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Thoughts on Scanlan & VM

So one of the major reasons I think people are angry at Scanlan is because they think he unfairly lashed out and hurt his ‘family’ and then abandoned them for no ‘real’ reason at all.

I think people majorly misunderstand what VM actually did wrong with Scanlan, and why. Although it might seem for some to have come out of the blue, he is actually quite valid in the amount of venom he put in his words when he left.

Someone on the reddit wrote something which I think perfectly illustrates this misunderstanding. They said that Scanlan was completely wrong in blaming VM when he left, and used (among others) the following point:

“Scanlan claimed they didn’t value him as a person, just as comic relief and a powerful caster. But that’s clearly untrue: Grog trusted him out of everyone else about Craven Edge, and Vax had multiple heart to heart discussions with him about his outlook on life. They even went out of their way to break his daughter out of jail.”

Where to even begin. This is actually the exact reason why Scanlan was hurt so much by VM.

First of all, I hope that everyone by now understand that he is NOT the comic relief, he never was. The guy joking around at every opportunity? That’s not the real Scanlan. He is actually a messed up, traumatized, depressed little dude that is (was?) in real pain. He desperately needed someone to talk to about his issues. To talk about HIS issues, not other people’s.

Instead, people are actually asking him for advice, like Grog trusting him with Craven Edge, or Vax holding him up as a shining beacon of how to live a happy life… that was the exact thing he didn’t want. Vox Machina cared about Scanlan: the façade. They never knew the real Scanlan, and they keep bringing up this old image of Scanlan ‘the joker’ and that fucking hurts. Like here are a bunch of people that claim to care about him, but he knows the only thing they actually care about is this lie he has created. They’d probably never like the real him… but he hopes they do.

(And by the way the bit about them breaking his daughter out of jail? That was 100% Scanlan, some of the others might have ‘come along’ but the ENTIRE TIME THEY WERE BEING DICKS ABOUT IT. Percy in particular, really, watch that scene again. Holy shit, such good help, huh? Yeah, VM really helps Scanlan when he actually asks for it. Boy howdy.)

Of course everyone keeps saying; well how was VM supposed to know any of this, he never told them? That’s the problem isn’t it, Scanlan is such a good liar that it’s hard to break through that carefully crafted image unless you’re really trying hard. The problem is nobody ever tried too hard…

So Scanlan lashes out against everything VM have been unknowingly doing to him… after dying twice in 24 hour period, after realizing they showed his dead body to his daughter, after finding out they dressed him up in a night gown and smeared pudding all over him. Instead of waking up next to people who finally accept him for the vulnerable person he actually is, he wakes up to a joke… Because that’s what they think he is most of all; a joker. Of course he lashes out in the one way he knows how, which is to use words.

And the most fucked up thing is that apparently most of VM haven’t learned anything in the year since. Pike’s non-apology about the pudding-incident saying; “The Scanlan I knew would have found that funny.” Holy shit, that’s the whole fucking POINT. THE OLD SCANLAN WASN’T REAL and apparently you can’t accept the real Scanlan. And that was exactly what Scanlan was afraid of, which is why he didn’t want to come back in the first place. Which is why he was disguising himself. Which is why he basically wants to leave the first chance he gets, because now he has actual proof they don’t like the real him.

And I mean, of course they have the right to not like the real him. But if that’s true don’t pretend that VM are sooooo nice. If that’s true, then Scanlan was right in leaving in the first place.

Ok. So, i was casually scrolling through the Pretty Little Liars tag on Tumblr when i can across this post from @liarsforlife18 where they found that someone on reddit put the puzzle pieces together. I then looked in the notes and found these suggestions: 

Find the post on there profile here: (nice banner btw)

Anyway, i thought back to that episode and we actually see Archers face in the windshield so i thought i’d give a side by side. 

So, what do you think? Now that i’m seeing it, it makes sense. I tried everything on the puzzle, i inverted it and edited it to see if i knew what it was. My original idea was it was Charlotte falling because the bottom left corner looked like a building but i dunno. Guess we’ll find out soon enough XD.

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From what I heard, the dates Timothy cited have been proven impossible through insta posts which put them in diff parts of the country, someone found a post on Reddit which is almost identical (same storyline & phrases) as Tims accusation story, a friend of Timothy came forward saying she told her she planned and orchestrated fake allegations because she was obsessed w & well educated on rape and rape allegations & she says she did things like purposely lie still to Ulysses the fact in future

The Instagram posts dates have been proven false. Timothy has said that she said that date because of a photo she took in Melanie’s purple wig and it was dated and she thought there had been a relation to that photo to the rape but I suppose not.

The reddit story is a bit of a reach, considering what I read it sounds like only the really loose frames were used, if even that. It’s…one that I’ve seen a lot but don’t really understand so I can’t agree with it. You’re welcome to feel how you want on it though

Sarah Morgan was fake. They used a picture of one of Timothy’s real friends and either a website where you can fake iPhone messages or used another phone to fake the convos. The owner of her profile picture came forth a bit ago. If you’re speaking of Chris Carrillo then I have yet to be able to find him or his post through Facebook and have never seen confirmation that he knows a friend of Timothy’s. If you find him and that post then you’re welcome to submit your own screenshots that don’t look the same as everyone else’s.

-Admin Emma

SnK Chapter 89 Poll Results

This poll closed with 770 entries. It was a lot to go through, but I appreciate the all the support. The poll was posted on Reddit and Tumblr, so I’m hopeful it’s a solid snapshot of how the fandom views the events of chapter 89.

What happened on the roof was too significant a moment for the characters to be completely unchanged by it. Anger, trust issues, grief were cited as factors. Interesting, many people saw the change as a potential positive.

My favorite positive comment:

Change, yes, but not necessarily damage.  Their relationships will grow from this just as they have through every other  arc.

This comment made me nod my head solemnly: 

I REALLY hope so. I hated the serumbowl,  but if it happened it might as well have some meaning and not have all the  drama be just outta the moment. I wanna believe the characters have a say in  where the story goes, and it’s not just convenient so the plot can move to  where Isayama wants to. 

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