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OTP meme + Casskin or Rheaco

someone else asked casskin so rheaco it is! thank you anon for knowing my trash heart. 

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you…

- Who is the big spoon? rico!!!! the cuddliest snuggliest biggest spoon ever!!! 

- Who initiates sexts? again, rico. he loves how it makes her blush and also that she has NO idea how to respond. she’ll type back something like, “that sounds nice :)” and he bursts out laughing every time.

- Who is the better cook? rhea, obvs

- Who always suggests pizza? rico. he tries to tell her that denying him pizza is denying him his italian heritage. she knows he’s full of shit.

- Who hogs all the hot water? rhea takes the longest showers but rico hogs the bathroom mirror like no one else rhea has ever known.

- Who initiates hand holding? rico. again, because it makes her all flustered and bashful.

- Who is the first to apologize? rico. he’s usually the only one needing to apologize for anything lol

- Who gets drunk and wants to declare their love? rico, naturally. he’s the stand-on-a-table-in-front-of-everyone-and-sing-her-love-ballads type.

- Who is the worst when they’re sick? rico doesn’t get sick and rhea is a badass so neither? but, as we’ve seen, rico takes excellent care of her.

- Who cries over romcoms? neither, but every time a couple gets cute on screen rico says, ‘that’s us’ and it makes rhea smile every time.

- Who insists they don’t need directions? rico, of course.

- Who screams when they see a spider? neither

- Who has their partner as their phone background? rico!!!

- What do they argue about the most? probably rico’s slightly skewed moral compass.

- Who gets the most jealous? i wouldn’t say jealous exactly, but rico is definitely protective.

- Who is the most competitive? rhea, surprisingly

- Who never remembers to hang up their towel? after one stern look from rhea, rico has become much better at cleaning up after himself.

- Who is the grumpier one in the morning? neither! they are both full of sunshine and i love them!!

Send me a NUMBER for your muse to : 

001. Backhand my muse.
002. Stab my muse. 
003. Put out a cigarette on my muse’s skin.
004. Hit my muse with a blunt object. 
005. Throw something large at my muse. 
006. Kick my muse.
007. Punch my muse.
008. Break one of my muse’s bones.
009. Scratch my muse.
010. Headbutt my muse.
011. Shoot my muse.
012. Knock my muse out.
013. Strangle my muse.
014. Push my muse roughly.
015. Grab my muse by the hair.
016. Bruise my muse.
017. Threathen my muse with an object of harm. 
018. Go to harm my muse’s eyes.
019. Bite my muse.
020. Tear away parts of my muse’s skin.
021. — Force my muse’s head under water.
022. Throw something scalding at my muse.
023. Burn my muse.
024. Step on my muse’s fingers.
025. Rip one of my muse’s teeth out.
026. — Slash my muse’s achilles tendon ( s ).
027. — Clothesline my muse.
028. — Harm my muse enough for them to cough up blood. 
029. — Drive into my muse with a vehicle.
030. — Electrocute my muse.
031. — Slam my muse against a wall.
032. — Force my muse’s arm behind their back.
033. — Kick my muse’s crotch.
034. — Trip my muse.
035. — Put my muse in a headlock.
036. — Break my muse’s nose.
037. — Force their fingers down my muse’s throat.
038. — Crack my muse’s head against a wall.
039. — Attempt to kill my muse.
040. — Attempt to kill my muse creatively.

sorry but how havent we discussed memes at beacon

  • doing something cool and calling it a pyrrha nikos. “yo guys did you see me do a pyrrha nikos right there”
  • *points to a random object* is that a gun
  • “coco adel wears crocs pass it on”
  • everyone sending blurry pictures to each other of oobleck running really fast with the caption “he is coming”
  • Detention with Team JNPR
  • people giving out jaune’s actual number whenever someone says they need something
  • shitty weapon designs (“this is my Ultimate Gun it’s a gun strapped to 72 other guns”)
  • Weiss Schnee™
  • “Professor Port didn’t die for this”
  • people photoshopping the pictures of SSSN those 4 people held up during their fight
  • dicks out for sun wukong
some musical asks

Serious: whats the biggest misunderstanding to ever happen between you and a significant other/friend/family member

Blood In The Water: who was the worse teacher you’ve ever had and why?

Take It Like A Man: whats the weirdest/most outrageous thing you’ve ever done/agreed to in order to impress someone you really admired?

I Love Play Rehearsal: are you/have you ever been in theater? if so what was your favorite experience about being a part of theater?

Two-Player Game: who is the one person that you know will always have your back and stick by your side when it matters most?

The Pants Song: have you ever forgiven someone whose hurt you in order to help them/be there for them? did they deserve to be forgiven? 

You and me (But Mostly Me): are you a team player or do you prefer to work alone? why?

Turn It Off: is there something in your life you’ve chosen to ignore instead of dealing with head on? what was it (only if your comfortable saying)?

Making Things Up Again: Whats the wildest lie you’ve ever told? why did you lie about it? did people ever find out?

