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One Last Time

Pairing: Barry Allen X Reader (eventual Barry Allen x Iris West…well okay sort of not really)

Summary: Barry Allen will do anything to save Iris West from dying even letting someone, who he believed he no longer had feelings for, make the ultimate sacrifice.

Warnings: Angst. Death.

A/N: Don’t own the song. It’s called ‘One Last Time’ by Elise Estrada. Also only used part of the song. I really don’t know where this came from but i do plan on rewriting it. Something about this is telling me it needs to be tweaked. Sorry it took so long to post, I’ve been catching up on Star Trek.

And it burns my heart that you don’t feel the flame
No, I just can’t make you love me
So hold me like you mean it
And I’ll pretend to feel it one last time

Y/N laid on the bed that she once shared with Barry Allen. The man she believed was the one for her. He was charming and sweet. And in the beginning of their relationship, he was the perfect gentleman with the exception of never being on time for any of their dates. But lately things had been changing for the both of them. Especially with their relationship. Y/N noticed how distant he was becoming with her. Spending more and more time at the West House than the apartment that they both shared. She wasn’t stupid at all. She was just naive to think that in her life someone would reciprocate the same feelings as her.

Slowly wiping the tears from her eyes, she got up from her side of the bed looking at the picture frame that sat on the nightstand. The smiles on the faces of the two people in the photo eliciting a frown on her face. She picked the picture frame up. Opening the back, she pulled the picture out and ripped the photo into pieces. Y/N looked at all the photos in the room and slowly began to pull all the pictures out of the frames. As she looked at Barry’s side of the bed, she looked at the photo on his nightstand and lifted the frame up. She was just about to pull it out of the frame when she heard his voice ask, “What are you doing, Y/N?”

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SPN usually doesn't just leave loose narrative ends. Like, the issue/question might be resolved subtextually, textually, etc, and it might take a while, but they do eventually come back to everything. Full circle. Dean and Sam have pondered life with someone "in the life." Dean has pondered "experiencing things differently." We have the love and love thing, we have he's in love with humanity, we have Cas textually saying i love you. I gotta wonder where it's all going. What full circle is.

(full circle anon) Sorry, forgot this: *sarcastically inserts we just don’t know bird gif*


I like to think of the show more as a spiral. Yeah, it seems to keep getting back around to the “full circle” moment and then just misses it by a hair enough to loop the spiral back around again.

Each go-around is bringing it ever closer to the center, and they make a little progress on each successive loop. It’s never exactly the same, and each time seems to have a (mostly) progressively better result… but the loop continues.

This is why I’m having such a time with s12. The loop has now wound so close to the middle that it’s like we’re seeing EVERYTHING from the previous loops all at once. Like we started the show circling the equator and we’ve been getting progressively closer and closer to the north pole where you can stand in all the time zones at once and theoretically tug bits of the story from any point around the entire loop.

(this is terrible because I’m now picturing Andrew Dabb in a Santa Claus costume running in circles around a candy cane pole shouting HO HO HO and throwing references to the entire series at us like Christmas presents and now I can’t even take myself seriously anymore)

But yes. Who can say where any of this will eventually end.

(oh no now Santa Dabb is pole dancing on the candy cane pole please someone come save me from my own terrible imagination)


Tea’s character made a lot more sense to me when I realized that until she befriended Joey, Tristan, and Ryou, Yugi was her only friend since childhood. It took a lot of work for her to like Joey and Tristan at first in the manga, and that’s partly because they started as bullies to Yugi–they didn’t really click until they saved her from Shadi’s test, risking their own lives.

I thought about her interactions with Mai and Kaiba some more and tried to imagine if it were me, and realized very quickly that I’d be very angry if someone I didn’t know insulted my friends, or someone I barely knew did the kinds of thing Kaiba did, especially in the manga where he tried to murder them. Tea’s big on first impressions and a very emotionally-driven person, and says what’s on her mind a lot. (Only time she doesn’t is when romance is involved XD)

We don’t see any of her home life in the series, and she seems to be an only child, so she hasn’t experienced the kinds of things Kaiba and Joey are going through in terms of sibling support, but she knows that Yugi is her friend and needs support–I think the more the series went on the more she realized she didn’t need to stand up for him anymore, since he’d grown enough to do that himself, but she could still cheer him on.

I kinda wonder if her parents were for or against her wish to become a dancer. I always assumed they were for it, but we’re not told either way.


…so a while ago I had a dream that Niantic revealed that Spark was actually blind! And his saying “trust your instincts” took on a completely different meaning. Furthermore, the reason he specializes in egg-hatching is because he feels like he can get a closer bond with hearing, touch, etc. And why’s he so enthusiastic about every Pokemon? Because he CAN’T SEE he’s just happy to have caught something and have another friend. PLS SAVE SPARK

tbh the dream made me kinda sad but now I’m like rlly on board??

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Because I’m trash, I wanted to divide up the many imagines/stories that I found and created so many other blogs. I’m hoping to be able to start writing my own stories to post on those blogs. So here is a list of blogs that I run. I would love it if you guys could go check out any blog that interests you! Thanks guys! I love you all so much!!!!!!!!

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I had ovarian cancer when I was 18 and because of it I had to have surgery to remove my ovaries and I won't ever be able to have my own kids now. It makes me really sad sometimes because although I can adopt if I ever meet someone and really want to have a baby that's a mix of me and him I'm never going to be able to have that. It's really cruel to have that taken from you at such a young age. Im lucky that surgery potentially saved my life but I'm feeling sad about it today and wanted to vent

Oh baby I’m so sorry. I’m so sad to hear that and I cannot imagine how scary that must have been for you. I’m so proud of you. You’re very strong and I know it must be a tough pill to swallow. But hang in there. Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. Maybe someday there will be a baby out there who needs you, and you’ve always been destined to be its mama.

So I went into the bathroom to get ready for bed and the bulb instantly blew in both the bathroom and my bedroom, plunging me in darkness. I’ve seen enough Supernatural for this shit. So now after sprinting back to my room and diving under the duvet, I’m being comforted by the light of my laptop and praying that if something comes to get me, it’s hot.