someone remind me to draw more of that guy

Made a new DA ID for myself with Yusaku from upcoming Yi-Gi-Oh! VRAINS.
I really love this guy. His personality reminds me of my YGO protag from my story (someone punch me, so I would start working on this story, `cause oh god I`m so lazy without someone to push me around) Except that my is older and detective, not a hacker

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If it's okay can I ask about the whole r/c/darts thing? Like what happened? I mean I used to follow them because I really really liked their art but I wasn't an active enough follower to see this? And I guess if there was fetishising involved I never really noticed it because I was all like 'oh that's nice! Representation for more feminine looking trans men!' I have no idea what really happened.

Ok yeah I guess I should explain the rcdarts thing. 

It’s old discourse but I had a small part in it so here it is.

1. The artist in question used the fact that they were trans to justify calling trans men “mindless sluts” and fetishizing the FUCK out of them. The only problem is, they weren’t a trans man, they were agender, They drew Captain America as a trans man with boobs bigger than his head and a big ol badonkadonk. 

Disgusting, fetishizing, and potentially triggering. A lot of trans boys who followed them had their dysphoria triggered by their shitty art. That includes your local resident Dad. Also they drew him, who in their canon was a gay trans man, having sex with a lesbian trans woman. Who was also very poorly drawn. 

And they were kind of a giant dickhole on twitter.

Giant dickhole exhibit A: Saying trans men can only be portrayed (even if they’re depressed) as happy or having sex.

Giant Dickhole exhibit B: Taking a very nice compliment and throwing a bitchfit about it (also they dislike overwatch, which is a special interest for me, so that’s fucking annoying to me personally).

Giant Dickhole Exhibit C: Shitting on the art of someone who disagrees with their disgusting portrayal of trans men,

Giant Dickhole Exhibit D, or as I call it, the smoking gun: They are angry that trans people hate their art, say that because they’re trans so it’s okay to draw fetishizing porn of trans men with giant 36 DD chests (reminder, they’re agender, not a trans man), and then then say awful shit like “LMAO SOME TRANS GUYS HAVE BIG TITTES OMG”. This tweet is exactly why people hate rcdarts. They’re a prick who treats trans people less like people and more like sex objects.

The nail in their coffin was the things they mentioned on the bottom of their most infamous post.

it is HEAVILY implied they don’t want steve to get top surgery because they love oogling his body. Fucking disgusting.

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What is your opinion on a Smol Shiro with a very Big Stuffed Black Lion? : )


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Do people have like a sixth sense for when we need the store to be clean? Because last night we had to prep for an inspection by the new regional manager the following day and when I got to work for my shift last night the store was completely traaaaashed. Not only that but it seemed like the day people were short staffed because there were way more go backs than usual.

Fuck. This reminds me that I forgot to return to an area someone was occupying that I needed to clean. This girl sat there for 20 minutes before I gave up and went on break. I forgot to go back. D: We were short staffed tonight too. Maybe it’s the short staffed part that draws them like flies. I hope the inspection went well with you guys. -Abby

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How about a Disney prince? Shan from Mulan or Aladdin?

Yeah, this is not that bad. I would prefear my katanas, but I like it.

I’ve chosen Shang because I think that it fits more with Zoro’s personality deffinetly. Not only because Shang is serious, but he’s loyal and honest.
When he forgave Mulan’s life for having saved his, even if that were not the orders, and when Mulan told him about not taking her seriously because the fact that she’s a woman, it reminded me a lot of Zoro and Tashigi.
And I think Shan’s cute even if serious in appearance, just like Zoro <3


Came on guys xd 
That “stupid costume” represents a whole culture.
I’m not drawing something that could offend someone from that culture.
You should be more respectful n-n.
With love, Mod<3