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Oh my colors. THANK YOU!💙💕💙💕 

 In celebration of hitting 500 followers, I will be doing several special things to show my thanks and appreciation. This is for all of you guys. 

 To be honest I actually didn’t know what to do, I just wanted to make you guys feel special in my own little ways— because you are. 

If you enter, you must:

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  • be patient 

Here are the stuffs I offer:

1. Send me an ask and tell me: your favorite color, three things you love, and a quote or song lyric you adore. I’ll make an aesthetic about you. 

 2. I’m bringing back calligraphy for URLs! I did it once before, you can check that out here. If you want me to add more stuff like flowers or other doodles then just let me know! (I only work with black ink, btw. So other colors for this is not optional.) 

 3. URL giveaway! First come first serve. Here are the URLs I’ve stocked up on lol. 

@mareena-titanos, @ladymareena, @ladyredqueen, @ellectricon, @tibeariasvii, @iriscygnette, @wrennskonos, @ladywrenskonos, @more-than-a-fisher-boy, @dianafarleyprince, @clara-farley, @lightning-person @elanexhaven, @ladycoriane, @singerqueencoriane, @queencorianejacos

Taken URLs:

@ellaelectricon, @mareshmallow

 4. My face? I’m actually not sure about this one yet lol but if someone asks then I’ll post a selfie. 😊 

 5. My genuine love and support!💕 Ahaha, I’m sorry I ran out of ideas. Feel free to suggest if you come up with something!

You may choose only one number or all of them, it’s up to you! But deadline for requests is on June 23, 2017. While the URL giveaway will go on until there are none left.

Love you all, shortcakes!💕


I found these oldoldoooold sketches in my previous sketchbook. Someone in the sinbin requested Adrinette selfies, @amynchan or @onepwanch I think??? I actually started to colour this ages ago (I’m on mobile so can’t link the post, but it’s in my djwifi tag), but since I’m clearly never gonna colour them on the comp after all, I’m just dumping them here as is xD

Anyway the backstory here was them going to an aquarium for a school project. And in the last one, I actually wrote this:

…And he says,
“Whale, I really just do this for the Halibut,
but if you’re willing to pay me, I guess I wouldn’t mind making a few Squid!”

Dude that’s awful hahaha

Haha. I’m Saury, man, I’ll try to Reel it in!

(face in hands laughing)

(stares with mingled look of disillusionment and disgust)

im legit losing my mind y’all like someone made aspec icons that say “my existence is not sensitive content” (as it was requested, after op made a post with other flags) and some fukcer has the AUDACITY to say

 “Can y'all shut the fuck up oh my God? Stop it with the little oppression fantasies, NOBODY is labelling your existence as sensitive content this is an LGBT issue ONLY. “

like are you legit.,., that dense? i can’t say im ace without someone telling me its a TMI and that i should keep it in the bedroom? i have people telling me that i shouldn’t be ace or even know about ace people because im a child? i’ve seen people’s selfies reblogged by porn blogs because theyre tagged with “asexual” im just. im losing it guys the SAME people who tell me that asexuality is a “TMI” are saying that “nobody is labeling your existence as sensitive content” like BITCH.,.,,,,,, are you forreal???? 

Internet Famous FMA AU cont.

Ling: runs a food blog, a political blog, AND a fencing blog. his food blog is so good it’s considered dangerous when you’re hungry. his political blog is very well organized and serious. he only recently moved to into town so you can see backpacking snapchats of his travels and one iconic vine of him whispering ‘this is how you get away with anything in a foreign country’ *raises voice* ‘Sorry I no really understand this country language! Okay, bye bye now!’ 
Lan Fan: I really want her and Fuu to run a gym/martial arts place and be like personal trainers/professional martial arts demonstrators. So say Ling’s new to the city and finds a gym/dojo or whatever run by this old man and his supER HOT GRANDDAUGHTER?? the moment ling sees her he’s like well. shit. i guess i’m signing up for this gym give me that membership i’m coming here everyday
It’s mostly Lan Fan who runs the blog for obvious reasons and she does loads of demonstration videos or how to vids of training regimes and techniques and exercises in which she explains the pros and cons and what muscles they improve or build. She promotes the classes they hold at the gym and then for fun she does requests for martial arts forms - say, tai chi routines, or choreographed karate sequences/forms. someone asks if she can do gymnastics or things like that and she pulls out a set of uneven bars and a balance beam. ‘i bet you can’t do a standing backflip’ says a douchebag self-proclaimed ‘athlete’. Lan Fan’s next post is her doing like 10 backflips in a row