I’m Breaking Down: how good are you at handling upsetting/stressful situations? what’s your go to coping mechanism?

The Thrill Of First Love: Have you ever been in love? Did you ever tell/date this person? how did it turn out?

The Baseball Game: how bad/good are you at flirting? Whats the cheesiest thing you’ve ever said to someone you were crushing on?

God, I Hate Shakespeare: Have you ever envied someone for their accomplishments? If so how did you deal with those feelings?

Will Power: Have you ever met a famous person you really admire? how did it go? If not, who is one person you’d love to meet and how do you think you’d react upon meeting them?

Piragua: have you ever been in a feud with someone? what did y’all do to try and one up one another?

The Club: Have you ever been to a party? was it fun or an absolute disaster? why?

Blackout: whats one of the scariest situations you’ve ever been in?

☁️sky asks☁️

clouds; describe a dream you’ve had?

sunrise; who inspires you most?

sunset; what are you looking forward to?

rain; how do you like to relax?

lightning; your biggest fear?

stars; a song you love?

constellations; starsign?

saturn; something you want to achieve this year?

jupiter; five things that make you happy?

fireworks; describe someone you love?

sunshine; the last thing that made you smile?

moonlight; a memory that makes you happy?

I am your meme source

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Okay listen, I gotta throw a little salt on this sugar. You know what makes me 1000% more anxious than someone asking me for a reply? Passive-aggressive posts about people reblogging your memes and not sending them back. I reblog memes, pretty pictures, those little headcanon quotes, like a kid in a candy shop. So if I start to feel like I have to pay attention to make sure I don’t reblog too much from a particular blog…that just makes me hella anxious, and it makes reading my dash less fun.

Sugar on the salt: I can’t tell you what to feel. If you see me reblogging all sorts of your stuff but I owe you replies and/or I never send you memes back, and it makes you feel down, pop in chat or an ask and tell me.

And because this post complains a little about passive-aggressive stuff, but is inherently passive-aggressive, go ahead and assume it’s not about you, okay? If you post stuff that makes me uncomfortable, I’m gonna follow my own advice and tell you about it. If you’re reading this, it means you’re following me and I love you.

BTS as things my friends have said (part 4)
  • Seokjin: WHY IS THE FRIDGE EMPTY?! WHO ATE ALL THE - oh wait it was me, wasn't it
  • Yoongi: *sends text* can't talk right now - I'm asleep
  • Hoseok: Guys there's something CRAWLING ON MY LEG GET IT OFF ME BURN IT KILL IT NOW!
  • Namjoon: Oh, hi. We were just talking about the meaning of life
  • Taehyung: *dancing to no music* This is my jam!!
  • Jimin: NO I AM NOT CUTE. *blushes* seriously, I'm grown up and mature. *hugs teddy bear*
  • Jungkook: for a minute there, I thought there was someone else in the room with us, but it's just me in the mirror
Free Requests

Ok just to make it clear all of the start this was made by @live4love136 . I wanted to reblog the original one but could find it so again this belongs to @live4love136 and all credit should go to her for creating this.
Ok now what I wanna do is basically train my art and I never did this so this is gonna be fun.

So I’m gonna take request from people to draw character games like MLC, Eldarya or Mystic Messenger; anime like Naruto, DB, Etc; series like Steven Universe, Star vs the forces of Evil, Etc; I may also take Oc’s to draw too.

Now some rules:
1. Plz be patient, I take time drawing and I also busy with personal life.
2. Don’t ask me to draw something more then 2, I wanna give everyone a chance.
3. I have to right to refuse to draw something I don’t want to or just don’t feel comfortable.
4. You have to send me a pic of your character, I will not draw someone only from a description.
5. I’ll be drawing sketches not full digital art so I can make for more people and don’t keep them waiting too much

Ok now if you want me to do something plz comment down below ^^

( @eldaryandy ; @redrose04 ; @sansurina ; @annamaru ; @queenusagiblog ;  @zilinyaineldarya if you guys are interested in one ^^)

I feel like this is when I should tell you how much I miss you, but a part of me knows you probably don’t care. If you did, we’d probably still be friends…right? But I still hope you think of me on occasion and miss me too.

It’s been months since we last talked who would’ve seen that coming? I know I definitely didn’t. So much has happened since we last spoke, and I’ve wanted you to know it all. Isn’t that twisted? Even though we’re no longer friends, I still want to tell you all the things I used to. And it sucks because you’re not that person to me anymore.

You were the one person I was supposed to be able to count on for anything. You used to be a phone call away but suddenly you stopped answering. You were supposed to always look out for me but then you forgot . We were supposed to be friends forever but the next thing I knew, we were growing further and further apart

But I guess that’s life. Nothing is constant and no one owes you anything. And even though we’re not friends anymore, I still want to thank you. Thank you for being my best friend and dealing with everything that comes with that. Thank you for the nights we stayed up til dawn just talking and laughing. Thank you for being honest and genuinely caring about me. Thank you for taking me for me, and never letting other’s judgments get in the way. Thanks for never sharing those embarrassing pictures you took of me. And thank you, thank you, thank you for being the best friend I needed during that part of my life.

