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every westallen scene ever (120/?)

all of those photos of flo filming outside the ncpd are great but like,, where’s her fucking bulletproof vest?! i’ve seen enough lesbians vs. bullets to last a lifetime thanks

//Let’s make one thing perfectly clear.

If an RP is making you uncomfortable that you’re taking part in, you by no means need to partake in said RPs any further.

You can 1. Drop the thread and tell the mun you don’t want to do it anymore, or 2. Discuss things with the mun and ask them to tone certain things that make you uncomfortable, down.

Now, if the mun refuses to do this and tries to actually brainwash you into thinking you’re wrong for disliking certain things and tries to pressure you and make you feel bad about it, I’d personally just stop talking to them altogether. If someone is uncomfortable with a theme, you stop. YOU. STOP. Don’t try to tell them ‘this or that’ or ‘why you rp this way or that way’ because it doesn’t matter. The person who is uncomfortable? Their comfort is more valuable than your bullshit. You either find an agreement PROPERLY, without pressuring and forcing your opinions down the persons throat who feels uncomfortable, or or agree to disagree and stop RPing these particular things.

Do not EVER try to validate your crap to someone who you’re making uncomfortable, because chances are you’re going to make them even MORE uncomfortable and turn them off of wanting to RP with you altogether. Find common ground, or pick a different thing to RP about. It’s that simple.

I finally finished it at 3:30 in the morning. And here, pictured, is my headcanon of Darkiplier and Antisepticeye. If you wanna stick around and read my early morning rambles (aka explanation of headcanon), then it’s below the thing. Otherwise, enjoy art! Both designs and headcanon influenced by Cartoon Junkie. (Nothing to do with Septiplier tho.)

Also I’m aware Jack’s shirt should be a sweater I didn’t know till I was done.

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Just don’t forget you’re human. You can smile, cry, make mistakes…Just like everyone else. It’s allowed.

Yes I‘m serious. Don’t get all mushy on me.

For the FE7 Red Phone collab! It sounded like a fantastic idea and I wanted in XD Phones are hard and I chose the WRONG angle but I like how it came out.

If you like this drawing and want one of your own, here’s my obligatory “I Take Commissions!” spiel! Check out my commission rates here!

(You can also find me at @lucius-of-cornwell if you’re looking for a Lucius RPer ^^)

Anyone else notice the pattern in the TOG titles?

Sjmaas has basically been telling us who Aelin is all along, she’s pretty much handed us all the information we need using the titles.
The titles show Aelins development in the story and it makes me so happy to see how clever sjmaas is.

Through the Window (Part 7)

Part 6
Part 7
Part 8

TTW Masterlist for all other parts 

(Just as a heads up, flashbacks are over now. Everything from the past has been told. We are completely in the present now)

You wake up Sunday and find Bucky gone.

“Good morning my love.” Your nurse says, pottering in and walking around fiddling with things.

“The guy that was here last night? When did he go?”

“Ah yes. I shouldn’t have let him in, but he made a very compelling case. He left about five minutes ago.” The nurse smiles coyly at you, taking the flowers he had left and smelling them.

“What did he say?” You ask curiously, taking the flowers when she holds them out.

“Said he had to be in here. Said you were the love of his life. He meant it.” You stare at her, mouth open, unable to say anything. “The doctor will be here in a sec my love. You just have a think.”

“Thank you.” You say slowly, your eyes watching the nurse as she leaves with a smug smile on her face.

You sit staring at the door for a good ten minutes before the doctor turns up, just thinking. He says they’ve contacted your parents to collect you and you’re free to go. You just have to call them if you get any issues with your head and keep your cast dry.

Your dad comes to collect you and you keep your eyes fixed on the road in front of you the entire journey home, flashes of the crash shooting into your mind whenever a car approaches you. But you make it home in one piece and find a small mountain of cards, flowers and chocolates waiting for you. How the news of the crash had gotten out so quickly you didn’t know but hey, you weren’t going to turn down free chocolate.

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the element the signs are mistaken for
  • aries: earth bc the ram
  • taurus: no pretty much everyone gets this right
  • gemini: earth ?? ??? how tf
  • cancer: ofc water too many tEARs
  • leo: always right about fIYAH
  • virgo: air bc confused with gemini
  • libra: ¿water?
  • scorpio: literally if i had a nickel for every time someone said earth or fire i could buy america and sell it to the canadians for an even bigger profit
  • sagittarius: air but don't ask me wHY
  • capricorn: on da money bc earth sign mothafucka
  • pisces: literally i don't think anybody even cares

anonymous asked:

One of the things I like best about Young Wizards is the parts that I can only describe as sublime and transcendent. How do you write something transcendent? I've tried, and it only ends up sounding silly, so now I don't try anymore.

I think if I tried to write transcendent, it would come out silly for me too.

What seems to work is to write in styles that suit the content. Be goofy when humor’s okay, be sparse and concrete and visceral when fear is in the air, be grave when gravity is appropriate, be lyrical when the material tempts you to it (because usually the urge can be trusted). Let what’s going on dictate the tone: and don’t be afraid to stretch around inside your own writing style. Always be looking for a better way to say whatever’s there to be said.

I think if you do that, then you’ll get lucky and get transcendent for some people. But it needs to be in the back of your mind, not the front. Someone said that the fire from Heaven won’t descend until you’ve built the altar to receive it. So build the altar, but keep your mind on the bricks and mortar. The fire will take care of itself.