when Ling finally convinces Lan Fan to go out with him he takes like a million selfies of them and cajoles her into showing up on his fencing blog as his sparring partner and is like ‘looooooookkkkkk guys shes so cuteeeeeeeee AND she can incapacitate a guy in five seconds’ 
random Lan Fan’s hot bod appreciation posts crop up every so often on Ling’s blogs…he makes gifs of lan fan’s very serious demonstrations of proper martial arts forms and cuts to the really ‘sexy’ parts and puts subtitles like ‘too sexy for my shirt’ ‘50 shades of kick my ass’ (because sometimes Lan Fan makes videos in just her sports bra and yoga pants on she’s not always so revealing but it’s really warm in the gym and she wants to make sure people can see the proper form and how to perform certain moves clearly) 
there’s also a very famous vine of him trying to go for a run with Lan Fan like ‘come on babe let’s go for a run- wait what *panting* babe wait up babe slow down’ as she just fucking passes him and disappears into the distance (it’s titled 'when you try to show off in front of the bae’)
Lan Fan’s blog starts getting requests like 'can we see ling on one of your videos???? PLEASEEEEEEEEE’ Ling’s like 'awesome do a self-defence video!!’ and it’s just a good 20 mins of Lan Fan beating Ling up and showing people how exactly to kick a dude in the crotch
she finally shows ling her guilty pleasure food blog and that’s where all the 'look at ling he’s passed out on the floor from hunger’ videos and 'look at this food bill ohmygod’ videos go
also some more ling videos on the exercise blog are just him being like 'so do i just-’ and he tries to do a backflip and he lands on his ass

Tyler Seguin - Age is Just a Number

Originally posted by thetroublewithtyler

Requested by; Anonymous

I can’t do this anymore. I thought I was strong enough for him, but I’m not. I can’t handle the stress. I can’t handle the hate on social media. I can’t even post a simple selfie of me and Tyler without some of his fans calling me a puck slut. I can’t even walk to my other classes without someone whispering and pointing behind my back. As much as I loved Tyler, this relationship had to come to an end.

Dear Tyler,

First let me say that you’re the best boyfriend I’ve ever had. You treat me like a real princess. You make me feel as if I’m really worth something. If i’m having a bad day, you hug me real tight and tell me its going to be okay. I really appreciate it I really do. And its real cute when you try to help me with my homework but then you get frustrated and that thing with your eyebrows.

I knew that by getting into a relationship with you wasn’t going to be easy. Nothing in life is ever easy. But as of late, this relationship is proven to be to much for me to handle. I say that because I’m getting so much hate from your fans on social media and I don’t deserve it. Hell, I can’t even go to class without someone bothering me.

It pains me to write this to you Tyler. Believe me. But as much as I don’t want to do this, it has to be done. I’m so sorry Tyler. Just don’t forget that I love you and will always love you.


(Y/N) xoxo

I set the letter down on the coffee table. I already had my things packed so all I had to do was grab them and leave. I sighed and took one last look around. I was going to miss this place.

Tyler’s Pov:

“Babe, I’m home!” I yelled out. That’s weird normally she comes running when she hears me come home. I looked in the kitchen and didn’t see her. I went up to the media room and she wasn’t there. I then went to our bedroom and she wasn’t there either. Maybe she wasn’t home. I went to the living room to watch some tv but I see something on the coffee table. I pick it up and see that its a letter from (Y/N).

“NO, NO, NO, NO… She couldn’t have left!” I said. I pulled out my phone and immediately called Jamie.


“Jamie she’s gone! All her things are packed!”

“Who (Y/N)?”

“YES! Is she with you?”

“No she’s not.”

“Help me find her!”

“I’m sure if you ask nicely.”

“Jamie now is not the time for jokes. I’m serious Jamie. I really do love this girl. Yes, she’s five years younger but I don’t care. Age is just a number!” I said.