And even though we are no longer friends, I just want you to know that I could never hate you. Trust me, I’ve tried. It sounds awful, but I thought it would be easier to get over losing you if I could hate you but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I was hurt when you left, but I will never hate you. You were my best friend. And despite how things ended up, because of that, I will always love you.

Sometimes, I still scroll through pictures of us and smile. I see screenshots of old conversations and laugh. And whenever I see something that reminds me of you or an inside joke, I almost always almost send it to you. I don’t think there will ever be a day when you don’t cross my mind at least once, but the sadness and hurt are fading, and I’m learning to look at you as a cherished memory.

Everyone chooses their paths in life, and I guess your path just no longer intertwined with mine. But I hope you’re happy. Because I really do wish you the best. I hope you’ve found someone new to send all those weird memes too, to stay up on the phone with on the nights you just can’t sleep, to binge watch Friends with, and to equally complain and celebrate about all the things with

Just know that I don’t hate you and that I’ll always love you. Know that I cherish the memories we made and wouldn’t trade them for anything. I’ll always check your snaps and Facebook posts to make sure you’re doing okay, because some things will never change. And know that even if I don’t go up to you the next time I see you, I will always be grateful to have called you my best friend.

Sincerely, Me.

—  loyaltyxoxo, #bestfriendbreakups #dearyou 

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Sense the SDCC thing, I've been seeing a lot of art and fics that are dragging Kara/Supergirl. Like I get that some people are upset at the actors but the characters have nothing to do with any of this. I started watching the show because I read the comics when I was a kid, I just loved Supergirl as a hero. It's really kind of upsetting. They're treating a character like shit because they don't like something the person who portrays them did.

So this is a long dissection of the current Supergirl fan behavior, but if you’ve been wondering what the hell is going on, you might be interested in reading these concepts.

I understand why you’re upset. I am too, because Kara is such a wonderful character. I don’t think I’ve ever liked a character as much as her.

But there are two things you should realize when seeing this:

1. They never really cared about Kara to being with. Your loved Kara-focused content isn’t changing or leaving, because these people were not making the Kara content. They were likely initially making Supercorp Lena-focused content.

2. It’s not even about her.

I think what a lot of people who are newly joining this SDCC homophobia discussion are missing is that a lot of the most vicious backlash is not from people who are uniquely upset over this issue (though there are certainly people who are- and understandably) but from people who have had consistently overzealous reactions of hate toward actors and characters alike, save their fave (pretty much Katie Mcgrath/Lena Luthor).

On tumblr, and very noticeably in this fandom, there are sections of fans who seem to genuinely enjoy hating things. It’s a sport.

They’re having fun sending the most hurtful things they can think of to actors, and are the quickest to begin making vicious memes and jokes surrounding a negative event, before there has been a consensus within the community of how bad the “sin” was.

The “punishment” begins before the jury is out, and trying to defend those in the situation feels like trying to put a bullet back into a gun after it’s been fired. 

(Maybe it’s more like stepping in front of a bullet, because once these few have decided that the target is guilty, they won’t stop, and anyone who disagrees with them is guilty, too. Blogs and actors alike.)

This is partially why my discussion of the SDCC event had a “are they homophobic” slant (other then that I believe the nature of the event itself- if it was homophobic- hinges on the feeling behind the words, unlike most other instances of homophobia. It’s complicated and some people understandably disagree so far, but it’s really how I see it and I’ll be talking more about it a little later in different posts).

People started calling Melissa and Jeremy homophobic right away. Started targeting Kara as a character. Started “spite shipping” Lena and Reign. 

Or alternative to these options- immediately fan re-casted Kara as someone else to still be able to ship Supercorp. 

From where I stand, if you can so easily let go of this characterization of Kara, you never really cared about her as a character to begin with. If you don’t know that this was The™ person to play Kara Danvers, you’re likely more invested in the role she plays for Lena than for her as herself. 

And regardless of gender, I am uninterested in ships in which one character exists for the sake of another. (Lena existing purely for the sake of Kara’s development squicks me, too)

Recasting a woc as Kara doesn’t sit well with me either, for that reason. It’s a similar concept to how Maggie must exist as her own complex and valued person, apart from Alex, because she is a character of color.

I can’t really read the minds of these people, and I guess I could be wrong, but it’s hard for me to imagine actual Kara fans recasting her in this way.

Essentially, a lot of these people, or at least a very vocal minority, are so quick to accept that something horrible has happened because they want an excuse to hate them. 

They like it. 

Maybe it’s because they’re upset with the way society is and want someone to suffer for it. Maybe it’s because they have unresolved anger in their lives. 

But as it stands, it appears as if these people are using moral rightness and social activism as an excuse to be as mean as they want.

