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  • Me: sees queen Elizabeth is trending
  • Me: hasn't had an emergency news alert from the BBC
  • Me: is confused

the thing about writing a ship is like y’all realize there are aspects that AREN’T supposed to be realistic, right? this was something i learned way back in the day when i watched how i met your mother and i realized the writers had no clue how to keep barney and robin together and make it interesting and engaging. the thing that worked with barney and robin was the almost-maybe-will they-won’t they aspect of it. once they got together and stayed together, their relationship grew stale and boring. and that’s not to say it couldn’t have been interesting and well done, but the writers, in my opinion, sort of failed in that regard. where they succeeded with marshall and lily, they dropped the ball with barney and robin.

that stupid show is the reason why i’m very conscious of how i write ships and especially how i write slow burn. i don’t want to have all this build-up, chapters and chapters of build-up, only to get the two characters together and have them be constantly together all the time and everything is perfect and then you get bored of their relationship. or maybe bored isn’t the right word for it; it’s more just like you’re accustomed to them being together so it doesn’t feel like a big deal anymore. 

like, when an author only has the ship kiss once every three chapters, then i’m going to cling to those kisses with all i’ve got. i’m going to cherish those kisses and get a tingly feeling inside when i read those kisses. if the characters kissed every paragraph, i’d get used to it pretty quickly and then it wouldn’t feel special anymore. is it more realistic to kiss a lot? probably. is it better storytelling? debatable. 

there is of course a place for these characters fuck all the time!!! fuck for four chapters straight!!!! nothing but sex!!!! but there’s also a place for gentle touches and small gestures and refraining from constantly touching each other. 

is any of what i’m describing “realistic”? probably not. but sometimes you have to sacrifice realism for the sake of good narrative engaging storytelling, and hopefully you do it well enough that the audience suspends their disbelief and forgives you for not writing something 100 percent realistic. 

Sometimes I just have this overwhelming feeling of hatred for the human race. This is how I know it is time to hermit.

just take me down to the places we could hear them play

brother//gerard way

  • Yoongi: I honestly don't get why everyone loves Jimin
  • Jin: it's because-
  • Yoongi: I mean I get that he's sexy
  • Jungkook: that's not why-
  • Yoongi: and adorable
  • Namjoon: hyung-
  • Yoongi: alright alright I get it. He's perfect.
  • Taehyung: what-
  • Yoongi: fine! I love him too! I said it. Are you happy now??

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whenever I get the cycle of revenge speech I think about iroh's talk with zuko about azula. Zuko: Now, I know what you're going to say: she is my sister, and I should try to get along with her— Iroh: "No. She's crazy, and she needs to go down."


The Narutoverse also really really REALLY needs to learn the value of the Russian proverb “Trust, but verify.” I mean, it’s great that apparently Kabuto actually is doing a good job with the orphans, but the way that Konoha just handed over the care of vulnerable children to him immediately just based on his “yeah I’m sorry about all the medical torture, mass murder, and helping the dude who wanted to destroy the world”, really just underlines how little Naruto society gives a fuck about vulnerable children, know what I mean?

Also I didn’t sufficiently answer this in my last ask: there is a disconnect between “Shikamaru’s desire for revenge of Asuma on Hidan is good and awesome” and “Sasuke’s desire for revenge of his clan on Itachi is toxic and bad”. Sasuke is being strung along by Konoha–Hiruzen knows exactly who is really responsible for his clan’s massacre, and nothing is actually planned to be done about either the one who ordered the massacre (Danzo) nor the scapegoat (Itachi). The Naruto ending completely glosses over this.

The difference to me is that Shikamaru didn’t just want to kill Hidan out of revenge for the past harm, rather it felt like to me it was more about Shikamaru realizing that he had to take up Asuma’s position to defend the Will of Fire; he had to finish Asuma’s task of killing Hidan.

Now the Will of Fire is proclaimed by a bunch of hypocrites, but that doesn’t mean that the philosophy itself is bad–rather what is bad about the Will of Fire is that its adherents don’t mean what they say. They say that the village is a family and that they love the villagers like a family but they don’t act like an actual family, that is, where you love and interact with each family member as an individual. Instead, rather than a family, the Will of Fire treats the village like a clan, in which the individual clan members can and will be sacrificed for the “greater good”, and whatever the clan does is right. This is nationalism–my country right or wrong.

A Konoha that truly lived the Will of Fire–that is, a Konoha where people put aside their clan loyalties and considered each other person in the village to have the same right to protection as a blood brother, sister, parent, or child–would be very different than the Konoha we see in Boruto.

So. At least in a saner Naruto series that had an actual satisfying ending, I do see a difference between Shikamaru vs Hidan and Sasuke vs Itachi.

  • Me: I feel bad I should reach out to someone before this gets too much
  • Me: *actually talks to a friend*
  • Friend: *is reasonably worried and tries to support me*
  • Me, crying: oh god oh god I'm so sorry don't worry I'm fine pls I didn't mean to make you worry I promise I'm fine I shouldn't have dragged you into this I'm so sorry you didn't deserve this this isn't your fault I'm sorry you don't have to put up with me I'm so sor-...

just want everyone to know that if you’re a bitter ryan stan who hates brendon, please do me the biggest honor of unfollowing me

  • Lance: *mumbling* Would you like to dance?
  • Keith: What?
To-Do List

-Have breakfast at 2 pm
-Finish 2nd part of Heartstrings
-Finish 2nd part of When Monsters Come (jfc I’ve had this one like 2/3 complete for months and I don’t know what I’ve been doing??)
-Find inspiration to keep writing the Alter
-Stare at pictures of MGG for inspiration
-Finish the Alter.
-Stop starting things I can’t finish
-Befriend all of you???(if you’re willing)
-Finally begin on super secret story I’ve been outlining for MONTHS.
-Stop comparing myself to other writers.
-Finish the one-shot I have in my notes
-open requests(maybe???? Can I handle it???)
-Tell my dogs I love them
-Eat cake

I love how in pokemon contests not only the coordinator gets a ribbon but the pokemon does too

because they work just as hard

and deserve it just as much

and it’s super cute too!!

Please stop demanding bts speak English let them live life without your ass spouting demands 😩

K thanks