someone punch me so i can sleep

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If you are taking requests could you write a jeremy/reader where they are best friends but they argue cause the reader has a date and he ends up kissing the reader while they are fighting?

Word Count: 1,444

“Well, doesn’t someone look pretty tonight,” Jeremy let out a low whistle as you walked in the living room. The two of you had been best friends from the moment you met him at RTX so when he came to Austin to work for Achievement Hunter he had naturally moved in with you. That also meant Jeremy pretty much knew everything about your life. “Fancy plans tonight?”

You shrugged, “Just a date on I found on Tinder. Nothing special.”

Jeremy’s face was quickly molded into a look of concern, “Need me to drive you there? I don’t want you getting murdered or anything.”

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Dear Journal,

Writing this journal has become a daily thing for me. I’m not only writing my thoughts so I can read them sometime in my future, but also because it’s like i’m talking to someone. Someone that won’t juge me and that will be with me through it all. Sirius always tells me that I can talk to him and I know that I can. When i woke up, Sirius was still asleep. His jaw was bruised up from the punch he received. I have to admit, i love that he is so protective… But to the point of getting himself hurt.. I’d rather he didn’t protect me. He looked peacefull in his sleep. His cheeks were soflty blushing. He always had red cheeks when he was sleeping. I brushed a strand of his black hair away from his face and smiled to myself. His long lashes were brushing against his cheeks. He was laying on his stomach, facing me. I could see his back muscles and I tried really hard not to brush my hand against his warm skin. I always thought Sirius had no freckles. Until the day I first saw his bare back.

It was during our 3rd year. James had invited Sirius and I to spend a week during summer. Since it wasn’t the week of the full moon, my parents agreed to let me go. When I arrived to the beautiful house, Mrs.Potter greeted me with a hug.

“Oh Remus! It’s nice to see you! Wow! I don’t remember you being so tall!” She laughed.

“It’s nice to see you too Mrs.Potter. Thank you for letting me stay here.” I said.

I then heard a familiar voice. A voice that I would recognize in hundreds. Sirius’.

“Remus! Oh I missed you!” He said, pulling me into a big hug.

“I missed you too Sirius!”

It was a hot summer day. The sun was shinning on our skins. There was practically no clouds. We were all playing quidditch in the big back yard when we heard Mrs.Potter calling our names. We headed back towards the house to see Euphemia waiting for us with glasses of fresh pink lemonade.

“Here! I made you some fresh lemonade! It is so hot outside! You boys need to stay hydrated!” She said.

“Thanks mom!” James said, kissing her cheek.

“Thank you Mrs.Potter!” Sirius and I said in union.

“Your welcome boys!” She said, heading back into the big house.

I drank the fresh liquid and felt it cool down my body. I looked at Sirius. I couldn’t stop looking at him. He had a tanned and sweaty skin that made me daydream. When he finished drinking his lemonade, he slowly took off his shirt. I tried to look away, i really did. His sweaty skin was glowing under the sunshines and I could see his muscles. He then turned around to put down his shirt and I saw his freckles. They were sprinkled on the top of his shoulders all the way to his back dimples. It made him look even cuter. He brushed his long fingers in his hair and asked us if we wanted to go swimming.

“How about we go in the pool to cool down?” He asked.

“Yes! I’m burning out here!” James said, heading to the pool.

“I..I don’t really feel like swimming.. you guys go! I’ll wait for you by the pool..” i said, trying to act normal.

Sirius frowned and slowly walked closer to me. He was really close.

“Remus i know you want to… We don’t care about your scars! I think you are beautiful just the way you are..” he said, sending me a smile.

I slowly removed my shirt, revealing my pale and bruised skin. I looked up and Sirius smiled at me.

“Now come on! You must be burning!” He laughed.

I will remember this moment forever. As i was lost in my thoughts, Sirius moved next to me.

“Good morning love..” i whispered.

“Mhmm.. Good mornin’ moons.. You slept well?” He asked, rubbing his tired eyes.

“I did. I was thinking about the week where James, you and I spent at his home in 3rd year. Do you remember?” I asked.

“Of course I do! I was crushing on you so hard at that time!” He laughed.

“No you didn’t!” I giggled.

“Of course I did! You were worried about your scars and i told you that you looked beautiful!” He said.

“You looked beautiful too.. I like those freckles on your back..” i said, letting my fingers brush against his bare back.

“Well.. I like the ones on your cheeks and nose..” he said, kissing the tip of my nose.

“How’s your jaw?” I asked, frowning.