And like @youngbloodbuzz said in the link above, you start to look at their past behaviors in a new light. Were they genuinely upset at characters? Actors? Did they really feel like a travesty was occurring? That someone needed protecting?

Or were they just looking for reasons to call someone a “stupid cunt”?

It’s like they’re genuinely thinking, “It’s okay for me to make fun of someone’s physical appearance, call them intense names, make memes about how horrible they are innately, and send them death threats because they said something problematic once that a lot of people will hear.”

Sometimes they’ll call it “coping”, and maybe some people truly believe that makes it okay. But coping mechanisms are not above reproach.

If I hurt someone because I’m upset about something- even if I hurt someone because they did something wrong- it doesn’t erase the fact that I hurt them. We are still responsible to how we react to bad situations. We are still responsible for not reacting in an overly inflated way. 

Sometimes people will focus on how those that they’re attacking have more of a responsibility to be good people. That they are but mere bloggers, screaming into the void. They can’t possibly be accountable for how they behave. 

“I’m tired of talking about how bad the fans are, we should be focusing on what they did wrong!”

It creates an atmosphere in which an honest mistake from a well known person is much more crucifiable than the purposeful cruelty of the fans. We’re discouraged from criticizing popular blogs because the person they’re attacking has a wider audience and larger consequences for mistakes, as if popular bloggers don’t reach and influence thousands of people and as if we aren’t allowed to shape the way our own community functions.

Meanwhile, people who genuinely value morality and social activism fall prey to this thinking. They’ll even join in on the action, because they think it’s a moral act. 

Rebellion, somehow. Righteous fire. 

It’s a twisted mindset that spreads because people are afraid to be on the wrong side of morality.

Even people who really think the reaction is “too far” are quiet about it because they agree with the fact that what the offending celebrity did was wrong, and see that the level of vitriol for them now is overwhelming.

This is how I imagine that people who believe Melissa and Jeremy’s words to be homophobic but who do not think a couple of mistakes makes someone pure evil are relating to the current tumblr dialogue: 

“Wow this thing was homophobic!”

“Huh, yeah, I agree. Maybe not intentionally, but yeah.”

“That means this person is homophobic!”

“Uh, well, not sure I’d go that far-”

“Oh and look at this other somewhat problematic thing they did a while ago”

“Hmm well that’s bad, but not everyone outside of social activism gets that that’s a bad thing, so I can see-”

“Wow did you hear that this person also has an opinion about the show that I disagree with! What the fuck is wrong with them?”

“Oh. Well I actually agree with them in that situation but-”

“Omg they think that their character is like this! Do they know them at all??? What kind of terrible actor doesn’t know their character?”

“Well that’s a pretty common way that people are reading this character. Just because you-”

“Here’s some conjecture about their personal life that I imagine happened that paints them in a bad light.”

“Well, you don’t know that, but either way you shouldn’t be diving into their personal-”

“Oh and here’s a totally real story from an anon about someone they know who knew this person in the past and says they were a jerk at this one point-”

And it becomes too much. If you don’t really love the actor, really love their character, you either extract yourself from the group or you ignore the opinions you disagree with. 

It becomes quite clear that these people want to feel this way and won’t be changing any time soon.

And the more there seems to be a consensus about the issue, the less willing people are to speak out, for fear of rejection.

The Spiral of Silence theory is a good way to explain it:

To avoid isolation, people tend to refrain from publicly stating their views on controversial matters when they perceive that doing so would attract criticism, scorn, laughter, or other signs of disapproval. 

Conversely, those who sense that their opinions will meet with approval tend to voice them fearlessly and at times vociferously. 

Indeed, speaking out in such a way tends to enhance the threat of isolation faced by supporters of the opposing position, reinforcing their sense of being alone. 

Thus a spiraling process begins, the dominant camp becoming ever louder and more self-confident while the other camp becomes increasingly silent.

Importantly, the spiral of silence occurs only in connection with controversial issues that have a strong moral component. What triggers a person’s fear of isolation is the belief that others will consider him or her not merely mistaken but morally bad. Accordingly, issues that lack a moral component or on which there is general consensus leave no room for a spiral of silence.

Additionally, I believe that if someone does speak out against the (perceived) majority, it is most likely to be someone who is very strongly opposing of it.

A person who believes “It isn’t homophobic at all! They are innocent!” is more likely to voice their disagreements than “Okay I agree with your assessment of the situation but I think maybe we’re being too harsh…”

So the “minority”- who could technically very well be the quiet majority (people with middle-ground opinions just don’t get as many followers)- stays quiet. 

They might even change their minds to agree with the “majority”, over time. 

Believing that the mindset of the group that you belong to is wrong is psychologically uncomfortable, so it is not uncommon for someone to try to adjust their thinking to fit those they feel connected to.

So, eventually, the only people who are speaking at all are those “majorities” who hate these people. Or those who act like they do for notes.

And then this thinking escalates amongst those still talking about it (remember: because it’s fun for them and they want to milk it for as long as possible) and it quickly translates to hating their character, once they’ve temporarily run out of material to be angry with the actor for.

