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Thoughts on Scanlan & VM

So one of the major reasons I think people are angry at Scanlan is because they think he unfairly lashed out and hurt his ‘family’ and then abandoned them for no ‘real’ reason at all.

I think people majorly misunderstand what VM actually did wrong with Scanlan, and why. Although it might seem for some to have come out of the blue, he is actually quite valid in the amount of venom he put in his words when he left.

Someone on the reddit wrote something which I think perfectly illustrates this misunderstanding. They said that Scanlan was completely wrong in blaming VM when he left, and used (among others) the following point:

“Scanlan claimed they didn’t value him as a person, just as comic relief and a powerful caster. But that’s clearly untrue: Grog trusted him out of everyone else about Craven Edge, and Vax had multiple heart to heart discussions with him about his outlook on life. They even went out of their way to break his daughter out of jail.”

Where to even begin. This is actually the exact reason why Scanlan was hurt so much by VM.

First of all, I hope that everyone by now understand that he is NOT the comic relief, he never was. The guy joking around at every opportunity? That’s not the real Scanlan. He is actually a messed up, traumatized, depressed little dude that is (was?) in real pain. He desperately needed someone to talk to about his issues. To talk about HIS issues, not other people’s.

Instead, people are actually asking him for advice, like Grog trusting him with Craven Edge, or Vax holding him up as a shining beacon of how to live a happy life… that was the exact thing he didn’t want. Vox Machina cared about Scanlan: the façade. They never knew the real Scanlan, and they keep bringing up this old image of Scanlan ‘the joker’ and that fucking hurts. Like here are a bunch of people that claim to care about him, but he knows the only thing they actually care about is this lie he has created. They’d probably never like the real him… but he hopes they do.

(And by the way the bit about them breaking his daughter out of jail? That was 100% Scanlan, some of the others might have ‘come along’ but the ENTIRE TIME THEY WERE BEING DICKS ABOUT IT. Percy in particular, really, watch that scene again. Holy shit, such good help, huh? Yeah, VM really helps Scanlan when he actually asks for it. Boy howdy.)

Of course everyone keeps saying; well how was VM supposed to know any of this, he never told them? That’s the problem isn’t it, Scanlan is such a good liar that it’s hard to break through that carefully crafted image unless you’re really trying hard. The problem is nobody ever tried too hard…

So Scanlan lashes out against everything VM have been unknowingly doing to him… after dying twice in 24 hour period, after realizing they showed his dead body to his daughter, after finding out they dressed him up in a night gown and smeared pudding all over him. Instead of waking up next to people who finally accept him for the vulnerable person he actually is, he wakes up to a joke… Because that’s what they think he is most of all; a joker. Of course he lashes out in the one way he knows how, which is to use words.

And the most fucked up thing is that apparently most of VM haven’t learned anything in the year since. Pike’s non-apology about the pudding-incident saying; “The Scanlan I knew would have found that funny.” Holy shit, that’s the whole fucking POINT. THE OLD SCANLAN WASN’T REAL and apparently you can’t accept the real Scanlan. And that was exactly what Scanlan was afraid of, which is why he didn’t want to come back in the first place. Which is why he was disguising himself. Which is why he basically wants to leave the first chance he gets, because now he has actual proof they don’t like the real him.

And I mean, of course they have the right to not like the real him. But if that’s true don’t pretend that VM are sooooo nice. If that’s true, then Scanlan was right in leaving in the first place.

Ok. So, i was casually scrolling through the Pretty Little Liars tag on Tumblr when i can across this post from @liarsforlife18 where they found that someone on reddit put the puzzle pieces together. I then looked in the notes and found these suggestions: 

Find the post on there profile here: (nice banner btw)

Anyway, i thought back to that episode and we actually see Archers face in the windshield so i thought i’d give a side by side. 

So, what do you think? Now that i’m seeing it, it makes sense. I tried everything on the puzzle, i inverted it and edited it to see if i knew what it was. My original idea was it was Charlotte falling because the bottom left corner looked like a building but i dunno. Guess we’ll find out soon enough XD.

SnK Chapter 89 Poll Results

This poll closed with 770 entries. It was a lot to go through, but I appreciate the all the support. The poll was posted on Reddit and Tumblr, so I’m hopeful it’s a solid snapshot of how the fandom views the events of chapter 89.

What happened on the roof was too significant a moment for the characters to be completely unchanged by it. Anger, trust issues, grief were cited as factors. Interesting, many people saw the change as a potential positive.

My favorite positive comment:

Change, yes, but not necessarily damage.  Their relationships will grow from this just as they have through every other  arc.

This comment made me nod my head solemnly: 

I REALLY hope so. I hated the serumbowl,  but if it happened it might as well have some meaning and not have all the  drama be just outta the moment. I wanna believe the characters have a say in  where the story goes, and it’s not just convenient so the plot can move to  where Isayama wants to. 

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Derek Hale–Even in the Wind His Hair is Perfect by literaryoblivion (T, 3k)

It’s not the greatest job in the world, but someone’s gotta do it. And Stiles makes the most of it, okay?

