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i really love jean and renee’s friendship and im violently procrastinating so here you go: (½ this one’s jean centered and the next one will be renee centered i think)

  • jean and renee are both eachother’s number one on speed dial, and this never changes. they both set it that way right before jean left for the trojans and their reasoning is when shit burns down, who do i want to talk to?
  • during jean’s first week at usc, he’s instantly overwhelmed. everyone is so cheerful, and optimistic, and there is no black in sight. as a result, he compartmentalizes and only talks to his teammates and coaches when absolutely necessary. the worst part is that they respect his boundaries. kevin pulled him aside and said that he didn’t tell jeremy anything that the press didn’t know, so why were they being so nice when they had no idea what riko did?  he struggles to voice his this and has to type and retype every message because the culture shock is so jarring. 
  • renee responds by calling him every night and with every anecdote about the ravens she offers one up about her mother or the bloodhounds and the knowledge that she has been taken apart the same way he has but is still alive gives him something to look towards. 
  • sometimes when thinking about it is too much, he’ll teach her random words in french (she forces kevin and neil to teach her the language during their spare time, because she wants to be able to hold a conversation with him one day)
  • soon, he adjusts to the trojans. he doesn’t understand how jeremy ends practices with smiles and high fives, or alvarez grins whenever he outdoes her during practice, but it starts to become routine; the same way heavy racquets against skin were. 
  • what also becomes routine is jeremy’s kindness and blinding smiles and the weird feeling in his stomach that accompanies it. he doesn’t understand how someone can be so good. 
  • he tells renee about it a week after the fluttering feeling starts and her response is swift and jarring: 
    • “you like him”
    • “no i don’t.” 
    • “that’s what andrew used to say about neil. what dan used to say about matt.”
    • “this is different”
  • the more he thinks about it, the more sense it makes. whenever he sees laila draped over alvarez while they watch cartoons there’s a part of him; one that he can’t quash no matter how hard he tries that wants that to be him and jeremy
  • jeremy and kevin use their bromance to set up a friendly scrimmage, and jean spends every spare minute talking to renee and avoiding kevin  and neil
  • they take a long walk (matt bets that they’re a thing. idiot.) he asks her how to get rid of his feelings because he knows that they won’t amount to anything and he is too fractured to get hurt again
  • it takes her a couple minutes to formulate an answer, because it’s the same reasoning she has always used 
  • so they make a promise: he’ll take a chance on jeremy, and she’ll take a chance on allison
  • a couple months later, and those promises pay off

I honestly couldn’t decide who shone the mots in the last episode(I know someone said I should do frisk, but my version of frisk is very different from camis interpretation. I don’t care if it is for fanart and all, but when it is about to make dvd covers, I should stick with the other characters. B’sides, I might will for the next episode anyway. Wouldn’t want to waste it like that ;)

Decide for yourself, which one fits better. I also thought, why not also show the png images for pap and az?

Glitchtale series by Camila Cuevas

Why Showing OnS to Someone Is Fucking Hard

– every time they call the hyakuya’s cute in ep 1 you just ᶘ ͡°ᴥ͡°ᶅ
– also every time the children talk about the future or getting out  ͡°ᴥ͡°ᶅ
– deciding if you should skip the op for ep 2 because goddamn you aren’t supposed to know Mika is alive yet
when i was shown ons i had the op skipped and it makes the reveal so much better
– being so used to the full versions of the op/ed that when you try to sing along you fuck up where the cut is and look like a fool
– how much??? should your lore filled ass??? over-explain???
– stopping yourself from crying every time Yuu is sad because Mika is dead
– stopping yourself from crying every time Yuu is
– not laughing when Mika wistfully says “Yuu-Chan…” for the 500th time
– gently asking if they ship mikayuu
– trying not to go into a triad about how in love Mika and Yuu are
– trying not to go on a 30 minute lecture about the characters

Feel free to add more


Sometimes you climb out of bed in the morning and you think, I’m not going to make it, but you laugh inside — remembering all the times you've felt that way - Bukowski

I know this blog is all about smut and fun and laughs and what else not, but that’s not all it should be about. People have problems, and for most of us here, tumblr is a way of running away from them and creating a better version of ourselves because it’s much easier to be who you want to be in front of people who don’t know you and therefore have no expectations of you. 

Anyway, I wanted to make a page with some links I find useful, and hopefully, some of you do, too. I know highschool can be tough, I know university can be tough, and don’t get me started on work. If you ever need someone to talk to, PLEASE, talk to me. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know me or if you don’t even follow me, I honestly don’t care about those things. I won’t judge and I won’t ignore you, I promise.

One piece of advice I’ve gotten from my mother that has helped so many times

Whatever you’re doing and whatever is worrying you is never more important than your mental health.