So, back to your concern, how long until, “it’s hard to look at Melissa as Kara right now, because of how I fear she might feel about gay people” becomes something like “Mon-El is abusive, but Kara can choke so whatever” ?

(And on that note, one should consider how much they really wanted to protect Kara Danvers’ characterization from Mon-El’s influence, and how much was just a part of their hate-hobby.)

Maybe it won’t go that far. I hope it doesn’t. I hope people come to their senses about this.

But it’s escalated even since yesterday, when I started making this post. The language being used to describe Melissa when she is speaking normally, about normal things that some people have a difference of opinion on, is abhorrent. 

So if you’re just trying to enjoy fandom in a peaceful and creative way, I encourage you to watch how the people you interact with react when something negative happens.

Are they disheartened? Crushed? Are they considering leaving the show and it’s fandom? Writing serious essays about how they’re hurt?

…Or do they come alive?

Are they incredibly angry, and then making jokes immediately? Memes and edits and creative content more so than they do on a peaceful day? Do you get the sense that they aren’t going anywhere, for a long time, even though they don’t seem to enjoy anything about the show?

Then you might be better off unfollowing them.

Of course, not everyone who makes a joke about negative things is thus enjoying it. It makes people feel better to make light of situations as well as to express anger, and doing so doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re drama-seeking.

And sometimes people slip into the mob more than they would like to have, retrospectively. Say cruel things that they regret later. 

It happens, and tumblr can be a persuasive and pervasive place. 

If you follow someone who initially reblogs some slightly overly hateful things, but who then backs off after the first wave, they probably aren’t the kind of person who is fueled by anger. 

I’ve seen a lot of people I considered to be level-headed get wrapped up in overly aggressive, black and white thinking during the initial reaction to events.

But then sometimes, a couple of weeks later, they’ll post a tentative “Anyone else still wanna kinda like this thing, even though we said it was bad before?” and they’ll get enough approval via reblogs to feel like it’s okay to go back to normal.

Some blogs quietly sort themselves out, in the end.

And if you’re one of those people who goes overboard occasionally, I get it. 

You’re hurt and you didn’t realize that the basis for the fan reaction that you were involved in was morally shallow. That the people you were supporting were not righteously furious, but using righteousness as an excuse to be furious.

But remember the message here: people make mistakes. It’s the patterns that really tell you who they are.

And I think we can be better. Have better patterns, as a group.

In the end, I encourage you to point out when a reaction is too harsh, toward anyone. Even if it’s difficult. Even if you agree that what the person did was pretty bad.

Agreeing that “black and white thinking” is bad can feel like you’re lowering your standards for morality. But I promise, you can still value the things that you value and loathe the things that go against it, without condemning someone’s entire personhood based on a mistake or a handful of mistakes regarding those things.

Even big mistakes.

People are complicated. We are all made up of really good things and really bad things.

It’s easy to believe that someone is wholly bad when they screw up.

The hard part, the part that will ultimately ground you and help you mature, is realizing that someone can have some really bad parts within them and still be good people. (I encourage you to remember that when thinking about yourself, as well.)

The trick is recognizing the difference between when people are making honest mistakes that unintentionally hurt people, and when they’re willfully behaving a certain way because they want to hurt people (or don’t care that they will). 

And further, between when people are lashing out because they’re hurt and when people are inventing hurt to be able to lash out.

These distinctions will help you realize who you can guide or trust to work their issues out on their own when they slip up, and who you should distance yourself from.

Some very vocal portions of the fandom are, unfortunately, the latter.

RP Starters for kids/kid muses!

( These are starters that can be used with kid muses! This was a request. )


Rain, Rain: Our muses play in rain puddles together during a light shower!

Go away: One muse hides under the bed from the big storm outside!

Monsters!: One muse is convinced there’s a monster under the bed!

I didn’t do it!: One muse drew/painted all over the walls!

Ready or not!: Our muses play a game of hide-and-seek!

I’m not going!: One muse really doesn’t want to go to school!

But I’m not tired: One muse simply refuses to go to bed! 

Excuse me, sir: Our muses go house to house selling chocolate!

Sugar rush: One muse had way too much candy and is now super hyper!

Pretend: Our muses play ‘pretend’ together - costumes and all!

Ouchies: One muse falls down and scrapes up their knee!

Nightmare: One muse wakes up from a scary nightmare!

Uh oh!: One muse gets caught stealing some candy from the store!

Yuck!: One muse refuses to eat their healthy veggies during dinner!

Would you like a glass?: Our muses open a lemon-aid stand! 

Time to bake!: Our muses make pie… except, it’s made out of mud.

Play with me! Now.: One muse demands the other plays with them!

I’m fi- achoo!: One muse is sick… but they refuse to stay in bed and rest!

Birthday: One muse throws a a giant birthday party for the other!

Splish splash: One muse teaches the other how to swim!

Read to me: One muse reads the other a bed-time story!

