someone save me from my own imagination

So I went into the bathroom to get ready for bed and the bulb instantly blew in both the bathroom and my bedroom, plunging me in darkness. I’ve seen enough Supernatural for this shit. So now after sprinting back to my room and diving under the duvet, I’m being comforted by the light of my laptop and praying that if something comes to get me, it’s hot.

Imagine a secret agents au with bokuaka
So like imagine Akaashi is kidnapped by this evil mastermind and he’s tied up and the evil guy is like ‘muahhahahahahahaha no one can save you now.’
And Akaashi replies by 'my partner is going to find us when he discovers I’m missing and he will have a plan to outsmart you.’
And then right on cue Bokuto blasts the wall and enters all dramatically and he’s like 'release my partner or else!!’
And the evil guy is like 'oh yeah? What’s your plan?’ (While inwardly cursing like couldn’t you just break open the door his evil budget was already so tight)
And Bokuto stops his posing and he’s like 'uh I really didn’t think of one I just tried to find Akaashi and then I found your location and yeah….this is embarrassing…’
And Akaashi groans while he tries to untie himself with his laser pen because he actually did expect that coming while the evil guy gapes at Bokuto for being so rash and Bokuto is shouting 'GIVE ME FIVE MINUTES LET ME THINK OF A PLAN JUST FIVE!’