someone requested this forever ago

someone requested a story about ponyboy beating steve at arm wrestling literally forever ago but i decided to write a very (& bad) short lil thing for it !! 

steve pushed soda’s arm flat against the kitchen table. “what are we up to now? i think you owe me eighty bucks now, is that right?” he smirked 

“eighty five,” ponyboy corrected without looking up from the glass he was filling with water at the sink.

“okay smart ass. math’s not gonna help you much in an arm wrestling match. come try to beat me,” steve challenged. 

soda rubbed his arm, sore from the hundreds of arm wrestling matches he’d lost over the course of the afternoon. “you’re gonna make us go bankrupt, randle. take the curtis’ for all they’ve got. you gonna try to beat darry next?” he laughed good-naturedly. 

steve’s confidence faltered at the thought of arm wrestling darry. “maybe not darry.. but i think i can make some money off the kid.” 

ponyboy set his glass beside the sink and shook his head. “no thanks.” he started towards the living room where he, johnny, and two-bit had been watching movies, but steve caught him by the back of his shirt. steve pulled hard on his shirt, sending ponyboy stumbling backwards into a chair.

“i said no thanks.” ponyboy muttered as steve sat across from him, placing his elbow at the center of the table and motioning for pony to hurry up. ponyboy let out a sigh as he rolled up his sleeve. soda sat down at the table to judge their match.

“how much are we betting on, boys?”

“how bout fifty?” steve smirked.

“like i have fifty dollars to spare.” ponyboy shook his head as he lined his elbow up with steve’s and took his hand. “i can’t believe i got talked into this,”

soda grinned and rested a hand on each of their shoulders. “alright let’s have a clean match.. steve.” he raised his eyebrows at his best friend, earning a scoff from him. soda sat back in his chair. “ready? one, two, three. go.”

a moment later, the back of steve’s hand hit the table. steve blinked slowly. “i,” his eyebrows drew together, “i wasn’t ready.” he pulled his hand away from pony’s, shaking out his wrist. ponyboy bit back a grin as steve set his elbow on the table.

soda counted them down, and pony pushed his arm against the table.

“what just happened? what in the hell just happened?” steve’s mouth hung open in disbelief before he started getting angry. “you sneaky son of a bitch! where’d you learn to do that? you’re not stronger than me. you hear me ponyboy? i’m stronger than you, and this don’t prove a thing!” he shouted, only getting angrier when pony let out a laugh. steve turned to soda. “i can’t fucking believe this! did you know about this? are you kidding me soda? you let me lose fifty damn dollars to this kid?“

ponyboy stood up from the table and patted steve on the shoulder. “don’t worry steve. i’ll take a check.”

Movie Date & Cuddles // Jaehyun


Movie date & cuddles 

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Jaehyun x Reader

Words: 656 / Scenario (requested) 

Rating: -

A/N: this took forever. i think someone requested this many months ago and i’ve only manage to get it done now. forgive me. i rarely write fluff so pardon me if this is lousy. 

Originally posted by taesyong

“Babe, could you pass me the popcorn?” Jaehyun whispered in between the movie, with his eyes still glued on the television. After a while, there was no reply from you. Curiously, he turned his attention away from the television to see what was holding you up.

Immediately at the sight of you, a warm lovingly smile crept up his face, putting the dimple that you have always love full on display.

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Finchel AU: Rachel and Finn as Ella and prince Charmont in ‘Ella Enchanted’
↳ At birth, Rachel receives the gift of obedience from an evil fairy. When this gift turns out to be a curse, she has to try and break it, before it’s too late. Luckily she has the help of handsome prince Finn.