Tag, your it!: Our muses play a fun game of tag!

Oh no…: One muse got lost on their way home from school!

I want it!: One muse throws a tantrum in the store for a toy/item they want!

Draw with me: Our muses finger-paint together!

The mean kid: One muse is being bullied by another student!

Peaceful outing: Our muses go to the park together!

It’s a giraffe!: Our muses go to the zoo! One is scared of some of the animals.

Just a few more minutes: One muse is too obsessed with watching t.v!

Makeover!: One muse insists to give the other a makeover - makeup and all!

A fort for us: Our muses make a blanket/pillow fort together!

Pillows: Our muses have a pillow fight!

Up all night: Our muses have a sleepover with snacks and movies!

Boo-hoo: One muse is having a bad day and keeps crying over everything!

Snip Snip: One muse tries to give themselves a hair-cut… and fails.

I’ll fix it!: One muse breaks something and tries to fix it with glue before someone notices!

Do you want to build a snowman?: One muse wants to play in the snow! However, the other would rather stay inside.

It’s mine!: One muse simply refuses to share any of their things!

Rotten: One muse keeps misbehaving everywhere they go!

Detention: One muse gets in trouble for something at school!

Turtle: One muse is too shy to play with others and stays alone!

Can we keep him?: One muse brings an animal home without permission!

Send me ☑ and I’ll try to answer what I think your character has done at least once in their life. (contains: triggers)

been on a roadtrip | baked a cake (successfully) | asked someone out on a date | smoked | done drugs | taken medication | sang along with the full lyrics of a song | been heartbroken | dumped someone | had a pet | lost a loved one | driven a car | self-harmed | slept for over 24 hours | stayed awake for over 48 hours | skipped class | bullied someone | been bullied | broken a bone | punched someone | been tied up | taken nudes | played a video game to the end | been mugged | been sexually assaulted | won a contest | failed a test | used a fake ID | been in jail | been betrayed | been abused | been called names | stolen something | passed out | learned a dance routine | held a gun | lied about something important | assaulted someone | had sex with more than 15 different people | had a threesome | written a book | been food poisoned | travelled abroad | stabbed someone | rushed to hospital | seen someone die | gone to a wedding | gotten a piercing | been expelled/fired | cheated on someone | been cheated on | gotten away with a crime | done something they still regret | had sex in public | thought they would die | been depressed | sought serious help | kissed a stranger | had surgery | wanted to die | been in love | forgiven someone they shouldn’t have


SUGA: *swears uncontrollably*

RAP MONSTER: *fucks up something* oh well, fuck my life then

J-HOPE: *says I love you to little brother* *screams loudly*

JIN: *checks out self in the mirror* fuck! I look hella hot today, fuck yes

JIMIN: *clings to anyone every 5 minutes when bored/sad*

V: *5 minutes later after someone explained something to me but I didn’t understand it at first* OHHHH

JUNGKOOK: *sends 15 memes in a row to my best friend* you better appreciate this, hoe

Horror Prompts

We need more horror in our lives. 

  1. being stalked by an unseen creature in the dark in the forest 
  2. buried alive 
  3. road blocked by a car accident. character(s) stop to help, but turns out it’s a trap. 
  4. finding out that someone has been watching your every move, stalking your house, and trying to break in each night 
  5. being followed by a stranger at night 
  6. being mailed pictures of yourself in your own home 
  7. living a normal life where weird things start to seem out of place, only for you to wake up and find out the past few years you’ve lived have actually been you in a coma 
  8. having hours of time pass in the blink of an eye and you don’t remember any of it/it feels like it’s only been minutes 
  9. hallucination induced by drugs/lack of sleep/illness
  10. being awake and unable to move or make a sound during surgery or while someone is cutting you open 
  11. trapped in a building with someone or something that’s trying to kill you 
  12. finding out that one of your closest friends/family/significant other is a monster 
  13. being experimented on 
Morrowind Themed Asks
  • ☪️ Moon and Star: Something you’re skilled at?
  • 🌕 Almalexia: Something/someone dear to you?
  • 🌑 Sotha Sil: Any hobbies?
  • 🌗 Vivec: Something you would change about yourself?
  • 🌋 Red Mountain: Favorite activity with friends?
  • 📖 Book: Favorite book genre(s)?
  • 🔥 Fire: Something you’re passionate about?
  • 🍄 Emperor Parasol: Favorite kind of outdoor environment?
  • 🐛 Bug: Any phobias?
  • 🍞 Bread: Favorite snack(s)?
  • 🔔 Bell: A song you like?
  • 🎲 Dice: 3 Random facts about yourself

kinda related to that last ask but also kinda not – just something i was thinking of the other day and wanted to share regarding tumblr fandoms…

waaaaaay back, when i was a tumblr baby in like 2010 or 2011 or something – new to the site, never interacting, mostly lurking – a popular blogger i followed reblogged a funny ask meme and i was like… “this is it… this is the moment… where i interact with someone…!”