“I’ll try and call her. If I find her, I’ll let you know.”

“Thanks Chubbs.”

Where could she have gone? Her parents? No, that’d would be to easy. The Park? Its was raining outside all day today so it would be too wet. Then I remember her telling me when she’s stressed, she goes to the public library. I grab my keys and head there.

End of Tyler’s Pov

I come here because its peaceful. I also come here because I know I can actually get work done. I know that people here know who I am but they don’t bother me so that’s a plus.

I was sitting there doing school work when I see a person walk back and forth. This is a library so there’s people going back and worth all the time so I thought nothing of it. Then the person stopped, saw me, and sat down next me. I knew it was Tyler from out the corner of my eye.

“What are you doing here Tyler?” I asked. He really stuck out like a sore thumb.

“I came here to bring you home.”

“What if I don’t want to come home?”

“Then I’ll be upset.I want you to come home.” Tyler said, scooting closet to me. “Do you know that you had me worried about you? When I got home, all your things were gone. Then I read that letter you left on the coffee table and my heart broke.  Why didn’t you tell me any of this?”

“I thought I could be strong for you. I wanted to tell myself that. Believe me. But I guess it got to be much for me.”

“But you are strong enough for me. Please, come home.”

“Can I ask you something?”

“Of course!”

“Why me? Like why did you pick me over someone who’s closer to your age.”

“I picked you because you’re smart, funny, beautiful, Yeah, you may be young but you’re really mature for your age.” Tyler said. I just missed being in his presence.

“Please take me home” I smiled.

“I’ll be glad to!”

Its finally done! And I know that its taken awhile to get this out but please bare with me. I haven’t forgotten your guys request. I just had a case of writers block.

anonymous asked:

1, 5, 15, 25

1. selfie 

post it in a bit babes ;)

5. is there anyone who can always make you smile?

ALL AND EVERY ONE OF YOU GUYS!!! thats not even a question bc when someone reblogs, or likes my work it amazing, i love it when you guys request bc that just means you enjoy my work and want to see more! Everything you guys do makes me sooo happy oh gosh

15. personality description

I mean I’m a pretty friendly person when you meet me, and try to stay that way (unless I genuinely like you and want to be your friend then like im just gonna be very bubbly n shit lol), unless you give me a reason to be rude. I’m rather lazy and can get annoying but I’m probably that friend that you just get a lot of song or show recommendations from. Also a total nerd about aliens and anything else having to do with space. This is all once you talk and get close to me lol

25. role model

If I’m speaking honestly, it has to be JackSepticEye. He is the one good person that I can look to for good advice, I mean I don’t go searching through his videos to find some sort of wisdom for my problems but the moments he speaks his mind on things, I really look up to him. When I’m actually mature then I guess I can say I’m similar to Sean, I mean I’m not perfect and not completely mature and I don’t know everything but I have some similar aspects to the way he talks about things and such, because I know he’s one of the few adults I know, that will do the right thing.


I have come to the conclusion that I don’t know how to write a short oneshot. Seriously I intended this to be like..a page, maybe two. Haha. Oops. 

Well anyway, here you go @mmhinman! Sorry it took so long to post. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it! ^_^ 

This oneshot is in response to the cutest freaking drawing of Inuyasha and Kagome Mmhinman created because I requested someone to draw something like it, and I wanted to gift this in return! Thanks again for drawing that for me love, I absolutely love it! <3

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BestFriends!Hyung Line convince you to talk to Namjoon because he has a crush on you~ ❤️  Requested by anon!

Ever since the first moment Yoongi, your best friend, introduced you to Namjoon, he knew that you were the one for him but being the cute little smol bean he is, he gets too shy to talk to you and never confesses his real feelings for you.

Eventually, his hyungs get a tiny bit annoyed at how much he talked about you and they knew that once you talked to him, he’d stop talking about you 24/7. Yes, they loved you too but hearing about you every single minute was getting tiring, so they start hinting to you that you should start speaking to him. But Yoongi, being the straightforward person he is, tells you right off that Namjoon likes you, and even adds on the fact that he just won’t stop talking about you! You think he’s joking at first because how is it possible that Kim Namjoon, possibly the most beautiful man you’ve ever seen, likes someone like you?