“A bit sore.. but i had a great healer!” He smirked.

And we stayed in bed all day long. Eating candies and playing chest.

Febuary 5th 1976

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Ooh! I live for your prompt memes! Number 57, please, m'dear?

57. “so you can punch someone in the face, but you can’t kill a spider?” 

You didn’t specify a pairing so I went with Silverflint, like I usually do. ;) Just a little bit of fluff. I hope you like it! As an arachnophobe, doing the research for this nearly killed me. Bleh, spiders! The things I do for you. <333

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bts + seventeen coming soon! 


  • is your bodyguard but also fashion adviser as in he can’t pick out outfits for you but he always reminds you to straighten out your collar or adjust your necklace or check your hair in a mirror he carries on hand and holds for you 
  • if you’re out shopping and you reach for something that is very last season he’ll cough and shake his head and tbh you’re like yeah… right 
  • doesn’t look like he can break a dude’s hand but oh believe me he can break more than a hand 
  • carries knives in his sleeves probably he just looks like the type to do something like that like he’s a bodyguard not an assassin but lbr he gives off the suave assassin feel
  • knows that there are certain things or people you do not want to see so he deliberately puts himself in front of those things so you don’t have to deal with them 
  • doesn’t judge you when you want to just drink wine and complain about shitty people in the world like he can’t drink with you but he’ll carry you on his back when you can’t walk anymore and will agree with everything you say just to make you feel better


  • you’re not sure how he got into this line of work but his sheer height intimidates people so it’s been working well for you two
  • sings in your car and the chauffeur tells him to stop it’s impolite but you never want him to stop so you’re like it’s fine keep going it’s nice
  • would willingly embarrass himself to get you out of an uncomfortable situation because his first priority is to keep you safe, he doesn’t care if he has to sacrifice looking weird to other people in order to protect that. 
  • “the earpiece? I wear it because it looks cool.”
  • you didn’t think you’d ever get into any physical danger but once someone looked like they might come after you and i kid you not ken body slammed him and you were just like WHAT and ken got up like nothing happened, smiled, and was like “let’s get out of here before the idiot can recover.”
  • he’s a bodyguard but he doesn’t even really care about that when he compliments you on being the most gorgeous person in the world every morning and you’re like are you supposed to say that is that in your contract and he’s like no i say it because i mean it 


  • the equivalent of a very big very silent guard dog 
  • doesn’t even need a weapon he could look at someone from the corner of his eye and they’d like turn to stone like no one even thinks of messing with a dude who looks like one word might set him into overdrive 
  • memorized your schedule and when you ask him what time it is he’s like “five minutes before lunchtime” 
  • thinks you don’t notice the way he yawns with his whole face when he’s bored and how his cheeks puff out and you think it’s cute so you laugh and he’s like “is something funny?” and you don’t want to say “you” because if you did you’re sure he’d melt 
  • has an affection for animals and so whenever you stop to pet a dog and another bodyguard tries to hurry you along leo is just like “let them do what they want. let them pet the puppy.”
  • will never show you but he has a little journal where he records little things he’s noticed about you like how you don’t really like places that are incredibly noisy so if you end up somewhere like that leo puts your headphones on your head and stays close to your side 
  • held your hand to stop you from being nervous and then immediately apologized a grand total of 23 times 


  • the clumsiest bodyguard ever and not because he’s like that by nature but because he gets nervous protecting you because well what if he messes up?? what if you get hurt??? and there he goes he tripped over the rug again 
  • you mentioned that you really like lilies so he picks a fresh one every morning and pins it to his suit and the other bodyguards told him to not do that but you thought it was adorable so you asked him to keep doing it
  • isn’t the best comforter in the world but when he sees that you feel down he tries to cheer you up in a whisper when no ones paying attention he’s like “this is out of place, but please smile!” 
  • loves sad ballad songs and you didn’t know until you heard him listening to one through his headphones and you were like ok how can he get even cuter???
  • is actually really agile and fast so if there’s ever danger he’s the first to sense it and pull you behind him. he’s not good at close range fighting so he carries a gun which he has admitted even scares him and you’re like hongbin you’re the one carrying it and he’s kinda like haha it’s still scary like have you ever held a gun and you’re like no and he’s like right right you’re not a bodyguard i am the bodyguard oops
  • once someone came running toward you and hongbin stepped between you two and it was a woman and she was like “may i have your autograph????” but not to you. to hongbin