so, as a tumblr baby who had never sent an ask before, i was nervous of messing up somehow… tumblr didn’t make this easy for me either, because when i went to this person’s blog i assumed the envelope button at the top of the page was for sending an ask – i had no idea that “fan mail” was a thing…

(so you can see where this story is going…)

after nervously sending my message to this blogger i respected, i got a response a few minutes later: “i would’ve answered this if it was an ask – i can’t answer a fan mail, ya dingus”

i felt SO embarrassed. i felt like i wronged this stranger on the internet. i honestly felt terrible for a long time over such a small thing. i understand that ‘ya dingus’ was probably not meant to be a serious or harsh insult, but it didn’t matter – the fact that someone i didn’t know would go out of their way to tell me that i fucked up like that made me feel really bad!! they could’ve just said “hey, could you resend that as an ask? i can’t answer fan mail” or something.

after that embarrassing experience i went back to lurking. i didn’t actually start using my account here until 2013 – it took me THAT LONG to feel confident enough to use this silly site – how sad is that?

anyway, that’s why i try really hard to respond to people on here sincerely and respectfully. i don’t want anyone feeling shitty like i did back then. if you want a positive fandom experience for yourself, you need to cultivate a positive fandom experience for others… if you think it’s even POSSIBLE that you could ACCIDENTALLY upset someone, rethink your words. i know it’s not always so simple but just… please… try not to be a dick…

ID #19570

Name: Milica
Age: 16
Country: Serbia

!!!WARNING!!! You are just about to met the awkwardest awkward person on this very planet(other planets not included…sorry). My confidence consists of writing and typing…while verbal conversations are the thing I suck most at(confirmed by many people).

My main talents include being extremely confused over life and death…and the concept of ~being alive~, also pushing jokes into infinity and covering myself up with words cause I don’t understand the concept of basic human interaction(and, yet, somehow, I am very quiet???)…My other talents include writing and drawing, and these are the ones I’d like to do something greater with…Does anyone still believe that’s possible?

Things I am interested in that you don’t necessarily have to be interested in: psychology, mbti(INFP), HOMESTUCK, analyzing everything around me in a very weird way, reading, art, zodiac(Cancer), quality memes, Arctic Monkeys…

Things that I hate: being put in a box/being classified(even though I do that to myself all the time).

!!!WARNING!!!^2 My sense of humor is illegal on most planets (you’ve officially become a criminal just by reading this); I use dots a lot, as you’ve already had a chance to notice; it’s very rear for me to be interested in something a 100%(sorry).

I am done with trying too hard now…I am very interested in finding a friend abroad that I can talk to about different topics which won’t bore me easily, and possibly send some handwritten letters to.

Preferences: Preferably someone who is in the same age group(15-19), someone who will respect my opinion, and someone who lives abroad.

Aquors Chatfic(kinda)

mari: wuss poppin jimbo

dia: Please don’t start this again.

mari: wym again

mari:i never start anything

dia: Are you sure about that? Do you really want me to list off all the times you have “started something”?

mari: try me bitch

you: wtf is going on lmao

kanan: same you

dia: Mari is starting something. Again.

mari: list off all the times ive started something

dia: When you spammed cracking open a cold one with the boys memes, wuss poppin jimbo, biggie cheese pictures, kanan nudes, old memes, the word shiny in all capital letters, pictures of your penguin in Club Penguin, links to kanamari fanfiction, the phrase its joke. I am pretty sure there is more.

kanan: thats a pretty long list

kanan: wait. my nudes?

mari: :3c

you: i wish someone would send me rikos nudes

riko: You what the hell

you: shit didnt mean to put it in chat

chika: i got u you

chika: i live right next to her ill sneak pics for u

riko: why

dia: so Mari what else do I need to say about “starting something”?

mari: shit this a battle ill lose lmao

dia: That’s what I thought.


mari: stfu u cant even ask 4 noods urself


kanan: are we not going to talk about how mari has my nudes

Bleach Characters as Tumblr Memes

As requested by anon. :)

I love meme lists. So here is the ultimate (?) meme list! Which actual memes are Bleach characters?

1. The “Surprise bitch” meme: Aizen

This is a meme about someone who you think is dead and gone, but then that person shows up in dramatic and snarky fashion. Or, in the case of Aizen, somebody you thought was in prison, who then just keeps showing up.

Aizen: Although it should not have been a surprise, since I planned this all along. From the day that I…


Aizen: …

Aizen: Rude.

2. The “Quit telling everyone I’m dead” meme: Grimmjow

This is similar to the last meme, only instead of the presumed dead person being cool and in charge, this presumed dead-person just shouts off-stage that he’s not actually dead. That sounds like Grimmjow to me.

Ichigo: And in the end, he fought alongside us. That is why it is so sad that we lost him.


Ichigo: Sometimes I can still hear his voice.