And as always, it can’t be a normal conversation with Yoongi if he doesn’t do something to embarrass you, so he goes on to tell Namjoon about how you always gush about how good-looking he is and how he should post more selfies so you had more lock screen wallpapers to choose from ㅎㅎㅎ. Namjoon then surprises you by being the one to talk first and you try your best not to pass out because you started hyperventilating 😂

(A/N: I love you guys for requesting Namjoon)

(P.S. Thank you for 200 followers! We’re not exactly sure what to do for 200 followers tbh so please, if you have any special kind of request besides snaps, feel free to send them in?? :D)

- Admin Hoshikie ☀️

Requests are always open!

Bangtan's tumblr blogs.
  • Jin: A pink blog, full of selfies, cute stuff like rainbows and unicorns, make-up and cooking tutorials, screenshots from Mario or other games and maybe even some posts about anime.
  • Suga: Classy aesthetic blog, full of music, music literally everywhere, even the description rhymes. Sometimes he postst about photography or fashion too (by fashion, I mean his hatred for converse).
  • J-hope: Very bright blog, full of beautiful peisages, pictures of sunshine, pictures of sea, and sometimes really nice and encouraging quotes.
  • Rap Monster: A dark blog, full of phylosophical quotes about life. Sometimes, you can see some *cough*smut*cough* fanarts too.
  • Jimin: An entire God damn blog about Jeon Jeongguk. Might have a side blog where he posts about anime and sometimes even selcas, but we all know that the one about Jeongguk is his main blog.
  • V: Weird, but aesthetic blog, full of anime, weird facts about animals and his convos with aliens sometimes. Also, replies to everything people leave in his askbox, so every day would start with about 20 or more replies.
  • Jeongguk: Really cute blog about BIGBANG *cough*mostly G-Dragon*cough* anime and games, sometimes reblogs V's selfies and, if requested, posts dubmash videos.

          This is a throwback picture during my so called “stay at home” summer vacation at Granaderos beach resort, felt so bored that time. For me and I guess for all of us summer is to travel everywhere, dive into a deep blue water, and spend time together with your family or someone you love but for some reasons why I didn’t enjoy the day is because of the jelly fish, they’re all nearby and I think I am not feeling well too. So all I can do is to take some pictures for my instagram account and selfies but as you already know I keep my pictures privately. btw my instagram account is  “itsmekeanx” Stay toon because I will be posting a short cover of songs. I accept some request all and all

ACNL things I want to happen, but don’t have the followers to publicize:

Dream Town Secret Santa-A weekly/monthly/semi-regular day where people submit Dream Addresses, they get shuffled around, and I send them out to partiicipants with no usernames attached. E’erybody posts screenshot photosets captioned and tagged with the town info, and e’erybody gets a little more publicity. (If I had to pick a day, it’d be Thursdays. idky)

Bonus- People caption with adjectives/ratings of the towns they visit. I’ll post an example with my town and update this post with a link.

QR Set Requests- to me with a random topic (i.e. ‘Music,’ ‘Beyonce,’ ‘Communist Mayor Flags,’ ‘Favorite Tumblr Mayors,’ ‘Favorite Fandom Costumes,’ etc…) *

Mayoral Fanart Day- Similar to #1, except after visiting, everyone/the artsy volunteers draw the visited town’s mayor. Everybody needs mayor fanart!

(Update, forgot this one) QT QRs- Selfie in your favorite get-up and someone (or me) QRs it.

*I’m actually going to do this one right now, starting with ‘Music.’ I’ll update with examples of my QRs, then send me some requessstttss!

I was planning on going to ONE con without cosplaying Hiccup. Then a friend asked about him. Then my future brother-in-law. And then someone I met told me (while I was in my Groot cosplay) I reminded them of Hiccup. And once more people requested I cosplay him, I decided I might as well walk into the con on day three as him. Holding a sword because excuse me he’s a swordmaster.


i let my friends do all the planning to celebrate my 19th birthday, so i dont actually know what ill be doing, but at least ill look great whilst partying? yeah? yeah. (also sporting a weeping angel just for the hell of it).

thank you for all the birthday love guys. you are all such awesome people!