I can’t stress this enough. That is the main thing you should be concerned with. If you’re worried about your mental health, talk to somebody about it - a parent, a friend, a teacher, a stranger on the street, someone on tumblr, me, it doesn’t matter. You need to put YOURSELF first in this, trust me. If you don’t, you can succeed at everything, but you’ll be empty and drained and your success won’t mean much to you and you’ll keep falling through a hole until there’s no way out. This is an important issue and it won’t just go away. I love you all so much, stay safe.

HERE ARE THE LINKS I FOUND USEFUL. I’ll add more as I find them, and please, if you want to share something with me, submit. Thank you!

I post random thoughts of the day that I find helpful and/or encouraging. You can tag me in anything you want me to post, or submit it to me. Stay cool :*

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Hey, are trans boys allowed in your frat?

i like to think that my fraternity is more inclusive than “stereotypical frat dudes” since there are guys who are bisexual and gay in my house, so I can say it is a possibility in my chapter. Regardless of race, gender identity and sexual orientation, fraternities SHOULD be “bidding” people based on a judge of their character and NOT by what color their skin is, or how much their parents make, etc. Personally, I don’t see a problem with accepting a trans brother because Greek Life is SUPPOSED to be designed to make people better versions of themselves and preventing someone from reaching their full potential is not right. There are Greek organizations, like Chi Phi (a fraternity) that now have a national policy in place to be inclusive to trans men. They passed it this past summer! (heres the link if you want to read about it) Regardless, if you are looking at Greek Life, try to find people who accept you for who you are and find somewhere where you can grow the most as a person. Hope this helped!

Out of all the shorts so far, I find the shrinking gun one the most interesting because of the slip up that seems to happen: dr. Flug, when proudly stating that the gun is ready exactly like demanded, goes to call Black Hat “sir-” but immediately startles and finishes with “Black Hat”. Black Hat’s face seems to also scream that something unwanted was just about to occur when “sir” was being uttered. Which makes me wonder if the dr was almost about to call Black Hat by his possible real name (if he even has one).

I personally find this a really interesting detail, if I am in fact reading the scene right. I only have the subbed version to go by, so anyone who speaks the language can more than likely tell better. It raises so many questions!!

ADDED SINCE PEOPLE SEEM TO LIKE REBLOGGING THIS ORIGINAL ONE: an anon was kind enough to correct the word “sir” used in the subbed version i’ve been bingewatching, making the short even more interesting!! (not sure how to link it cleanly yet but this should work:)

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So stop acting like to know everything about the industry because you don't. And if you did then you'd realise that jen and Darren are in a relationship. You'll block me and try and act like this hasn't bothered you but you know deep don't that all the joshifer stuff you say is fake. Your trying to convince yourself of something that never happened. Have fun blocking me but if I've at least made you see that your ridiculous and sad that I'll be happy. Also get a job your 40 years old!!

You sent me 5 messages. FIVE.

One. Two. Three. Four. FIVE.

Five messages about how I am wrong and I don’t know anything and you know everything and you are right.


This whole message was really just art wrapped in hand wringing and nervousness. You should probably check why someone having a different opinion than you bothers you so much. 

Also, you should have tried to insult me with adding something about taking care of some kids to really drive home your heternormative sexist world view.

Also when I am 40 I will be happy with the knowledge that I never sent anyone some anonymous hate about two celebrities, which is something you will have to live with for the rest of your life. So when you are 40 and doing whatever it is you want to do with your life you’re going to think back on this younger version of yourself and be like jeez who the fuck cares, why did I do that to someone I didn’t know? Why was I such a little asshole to people over something that doesn’t even matter?

Because you have the choice to just move on from a website that has a different opinion than you do. You make the choice to go and try to hurt someone. That says a lot about who you are as a person. But I have faith that you’ll grow as a person and when you are 40 you’ll be a better version of yourself.

You didn’t hurt me, you should really fear 40 year old unemployed people who have access to the internet, they are more resilient than you.

But I hope you have a good day.

We are so quick to judge, to criticize, to look for wrongs in other people. What we don’t often do, but should, is to look at ourselves in the mirror. Maybe instead of wasting our time finding faults in others, we should strive first to become better versions of ourselves. Blowing out someone else’s candle won’t make yours shine any brighter.


Sailor Moon Fandom, I need a little advice here.  I am in the process of making a Sailor Moon themed Tarot deck for myself, just cuz I want one.  I can’t decide on which I like better for the 2 of Cups. (sorry about the blurriness, my cards aren’t large images and I’m not sure how to make it post smaller.) If it helps, the basic meaning for the 2 of Cups is union, or attraction, or being drawn together.  Anyone have an opinion on which I should use?

In response to someone asking, the sources for the art are in the captions of the pictures.

I’ve seen many posts calling Patsy out on her shit re: angry outbursts at Delia, which YES here for holding even fictional characters to higher standards. 

