someone send me an ambulance

The way his jaw clenches got me like “Someone send an ambulance!” 💘

my favorite thing in the world is when Luke is talking and then all of a sudden he makes his voice go all low and he says something really sarcastic and I just really really like that idk help me

Irish dancing emergencies
  • Operator: 911, what is your emergency?
  • Me: I think...I think I overdosed.
  • Operator: What do you think you overdosed on?
  • Me: It was...Irish dance.
  • Operator: I didn't quite get that, what did you say?
  • Me: Irish dance. I've been watching the live commentary for eight hours...first the ceilis, and then the recall rounds...and I couldn't get up to make food so now my blood sugar is really low. I need someone to bring me a pizza. Can you send me a pizza ambulance?
  • Operator: Ma'am, you know that abuse of 911 is a misdemeanor?
  • Me: In retrospect I should have just called Domino's, I admit that now

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Do you think Deans name is squirrel because of the number of nuts he can fit in his mouth? ;)

Someone send me an ambulance, I just popped a lung laughing so hard.