  • when you first met he tried to remain stoic at all times but you cracked a dumb pun and he started laughing so hard everyone in like a mile radius turned around (the other bodyguards forced him to formally apologize to you but he couldn’t. he was still laughing too hard.)
  • you noticed that he has tattoos on his body and you commented that you think they’re cool and ravi couldn’t stop thinking about how you called him ‘cool’ for the whole day
  • keeps getting in trouble for having the first three buttons of his dress shirt unbuttoned but tbh like you don’t mind ……hehe
  • gets spooked by random noises and is in general scared of bugs more than you are and so when there was one in the car you squashed it with a magazine and turned to see ravi with his knees to his chest and you were like …..i can’t believe you’re the bodyguard in this situation 
  • probably accidentally called you something like ‘master’ and everyone was like mmmmm ravi no no that’s no don’t and you were just like isn’t that something more suited for the bedroo- and ravi was like I seE YOUR POINT exCUSE me
  • secretly loves watching your sleeping face because you look so at peace and your life is so hectic (afterall it must be you have /bodyguards/) and he just wishes you could get a break
  • you almost fell once and ravi literally shoved past the three bodyguards infront of him to get to you first 


  • notorious for being the most athletic and intimidating one of the bodyguards but let’s be freakin honest he’s the most memey 
  • and like don’t get me wrong he can knock someone out with one punch but like he reads manga during his breaks and hides candy up his sleeves 
  • scoffs anytime some gross dude makes a comment about you and is like “you want me to give him a black eye?” like it’s the most casual thing in the world 
  • for a while he wore black sunglasses and you were like why do you wear them inside too and he was like i thought it was part of the uniform is it not and you’re like ….no……. 
  • gets sassy with you sometimes too like if you’re just like “i wish i was at home” hyuk will be like “same i mean at least you’re sitting, ive been standing here not doing anything for an hour do you know how bored-” and the other bodyguards are like we’re sorry for his dumb mouth but you’re like it’s fine it’s fine because it’s actually nice to have someone around that’s being truthful with you
  • but if you ever get sick or are scared of the crowds of people don’t worry hyuk will throw his jacket over your head and pull you into his side and being against his broad figure just makes you feel so safe
  • and he’s oblivious but he’s so straightforward that he doesn’t understand saying something like “I will protect you with my life till the end” is as well meaning as it is …….well…..heart-throbbing 
some scars. - fan apprentice/julian


anyway so im uh;;; a tad bit shy to post this because, well, it’s a self insert fanfiction and those are Generally Frowned Upon™ by most fandoms and the like. but it makes me happy that the arcana fandom, from what i’ve seen, is super welcoming about it so!! here we go.

mainly my inspiration to post this came from the amazing writing of @malaktheraven and their fan apprentice Henny falling in love with Jules, but also… I had a rather bad mental breakdown the other day, after I’d gotten into the game, and I needed someone to be there for me when no one was irl. so, Julian came to mind. I apologize if he’s OOC; Im still trying to get the hang of him. hope you all enjoy tho!! my apprentice ref can be found here.

(warnings for self hatred and self harm by means of punching stone.)

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Perfectly Beautiful

authors note: this happens directly after Good Enough but can be read as a standalone

Stanley slid his hands around LeFou’s shoulder and rested his forehead on LeFou’s.

“How could you say that?” LeFou asks, “I was never good enough, even before all of this. I have always been a mess. My father left, my mother died, before the war no one wanted me, during the war I was pretty useless, and then after the war Gaston only kept me because I would sing his praises, literally, and be his punching bag so he could get his anger out so other people wouldn’t see that side of him. Even after all of those things I stayed with him. I truly did live up to my name as a fool,” he finished laughing dryly slowly pulling himself away from Stanley and curling into himself

“Don’t say that you are not a fool. You don’t deserve that stupid name. I wanted you around. What Gaston did to you was horrible, wrong, and disgusting. You didn’t deserve any of that. Your father never truly saw how amazing you are. Mon cher, I love you,” he said kissing his forehead.

“I know logically that what he did was wrong but there is still some part of me that thinks I deserve it, that maybe that’s all I’m meant. Just the worthless fool, everyone’s punching bag. Maybe that’s my purpose just to be used and then thrown away when I stop being useful,” LeFou said staring straight ahead blankly as if he forgot where he was, lost in thought. He looking small and helpless.

Stanley pulled LeFou to his chest holding him close, “Mon cher, don’t say that. Don’t ever say that. You are not worthless or a fool. You should never have to be a punching bag, to anyone but especially someone as horrible and disgusting as Gaston. Gaston was a monster who never deserved someone as amazing as you. Anyone who ever used you and then threw you away didn’t deserve you. You deserve everything, definitely more than you have been given. Everyone not only needs but wants you here. You are wanted.”