But SHIT do I connect with that behavior. 

I wasn’t allowed to be outwardly sad as a child. Angry though, that was okay, (to an extent). I’ve had several rounds of therapy and experience as a practitioner to learn to hold sadness and feel it, and express it (heyyyy songggsss), and STILL, when I’m hurt or upset, my first instinct is to lash out. And hide. 

Patsy Mount has had a helluva rougher go than I. 

So the brusqueness, the inability to make eye contact, ooof, it’s real. (Props to Emerald and Kate- their acting is always spot on, but what little pupcake we had in this episode felt amazingly authentic.) Yes, Delia absolutely deserves not to be blown up at, but I have a feeling that Patsy has come a longer way than we’ve been able to see onscreen. 

It’s established that she only feels comfortable opening up with Delia, in private, which is probably a bit of a miracle in and of itself. And they do have an equitable relationship in most every way- think of Patsy staying by Delia’s side throughout her hospital stay, despite how much every single part of the experience hurt like hell. Standing up to Mrs. Busby because for all her outward exasperation at the world, Delia can’t speak her truth to her own mother. Sometimes we go off on the people who love us most because we know that it’s safe to do so. That doesn’t make it alright, but it does make it very, very human. 

I’m incredibly grateful to have someone who calls me on my shit, who says “You’re being an asshole because you’re hurt right now, and I love you even though your behavior is unacceptable.” Patsy has that in Delia, and I know that she will do the work to become a better version of herself each and every day, because love is the only thing that has ever changed this world for the better. 

(tl;dr- Patsy should always be kind to Delia but I am very glad Heidi included that scene)

Fencing as a Language

Learning historical fencing is like learning a language.

First you have study. Learn the grammar, conjugation rules, how to read the alphabet with the proper phonics.
In fencing terms, this is reading your primary sources. I strongly believe there is a lot we could be doing with guided study of the material as part of a HEMA curriculum. Just like in the early steps of learning a language or new concept in a language, the words wont really stick with you. But it will give you grounding in the concepts, and an overarching sense of what you’re about to learn. The amount of time and effort dedicated to each subject in such an introduction will give the student a good general sense of the important aspects of the lesson, and its scope. This is tuition and discussion - there are no assessments being made. Private study leads to understanding of the context of certain techniques. Students should aim to know not just that a technique works, but how and why it works. From this, variations can be made, and fencers may innovate using the principles they know, rather than repeat learned motions.

Next there is controlled testing. For a language you will do guided reading and writing exercises. The goals will be clear and measurable. There is a right answer and a wrong one. Each exercise will be targeted to a specific skill.
For fencing, we have drills of various levels of interactivity and agency. Some will be highly coreographed, while other, usually better, drills will require decision making and branch out in their possible outcomes. There are clear and measurable goals. You can get the drill right or wrong, and information taken directly from the drill can be used to inform your continued training plan.

Lastly there is practise. It is a no-brainer that you can’t truly know a language without being able to communicate with it. Learning this can’t be measured directly, but it can be analysed and assessed. The learning mechanism is largely inherent in the activity - you will find out weak points in your skill set because someone will ask you a question, and you won’t know how to respond, or, you’ll know how, but it won’t come to you naturally.
This in fencing, is the freeplay or sparring element. We must not lose sight of the fact that sparring is a tool we use to self-evaluate and learn! It is not about alpha-dogging your peers or finding out who is the “better” of you. Tournaments do count here. While they have the implicit goal of comparing the abilities of each fencer involved, the only person you should ever want to be better than is yesterday’s version of yourself. That is improvement. If you only want to be better than those who you fence, go and fence a crowd of children.

Fencing is a language. If someone asks you something, you need to know what they’re asking - and how to respond. There are subtleties. Natural speakers won’t always use proper form and it becomes your problem to find their meaning. Then, you need to know how to respond to them. “Very well, thank you” does not make sense to someone who has asked you for your name.

I would suggest having an aspiration to treat all of these steps with respect and take them seriously. While everyone seems to run controlled tests, most seem to lean towards more practise and less study, or more study and less practise. 

Both of these ought to be seen as perilous. Knowing all of your grammar won’t help you in conversation with foreigners if you don’t speak with them regularly. Likewise, while you may be able to bleat out a few words you know to convey a general idea of what you want, if you don’t understand the mechanisms of the language you’re using, you will miss subtleties and be completely lost once you get into unknown territory.

In reality, none of these activities really need to compete with one another for time or attention.

EXO React when their girlfriend sings and dances their parts

Thank you anon for supporting us so much! I hope you enjoy this.
Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“Hohoho! Someone’s been practicing! Good job y/n!” *Loves your dancing version of growl*


*Tries to convince himself that he still has style, even after you doing it cooler*


“We should make a duo…. NOW!” *Means something else with duo..*


*Tries to get a better view* And… can you do this?!”


