someone requested that i post a selfie


I found these oldoldoooold sketches in my previous sketchbook. Someone in the sinbin requested Adrinette selfies, @amynchan or @onepwanch I think??? I actually started to colour this ages ago (I’m on mobile so can’t link the post, but it’s in my djwifi tag), but since I’m clearly never gonna colour them on the comp after all, I’m just dumping them here as is xD

Anyway the backstory here was them going to an aquarium for a school project. And in the last one, I actually wrote this:

…And he says,
“Whale, I really just do this for the Halibut,
but if you’re willing to pay me, I guess I wouldn’t mind making a few Squid!”

Dude that’s awful hahaha

Haha. I’m Saury, man, I’ll try to Reel it in!

(face in hands laughing)

(stares with mingled look of disillusionment and disgust)


🙏  deuces, 2016~

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I have come to the conclusion that I don’t know how to write a short oneshot. Seriously I intended this to be like..a page, maybe two. Haha. Oops. 

Well anyway, here you go @mmhinman! Sorry it took so long to post. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it! ^_^ 

This oneshot is in response to the cutest freaking drawing of Inuyasha and Kagome Mmhinman created because I requested someone to draw something like it, and I wanted to gift this in return! Thanks again for drawing that for me love, I absolutely love it! <3

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i let my friends do all the planning to celebrate my 19th birthday, so i dont actually know what ill be doing, but at least ill look great whilst partying? yeah? yeah. (also sporting a weeping angel just for the hell of it).

thank you for all the birthday love guys. you are all such awesome people!

I was planning on going to ONE con without cosplaying Hiccup. Then a friend asked about him. Then my future brother-in-law. And then someone I met told me (while I was in my Groot cosplay) I reminded them of Hiccup. And once more people requested I cosplay him, I decided I might as well walk into the con on day three as him. Holding a sword because excuse me he’s a swordmaster.