LeFou felt tears roll down his face, “I… why…. how can you possibly think all that about me?” LeFou’s voice cracks as he made eye contact with Stanley he looked broken and scared.

“I think that and so much more. Here lay down you need to sleep,” he said holding him closely.

They slowly lay down and LeFou wraps himself around Stanley clinging to him like a life line. “Thank you. Thank you so much. I love you. You’re too good for me. You’re so perfect why did you pick me? You could have anyone so why me?”

“You are so perfect, you don’t see it but you are amazing. You are so stunningly beautiful and so kind and sweet. You are genuinely caring. Your first instinct when you meet people is to help them no matter what, even if you sacrifice yourself in the process,” Stanley said.

LeFou looked up at him stunned beyond words. He kissed Stanley softly but with passion. “I love you so much,” he said his voice shaking.

“I love you too,” Stanley said burying his head in LeFou’s neck. All the sudden LeFou let out the cutest noise, somewhere between a shriek and a giggle, that Stanley had ever heard.

LeFou froze, “Oh my god. I am so sorry. I’ve always hated my laugh, it’s so obnoxious. I’m sorry you had to hear it.”

“No, no it was adorable. You are adorable,” Stanley says kissing his cheek, “I love you so much, you are so beautiful.”

“I’m not my laugh is horrible. It’s either annoyingly shrieky like that or loud and annoying that makes my whole body shake and I look and sound like a fool,” LeFou said blushing.

“Stop calling yourself a fool. You are so smart and beautiful and that wasn’t annoying or shrieky it was as adorable and beautiful as you. I’m sure your other laugh makes you look stunning, even more than you already are which is saying a lot because you already so stunning,” Stanley says kissing his neck again. LeFou giggle-shrieks again.

“Stop,” he says giggling.

“Make me,” Stanley says. LeFou kissed him again causing Stanley to hum.

“I’m making it my goal to make you laugh the other way because I bet you are adorable,” Stanley says kissing his nose causing LeFou to groan.

“Trust me you don’t want me to its horrible,” He said burying his face in Stanley’s shoulder.

“I’m sure it’s as stunning as you are,” Stanley said bringing his face up to kiss him.

Prompt List

A/N: okay, so as I promised, here is a prompt list for completing 100 followers. Some of these are original and some are just picked up from places. Send me a number with a name of the character and I’ll write it. I might write a drabble or a whole fic, it depends on what I feel about the prompt. :)

1. ‘Do you want to feel how hard I can punch?’

2. ‘I was lightly stabbed.’

3. ‘what if that towel of yours were to magically disappear?’

4. ‘I am just me.’ ‘you say that like its a bad thing.’

5. ‘this reminded me of you.’


7. ‘IS THAT PAINT?! wait, nope, just my blood.’

8. ‘you got me flowers?!’

9. ‘(name) NO!’ ‘(name) YES!’

10. ‘OH NO, you pissed of (y/n)?!’

11. ‘out of every one in the world, I get stuck in here with you.’

12. ‘I didn’t see anything! continue!’ ‘that’ll be 200 bucks…’

13. ‘fuck me.’ ‘right here?’ *glares*

14. ‘you could’ve ripped my heart out, it wouldn’t hurt this much.’

15. ‘fancy a bath with me?’

16. ‘where’s my crowbar?’

17. ‘please, let me help you.’

18. ‘you are leaving?’

19. ‘don’t you dare close your eyes. you pulled me out of the darkness, I cant let you go…. I can’t let my sunshine go…’

20. ‘let me go.’ ‘I cant.’

21. ‘I wish I could be in your arms again.’

22. ‘I missed you… so much.’

23. ‘kill me. you’d be doing me a favour.’

24. ‘Keep it somewhere safe.’ *stuffs it in bra* ‘what? It’s the safest place on earth.’

25. ‘(y/n) looks so cute while sleeping. I can finally see how beautiful she is.’ *wakes up and punches the pillow before going to sleep again* ‘never mind.’

26. ‘will you sleep with me?’

27. ‘am I dreaming or you just called me by a cute nickname?’

28. ‘how high are you?’ ‘yes.’

29. ’you are challenging the wrong person.’

30. ‘I am way too sober for this shit.’

31. ‘I bet I can lift you.’

32. ‘when I first saw you, you were chasing someone with murder in your eyes and a machete in your hands.’

