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A Series of Unfathomable Feelings (3/10)

AU Rommate!Steve x Reader

Summary: After Bucky decides to move in with his long-time girlfriend, Steve has to look for another roommate. But destiny, or rather Bucky, will set him with someone less boring than Steve intended.

Word Count: 2,343

Warnings: Sad!Steve, grief, mention of death

A/N: Cwtch (Welsh) is a hug, provided by a loved one that feels like a safe place. Not my gif

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You were sitting cross-legged on the sofa, nervously biting your thumbnail while you waited for Steve to come home. After living with him for nearly four months, you developed a massive crush on your roommate but you knew nothing could ever happen so you just dealt with it. What upset you, however, was his behaviour everytime you were in the same room.

Long story short, he was avoiding you. It couldn’t keep going this way so you were about to confront him. Whatever troubled him, it had to stop.

Finally the front door opened and Steve sighed tiredly as he kicked off his shoes and threw his jacket over the back of a chair. He went straight to the kitchen and put the bouquet of flower he had bought on his way home in a vase before he felt the buzz of his phone vibrating in his back pocket.

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Happy Valentines Day!

Just a small Valentine’s day themed short of drabbles I’m not sure what to call this really but here you guys go! Sorry, it’s not everyone I thought of this like last second. (Happy Valentine’s day everyone! Have a good one and get all the chocolates!)


Giving Chocolates:

  • He’s blushing so hard behind his visor he hasn’t felt this nervous since he was in grade school telling his first crush that he liked them.He’s  having such a hard time controlling the strength of the grip on the box he’s really hoped he hadn’t squished any of the chocolates inside. God’s one would think that his playboy reputation was a lie if they saw him in such a state.  Be confident be confident be– there you are rounding the corner gift bag in their hand he can’t do this someone already has beaten him to the punch he should have known better but you’ve already seen him your face has already lit up and you’re heading straight for him he can’t run now best to face the music.

Receiving Chocolates:

  • He received what felt like the 30th box of chocolates today there was a time such flight’s of fancy amused him. He could vividly remember a time when he was younger how he had challenged Hanzo to a competition of who would receive the most chocolates he won of course 50 boxes to Hanzo’s mesally 12 thinking back on those times he would trade all those boxes he received for just one from the person he likes now. You must have given chocolates to someone else by now he thinks but he dismisses that thought knowing you, you gave at least one box to everyone you were the type to never want to leave someone out but that thought hurt almost as much as them give it to one special person he wishes he could be higher up in your heart. Someone calls his name snapping him from his thoughts it’s you beckoning him over.Your hands are shaking as you hand him a small box “Sorry if it’s not as good as the others.I wanted yours to be the first one I gave out.” He can’t help but smile anything you could possibly give them was better than the rest.


Giving Chocolates:

  • It took him a bit to find you having to ask around some of the recruits turns out you had some post-Valentine’s day blues holding yourself up in your room.Now that he was back he going to fix that  he knew that he maybe should have at least called  you the day of while he was gone but he couldn’t help it he always did hate having to celebrate important events over video call he just hoped the chocolates he was able to score while away would make up for it there swiss of course he made sure to consult with  a certain doc for their take on the best brand maybe he should have bought flowers too, shit too late now he was already at the front of your door.He just hoped they could forgive him for being late.

Receiving Chocolates:

  • Now, this is just too precious he thought holding the small bag of hand made chocolate they were rough looking, to say the least, but that deep red blush on your face was much sweeter than any chocolate.He could say that he’s eaten worse things as opened the bag and pulled one of the smaller pieces he popped it into his mouth he could taste dark chocolate but there was another flavor mixed in whiskey.Oh, his darling knew him too well and that smug look on your said it all he was going to have to repay this kind gesture in some way.  


Note that Reapers don’t continue off of one another just kind of happened to fit that way

Giving Chocolates:

  • You weren’t feeling the valentine’s mood and how could he blame you for everything that’s happened and with that ankle bracelet on them courtesy of talon who couldn’t trust an x-overwatch agent; he had scoffed at the idea being confined to this small room while he was being called away again.There wasn’t much he could say or do at a time like this but maybe just maybe this would be enough. “I’ll leave this here for you” it was a small bag of chocolates he had made himself in his spare time he had made sure to get all your favorite flavors in he left it on the nightstand for you. “Hurry back.” Their voice sounded so small now where the going to cry as soon as he left?“I promise I’ll be back soon.” and that was a promise he intended to keep.

