someone save my skin

tracing-stars  asked:

Hey would you mind posting some of your skin tone palettes? I have trouble getting any tones right ^^'

Sure! Just a disclaimer, I don’t consider myself an expert by any means. Plus I use a pretty simplistic coloring style, so the chances are you could find better palettes with a Google search. But here are some of my go-to skin colors:

Happy (Very Late) Valentine to @rionydal. I’m your ML Valentine exhange <3

So sorry it took so long for this to be done. I had a super busy weekend due to some school events and back to back assignments due yesterday and today. This is also my second time actually doing a full art piece on Photoshop and I can honestly say that I’m happy with how it came out (shading still sucks a bit. Someone one PM a shading tutorial to save my skin!). We are both MariChat fans so I did this little piece. Really happy with how Chat Noir came out.

Hope you like it :)

Edit: I think I fixed the glitch.