33. ‘can I brush your hair?’

34. ‘do you want a massage?’

35. ‘why do you have a lipstick mark on your face?’

36. ‘that’s the stupidest most dysfunctional plan ever; of course I’m in.’

37. ‘stop doing that. its very suggestive and strangely attractive.’

38. ‘oh, bite me!’ ‘where?’

39. ‘don’t worry, I’m used to it.’

40. ‘so, err, I noticed that you’re kinda naked. is that intentional or..’

41. ‘how long have you been standing there?’ ‘longer than you’d like.’

42. ‘stop stealing the cookie dough!’

43. ‘we’ll have to share this bed.’

44. ‘everything here can kill you, but I can do it the most efficiently.’

45. ‘sorry I’m late, I was doing stuff.’ ‘I’m stuff.’

46. ‘did you turn the lights out?’ ‘no.’ ‘then we might have a problem.’

47. ‘if someone gets nosy, just… you know … shoot em’ ‘shoot em?’ ‘politely.’

48. ‘I’m not the kind of person people fall in love with.’

49. ‘that’s the thing. you see, people think I like being alone. but the thing is even though I like being alone I don’t fancy it.’

50. ‘please don’t do this….’

I say “I’m dyin’ Scoob” all the time because I remember seeing a funny comic with that being the punch line, but I’ve literally never seen it again, and I’m CONVINCED I dreamed it.  Someone please find me the “I’m dyin’ Scoob” comic so I can sleep at night.

Oblivious (Bucky x Reader)

Originally posted by enochianess

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

Summary: Bucky and Reader are best friends, they live together. Reader is totally oblivious that Bucky is in love with her
cursing, mentions of sex

You lazily opened your eyes. Your body was stiff cause of Bucky’s weight on you.

His head was on your chest and both of his hands were on your side, it was a nice feeling. You observed him for a few minutes stroking his hair with your hands. He sighed contentedly and you smiled.

“Hey, Buck I can’t breathe”

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There’s been some talk about a ToS/ToV crossover with Flynn as an angel.  So, this is my contribution.  I can’t draw so instead I just edit game screencaps.  And also wrote a thing. 

Flynn looked up when Yuri approached him.  Of course he had heard Yuri coming; his hearing was excellent these days.

“Hey,” Yuri said and plopped himself down beside him.  “Enjoying the view?”

Flynn leaned back on his hands and craned his neck back.  “I like the stars.  It’s been overcast the past few days.  I wanted to make sure I got a chance to relax and appreciate them before… well, becoming an angel.”

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Today’s adventures in Hellacious scheduling
  • found out my NP was out today when I arrived this morning. I never get advance notice
  • had a full schedule before the day started plus a double-book. 
  • this is bad. walk-ins happen. 
  • Walk-ins happened.
  • Nine of them.
  • Nurse tells me to breathe.
  • 6 month check up became surprise physical
  • sewed a face
  • faces take forever to get numb
  • middle aged white men are the biggest wimps. 
  • middle aged white men are the clumsiest patients. 
  • Not all itchy vaginas have yeast in them!
  • No ma’am, you don’t need a z-pak. 
  • Yes ma’am, the blooming pecan trees and 3 inch-deep pollen outside might have something to do with your sneezing and watery eyes.
  • I saw 22 patients before lunch. 
  • Yesterday I saw 20 all day. 
  • Gobbled lunch down in 20 minutes and then found that I was no longer double booked. I was triple booked. 
  • sure I can do a worker’s comp and a hospital follow up and a 6 month check up all at the same time. no problem.
  • Nurse tells me to breathe again.
  • Oh hello, panic attack. Heart rate of 130? Oh yeah I’m fine. 
  • three hospital follow ups
  • no sir today’s appointment is to get your stitches out, not to do a complete workup on the condition that 5 different doctors have seen you for and have all come to the same diagnosis on.
  • no you can not have Klonopin.
  • Nurse asks if I’m ok. 
  • NO. *enters next room*
  • 7 back pains. S E V E N. 
  • shots for everyone. seriously.  Toradol? Decadron? Kenalog? Rocephin? B12? Did them all. Multiple times.
  • yes sir I understand you have arthritis and everything hurts but you CAME HERE FOR CHEST PAIN pleeeease let’s focus on that.
  • worker’s comp patient should have been sent to ER. They were sent to me. 
  • I can’t find the CT scan glasses that everyone seems to think I have. 
  • If someone else tells me to take a deep breath I’m punching them in the throat and telling them to take a deep breath. 
  • oh you want Diabetic shoes? But you’re not diabetic. Hmmm…
  • 6 more walk-ins turned away during the course of the day.
  • oh you had a wreck 4 days ago and declined evaluation by EMS but now you want to be seen? Too bad. We full.
  • Finished the day with 32 patients and 7 minutes before 5:00 to spare. 
  • Called mentor. Complained. She offered to beat everyone up. I declined. 
  • Pardon me while I go sleep 18 hours so I can be ready for the *joy* that is the nursing home tomorrow.

