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Fun idea for a LOTR surprise party:

Wait until the lucky person is eating dinner on the special day

Show up at their house unannounced and greet them with “[your name], at your service” and just walk up in there and join them for dinner.

Have your friends show up one by one or in pairs and do the same (works best with at least 13 people, obviously).

Once seemingly everyone’s there and your friend is appropriately overjoyed yet horrified because they weren’t prepared to host guests, there’ll be a knock at the door and all of you will fall silent while one of you ominously says “he is here”, opening the door to reveal the final guest who should arrive with pizzas and/or cake.

Congratulations, you now have an actual Unexpected Party.

(P.S. Cosplay is not mandatory but highly recommended)

(P.P.S. At some point, you should all break out into song without warning, preferably to “That’s What Bilbo Baggins Hates”)

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Quick easy way to make money is to get a job

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Flower Adventures AU where he drops into pretty much the Beauty and the Beast version of sidgeno:

Flower: “Oh my God! Sidney! You can speak French!–oh–oh, you’re singing now. You can sing? And everyone is singing with you…” 

Flower follows Sidney through the entire first sequence through the town like, “Who the hell are you singing to, Sidney????”

Flower brings footage back to his Sidney, and Sidney is so embarrassed.

Is that Giroux trying to marry me?” Sidney yelps.

“Please send me all videos,” Geno says. 

yoon sanha NCT DREAM inspired poster !!