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Magnus Bane + tossing things around

  • Me: sees queen Elizabeth is trending
  • Me: hasn't had an emergency news alert from the BBC
  • Me: is confused

maggie👏 should👏 not👏 have👏 had👏 to👏 apologize👏 for👏 her👏 trauma👏

it👏 should👏 not👏 have👏 been👏 trivialized👏  

it’s👏 important👏 to👏 discuss👏 how👏 it’s👏 wrong👏 and👏 incredibly👏 damaging👏 to👏 out👏 someone👏 without👏 their👏 consent👏

i’m👏 mad👏 sg👏 writers👏 fucked👏 up👏 maggie’s👏 arc👏 AND👏 alex’s👏 arc👏 

alex👏 would’ve👏 sat👏 them👏down👏 and👏 tried👏 to👏 have👏 a👏 gentle👏 considerate👏 healthy👏 and👏 healing👏 heart👏 to👏 heart👏 with👏 maggie👏

maggie👏 deserves👏 more👏 for👏 her👏 backstory👏 she👏 deserves👏 an👏 independent👏 and👏 complete👏 story👏 arc👏

fuck👏 you👏 sg👏 writers👏

Ya'll....Jimin is He.Is.Real

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there's something that i think we should all think about, remember how in Predacons Rising ,KO asks Bee when he can get an oil bath and BB was like "sure, just tell me what i want to hear", wonder did he ever get it? Like how was it that everything turned out okay cause those 2 agreed on a spa date


A walk in town - Hometown series

ok ok, it was a 35 minutes warm up and I tried to record myself while painting~~

Painted on PS [2017.07]

Have an awesome day !!!!!

Shadow Moon is just so pure and unequivocally good, and I’m just in awe of him. He’s confused and unable to grasp what’s going on around him. He’s in denial. Sure, he’s seen all these ridiculous and illogical things but he’s still unwilling to believe what he’s seeing. He still wants to hold on to his long-held philosophy, and can we blame him? I know some people think it’s odd that he’s still unable to believe what he’s seeing, but it’s realistic. No one really wants to believe in something that challenges everything they already believe in, even if they’re seeing it with their own two eyes. Once you start believing in the impossible, you can’t go back and your entire life changes. That’s when it becomes real. You’re more comfortable gravitating towards what you know, even if evidence says otherwise. The unknown is terrifying; no one wants to venture into the unknown because there’s a lack of predictability that comes with it.

When something’s familiar and predictable, it’s safe. When it’s not, it’s not. You know what to expect from the familiar, but you don’t know what to expect from the unknown and that makes some people hesitant to move forward. I’m just happy that we’re finally able to get this take on this strange new world from the perspective of a Black man. In Abbie Mills, we were able to get the perspective of a strange new world where weird things happened through the eyes of a Black woman. As short-lived as that win was, it was still a win. I wish we could have seen a world where Shadow Moon & Abbie Mills existed at the same time, because the possibilities would have been endless. It would have been amazing inspiration for some thought-provoking, abstract meta.The comparisons would have sparked quite a few things that we probably wouldn’t have thought about before. Abbie, just like Shadow, saw something impossible happen too but she refused to believe what she saw. Even though there was evidence of what happened to her, she blocked it out and refused to believe it. Abbie & Shadow are so much alike, and it’s a shame they couldn’t exist at the same time.

With all that being said, I think it’s important to acknowledge and celebrate how groundbreaking Shadow Moon is and how different he is from the other Black male characters we’ve been exposed to in the last few years. He’s so different, and I don’t think we give the writers & Ricky enough credit for bringing Shadow Moon to life and creating a character you genuinely want to see win.


Radicles being stupid I can understand, but Mr. Gar too!?

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Ohmy God  oh my God this is is so fucking gorgeous oh my God I don’t know what to do with myself. I’m tearing up. Courtney, I love your art!! Jake, you little weasel!! Thank you so much!!!

sometimes i think about how if the writers had given delphine an ounce of backstory they could’ve made the conflict so much more interesting.  if they had shown, not told or implied, that there was a figurative or literal gun to her head to become a monitor, to be cosima’s boss, to be the interim director, to do things for dyad that she didn’t want to do.  actually shown it.  the conflict would have been two women fighting for their own autonomy, the right to decide what they do with their bodies, who they do things for.  the conflict would have been two women finding someone who understood, who could help, who needed help, who was willing to help.  they would have found love and safety instead of more pain and fear.  who when they made one stride forward for one it was two backwards for the other.  the story would have been of two women fighting for each other instead of against.  it wouldn’t just be ‘what’s that crazy bitch delphine gonna do next’ because we would actually know her motivations.  we would know who she was outside of cosima and her own sexuality.  not only would she no longer be the untrustworthy or depraved bisexual but the conflict would have been deeper.  it would have brought up questions of who is right when neither party has a choice?  is there another choice?  whose priorities take precedence?  

it just would have been… more.

Sometimes I just have this overwhelming feeling of hatred for the human race. This is how I know it is time to hermit.
I’d rather be damaged than fake.
—  Connor Walsh, HTGAWM 3x09

golden days // panic! at the disco