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Help - Enoch O'Connor imagine One Shot (request)

a/n: hiii this was requested by someone (sorry i forgot, this is old) and uhhh it’s short, so sorry if anyone doesn’t like that :/ :D

request: can you do a enoch preference where reader has a peculiarity that they can control lighting and electricity or something and she is not in control and Enoch helps her or something please! :) btw I like your account!!!

y/n screamed. “ah!” she yelled, throwing her hands in the air and making the light bolts disappear. “i can’t do this, i can’t…” she whispered the last part and held her face with her hands.

enoch walked over to y/n and held her to his chest, soothing her back. his eyebrows were furrowed.

y/n and enoch were training y/n’s peculiarity for about an hour. the girl was now exhausted and annoyed. she tried to be in control over her power - that was what they were training now - but she failed constantly. y/n felt so miserable without any control over what she could do.

enoch felt y/n’s insecurity and being unsure of herself and sat her down on the bed with him. he wasn’t the best at comforting people or giving them the heads up, so the boy just kept quiet while holding y/n. the girl rested her head against enoch’s chest and sighed. 

“why can’t i control it?” she said quietly. “why am i such a horrible trainer for my power? i’m supposed to be good at this.”

“you’re not a horrible trainer.” enoch spoke. “you’re just… a beginner at it. there’s nothing bad about that. i used to be like you, too.”

“yeah, but since what age are you able to do this?”

“uh… i was seven or six.”

“see? that’s the problem.” y/n sighed and furrowed her eyebrows quite hard. “i’m sixteen, and it’s supposed to be a power i don’t have to worry about controlling. i could hurt someone any time because i don’t know when can i get the sparks out.”

then enoch sighed. “what if it’s anger? that, like, activates your peculiarity?”

y/n hummed, but she had turned back on hope, anyway. “maybe. not that i could get angry on an exact time.”

“what if someone angers you?” enoch suggested. 

“who - you?” y/n chuckled lightly. “sure, you annoy everyone, but you can’t anger me.”

“no,” enoch smiled, “not me. could a memory make you mad?”

“uhhh…” y/n furrowed her eyebrows again. “how do you get these ideas?”

enoch shrugged his shoulders. y/n wrapped her arms around his body and laid her head down on his chest. “yeah, i could try that.”



Pietro Maximoff: Someone get y/n

Let’s just say you were unstable, you had had many experiments done too you, although unlike the Maximoff twins, yours were not volunteer, they stormed your house and took you, and that was it, 4 years of experimental drugs, electric shocks and excruciating pain, so yeah you were unstable.

You could control objects, elements, you could read people’s minds and thanks to an incident involving one of the precious stones, you could now see the future and had more power than anyone else known to SHIELD or HYRDA for that matter. You were a weapon saved to be used when everything failed, after Thor and Steve and the others, after Bruce, after everything you were brought in, this was because you were like a powerful bomb, you would go up destroying not only the bad but everything.

You were allowed out and to interact as normal with everyone because like a bomb, you had to be triggered, so until there was a danger you were allowed out to help. Like now for instance, the Avengers were having a party in Avengers towers and you were allowed to help out, Pietro had pulled a few strings to get you behind the bar with him, you were best friends after all, he somewhat understood your situation. Although he was new and did not know about your power, you decided not to tell Wanda and Pietro just yet all they knew is that you refused to use your powers, because you couldn’t bear the looks on their face when they found you had to be locked away because you were practically insane.

Unfortunately tonight, they were going to see it, the bad side to predicting the future, you chose when you got it and yo never thought to check situations like this, if only you had though. With a crash, 5 members of what were assumed as HYDRA broke through the windows, many more storming up the stairs and through the doors. This was it. Fury signalled at two of his men to put you in handcuffs and get you away Pietro and Wanda in complete confusion you pulling at the restraints madly, finally using your future ability to see what was going to happen next, they were all going to die, all of them. Flailing madly another couple men had to leave to contain you, as the Avengers began to fight with the members from what you had confirmed as HYDRA.

“Wait, Fury!” you screeched making him run to you, “Y/n, no” he spoke harshly as you fought against the handcuffs, “Listen to me, you need me for this, let me fight them, please, you don’t understand he’s back” you yelled watching as his face expression changed completely, realising who you meant. “Yes agent 78Q is back” you whispered as Fury rubbed his temples. “Don’t lie to me y/n” he seethed grabbing his gun and joining the fight.  Pietro had flashed out of the room, to run after you but stopped and had heard the whole conversation watching from afar. Pietro was new yes, but he could tell when you were lying, he knew you didn’t choose to not use your powers, he knew everything.

Stopping Fury in his tracks, Pietro towered over him. “I know y/n, and I don’t really understand what’s happening but, she is not lying, I think someone needs to get her” he spoke ducking as a further window broke revealing what you had predicted, agent 78Q was back. “Someone get y/n!” Fury yelled but you were already on it, you broke the metal handcuffs cracking them apart, the anger making it easy for you as your adrenaline engulfed you.

Storming into the main hall where the party once was you flicked your wrist knocking out multiple agents of HYDRA easily, your eyes flicking a deep red making Pietro and Wanda share a scared glance with each other. It didn’t take you long to clear the room, everyone stopped completely in their tracks, the Avengers knowing not to move, The Maximoffs, didn’t dare more.

Clapping his hands slowly and sarcastically Agent 78Q walked through the doors, making you grit your teeth, let’s just say you and this agent had a little bit of history, long story short him dead would be better than anything else on the planet in your eyes. Pietro watched your eyes closely observing them turn deeper and deeper shades of red, this was not the girl he knew, this was not the girl he was falling for. The last time you had met agent78Q your powers were minimal, he thought your powers were nothing but a party trick, well in your eyes you decided that you should show him the encore to your little tricks. Breathing out steadily you outstretched your hand slowly and pushed him into the air before pushing him along the bar, him flying across the room. Using your ability you pulled him against the wall holding him onto nearly the ceiling, the light caught him just right you noticed that now he was covered in alcohol which gave you an idea.

Breathing out once again you created a small fire just below him, and as you were about to raise it, a small voice spoke. “Y/n” Pietro said quietly but in the silent room everyone heard. “This isn’t you okay?” they’ve got this, just let him down, Steve and Thor will take him, please put out the fire and let him down” he soothed. The words almost triggering some sort of relief in your brain as your thoughts began to clear, dropping to the floor, the fire disappeared and the agent fell to be caught by Thor and Steve who dragged him out of the room and away from you. Sitting on the floor tears began to fall, you hated not having control, you wanted it back so badly but you couldn’t. “Pietro hugged you tightly, not caring about what you could do to him, he engulfed you into his arms and held you close, resting his head on yours. “My princess” he soothed in your ear, “Just take deep breaths okay? Stay nice and calm for me” he said no fear apparent in his voice.

“I’ve got you” he smiled as the other avengers sighed a sigh of relief, Fury even smiled a bit himself, maybe they had found a way to control you, maybe Pietro was your control. That wasn’t a bad thing though; in fact it was the best thing to happen to you. He cared for you so much and he was always there whenever you needed it and now; he was your hero.