someone save me from my own imagination

So I went into the bathroom to get ready for bed and the bulb instantly blew in both the bathroom and my bedroom, plunging me in darkness. I’ve seen enough Supernatural for this shit. So now after sprinting back to my room and diving under the duvet, I’m being comforted by the light of my laptop and praying that if something comes to get me, it’s hot.


[fame flash light – give it to me.

so like. model yoongi au tho (or wave making rapper CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE OK) and jungkook photographer tho…you know the one! wherein jungkook and yoongi knew each other in childhood but circumstances separated them young and they said they’d meet again but they have no idea it will be THIS time. they probably had the biggest mutual crush on each other back in the day…actually they probably still…do. 

yoongi: what? 
jungkook: nothing uhm… 
yoongi: /glances away
jungkook: /takes like 9 photos
yoongi: …
jungkook: /coughs awkwardly/ sO um how..are…have you…been?