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BlackPink Reaction To: Girlfriend going on ’We Got Married’ with Someone Else

Anonymous: Hey again! Im the one who requested the gf doing hip thrusts while performing! BLING BLING~haha can i request again? If can, i want to request a reaction of blackpink when they find out their idol gf will be part of ‘We Got Married’ with a girl from another girl group and not them? P.S. the girl admitted she have a huge crush on their gf on a show. Thankss B-DAY
A/N: Ayyyy my fellow ikonic!! You can request as many times as you like, there’s absolutely no limit.This was fun to write thank you!! Ayy waeng waeng waeng waeng waeng waeng oohhhh oh                                                                      A/N: gifs aren’t mine


Who you go with: GFriend’s SinB
Jisoo wouldn’t actually mind that much that you were going on ‘We Got Married’ with SinB. Of course she wanted to go with on the show with you but she would be so excited to watch you on the show. She would watch every single episode as soon as she could and would text you to tease you about the show if you weren’t with her. She would jokingly start calling SinB your new girlfriend to see how you would react, she’d find it cute how flustered you got. She wouldn’t mind it until she found out that SinB admitted on After School Club that she had a big crush on you. Then Jisoo would get slightly jealous but she would still tease you like she did before, however she would stop calling SinB your new girlfriend, she wouldn’t want to think about anything like that happening. She would take you to some filming sessions and kiss you goodbye in front of SinB to show you were taken.

(@SinB having a crush on you)

(@you on set)


Who you go with: Twice’s Jihyo
Excited. She would be so excited for you to go on the show, and then she found out that you would be going with Jihyo. Obviously she’d still be happy for you but she’d quite upset about not going with you. She’d become quite pouty and a little annoyed with you even though she knows it’s not your fault. She would snap out of this though when she realised that she could tease you about how you are being on the show with Jihyo. When Jihyo admitted she had a really big crush on you though, she make sure she was at as many of the filming sessions as her schedule allowed her to be, if she couldn’t be there she would face time you so Jihyo would understand that you were dating her and that would not be changing.

(when she find’s out you won’t be filming with you)

(when she’s at your filming sessions saying ‘ah huh she’s mine’ to Jihyo) (it really looks like she’s saying ah huh she’s mine)


Who you go with: Red Velvet’s Irene
Upon finding out you were going on ‘We Got Married’ she would be really happy for you. She’d be glad the public got to see you how she does, as a cute ass, amazing girlfriend/wifey. Once she found out it would be with Irene and not her, she’d be upset but she would try not to show it. The thought that you would actually fall in love with Irene crossed her mind at first but she quickly forgot about that as she knows you love her completely. She would give you one of her necklaces to wear while you’re on the show so she’s sort of with you. When she found out that Irene was known to have a crush on you, she would give you not just the necklace to wear on the show but one of your favourite jumpers of hers and maybe a few hickeys too. This would give Rosé peace of mind that Irene would know that you are not to be flirted with off camera.

(finding out about Irene’s crush on you)

(after she gave you hickeys just before going into makeup

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Who you go with: Mamamoo’s Moonbyul
Lali would be 100% from the start to the finish of the whole season. She’d be a little disheartened at the fact that you weren’t going on the show with her but you were going with Moonbyul, but it would be nowhere near as strong of a feeling than her happiness for you. Being on a show like this would boost your group’s popularity and your chances of being invited on more shows, so she would be really proud that you have the opportunity to be on ‘We Got Married’ even if it wasn’t with her. However, she may get a little edgy when she found out that Moonbyul had admitted she has a crush on you. She would send you things like your favourite flowers or your favourite coffee to the set of wherever you were filming so Moonbyul would get the hint that you wouldn’t be dating her any time soon.

(being excited for you to go on the show)

(flirting with you by sending you flowers)


yah. 5 request is done!  actually this request was the first message when i open this event. I’m sorry for this late. (and poor english too!*cry*) but i had too many thought…and here is my conclusion. haha…XD

i think dante can’t say this, he worry about staying, even. because he is still fugitive.(also hunter too though.) he afraid that people get hurt near by his. if someone have to  say that question, between this relrationship…that one will be delsin.  this is my personal thought. 

hope you guys like it!

thank you for  this request,i absolutely love to drew this one. also I’m big fan of your work.<3)