3. “Dat boi” meme: Orihime

Okay, full confession: I don’t understand the “dat boi” meme. It’s just a unicycling frog, right? And then people write “here comes dat boi” “oh shit whaddup.” I even looked it up. And that is the only explanation I got. Why does this frog ride a unicycle? Where is he going? I don’t get it at all. So anyway, then I was wondering - who in Bleach likes absurdist humor that other people don’t understand? And that would be Orihime, of course.

Tatsuki: So…the unicycling frog is fighting the giant robot?

Orihime: They’re on the same side!

Tatsuki: Of course. That makes way more sense.

Orihime: I know!

4. “Bode”: Yoruichi

This is another absurdist meme. You post pictures of cats with the word “bode” written over the cat. It apparently came to someone in a dream. This one is good for Yoruichi because (a) cats and (b) it messes with people.



Yoruichi: Bode.


5. The “lost in a crowd” meme: Hitsugaya

This one is all about losing someone in a crowd and then shouting something significant to find them. Hitsugaya is short, and hence prone to lose people in crowds. Plus, he’s really good at shouting.

Hitsugaya: Hey! I’m an adult now sometimes!

Rukia: Wait…you’re an adult now?

Matsumoto: There she is!


6. The self-care meme: Kira

This is a meme where you define self-care as something impossible and/or ridiculous (self-care is tying balloons to your eyebrows and then going through a car wash). That feels Kira-like to me.

Kira: Self-care is drinking sake until you cry.

Hisagi: …

Hisagi: That’s less a hilarious meme and more a cry for help, dude.

Kira: That line is so hard to navigate.

7.The “you tried” gold star: Mask de Masculine

‘Cause he gave one to Rose, remember? With that star-shaped wound right through Rose’s torso? 

Rose: …that’s not funny.

Mask: I think it’s pretty funny.

8. The “15 minutes late with Starbucks” meme: Unohana

I’m not saying Squad 4 is often late with the healing…but Squad 4 is often late with the healing. And if anyone’s gonna stroll in fifteen minutes late with Starbucks, it’s Unohana. Nor will anyone say anything.

Unohana: I am here.

Shinji: That’s cool but most of us are already dead.

Unohana: Good thing I only brought one cup.

9. The “color of the sky” meme: Yhwach

The original “color of the sky” post was Aizen: sure the pictures are cool or whatever, but it’s too long. Way WAY WAY too long. Much like Aizen’s monologues. Then the meme came along, where you take the “color of the sky” post, truncate it, and had some sort of surprise at the end. And sure there’s relief that it doesn’t go on for so long, but it’s also not as cool as the original. Kinda reminds me of Yhwach, for some reason. *coughs*

Yhwach: Sometimes I just don’t feel appreciated.

10. The “shoving breadsticks in purse” meme: Riruka

You’re on a date. The date says something bad. You shove breadsticks in your purse as you leave the restaurant. So this meme goes. It sounded kinda like Riruka to me.

Riruka: So what’s more important - being cute or something else?

Date: Uh…something else?

Riruka: [shoving breadsticks angrily into her purse] I have to go

11. The “hoe don’t do it” meme: Ishida and Ichigo

For the first part of Bleach, it was always Ishida saying “Hoe don’t do it” and Ichigo doing it. Then at the end, it switched and Ishida was the one doing things while Ichigo said “Hoe don’t do it.” Symmetry. It’s what makes Bleach what it is.

Ichigo: And that’s why we’re basically the same person.

Ishida: Oh god no.

12. The “looks at smudged writing on hand” meme: Ichigo

Not because he doesn’t care. He’s just…really bad at names.

Ichigo: Wow! Great job helping defeat the Quincy, Inoue, Chad, and…

Ichigo: [looks at smudged writing on hand]

Ichigo: Ugly Itching?


14. The  “snail” meme: Chad

Wherein you take various words and replace the first consonant with “sn” to create a snail version. Snurch = snail church, snall = snail mall, etc. I feel like Chad would be on board with this mostly because he respects snail culture, as he respects all animals.

Chad: And this is the “snouse” (snail house) I built for my new “snuddies” (snail buddies) with their “snard” (snail yard) and their “snailbox” (mailbox).

Ichigo: …

Chad: what?

15. “Bitch, where?” meme: Charlotte

This is a meme about someone calling you ugly, and you responding, “Bitch, where?” That sounds like Charolotte to me.

Charlotte: And that shinigami was all, “You ugly” and I was all, “Bitch, where?”

Yumichika: You’re ugly under the makeup too, though.

Charlotte: Bitch, where?

Yumichika: …I walked right into that one.

16. Kinkshaming meme: Kensei

I just feel like Kensei must spend a lot of time kinkshaming his fellow visored.

Shinji: I love being upside down!

Love: Personally I think nothing can top being a superhero.

Rose: Unless it’s a long, deep talk with your guitar.

Hiyori: Whatever. As if that’s as good as hitting people in the face with your shoes.

Mashiro: I prefer hitting them in the face with a super kick!

Lisa: Or ignoring them because you are too busy reading porn.

Kensei: …I’m gonna have to kinkshame you all.