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headcanon: because it's always illya who worries about napoleon wanting him only for one night stand. what if it was the other way around? they sleep together, and in the morning napoleon is scared that now illya will leave, he's kinda sad and deteached and illya has no idea what's wrong

Oh no :(( poor baby!

Maybe he just so used to people leaving, he expects it from Illya as well. Because he isn’t someone who deserves love or, as one particular nasty ex put it: “Your only good quality is your skill in the bedroom.” 

At first it hadn’t hurt as much, because Napoleon just shrugged it off as them being mean. The more he thought about it, the more he started believing their words. 

Then came his time with the CIA, them using him for honeypot missions etc. So maybe the doubt grew over the years? Not in his skills, because he knows he’s amazing in bed, but in his “true self”. Maybe he’s thinking that he’s just a shallow hull, not worthy of being loved. 

He hides it under mask after mask, but in this morning, Illya sees right through him. And that’s what scares Napoleon the most, because he likes him so much and he can’t keep on pretending he’s merely his partner. 

For the first time in years he doesn’t know what to do. There’s no plan B, no escape route. It’s simply them. It’s just him. And he believes he’ll never be good enough for Illya. 

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match up pls!! ; u ; i'm either the mom friend or the reason you need a mom friend, no inbetween. i tend to hide trauma and my problems with jokes , overall im told that im a " caring extroverted person but isnt afraid to call someone out and put them in their place " people who see me at first glance say i look intimidating and scary but really im not!!! i really love theater and musical theater ( in my 7th production) and sleep. i dont like neg ppl who try bringing people down bc theyre mad

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I match you up with Nyx Ulric! :D

Nyx loves watching you dote over the people around you, and he’s always waiting for the moment when you switch gears and need him to be looking after you. He loves both sides of you and he honestly can’t get enough!

Like, there will be times when you’re going to have to stop him from doing something reckless (You: Nyx… sweetie- maybe jumping into the public fountain right now isn’t such a good idea…”. Nyx: But babe… look! All the cool kids are doing it- see that baby’s having the time of her life in there!” You: *deadpan* She’s also, most probably, peeing in there too. Your choice honey.)

And then, there will be other times where Nyx will have to reign you in because you’re being just the TINIEST bit impulsive (Nyx: Babe, just leave it. We get paid tomorrow- that bracelet’s still going to be there- You: Nyx- trust me. Let me haggle this mofo. Nyx: *grabs your arm and hauls you out of the jewelry store as you struggle in his strong, yet oddly gentle grip* LEMME GO I’LL KILL YOU IF IT’S NOT HERE TOMORROW!)

Yeah, you guys are a super fun couple! <3

Nyx is aware of the fact that you hide your past trauma under your bright and energetic personality. But he doesn’t force you to talk about it- he knows that there are some things about the past that are best kept to one’s self. Still, he’s more than willing to listen to you if you ever need to talk! <3 He also has mad respect for you and your ability to speak your mind, no matter what is at stake. As a matter of fact, he’s always asking you to state your honest opinion about him and his actions- and he’s only ever a little bit salty when you tell him some of the things he does out on the battle field are plain idiotic. Nothing that you can’t fix with a cute little kiss to his pouty lips though :)

Nyx finds it hot that you look intimidating to others. He takes full advantage of your so-called intimidation factor when he convinces you to role-play in the bedroom ;) He KNOWS you’re a good actress given your extensive experience in theater, and ALWAYS brings up new ideas over dinner. Like, just casually- and you’re always a little taken aback by his boldness. Still, if you agree to his idea for the night… gosh-

You’re in for a fun time ;)

Pen Pal

Hello! My name is Kianna and I’m currently 14 (going to be 15 in a few months)! I’m looking for someone to talk to (snail mail is always wonderful but I’m cool with other ways too:)). I live in Texas, US! I don’t know what else to put so if you have anymore questions about me the. Feel free!

