would-be assassin, knowing much more than he lets on. As Hux is swept up in the enigma that is Kylo Amidala and the two grow closer, the stakes rise higher than ever before, making Hux question: when the time comes, will he be able to pull the trigger?