someone s.o.s

Thank you Aria.

Thank you for your pink highlights. For your awesome outfits, the awesome hair.

Thank you for every mirror shot, for every shady scene. Thank you for all the “aria is a” clues that always made sense.

Thank you for B26. Thank you for trying to make Ezria work even.

Thank you for trusting everyone, forgetting everyone. Thank you for your loyalty and believing in your friends.

Thank you for always sneaking out at the midnight because someone sent and S.O.S message. Thank you for helping them.

Thank you petite for growing so much, for being an big woman who accomplished her dreams.

Thank you Miss Montgomery.

I am so tired of being the "me" generation;
the “technology obsessed” generation;
the under pressure, under stress,
under-student-loan-debt generation.
I’m tired of being under fire,
under cuts and undercuts,
under the thumbs of the generations before us;
under-appreciated and overwhelmed and
desensitized to a living hell,
sinking ourselves into shells and wishing wells,
slowly blinking out the light that’s too bright
for our darkness.
So I’m sending out a call for help;
S.O.S, please, someone, anyone:
we’re in distress.
We’re drowning in our broken dreams and memories 
of what once was, what
could have been
if the life boats of hope had just stayed afloat and carried us,
if not to the shore,
if not to the shallows, 
then at least within swimming distance
of somewhere we wouldn’t feel so goddamn
Somewhere we could say we’re fine without having to lie;
where the light eats the dark that eats our hearts,
and we can breathe without inhaling all of the sins they used to bury
us alive,
if you can call what we do

my “s.o.s” is a “fuck you” too // s.n.a

So, I’ve been reading a lot of @inkskinned, (I’m literally working my way through her whole blog) and got inspired to actually write and post something. I may or may not have copied her style; totally not meaning to, I’m just sort of a writing chameleon that takes bits and pieces from my most recent influences and she’s phenomenal. 

also I have no idea have to format line breaks into quotes so forgive me if it looks weird

5x05 did something serious to my heart 

firstly we had haleb reunion and my chest started getting tight

then we had emison kiss and i couldn’t breathe 

and then we had ezria sex which clearly stopped my heart for a minute 

AND THEN haleb, spoby, emison & ezria in the same room and i needed to be taken to the hospital because my heart couldn’t take all of this at once

anonymous asked:

Singing in the shower? Supper cute and funny!

Who else is guilty of this? *raises hand*

You were running the nice smelling shampoo through your hair, rinsing and pouring out the conditioner in your hand now “switching tracks”.

“…You may hate me but it ain’t no lie, BABY BYE BYE BYE!” 
you finished loudly, trying to resist the over aggressive dance moves, but you immediately started mid-way into another song, 

“TELL ME WHY! Ain’t nothing but a heartache. TELL ME WHY! Ain’t nothing but a mistake. Tell me why. I never wanna hear you say. I. WANT. IT. THAT. WAY!”
and you just kept on going, using anything you can jamming out to the good old tunes.

“S.O.S. please someone help me, it’s not healthy… for me to feel this way. Y.O.U. are you, making this hard. You got me tossin and turnin and can’t sleep at night”


“DON’T WANT TO BE AN AMERICAN IDIOT!” adding a little bit of the air guitar,“DON’T WANNA A NATION UNDER THE NEW MANIA!”

Finally you were done your shower getting out, drying yourself off and wrapping the towel around you, still singing somewhat more quietly this time, 

“STOP! Wait a minute. Fill my cup PUT SOME LIQUOR IN IT!”

And then you opened the door- seeing that smiling face, as he was laid out on the bed. Just smiling, and it was clear to what he had heard.

“OH MY- HOW MUCH DID YOU HEAR?!” you immediately asked.

“Oh… somewhere between ‘Pump it’ from the Black Eyed Peas and “Say my name’ from Destiny’s Child.”
“YOU HEARD ALL OF IT?!” you said realizing those were the first songs you started singing.
“Yep.” He smiled, getting up, coming closer to you, “From now on. I think I should be the only singer in the house babe.”
You just playfully punched him in the arm causing him to laugh.

This got me jamming again. This was INSANELY fun to write lol

Pretty Little Liars Drinking Game

Drink when:

-Someone says “no more secrets” or “I’m tired of keeping secrets” or “I’m sorry for lying” or something similar

-Spencer, Aria, Emily, and Hanna all get a text at the same time

-One of the girls sends an “S.O.S.” text

-Someone kisses someone who isn’t their boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other

-One of the lesbian characters wears a vest

-One of the girls makes a crack about Jenna being blind

-The girls say “I know who ‘A’ is” or “______ must be 'A’” etc. (finish your drink if they are actually right)

-Someone comments on the pink stripe in Aria’s hair

-Spencer wears a tie or knee-high socks

-Ezra is in a bathrobe/in the shower/getting out of the shower/about to go to take a shower

-Spencer mentions school/AP classes/etc

-One of the girls wears a hat (drink twice if the hat is RIDICULOUS, finish your drink if they are ALL wearing hats at the same time)

-A character ends up in the hospital

-All four girls plan to do something together and then three of them bail/when one character goes off on their own and says “I’ll be fine” or “I’ll be okay.”

-The girls actually go to class.

-Spencer corrects Hanna’s grammar

-Someone makes a joke about Spencer and coffee/caffeine

-Aria is wearing spikes or leopard print (necklace, earrings, bracelets, etc.)

-Emily is already drunk or drinking

-Emily’s or Spencer’s dad is on the screen

-Someone says “The Jenna Thing”

-There is really obvious product placement (TreSemme Dry Shampoo)

-Two or more of the girls’ moms get together to talk (AKA Mom Moments)

-Lucy Hale sings

-Mona says something cryptic

Finish your drink when:

-An “A” is revealed

-Someone quotes the theme song or references the title of the show

-One of the girls breaks up with their significant other in order to protect them

Snow ((OPEN))

He;d never been out in snow. He’d haf some fun jumping in it, watching it all puff up and flurry about. Transforming he revved his engine then sped about, slamming and turning to skid and through as much snow up as possible. More and more snow came down though and soon enough he felt the cold.

Deciding it time to go in he figured one last time wouldn’t hurt.

Speeding…..Speeding….Speeding, Breaks! Skid! Turn!

Throwing snow up he laughed then tried to back up to head back to base. But he couldn’t attempting to go forward he realized his sports car form was no match for the feet upon feet of snow piling up. Half way up his doors now. He just wouldn’t be able to drive. 

Transform. ….He- he couldn’t! He was frozen!

Panicing he tried to wiggle about. Nothing! His open side was quickly rebuilding. 


He sent that out over every free com he could. Over and over until he had to cut power. Shortening the message he had ::S.O.S:: Play constantly. Idling he turned his heaters up. Warm, he needed to keep warm.