“Come here baby…. dancing close to my body…”


“I fall more and more in love with you” *Proud of your dancing*


“Now I feel like dancing…. or undressing. You choose!”


“I think someone is going to steal my part” *Really believes you are the best dancer ever*


“What’s happening here? How come you know this dance? You never told me!” *Surprised*


“Of course.. My jagi so hardworking… now perfecting my part” *Proud*


“Those hips… how she moves… I want to bite… yes!” *Reaction to you dancing playboy*


“I can’t believe it! She does it better than me!”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

That one post about how laundry detergent is overpriced and how you can make your own for way cheaper is like “no one should be paying that much! Try this! [lists ingredients I’ve never heard of and one of the steps is grating your own soap like by hand]” and then there’s a reblog that’s like “you can make your own version of that ingredient you’ve never heard of! It involves using an oven to cook baking soda!”

Like it’s cool that people are putting that information out there and I’m sure someone is benefiting from it but… I don’t see how that’s really that much better than buying it considering the time/effort, idk…

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So I'm totally lost - what's this "inversion theory" everyone's talking about?

I’d tell you to just google “Homestuck inversion theory” but considering the top results are all BKE, it’d be cruel to make you wade through all of that.

The rough and uncharitable version is that some people believe that  particular character development in the kids is due to them ‘inverting’ their classes/aspects and instead acting like other classes/aspects. Because characters can be boiled down to a few major traits that they never, ever deviate from, apparently.

(Someone who cares more should give a better summary, probably.)

I’m pretty happy with my appearance overall, but I wouldn’t consider myself a Beautiful Girl yet (capital B, capital G), because A) I’m not a solid 9.5, and B) I don’t have the Beautiful Girl frame of mind. I don’t float through life on a cloud of attractiveness, confidence, and self-care. But I should! We all should. We should all treat ourselves like Beautiful Girls, especially on the days when we feel gross. Here are a few habits we should definitely try picking up:

1. Moisturize. Always.

2. Know, when you walk into a room, that you deserve to be there. No one is doing you a favor by letting you hang out, and whether it’s at the office, on a date, or out with friends, you should never feel (or act) like the charity case.

3. Wear things that look good, but which you feel comfortable in. If you can’t walk in heels, you’ll always look better in flats.

4. When it comes to makeup, think in terms of “grooming/enhancing” and not “covering/changing.” We all have qualities that we can be playing up, and focusing on the basics (good skin, nice brows, lightly enhanced eyes/lips) just makes us a better version of ourselves (instead of someone else entirely).

5. Nice nail polish, or no nail polish at all.

6. When it comes to confidence, fake it til you make it. It is actual science that making yourself smile makes you happier, and it’s the same with confidence. Say a few affirmations in your mirror, walk like you’re worth a million bucks, and you’ll feel it. And it will radiate off of you.

7. Buy something because it makes you feel like you look great. Even if you’re a little overdressed, who cares? You deserve to look, and more importantly feel, pretty. (The day I can’t wear a gorgeous vintage dress to go to the grocery store is the day I don’t want to be on this planet anymore.)

8. Take care of your body, but also treat it, because it does so much for you. Have a big, healthy salad at lunch, but enjoy the hell out of that slice of pizza for dinner.

9. Laugh when it’s really funny, and laugh as much as you want.

10. Smile big for pictures.

11. Really take the time to say “thank you” when someone does something for you. Pretty Girls might take people’s kindness for granted — because they’re super hot, and everyone wants to help them — but Beautiful Girls take the time to make people feel appreciated.

12. Never apologize for taking the time to work out, or the money on a facial or whatever, because you and your health and wellness deserve these things.

13. Go with what life hands you: When life gives you bad skin (raises hand!), take extra good care when you exfoliate and moisturize, and have the most cared-for face on the block. If you have premature greys, go all silver and rock that like the hot female Anderson Cooper you are. If you are curvy, find the cinch-waist dresses that make you look like a bombshell and swish your way through this life.

14. Wear what makes you feel and look good, not what’s in fashion.

15. Take long, luxurious baths or showers where you go through every treatment — even the crazy DIY hair masks you found on Pinterest.

16. Appreciate yourself in the mirror. Admire yourself. Compliment yourself.

17. When someone compliments you, don’t be afraid of accepting it with grace. It doesn’t mean you’re conceited, it means you love yourself.

18. Indulge your hyper-girly side, and don’t feel like you’re weak or immature for doing it. Pink can be your power color.

19. Take a long time to get ready for special things. Luxuriate in the ritual and the pleasure of pampering yourself and making yourself even more beautiful.

20. When you work hard, reward yourself with gifts, like you would anyone else that you loved.

21. Moisturize. Always.

—  Chelsea Fagan