Receiving Chocolates:

  • Every googly eyed couple he passed only served to worsen his mood while they’re out here making doe eyes at each other the one person he wanted to see was locked up in his room not through choice but by Talon made him sick.When he returned to his room he wasn’t expecting you to be in such a good mood and he sees that you took to decorating the room with red construction paper hearts.That wasn’t all when you greeted him home you had your hands behind your back that smile said you were up to something.When you showed him a small box of his favorite brand of chocolates he was in shock. “How did you get this?” you explained how you were able to convince one of the talon agents that was heading out to get it for you there was no way that you were going to let this day go by without getting him something.That sentiment alone warmed his heart. 

I know I’m not the best drabble writer but I wanted to give you guys something on Valentine’s day since uploads have been kind of slow on my part I’m haveing to deal with some family business and its been a little draining on me. I went with Overwatch because I have so many lovely One piece asks waiting to be answered! 

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Do you take prompts? Bellamy and Clarke think they're about to die (a bomb or something imminent like that?) so Bellamy says screw it and kisses her. Except that they don't die, but whoops, now it's out there.

It’s not a bomb, but I hope it lives up to expectations.

“You walk like a herd of elephants,” Bellamy snaps, turning his head to glance at Clarke before his eyes fix on the woods surrounding them once more. He grips the gun tighter in his hands— the cool metal comforting him as his eyes scan from tree to tree. “If there’s anything in these woods, it definitely knows we’re here now.”

“We’re not going far, I just have to get a medicinal plant for my mother,” she replies, her tone irritated. Her anger only seems to make her walk louder, and he clenches his jaw to keep from snapping at her. He considers apologizing for upsetting her, but he’s trying to keep her alive out here in No Man’s Land and she’s not making it any easier.

He places a hand on her shoulder to stop her stomping, and she turns to face him— her arms crossed defensively over her chest, her face drawn in a confused expression. “Look, you’ve got to watch where you’re placing your feet.” He points the nose of the gun at the twigs near her feet. “Those are practically an alarm system for any animal within hearing distance to know that dinner just arrived.”

Clarke nods her head, the irritation seeming to melt off of her as understanding takes its place. They start walking again in silence— thankfully, as Clarke is more cautious with where she steps— and Bellamy feels some of his tension ease. He watches her from the corner of his eye, giving in to his weakness for a few moments.

He’s struck again by how beautiful she is in the light that shines down through the leaves of the trees above them— her hair seems to almost glow blonde. Her face is scrunched in concentration, her tongue peeking through her lips as she focuses on the ground in front of her. She looks so damn cute like this and he has to resist— not for the first time— the urge to press her against one of the nearby trees and kiss her until they both can’t breathe. He can almost see her face; her mouth formed into an ‘o’ of surprise as he pulls away, but her hand would reach up and grip the back of his neck, pulling him back dow-

“Wait!” he hisses, and throws an arm in front of Clarke to stop her as he hears a sound. He hears another crash in the trees to his right, and he immediately turns to face the sound, dragging Clarke safely behind him.

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okay now that subs have been out for 24+ hours

Can I just say that as much as I love the kiss, I actually love the buildup to it more?

lbr Victor hasn’t been the least bit subtle about his attraction to Yuuri, and Yuuri has never said he doesn’t like the attention even if he was very confused by it. I mean, who wouldn’t be in his shoes? Weird enough your idol since you were twelve barges into your house and says they’re going to personally train you – add in the flirting and most people would be ???!?

But! – and this is what made me so ecstatic about the kiss that I literally made ugly crying noises for an hour – what I love most of all?

Even though Yuuri’s been the one idolizing Victor, even if he’s been the one who’s been a little in love with Victor from childhood and it’s grown and changed into what we see today

Victor fell first.

[text heavy below with some screenshots. there were more pictures originally but oh well]

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First thing I want to address is that I know there is a lot of Mayweather haters! All I have to say is, Does he have a loss in his record? Has he been beaten? Is he not undefeated?
The media has always attempted to paint negative images of black men historically; So when a popular black athlete or celebrity is viewed as “arrogant” he becomes a villain and he is now subjected to an even higher level of scrutiny. Example: Floyd Mayweather is hated by so many white people, they can’t stand him and want him to be “put on his ass” just one time. They say the reason why is because he is arrogant, But on other side of things, if you were to ask white people how do feel about Johnny Manizel, many of them would be his biggest supporter. Bill O’ Reilly is another White arrogant person, I have never heard of any white person say “someone should punch him in the mouth” or major media outlets subject him to the same level of scrutiny that a Black Person faces. It is like it’s accepted and viewed as the norm. There is obvious racism when you see how the media portrays Black athletes and celebs that are considered “arrogant.”

Post written by: @Oba_Tayo
“just a young nigga talking about my reality”

#obatayo #blackmen #black #media