This is how you heal..

I am going to jump off the sea, not to swim, but to save you, i know you’re drowning and you need someone who will save you. I will hold your hand and never let you feel alone so that you can feel that there’s someone out there who cares for you. I am going to be your bandage to hide the scar, the pillow that you’ll hug at night when you’re crying yourself to sleep at night. I will even let you punch the wall,listen as you scream at the bottom of your lungs. I am going to be the doctor who will heal you. No words can describe how i feel, to have finally, finally found you….a person who’s heart is broken yet made me fall in love. How could you be so beautiful with your eyes full of tears. I don’t want to see you cry but i know those tears will help you feel better though i know not every tear heals a sore. I am going to be there, not to fix your broken heart, but to be there by your side to help you love yourself. I won’t be afraid to touch your scars, i don’t care if i’ll end up vulnerable, it’s okay as long as i have you. I know it’s not easy on your part
to let me see you in all your cracked perfection, but please know that whether it’s the days you burn more than the sun, no matter how many times you let yourself drown in pain, or how you let me see your broken body falling apart, you are still the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I will love you when you can’t even love yourself. I love you at your worst. I won’t use a glue to fix and mend your broken heart. I won’t say any word just to make you feel better. But instead, i will love you and my love will make you heal your broken heart. I love you despite of your broken heart.

okay now that subs have been out for 24+ hours

Can I just say that as much as I love the kiss, I actually love the buildup to it more?

lbr Victor hasn’t been the least bit subtle about his attraction to Yuuri, and Yuuri has never said he doesn’t like the attention even if he was very confused by it. I mean, who wouldn’t be in his shoes? Weird enough your idol since you were twelve barges into your house and says they’re going to personally train you – add in the flirting and most people would be ???!?

But! – and this is what made me so ecstatic about the kiss that I literally made ugly crying noises for an hour – what I love most of all?

Even though Yuuri’s been the one idolizing Victor, even if he’s been the one who’s been a little in love with Victor from childhood and it’s grown and changed into what we see today

Victor fell first.

[text heavy below with some screenshots. there were more pictures originally but oh well]

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Dark times are coming, dear friends, acquaintances, followers, little bees. Yes, we know that. We saw the trailer, we heard them talking and saying “dark” every minute. Perhaps they intended to pursue with the plan which involves us crying because everything is sooo dark and will end terribly bad and them laughing while eating honey. However, tumblr’s best friend, our dearest guest, all of you, say hi to Benedict Cumberbatch, did the favor of screwing up their evil plan. 

He said one little sentence, he thought “harmless nobody will mind.” 

Love conquers all.

And when I saw that video I thought that he was kidding with me, because that was utterly romantic, like in a fairy-tale. Couldn’t he be so obvious, could he? Oh yes, Bennie could. And he deserves hugs, kisses and many gifts for saying three words. Oh, and Steven’s + Mark’s + Sue’s faces were fabulous, so kiss the guy again, he deserves. They were like “You didn’t do that, we wanted to play with the fans and you go and become this flag of hope”. We should put the gif of their reaction on a frame. 

The casuals don’t know this is a romance, a slow-burn one, to be more specific. After seeing the cold Sherlock Holmes (wasn’t he a sociopath?) saying “I love you”, they are probably freaking out in the bad way. Or just not caring. They usually don’t analyse every single second of every single material that is released. But that was huge, and nobody expected something like that. But I’m not here to discuss theories, anyway.

The storm has already taken it’s place, right on our heads. And dark waters are coming. Deep waters. Really deep. We’ll cry, and suffer and want to punch Moftiss faces and kiss them. But be calm. First because Sherlock’s trailers are usually more darker than the own show and don’t reveal much from the real central-plot. Second, because he said, and I’m going to repeat so you all can calm down and sleep well so tomorrow there will be amazing metas around and people that are over the “December 10th generalized freak out”. 



Now let’s tag someone who inspired me to do this: @badsnowfo, I’m with you <3