My likes:

  • My several dogs
  • reading/writing
  • my girlfriend
  • Netflix(TVD, OUAT, ONB, SNP
  • Harry Potter 
  • Sleeping

My dislikes:

  • dishonesty 
  • fake people 
  • haters


  • I really don’t care how old you are, as long as you are not creepy and cool with me being young and gay lmao :))


someone come do a celebrity/groupie plot with me where this hella hot girl is known for apparently sleeping with a member of a band and fans constantly see her at hotels and airports whilst they’re waiting to meet the band but what they don’t know is that she isn’t thirsty for his dick but he’s actually thirsty for her and demands she flys out everywhere bc he can’t get enough of her but she refuses to put a label on what they are or talk about him and it can be hella angsty and smutty just pLS GIVE ME THIS

This is me letting you go.

This is me saying, ‘Fuck it. You took two years of my life from me, I’m not letting you take another damn day.’

Because I deleted all of the Bastille songs from my library today. I stopped dancing on the ledge of maybe maybe maybe-

Fuck it.

I don’t want to see you in gluten free pasta with tomatoes or orange juice or sad piano songs you never even showed me. Or the smell of deodorant so everyday I’m reminded of how you used to make me feel.

How I didn’t mind it.
And I didn’t mind it, I promise.

I’m letting you go because finally, finally I can’t keep holding onto you. Finally I don’t need you.

And I guess I don’t need you just like you don’t need cigarettes or losing lottery tickets,
I don’t need you.

But you wanted me to need you like you needed me. Because there was still hope that maybe something from the ashes and scratched quarters and tears and blood and laughs could come out of those two years.

I remember one night you told me you couldn’t remember ever telling someone you loved them, not even your family, and I remember I didn’t believe you then. I remember thinking that was impossible and that when you told me you loved me I didn’t think that was possible either. I didn’t want it to be.

And it’s so hard because I never got to yell at you. Or talk to you. Or do anything with you before you were gone and now you’re so far away and digging up old scratched quarters isn’t going to do anything except make my lungs hurt more than they already do.

I hope you’ve let me go.

I hope you don’t see me in gluten free pasta with tomatoes or orange juice or sad piano songs you never even showed me. Or in the smell of deodorant. Or in scratched quarters and cigarettes. I hope you still buy a lottery ticket on your way out of the grocery store.

—  I didn’t know I was allowed to leave (via @honeylovur)
Snowbaz texting AU II

HI GUYS!! Wow the response from my texting one shot was so positive and a heap of people wanted me to continue this (I wasn’t going to but since I got asked so nicely), so here’s part 2! I don’t know how many of these are going to be done/when they’re going to be done, time will tell i suppose. Sorry if it’s not great, I just finished exams yesterday and it really wasn’t fun lmao. 

SIDENOTE: none of these are going to follow a certain story or anything, they’re going to be random. thx dudes

(part one) (part three)


me: what’s your favourite colour?

me: favourite animal?

me: what do you like to do in your spare time?

puff: it’s literally 2am what are you doing?

me: well I’ve been thinking about you and who you are an what you like

me: that sounded less weird in my head im sorry

me: also are you a boy or a girl? or like nothing? my friend Agatha says it’s perfectly normal to not have a gender

me: puff?

puff: did you not read my text when i said it’s literally 2am

puff: some people have to sleep

me: actually it’s 2:10 now

puff: go to sleep.


puff: im a boy and i completely agree with your friend Agatha. not having a gender is okay

puff: favourite animal is bat

puff: and my favourite colour is green

me: good morning puff


everyone in this house is so naughty oh my god they should all be in their own fandoms.
they’re all so sexual I love it so much
The intense music that plays after Arnav vs hitler dadi (what I call my grandma) happened is just so.. Intense! Oh my god I love it so much
Their aadhi shaadi but b/c asr is a horny bastard he wants to perform the rituals/ceremonies backwards so he could tolerate it after getting head from khushi ugh
So sexually frustrated
The fandom, Arnav, a n d khushi
I should be ranting about the past but I just can’t with all this fucking and bed breaking and winking going on
Sum1 take me away