Writing captions for the live broadcasts as well as helping run and write the copy for the online news stories can get rather tedious and boring, but Stiles tries his best to keep himself entertained. Slipping in a movie or comic book reference inside a human interest story just to see if someone comments about it, putting up a funny headline to see if someone catches it and puts it up on reddit, you know harmless things that to the casual viewer and reader will go unnoticed but to those that actually pay attention, they might get a kick out of it.

Recently though, he maybe has been… abusing his power.

liruu-deactivated20161201  asked:

That gif you found was originally a photo someone put on r/WTF on reddit. Apparently their friend makes disturbing photo manipulations and someone else took it and make it a gif. In case you were wondering. :)

I would love to see what else he makes lol!

Thank you though :)

anonymous asked:

I'm having a super shitty day, could you possibly rec some of the happiest floating-on-a-cloud-of-fluff sterek fics you can find? 😁

I know this is probably too late to make your super shitty day better, but I have a lot of fics for you, like A LOT. Do you know why? I’m a little too obsessed with this adorable as fuck motherfuckers. Like, really. They are too fucking cute and it hurts my soul a little bit.

Fixer Upper by JaidMcDanno


General Audiences

The Pack is sick of waiting for their parents to realise that they’re parents, and so do some meddling. They may or may not resort to singing the ultimate love song to them. Madness ensues.

A Tabloid Affair by whyisthiscakeonfire


General Audiences

Stiles Stilinski has just been voted runner-up in some magazine’s Bachelor of the Year competition.

Just Please, Don’t Give Me a ‘Pal’ by livingoffcourage


Teen and Up

Derek doesn’t understand why Stiles gave everyone in the pack “Friend” cans, but gives Derek one that says “Pal”.


The one where the Coca-Cola cans hone in on Derek’s insecurities and stabs at them with a plastic fork.

The One Where Stiles Vets Derek’s Girlfriends by uraneia


Teen and Up

Across the loft, Cora claps her hands. “Okay, new rule. Any time Derek wants a date, one of us has to vet her first.”

Scott, who’s actually upside down on Derek’s couch, in apparent celebration of their defeat of the alpha pack—which somehow ended with Kali trying to give Derek her number, and he still doesn’t know how that happened, because he’s the worst alpha ever—says, “You know who’s got really good people instincts?”


This is some fluffy silliness I wrote in reaction to “The Girl Who Knew Too Much.” Anyone looking for a serious story should probably look elsewhere. However, if you want to know the kind of flaws Stiles discovers in Derek’s possible dates, this is the place for you.

That is Distracting by alisvolatpropiis


Not Rated (But I’m gonna give it a General Audiences)

Inspired by this delightful moment from SDCC.

(I made it a puppy instead of a baby because reasons)

i am toasting to the way you put that smile upon my face by decideophobia


Teen and Up

“Dude,” he says slowly, meeting Derek’s glance again, face disbelieving. “Is—is it your birthday?”

“No,” Derek sneers. “I’m just treating myself to a cupcake.”

Derek Hale—Even in the Wind His Hair Is Perfect by literaryoblivion


Teen and Up

It’s not the greatest job in the world, but someone’s gotta do it. And Stiles makes the most of it, okay?

Writing captions for the live broadcasts as well as helping run and write the copy for the online news stories can get rather tedious and boring, but Stiles tries his best to keep himself entertained. Slipping in a movie or comic book reference inside a human interest story just to see if someone comments about it, putting up a funny headline to see if someone catches it and puts it up on reddit, you know harmless things that to the casual viewer and reader will go unnoticed but to those that actually pay attention, they might get a kick out of it.

Recently though, he maybe has been… abusing his power.

Derek Hates Disney (But He Really Doesn’t) by adult_disneyprincess


General Audiences

Derek thinks it is a nightmare that wakes him from his sleep like almost every night, but once he wakes up long enough to remember where he is he realizes that it wasn’t a night mare that woke him up.

It was singing.

Derek rubs his bleary eyes when he looks at him clock. It is three o’clock in the morning, and Derek just stares in disbelief at his clock until the song that his new neighbor was singing finally clicked in Derek’s head. It was “You Got a Friend in Me” from Toy Story. Derek stares that opposite wall where the music is coming from before he throws back his covers, and stomps towards the man’s door.

as close to you as i can get by chaosy



(925): we hooked up on one of my students’ desks last night… i can’t decide if i’m ashamed or massively proud of myself

(707): dude you teach first grade wtf

perfectly imperfect by pr1nc3ssp34ch


General Audiences

“What the hell is this?” He tries to make it come out as a growl, but his voice just sounds a little bit hoarse, and he can feel his eyebrows furrowing in confusion.

Stiles takes one look at him and promptly bursts into laughter. “Oh my god, dude, you look like a kicked puppy, it’s a list. Calm down.”

Derek frowns harder at him, trying to convey his feelings through the weight of his gaze alone. “And the first rule on it is giving me hugs?”

This explains so much.

Build-a-Stiles? by har1ey_quinn


Not Rated (I’m gonna give it a General Audiences)

He has a kid, he can’t be thinking that a Build-a-Bear employee of all people, is cute.

