someone save my skin

Hunk singing headcannons

Because I haven’t seen any, and that is a cRIME, WE HAVE EVIDENCE HE CAN SING-

  • Firstly, Hunk absolutly sings while he’s cooking, so jot that down-
  • While cleaning the dishes is another a prime time to hear Hunk sing.
  • After a few too many accidents while fiddling with projects during the Garrison he learned not to sing with his mouth open while working on anything that might spit/leak/spark/etc, so he hums instead.

    If you ever see anyone hanging out suspiciously close to Hunk while he’s working on a project, they’re listening to him hum.

  • His mom loves older and weirder music, so when he’s singing his favorite songs, it’s not uncommon for him to transition from a tearful Irish ballad to a strange alternate rock song about tying rocks with strings.
  • When he’s working on Yellow, if the song has a really distinctive drum line he’ll purr the drum, and it’s the best, Hunk cried the first time it happened, he loves it.

    Yellow uses their mental connection to learn the drums, which means he can only follow drum lines Hunk remembers. Hence being able to follow distinctive drums, but not unremarkable ones.

  • He’s working to figure out everybody else’s favorite songs so he can learn the lyrics. He already know’s Lance’s favs down pat, and after a couple late night translation code improvement sessions with Pidge he knows a couple of hers. He’s working on Shiro and Keith, and is trying to figure out how to ask Coran or Allura what castleship data files contain Altean music.

Funny scene but think about this. What if Ace had a narcoleptic episode where his body continues on with the motions it was doing but he mind basically shuts down for a moment so he got his ass lost cause no one on the crew knows about it to periodically keep an eye on him. No one but Luffy but we all no the boy doesn’t say a damn thing about these kind of things unless asked. That and the fact the kid had some cactus juice and started hallucinating.

tracing-stars  asked:

Hey would you mind posting some of your skin tone palettes? I have trouble getting any tones right ^^'

Sure! Just a disclaimer, I don’t consider myself an expert by any means. Plus I use a pretty simplistic coloring style, so the chances are you could find better palettes with a Google search. But here are some of my go-to skin colors:

So save your scissors
For someone else’s skin
My surface is so tough
I don’t think the blade will dig in
Save your strength
Save your wasted time

Star Sign Quotes

Dallas Green - Save Your Scissors

Happy (Very Late) Valentine to @rionydal. I’m your ML Valentine exhange <3

So sorry it took so long for this to be done. I had a super busy weekend due to some school events and back to back assignments due yesterday and today. This is also my second time actually doing a full art piece on Photoshop and I can honestly say that I’m happy with how it came out (shading still sucks a bit. Someone one PM a shading tutorial to save my skin!). We are both MariChat fans so I did this little piece. Really happy with how Chat Noir came out.

Hope you like it :)

Edit: I think I fixed the glitch.