Wingwoman by Badwolf36


General Audiences

Laura begs Derek to visit the animal shelter and make a new friend. Derek goes, and somehow ends up with both a kitten and a date.

If You’re Wondering by Meeya8587


Teen and Up

If he didn’t know any better, he’d swear that he’s got a spell or jinx on him that warns the packs back home whenever his V-card’s in danger of being punched. Every. time. Stiles has been this close to getting it on with someone (and once, someones), someone calls him with an ‘emergency’.

Inside This Place Is Warm by wolfcloaks

3,154  I  5/?

Teen and Up

This was requested over on my Tumblr, the anon wanted: “Stiles is the librarian at the local university and Derek is super into him but he thinks Isaac and Stiles are dating. Que boys being idiots.”

And Take My Whole World Too by happilyeveramber



In the beginning, Stiles would throw it around hesitantly- “If you love me, go get me a cheeseburger.” “I will love you forever if you do this.” “Why don’t you love me like that?”- as a joke, but when he realized that Derek was definitely not joking, he used it every chance he got.

Derek Hale: Original Failwolf by seraphina_snape


Teen and Up

Stilinski and McCall were fully dressed now. Stilinski was waiting while McCall put on his shoes. Further into the room, Weird Creep was hiding behind a row of lockers. Only half his body was still visible. Clearly the guy operated on the old ‘if I can’t see it, it can’t see me’ school of stealth.

Coach Finstock looked back to the boys. McCall was still busy tying his shoes. Either he hadn’t noticed or he was avoiding the coach - either was a distinct possibility. Stilinski had a ‘lord give me strength’ expression on and was shaking his head.

“Seriously?” Coach Finstock asked.

“Yeah,” Stilinksi said. “Just… don’t mention it. It’s nothing weird, I swear.”


AKA 5 Times Derek Hale Tries (And Utterly Fails) To Be Stealthy and 1 Time He Totally Knows He Failed

The Singing Curse by IdontlikeIobsess


Teen and Up

Derek is hit by “The Singing Curse”. Stiles tries to help him out.

Say uncle by MsCee


Teen and Up

Derek Hale does not babysit. He just doesn’t. That is, until he finds out that his cute new neighbor wants them to bond as single fathers while their daughters play. Not that Ellie is his daughter, but Stiles doesn’t need to know that, right?


Or, wherein Derek does not bother correcting an assumption and probably even encourages it in the name of lurve, but it all works out because Stiles is not exactly being the poster boy of honesty either.

Seriously, it’s like you’re photoshopped. by nevermetawolf


Teen and Up

“Oh my god,” Stiles squeaks out again. “You’re unbelievable.”

Hot Bar Guy bobs his head agreeably. “I’ve been told that before, though usually people are more out of breath and less clothed when they say it.”

Or, the Crazy, Stupid, Love AU nobody asked for.

Stacking Up by bravelittlesoldier



Stiles is working in the basement of the Library of Congress and is feeling his social skills quickly deteriorate. Then along comes a new librarian working at Circulation who is most definitely a male model. Maybe its time to start re-socializing.

Babcia Knows Best by thepsychicclam


Teen and Up

Stiles takes his grandmother to bingo every Thursday. Now there’s a new guy calling out the numbers, and his grandmother has decided to set them up.

This Is Lovecanthropy by ifwallscouldspeak


Teen and Up

In which Valentine’s Day is closely approaching, and Derek is a disgruntled grad student who works at a library. He’s hit a roadblock on his thesis, he’s harboring a (not so secret) crush on Stiles, and he keeps receiving werewolf-themed gifts from a secret admirer.

Basically, Derek is totally oblivious and angsty, Stiles does a lot of planning off-screen, and Erica and Scott are awesome friends who are awesome.

How To Turn A Bad Boy Into A Fanboy by charlesdk


Teen and Up

Stiles owns a comic books store and Laura’s son is a huge fan of Spiderman. It was only a matter of time before Derek stepped foot in there.

Trees are always a relief after dealing with people (except when they aren’t) by ravelqueen



Derek Hale decides to become a hermit before he reaches 25. Too bad he picked Beacon Hills as his retirement home.

(Or the one where Stiles is a wood nymph/pixie/human hybrid who falls in love with his new grumpy werewolf neighbour)

How I Met My Werebunny by Moku


Teen and Up

“This is going to end in tears,” Scott told Derek while he watched the man easily lifting Stiles’ desk up with one hand and driving nails into the ceiling with the thumb of the other. “Probably mine.”


When a Stiles and a Failwolf love each other very much, they’ll engage in a prank war. Basically, it’s a mating ritual for dorks in love.

Sweet Tooth by Spikedluv



Derek Hale had returned to Beacon Hills and the ice cream place was reopening. “Best. Day. Ever,” Stiles told Scott.

Okay, here you go! Hope y’all enjoy the adorable motherfuckers in love. They just ruin my poor little shipper heart.

Love and internet hugs,

Fluffy Wolf


Superheroine Costumes


not to over-post my own content but someone put this video up on reddit and someone else posted this fucking picture in the comments and it’s everything I’ve ever wanted